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I'd like to get back in this, but was the last of my group to go. Ralin, you want a shot? Or are you sticking to AoS?

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

[OOC] Werda Verd you might have better luck contacting via pm or their email if its on their profile. Come play with us man! This isn’t D&D with dice and turns or nothing! Come just have fun!

Hey Mel, hope you don’t mind, but I still hope you’ll get the chance to post eventually. I heard you were having your baby, so we’ll be sure to keep your character around. Congratulations! I hope everything goes okay![/OOC]

As the heavy dust settled, Nell crossed her arms and eyed the one-handed human smiling next her. He looked like he hadn’t smiled in a very, very long time.

Nell angled her head to the side and pursed her lips, “I’ve seen you somewhere before.”

“Perhaps.” Demarq’s sun-blinded smile quickly hid beneath the dark shadow his long unkempt hair cast. He turned over to where Nossk and Red regarded each other coldly.  The huge red-orange lizard leered down with his good eye, teeth bared and a menacing growl forming low in his throat.

The trandoshan stared back unflinchingly, rocket launcher still secure in his clawed hands. The force dragon inhaled deeply, snorted, then went over to what was left of the rancor and used the opportunity to **** on the carcass. Not really seeing any reason why he shouldn’t, Nossk went over and joined Red holding the missile launcher with one arm atop his shoulder.

“So where exactly do you get off on not trying to kill me?” Nell moved in closer, exposing her pale neck shyly. Demarq felt the charric press against his gut before it clicked as it was set to the highest setting. The female corellian made big, vanilla caramel caf eyes up at the pirate, “Is because I’m just a little helpless and petite female?”

A slow grin crossed the one-handed pirates face completely devoid of any intimidation, “Not in the slightest sweetheart.”

“Care to explain?” Nell jabbed the charric more forcefully, her tone leading quickly to anger.

“Well, you’re definitely not one of the prisoners, and since a good portion of your weapons aren’t even lethal you aren’t a mercenary.” Demarq tried to lean away from the weapon pushing against what must have been a broken rib but continued talking, “Which means you have your own ship, more than likely a grudge against Gerba, like ourselves, might I add, and you’re Corellian.”


“Corellians always make the best pilots, and well, I need a pilot.”

“Since when do I care what you need?” Nell’s narrowed.

“I’ve done a good amount of dealing with Gerba,” Demarq waved his stumped hand about as if forgetting there was a hand there to flourish his smooth talking, “I know the way around the palace, the security, and the traps. Once we get in of course.”

Nell set her jaw when he made a valid point.

“Besides, you wouldn’t kill a cripple would you? That’s just heartless.”

Nell rolled her eyes and holstered the charric.

Many creatures such as reptiles in the universe possess the ability to silently communicate large amounts of information through pheromones and body language. But Nossk was still surprised when started “talking” to him.

Nice kill. Red shook off some pieces of debris, What are you anyway?

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

Werda Verd wrote:

I'd like to get back in this, but was the last of my group to go. Ralin, you want a shot? Or are you sticking to AoS?

**I wish I had the time to keep up here, but I'm having enough trouble in AoS with school/work/PC issues   sad  feel free to kill off my guy if it works for somebody - I can just make a new character if I get the time to play here again**

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-Someone message me a run-down of what's happened so far and I can post. If we're still going anyway-
-Also, Gojan, I just got to checking my messages after coming back. I'll see if I can remember how I came up with those two characters...-

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