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Topic: Build Your Own Lightsaber

This is a neat program I found on the internet. You're able to build your own lightsaber hilt (without buying anything), and it seems kind of interesting. I'm playing around with it right now.


Of course, if you actually want to buy the parts, there is an option to do so.

Re: Build Your Own Lightsaber

Very very cool, nice find. But I worry when im making them that Im going to screw up the parts or something. Theres also the problem that every time i try to make one it just ends up looking like Lukes ROTJ one since its my favorite lol.

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Re: Build Your Own Lightsaber

very cool but kinda weird

Re: Build Your Own Lightsaber

Thats pretty cool, it seems like they made it so you could easly really make this.

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Re: Build Your Own Lightsaber

I knew it was somehow possible if my dad made a laser cannon to shot the golfer guys across the street... It worked... mwahaha....;)

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