Topic: Who's going though Withdrawals too ??

Haven't seen anything NEW about Boba Fett thought I would see a bit more of him at  the Star Wars
show at the Muesum ,,only thing I  was able to get was a Big Noddy Head... cartoon type...and
now new Star wars stuff out ,,useless things nothing on Boba Fett I think Mr Lucus   trying to wipe
him out for good .les about him on each release

Re: Who's going though Withdrawals too ??

Well maybe he's putting us into this state of withdrawal so that when he introduces him in the live series it will be a fix and no matter what he does to Boba's story (good or bad) it will be our high and we won't be able to get enough of it.

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Re: Who's going though Withdrawals too ??

I'll take a hit of Boba Fett anytime!

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Re: Who's going though Withdrawals too ??

sorry Sev
Like Bats believes.... Bowie going to put out a NEW!! CD it just won't happen
going back to my Withdrawals  would a bottle of Wine help!!