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Topic: RPG - Dark by Light

Dark by Light.

It is several years after the Great Jedi Civil War and the Jedi Exile; the Galaxy is left in ruins from the extreme conflict between the Sith and the Republic. Though the Republic has emerged victorious, the need for Jedi and soldiers to maintain peace from the feuds ensuing from the sudden surplus in free territory is in high demand.  Czerka Corporation has been contracted by the Republic to start a Galaxy wide reconstruction of all the war torn and damaged worlds. This operation comes with a great need for mineral rich worlds for rebuilding purposes, and in this unnamed sector of space lays an unheard of concentration of such materials: a world loaded with innumerable amounts of durasteel and other metals vital to the re-stabilization of the Republic government. Unbeknownst by the Republic Senate, an Echani sect of force users leading a large faction of their own people had already taken claim to the sector and threatens the use of deadly force on the already established miners of Czerka Corp. if they are not removed from their sacred grounds and ruins. Threatening the already unstable situation is Mandalorain raiders warring with the Echani and raiding Czerka outposts on the planet from a hidden base. Faced with this dangerous and volatile situation the Jedi Council has dispatched a group of Jedi escorted by a detachment of Republic forces and naval groups. Sent with the Jedi is a group of Republic archeologists insisted on by Czerka Corp. to investigate the unexplained ruins on the planet’s surface. Unwilling to strain the already shaky relations with Czerka, the Jedi Council is forced to accept.

Location Description: The planet is mostly Jungle and forests, but there are multiple Sith ruins and mass burials grounds scaring the landscape, and nothing really grows around there. Czerka Corp has recently entered the area and set up a dozen mining faculties, a head quarters and a   space port in just less than two weeks, all located on the same continent. The Planet is crawling with Echani and Mandalorains with multiple skirmishes accruing every day. This planets jungles are also home to a variety of deadly wild-life, especially a number of large bug species.

The Rules:
(Please READ them)

1. You may create character you want. But please be realistic. Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily. There will be a maximum of 3 Mandos available right now to avoid one-sided conflicts. Get em while they last.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless you get their OK or they say they have been killed in battle with you. However your character is not invincible. So don’t pit him or her against something that he or she is unlikely to survive. (Trust me; there will be a lot of that.) I’ll be watching to make sure no one is overpowered. Also please include a weakness in your character; this also helps to prevent overpowered characters.

3. You can have close to any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move. And also please bear in mind that this is the Old Republic, super high-tech weapons are not allowed. Slug-throwers are common. (Rev = big_smile right now.)

4. Be consistent, e.g. if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow the storyline; sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there. Out-of-game communication/coordination is highly encouraged.

7. Have fun.

[…and the Light shall bring Darkness upon us all]
An incomplete fragment of a translated text found on a Sith obelisk just outside the ruins of the newly discovered Terran-class planet, presumed to be a Sith mockery of the Jedi. Further investigations are being conducted.


Streaking across the sky at Mach 3, in a Aurek-class fighter (http://www.galactic-voyage.com/Light%20 … ighter.htm)  Jax Talo surveyed the ruins with a critical eye. Sith ruins were always overly dramatic, too many pointy spires, too much black…ect. Even from 10,000 feet he could already tell that these ruins were nothing less than dreary. Talo sighed and banked to the right. The Sith had a lot to learn about architecture.
Talo’s Comm suddenly went off:
“*Stzzz*Um…Sir this is Hea *tzzzzzzzz*own fighters on *tzzz*ar please give visual *tzzz*formation. Over.”
“Uh, what was that Command? Over.”

“Come in Command. Over.”


“….Kriff. That can’t be good.”

Talo checked his scanners, Aurek fighters were unfortunately only equipped with short-range scanners, and those were only showing static.
“Stupid Force-forsaken peace of sh-“
He was interrupted by high-pitched beeping. The ships computer began to rant:

“Weapons lock, commence evasive maneuvers. Weapons lock, commence evasive maneuvers. Weapons lock, commence evasive maneuvers.”

“Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap” Repeated Talo as he started to juk and jink wildly like a madman, as the sky he had previously occupied exploded in a hundred mini-flak-like explosions. Talo opening up an all-frequency comm. channel, while simultaneously trying to evading the exploding sky, tried not to sound too scared began to broadcast:

“This is Jedi Padawan Jax Talo, requesting assistance, am taking fire, repeat I’m under attack. Please assist!” Jax hit the repeat button then shutoff the comm.

“Now to get out of jamming range…” he whispered to himself.

He proceed to carry out his plan by taking a steep dive, the g-forces shoving him into his seat, the ground rapidly coming to meet him. Pulling up in time to see the enemy fighters (four of them) fly overhead (incapable of making such a steep dive) then break-off evenly and cleanly to the left and right coming around to get on his six again. He was able to catch a look at the ships.

“Mandalorians. Predictable” He grumbled.

“Why oh why did I have to go alone?” he asked himself, while he hit the accelerators quickly speeding past the wide turn of the Interceptors.

“I really hope that was far enough outside the jamming signal…”

He had only a brief moment of peace before they began shooting again. He resumed his reckless maneuvers along the surface. He was shaking and sweating profusely, and was just about to slip up, and get himself blasted all over the planets surface when two streaks of white flew just a dozen feet above his ship spewing green fire. It was over before he fully realized it had started.

“This is Echani patrol ‘Fire spray’.” Announced a female voice over his comm.

“You are to proceed under are escort to outpost ‘Green Haven’. Do not resist. Will you comply?”

“No, I’m going to resist and get smeared all over the planet surface…I mean yes.”

“Copy that, form up please”

Why do I get the feeling I’m going to regret this… He thought hopelessly.

Name: Jax Talo
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Weapons: Light saber, concealed hold-out blaster.

Weapon details: Light saber is generally unremarkable save for one small gem on the bottom. The Light saber color is yellow.

Appearance: Jedi robes: outer robes dark brown, inner robes cream colored. Dark green eyes, brown/blonde hair.

Personality: Easy going, inexperienced, annoyed easily. Prone to emitting large amounts of swearing and sarcasm.

Short History: Jax Talo was one of the few people to escape the complete destruction of Taris, found in an orphanage after the events of the Jedi Exile, Talo was taken at an older age for Jedi training and is weaker than most in the Force, and was taken simply because of the extreme need for more Jedi. Due to the massive shock he felt during the deaths of billions of people on Taris when he was a child, his Force awareness extends just a few feet away from him. It is unlikely he will ever overcome the fear of extending himself with the Force.   


Inside the Czerka Corp headquarters, Traya Fray listened to the heated exchange from behind the wall of Jedi, Republic soldiers and Czerka Corp officers, crowding around the holo display, with interest. It seemed that one of the Padawan scouts that had been sent out had been captured by the Echani, and were holding him hostage in till the Jedi and the Republic left the planet. Something about him being dueled every day in till the Republic was off planet. From all the yelling, negotiations didn’t seem to be going so well. Then the comm. was shut off and there was silence. Master Haron Bal, the Jedi in charge spoke up:

“We need to put together a team to rescue Talo. Put out a request for Mercs in the Spaceport, were going to need all the help we can get. We still have to defend Czerka Corp faculties from Mandalorain raids, and escort the Archeologist’s down to the ruins.” He paused for a moment.

“I need volunteers.”


Name: Traya Fray
Species: Near-Human (has only a few biological differences from humans and the only remarkable ones are her pointy ears and pale skin.)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Weapons: Light saber, fore-arm length Vibro-blade.

Weapon Details: Her Light saber is completely smooth and organic looking; almost looking like an upside down tree without branches. It is emblazoned with streaks of a light catching gold colored crystal along the hilt. The Light Sabers color is oddly darker than the normal blue.
The Vibro-Blade has black-and gold style hilt (same as her Light saber) with a few of the gold linings curling along the surface of the blade

Appearance: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Fay_HS.JPG her outer robes are black brown, her inner robes are black. Armor includes: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Cassusfett.jpg The armor is extremely light and allows a considerable amount of movement. But still strong enough to stop a blaster bolt, before being melted.

Personality: Serious, no nonsense type, a bit on the sensitive side, doesn’t like to be criticized. Easily angered. Dignified. Outsider in social groups but is almost always given a command position by the Masters.

Short History: Traya Fray comes from a rich aristocratic family one of the key financial supporters of the Jedi Order. She was discovered at an early age (nearly right after birth) to be strongly force sensitive, and was immediately taken in by the persuasive Jedi, leading to some discomfort to parents and gossip of ‘baby-snatchers’. She was afforded many special treatments during her training, due to her high-family standing causing her to be somewhat of an outsider in Jedi-social groups. It is rumored that her expensive Light saber was made available by her wealthy family, but that is denied by the Jedi Council who lamely excuse the matter saying that higher gifted students receive better equipment. She is also very sensitive about her physical near-human appearance. She has been falling from the light in recent years, a lot of resentment is building up inside her, and she is easily susceptible to Dark Side influences.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Name: Jonas Merill (changed after birth)

Occupation:Private Contractor/Mercenary

Weapons:Zabrak Blaster Carbine, two modified Mandalorian Rippers http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/6339/r … iewxf0.jpg
(Helmet linked scopes)Short Vibrosword(no cortosis)

Armor: http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … rc/090.jpg
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … rc/091.jpg
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … rc/089.jpg
http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff78 … rc/086.jpg
Helmet and arm sections(excluding gloves) are retractable
Visor includes tactical display, showing region of planet, GPS map, Translations, weapon and armor status, kill counter. Right arm section(and glove) are cortosis weave

Appearance: Standard Echani phenotype, Right eye is augmentic blinks is of poor quality and doesn't give a good image when it works at all, long scar running down right side of face, Augmentic Jaw (think Malak, but not without the neck protection) voice is rendered mechanical and raspy by this.

Personality: Generally a loner, doesn't speak much to people he doesn't know, or doesn't like.

Slightly force sensitive, ability mainly comes across as him being lucky, and usually 'knowing' when something bad is about to happen

Short History:Both parents were spacers. At the age of 14 his family was spending a day at a port city, having lunch in the hills off to the east. Jonas began to feel ill and stood to take a walk, on returning he heard blasterfire. He rushed back to find his siblings and mother dead and witness his father being shot by a group of heavily armed fighters. He began to believe that his parents died due to the Echani culture and its general neglect of heavy armor or weapons.He embraced these things, and became a mercenary.Due to this he is generally disliked by most Echani, and has become a pariah to his species. In more extreme cases their dislike turns to hate and disgust, many would kill him just as soon as see him.




Jonas secured himself against the drop pillar, lowering the harness so he didnt go flying about bay when the ship took the plunge an alarm sounded, it was unnecessary Jonas didnt have any company, but he didnt want to turn it off, he found it oddly comforting. He felt the drop and felt the forces begin to push him against his harness. It didnt last long, his ship righted its self, low enough for him to drop into what it had designated as an lz. The ramp dropped, revealing the ground rushing past below him. The red light turned orange. He unhooked and stepped to the ramp, with a loud buzz the light turned green and Jonas jumped.


Landing was interesting, Jonas flared his parachute and touched down in a busy street,  the main Czerka office in the distance. He was thoroughly aware that parachutes were not very common anymore and he drew quite a few stares as he withdrew the thing. Checking his surrounding he began to trudge towards the Czerka building. The street was full of stands, people selling things trying to make some extra money, a man who was vending clothing on his right took a step forwards and suddenly disappeared along with half the street. He swore and smacked his helmet, hoping the shock would put whatever piece of machinery in his augmentive eye was out of place this time and causing him not to be able to see out of it. He continued to the headquarters and made a note to get the damn thing replaced.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

(Conversation in Huttese, translated into Galactic Basic for the meatbags)

"Honestly, I still think I should go instead of you, Gadon."

"Tai, you may be older than me by a minute, but I'm more experienced than you. Everyone in the Order knows it."

"A minute and ten seconds, to be exact."

"Whatever. I'm going and you'll have to accept it. Besides, it won't be too dangerous, I'm not the only Jedi in this strike team."

"I heard there are Mandalorians that attack the Czerka Corp structures on a daily basis. You know how crazy things get when they're around."

"Tai, the last time Mandalorians were a threat, Revan was still on our side. I shouldn't be long, maybe I'll be back in time for dinner."

"Right. I'll see you soon then, hopefully. Take care, brother."

Gadon walked onto the shuttle, where the remaining Jedi and Republic archaeologists sat.


Name: Gadon Morn
Age: 26
Species: Rodian
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Weapons: The Force, lightsaber with green crystal, melee/throwing knives hidden in boots
Armor: http://www.breakitdownblog.com/wp-conte … t-jedi.jpg
Appearance: http://www.swagonline.net/files/images/ … review.jpg (outside of Jedi robes)
Personality: Gadon isn't like most of the other Rodians from Tatooine. His twin brother, Tai, and he were found at about four standard years of age by a now deceased Jedi and brought to the Jedi temple. While he isn't one to lose his temper easily, Gadon is a serious threat when he is in a fit of rage.

Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Name:  Haylen Stokes
Species:  Twi’lek
Gender:  Male
Age: 27
Occupation:  Miner
Weapons: Concealed vibroblade

Appearance: Considered a “pretty boy” by Twi’lek standards, Haylen has come to work for Czerka in a “manly” profession. Wears brown trousers, worn lace up boots, a blue work shirt and utility vest – also brown.

Personality: Due to his appearance Haylen has a short fuse and chip on his shoulder, when anyone remarks about his looks. Generally he’s laid back and cheeky. However he’s hiding a darker streak.


Blue smoke bellowed from the digger for the fourth time that day, “You stupid piece of poo-do.” Haylen snapped. He would have used courser words but his shift partner, Darla Keenah, hated foul language.

“What? That thing blow up again?” Darla said pointing to the engine.

The thing in question was the fuel pump, “I’m guessing so. Probably tampered with by the locals just to pi- tick us off.”

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Name: Solus
Species: Human (Mandalorian)
Occupation: Medic
Gender: Female
Age: 35.
Armor Color: Blue with black trim.
Everyday Clothes: Long sleeved blue shirt with matching pants, tucked into black combat boots.
Weapon: Jango's Pistols (Not HIS, just the same model.)
Personality: Outwardly she's irritable and cranky, making her appear to be cold, but once you get to know her, she very caring and protective especially when it comes to her patients.

*    *    *

Solus leaned back in her chair, resting her eyes from the paperwork she was currently filling out. Twisting the kinks out of her back, she sighed. Being stuck down in the mines wasn't really up to her abilities as a medic, but seeing as her people weren't very well accepted, she had to take whatever job opportunity she could take, even if that meant working down in a mine. Though the few months she'd been down there was starting to get to her.

A nearby explosion nearly made her jump out of her chair, before she sighed and got up, walking to the door, and stuck her head out it.

"What the shab was that?" she asked to anyone who was close enough to hear. "Did that pump blow up again or did someone do something stupid?" She stepped out of the door.

"Hopefully no one got hurt this time." she added to herself, walking down the tunnel that also doubled as a hallway, towards the source of the noise.

(I hope you don't mind if I'm playing in the mines and bringing back an all ready used character. I just really wanted to bring back Solus.)

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

((Just be sure to know that everyone your going to encounter by the mines is going to be killing Mandalorians))

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

((Just be sure to know that everyone your going to encounter by the mines is going to be killing Mandalorians))

No one knows she is yet though. She covers up her Mando swearing by saying she just using it to mock Mandalorians. When they find out she is, well, that's good for some conflict.

I should of explained that last night, but I didn't think my post through well enough.)

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Well, a recent inspiration for a character has prompted me to join. Like to see how many of you recognize him.

Name: Jayne Cobb
Race: Human (Male)
Affiliation: Mercenary
Age: 30

Appearance: Typically, Jayne wears no more than a shirt and pants, with half-gloves (fingerless) over his hands.


Also shows his gun, Vera. Looks and acts like a modern Assault rifle, with longer range and better stopping power. Fires 40-cal armor piercing (AP) rounds. Also uses a suppressed SMG with a red-dot sight. He also uses a revolver and a knife when he's not expecting a fight.


Grenades and other common accessories may also be used.

Armor--Jayne doesn't wear a helmet, and only wears body armor in heavier fights.

Personality: Jayne is a long-time fighter, and has closed himself down to relationships as a result. But if someone manages to earn his trust, then he develops a form of loyalty to them, maintaining a gruff exterior. He also has a tendency to act dumber than he is, leading many to underestimate him, but he occasionally shows his intelligence.

Strengths: Jayne is very tough, able to take a lot of pain and continue to fight. He has a lot of experience fighting, and what frequently lacks in tactics, he makes up for in tenacity.

Weaknesses: Jayne is neither a tactical genius nor a trusting man. He has a tendency to jump into fights without fully thinking, but generally makes it out without too many new scars.

IC: Jayne walked into a bar, a slightly nicer one that its neighbors, ordered a drink and joined a game of pocketball (think pool), with a small credit wager to beat the reigning champ. Ten minutes later, he was ten creds richer, and was facing a very large, very angry man.

"So, stranger, you think you're tough, walking in here and robbing a working man of his money, huh?"

"Robbin'? Won it, fair an' square."

"You're talking about my money--I earned."

Jayne stared him down. "So what if you did, I  beat you, its my ruttin' money now--you gotta problem with that?"

"Yeah, I do. And I'm thinkin'," the man cracked his knuckles, "that you're going to give it back to me."

Jayne shook his head slowly. "I don't think I'll be doin' that any time soon. Never been big on giving things."

"Well, thats a pity." The man swung his fist towards Jayne's head, who ducked, grabbed the arm, twisted it behind the mans back, and kicked him into a wooden post. He fell to the ground, and a couple of his buddies stood up and walked towards Jayne, spreading out a few paces.

Jayne stood back, bided his time, and when the first one rushed, he snapped a kick into his kneecap, snapping it, then turned back towards the third, catching his punch in one hand and pounding his face with another.

He turned to the last, but the man reached him first, punching him in the face, then grabbing his shoulders and ramming him into a post. Jayne shook his head, then knocked the man back with a headbutt to the face, followed by a knee to the stomach. He dropped him to the ground with a elbow across the face.

The man who'd started it stirred, raising his head, and, seeing Jaynes boots, started to rise. Then he froze.

"Bad idea, movin'." Jayne pulled the hammer back with a click. "Now, I'm going to walk on outta hear with my money, and you're going to get my tab, and keep your head. We clear?"

The man nodded, and Jayne walked out of the bar, holstering his gun as he did. Nothing like a good brawl to celebrate a new job.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

((Nice, I love firefly))

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Just started watching it recently. Great show.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Name: Azure
Age: Young, probably too young, but she doesn't care
Species: Epicanthix
Appearance: Tattoed, a lot. Asymetric weird short hair, spiked, in silver and blue. She resembles a Native American.
Weapons: Modified Blaster Pistol, blaster hold-out, vibro-throwing-knives
Armor: Rough, dark brown blaster resistant leather, dark grey durasteel armor around vital areas
Weakness: She doesn't have a lot of endurance/constitution, so she rather avoids close combat and counts on her speed/agility to get out of sticky situations.

Background story
A fairly skilled mercenary, she'll steal or slay anything or anyone for money. Haunted by dreams of her past life. Her heart turned cold when her elder sister got killed in front of her eyes when she wasn't even a teenager. She then turned into an outlaw/merc.

Always managed to go through life on her own, working here and there. She can do anything, cook, repair, clean, train, teach, joggle. She doesn't have a place she can call home but she's alright with that.

Tied to the group of archeologists as their general helper, she's just looking for good (or rather bad) opportunities as a sideline, regardless of on which side of things they come from.

As her soul died the day her sister did, she doesn't care about getting out of it alive or not. That makes her even more deadly as she knows no fear. Slightly pyromaniac, and the eye appreciative of anything falling to ruins, she likes to stir some chaos in the world, just for fun.

*   *   *   *   * 

The archeologists were nice people, even if a bit snob, maybe. They considered her a low-worker, less knowledgeable than them, and could tend to speak to her as if she was some sort of dumb. And that was quite fine. In fact, she liked the idea of them thinking of her as a simple mind. They would never have any clue of her other activities, and it was very well that way.

Today was thursday. Pay day for Azure, and once she'd be done preparing the group's food for the day, she'd be free of her time until the next day. That was great. She had some contract to take care of.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Also please include a weakness in your character; this also helps to prevent overpowered characters.

- Quoted from the rules

Just a reminder, because I see a few characters out there that dont have one, or it is clearly enough specified.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Edited. Tell me if it works.

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Name: Sangue Vitae
Age: Late 20's
Species: Near Human
Appearance: nothing special
Weapons: Sith transference (I'll get into it later), vibro-sword, blaster carbine
Armor: lightsaber resistant vambraces, 
Weakness: Further away from a Sith ruin, weaker he gets.

Backgrounds: Born on the planet and eventually orphaned there, Sangue is unable to leave the planet. Caught between the warring factions he's just looking for a chance to be left alone. Searching for a Sith power crystal rumoured to be lost in the ruins.

Sangue drew the last drop of water from his canteen. No good then, he'd have to head back. He was tired, no way around it. And he couldn't just sleep in the abandoned quarters he'd passed. The dig team would be scrambling over them tomorrow morning.
It was a fifteen minute walk to the entrance. Where they'd set up the portable kitchen and nearby the campground they'd set up in the courtyard.
"You're looking cheery as ever Miss." Sangue waved to Azure, he didn't expect a response.
That was fine, he wasn't a full-time employee anyway. Just a bug smasher. The archeological pest control.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Continuing down the street Jonas was passing what seemed to be the towns main social area, seeing as there was a bar and games hall on the right side of the street and on the other side a more 'aged' establishment which probably contained a bunch of scantily-clad twi'leks swinging around and claiming to be using it to pay for a degree or some other story. As he approached the bar his eye suddenly filled with static, not fully losing the vision but obscuring it enough so he could run into some local looking guy who had probably spent his weekly earnings on booze.

The drunken man muttered something Jonas didnt understand, and stumbled off. Grumbling under his breath about useless miners Jonas continued to the command center

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Cin Vhetin wrote:

Edited. Tell me if it works.

That works fine.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

((I'm going to work on a mando here.  Expect one sometime tomorrow.

By the way Verda.  Jayne Cobb is great and all but I like Mal better.  Favourite scene was in the train job.

"The last thing you will see before you die will be my blade."

"Darn."  *Sparta kick*))

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

((I'm working on a Mando also, should have it up later this afternoon.))

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Sev Fett wrote:

((I'm going to work on a mando here.  Expect one sometime tomorrow.

By the way Verda.  Jayne Cobb is great and all but I like Mal better.  Favourite scene was in the train job.

"The last thing you will see before you die will be my blade."

"Darn."  *Sparta kick*))

Love both of them. SO many good lines--the writers gave them some great material, and they both deliver it REALLY well. Just finished Serenity. Amazing movie.

Will try to post later.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

((Hey, um its good to know that you guys all like firefly, but an actual post here and there would be nice.

Subing for Mandal cause hes gona be out of communication for a little bit))

Traya was looking over some of the files that had came up. Czerka Corporation and the Jedi task force had sent out an active request for mercenary aid there had been a few inquires and a few actual acceptances. She had a couple of files on the inquires, and two full on the acceptances. One of them was a human, not that remarkabe, except in that he seemed like he knew what he was doing from the file, a definite hire. He could easily pass for just some spacer if you just looked at him, which Traya guessed was valuable in his line of work.

The other however seemed to be an Echani, which was odd considering the nature of the assignment. She studied that file for a moment, he had some pretty bad luck from the looks of it, jaw missing, augmentative eye. Not much chance of going unnoticed. He looked rather intimidating due to the various disfigurements, she wondered if he had been as unattractive before a grenade blew up in his face, or he got on the wrong side of a man with a vibrosword, or tried to shave a wookie. The final image of an angry wookie ripping of a mercenaries jaw  was quite frightening and she decided to quit looking over the files. She leaned back and started thinking about the padawan that had been captured.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Name: Lev Kerradin

Species: Human (Mandalorian)

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Occupation: Private Contractor / Freelance Mercenary

Weapons: KarSel-Magnum Model 11 Slugthrower Pistol, Czerka Blaster Carbine.

Weapon details: The Model 11 is a heavy revolving-type pistol, firing a 11.2 mm cartridge with high stopping power. It easily penetrates common light armor meshes.

(Lev has a gray-white poncho cape over his armor whenever he wears it)


Out of Armor Appearance:


Personality: Lev will fight dirty and shoot first, if required by his own self-defined sense of justice. Although he mostly looks for ways to benefit himself, he has, on a few occasions, helped others if he feels an obligation to. He's a man that takes no crap, especially from his employers.

Brief History: Details of his early life are sketchy, but it's known that Lev fought in the Mandalorian Wars against the Republic and was a ranking officer at the time of the First Battle of Taris. Since the end of the war, he's done a few freelance jobs, but remains a drifter. Rumors of the Echani uprising have reached his ears, and where there's conflict, money is to be made.

Czerka Operated Landing Pad, 1307 Hours, Local Time.

"-well it sure is a nice ship you got there mister, even if it is Mandalorian. Say, which side did you say you fought for again?"

Lev glanced over his shoulder, clearly annoyed at the Dockmaster's persistence. "I didn't."

"Ah, well... I uh...believe I have other duties elsewhere..."

Lev ignored the man and finished locking up his Davaab-type starfighter, the very one he commandeered at the Second Battle of Taris. He patted the ship's hull and began the walk to the local Czerka HQ.

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Sangue moved on. He needed to head back to town. The dense forest was a bother. The fastest way was over the treeline, and Czerka had made sure to organize a shuttle system to and from principal locales. Unfortunately this archeological site had not been on that list.
But the settlment wasn't that far off, he could walk.
"Heading out for your paycheck?" One of the team ran up, his name was Odis, or Odeon...
"I figured I might." Sangue rolled his shoulders and began to move on.
Odis followed him.
"Boss Gruth took his airspeeder back. I guesss we're expected to get them at the main office."
Sangue nodded and kept going. Gruth was an enigma of sorts. He wore an environment suit, masking all but his overall body shape. A near-human incapable of breathing the atmosphere. Maybe he thought it was a good disguise.
A while back he'd hired a Yam'rii bodyguard. After a long day of squashing bugs the first thing Sangue wanted to see was a bigger, angrier bug.
The whole of the expedition was a farce, a hunt for the buried treasure of the Sith. But it paid better than most jobs planetside.
When they burst through the tree line on the edge of the village. The two parted ways.
Odis to the main office and Sangue to the bar. He needed a meal before he collapsed. The structure had been erected in a day. There was no door, just a set of stairs leading down to a rickety counter-top and a few tables. Sangue was stopped at the entrance by a hard turn of the shoulder.
He now faced...who?

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After leaving the bar, Jayne started walking towards the command structure, but received a message requesting that all Mercenaries meet at the hangars. Before he got there, he swung by his quarters to retrieve his equipment--ammo belts, grenades, Vera, and his SMG.

Several minutes later, he was at the hangar, and he headed towards the largest cluster of mercs, all who seemed to be fairly idle. He approached one.

"What are we all doing here?"

"Waiting for orders, from the sounds of it."

Jayne wandered off to the side, and started polishing Vera.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

A small icon lit up on Jonas's view screen. He blink clicked it and the message opened up. He had been directed to proceed to the primary hanger. He changed his course and a short while later he arrived.

There were actually quite a few mercenaries in the hanger, and there were some ships as well. Jonas briefly considered bringing in the Maelstrom in, but decided against it, the ship was a little larger then most, and he didnt want to risk it being hit if the Echani or the Mandalorians decided to do a little bombing run. The ship would stay in orbit where it could quickly reach him if he needed support or extraction. He made his way to a stack of cargo crates, and wondering why he didnt do it before, triggered the auto-pack sequence on the parachute he used and handed it off to the nearest Czerka worker.

He returned to the crates and retracted his armor. He took a deep breath, the air making a slight hiss as it passed through his mechanical jaw. If he had a set time limit he might have been able to see a mechanic about his eye, but he didn't know when or even where they would be briefed so he would just wait here for now. His eye was behaving quite well at the moment though, which he was relived about.

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Name: Gerindolus ‘Gerin’ Solo


Species: Human (Corellia)

Occupation: Professor of Archaeology, Expert on the occult and ‘Obtainer of rare antiquities’

Dexly Slug Ejector 2b: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … ver6in.jpg The Dexly 2b marks the current pinnacle in Dexly Industries hand held slug thrower pistols. The company has long been a leader of accurate pistols, and the new 2b has opened new possibilities with its superior firepower and various slug types while maintaining the accuracy Dexly Industries is known for.

SynthLeather whip: Gerin’s SynthLeather whip is an upgrade from the child whip that he used on his farm when he was a boy. He grew fond of using them and eventually started using better grades and lengths of whips to do all manner of things unheard of by whip users. This SynthLeather whip was made by Gerin himself, and he crafted it into an impressive device. He had to use SynthLeather instead of the traditional Leathris because running along the inside of the whip is a Polyfibe cord connected to a power source within the handle which releases immense electrical currents, frying any organic material touching it. The SynthLeather is the only material that can be used in a whip and withstand the shock without burning.

Armor: Gerin doesn’t wear any armor, it isn’t appropriate for his job. He does wear a SynthLeather jacket which he uses after he liked the durability of his whip. He also has a utility belt with numerous archaeological tools and other devices he’s had to call upon in a bind to help him. Attached to the belt is the holster where his Dexly rests and it is strapped to his leg to secure it well. He also has a combat satchel that he acquired from his days as a Republic airborne trooper during the war. He wears shin high boots with his beige pants tucked into them, as he’s learned not to leave openings for any of the infinite creatures around the galaxy to crawl into. He is also more often then not wearing his hat, where no one really knows where it came from or why it is so significant to him.

Weakness: Gerin has no armor, no heavy weapons, and no Force ability.

Appearance: http://www.legalmoviesdownloads.com/movie_screenshots/Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark/Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark_2.jpg

Personality: Being Corellian, Gerin has always been one to fly by the seat of his pants. He is sarcastic at times to ease the stress of certain situations, and he is very determined to be the best at his job in the galaxy. He is driven by his desire to preserve the history of the galaxy, as it is slowly being wiped away by the rapid progression of civilizations, technology and war. He harbors a dislike of Jedi, because they consider themselves the only real archaeologists and historians and consider non Jedi archaeologists ‘treasure hunters’.

Short History: Gerin grew up on Tralus of the Corellian System, in the homesteads where his family maintained a farm while his father was a professor and raised him strictly. He stressed upon Gerin the importance of history, and Gerin soon became attuned to it as his father had. After numerous escapades during his younger life, Gerin finally finished his ‘break’ after finishing his university studies and is now teaching in Coronet City University and also working on the side for the Corellian Space Museum and Galactic Museum.


“-within the chamber there was everything except the archaic trans-light field generator, which looked like it had been long gone, taken by the ‘Kwa’ people after their conflict likely. This is another thing leading to the dangers of xenoarchaeology, especially with the Gree Enclave because the areas once taken over by the Kwa in 100,000 BBY are currently controlled by the Nightsisters, who aren’t too keen on the idea of any living being excavating the Kwa after they exterminated them.” Gerin said to the hundreds of students in the massive audience chamber as he pointed at the holographic image of the Gree Enclave chamber.

His voice was projected from the back of each seat and the hologram was large enough for everyone to see.


“Ok that’s it for the week! Remember next time we meet that everyone’s essays on the Star Temples of Dathomir need to be turned in. No exceptions!” Gerin told his class as they emptied out of the huge room to go enjoy their weekend.

Gerin shut off the hologram and began collecting his things when his old time friend and curator of the Galactic Museum in Coronet, Perth Novar, appeared in the room and walked towards Gerin.

“Perth…I’m telling you, these kids have zero appreciation of anything but the next pod race. Its like teaching a bunch of rocks…” Gerin said lifting a stack of datapads with some school work on them and walking out of the room.

“You weren’t much different when you were their age Gerin, I remember you skipping class to go swinging on your whip through the Coronet rooftops.” Perth said with a smile, following Gerin out of the class.

“Yeah that’s because I already KNEW what the professor was teaching….So what brings you down here Perth, found out where another fragment of the Krassus Orb may be?” Gerin said walking out into the open air of Coronet City on a bright day, high in one of the taller buildings of CCU. They boarded a mag-lev train and it took them deeper into the campus.

“Not quite…I don’t really know Gerin.” Perth said keeping his head down while looking at Gerin.

“What? What do you mean you don’t know? How do you not know what you came to see me for?”

“Well, there’s two men from the Czerka Corporation here to see you.”

“Czerka Corporation? What do they want? I’m not in some sort of trouble am I?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time Gerin, but they didn’t seem the type to give you a knock over the head, more the knock over your head with an indictment.”

“Oh boy…well, let’s see what they’re here for. Take me to where you left them.”


Gerin and Perth entered a smaller, now empty classroom where the Czerka Corp officers had insisted on meeting for privacy. Once of the officers was a sure of himself type, portly and impatient. His partner was a lanky accountant looking man who seemed nervous for no reason. The four sat at the large desk at the head of the classroom.

“Gerindolus Solo: Professor of Archaeology, expert on the Sith occult, and how does one say it…obtainer of rare antiquities.” The fat one said shaking Gerin’s hand.

“Yes, and I’m sure you all have nice long titles too. So what does the all-mighty Czerka Corp need with me? You’ve got your own scientists don’t you?” Gerin said, putting down his stack of datapads.

“Yes. And they’re all stumped on what we’ve found while searching for mineral deposits in a recently discovered Terran-class planet.” He told Gerin and Perth. They looked at each other with raised eyebrows and turned their attention to the officer again.

“What have you found exactly?” Gerin asked, the lanky man answered.

“Well, normally it looks like typical Sith ruins. However, an Echani sect of Force users is guarding the area like their lives depended on it. Also, from what little our people have been able to research, many of the markings and writings found in the ruins say things that have apparently never been seen before on other Sith ruins. Namely, the possible mockery of Jedi. An incomplete fragment of a translated text found on a Sith obelisk just outside the ruins says this: […and the Light shall bring Darkness upon us all]” The lanky man said while reading from a datapad he produced from his case.

Gerin and Perth looked at each other once more, wide-eyed in disbelief and realization. The Czerka men noticed their reaction.

“What is it?” The portly one asked.
“The Echani have discovered the Lost City of Sith.” Gerin stated.

“Whats so special about this city?”

“This specific city isn’t considered ‘Lost’ because no ones been able to find it after it disappeared, its considered lost because no ones been able to find it EVER, even when it was populated. The mockery of the Jedi was something supposedly found there because it was a dwelling specifically made for the raising of more Sith to, probably, take over the galaxy and exterminate the Jedi. There’s hundreds of possibilities really, but it is almost definitely a place of great Sith power and the Echani are no doubt curious as to how they can use it to their own gains.” Gerin explained to the Czerka men.

“That’s what we were afraid of…” The lanky one said

“So I’m guessing you need my help in some way?” Gerin said, the portly man looked at him intently before answering.

“We have the Jedi there and our own men. But no one knows what to think or do about the Sith ruins. So far you seem to know more than even the Jedi historians were able to pick up, they just thought it was a unique Sith ruin with nothing nefarious about it, but the Jedi in the field who visited the ruins themselves had different to say about what they felt. Needless to say, we have no reason or want to rely on the Jedi and we have our own way of dealing with the situation.”

“And that way is me.” Gerin said



(Mandal i tried to keep the info about the Sith ruins as vague as possible to not write soemthing you dont want in, if you need anything put in or changed let me know)

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