Topic: Theta Eight Four

I'd like to share with you who "Theta Eight Four" is through a quick background and a couple of pictures.

First off, a sloppy sketch done in Photoshop:

His background:

Theta Eight Four started his career just like any clone.  Born and processed on Kamino, set out with the other Theta's in a war which pitted him against heavy droids.  TEF saw action in several arenas, most notably the battle of Geonosis.

As the months grew, Theta Eight Four spiraled into depression.  He was put under observation several times, but they never saw him fit for battle, and was doomed to rot away rejected.  This clone, had a flaw.

The story gets a little fuzzy, somewhere before Episode 3, TEF manages to escape from the mental facility holding him, his first stop was Geonosis...

To be continued.  It's 2am here and I'm afraid I have to head on off to bed.  I'll update this thread with more pictures and info as I come over them.


Just another clone.     (Formerly Kel Solaar)