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Eva shrugged, "Why call Cain? What's he going to do?"

Tom rubbed his chin, "He seems to be pretty knowledgeable about CCP."

Eva raised a brow, "You guys used to work for them."

"Yeah but we didn't need to sneak in," Tom pointed out.

"Fair enough, call him if you must." Eva replied.

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(Sorry it's late, I have wanted to really think out this next post)

The city was quiet. Quieter than usual. At least in downtown Chicago. Of course, the sound of silence was only to be broken by a speeding spinner, being driven by an anxious Leo, eagerly waiting to discuss his current experiences with Detective Giff and now get this goo sample analyzed. It all seemed so weird, yet time flew like crazy.

Three hours ago, the two were in the spinner on their way back from the murder scene to Cain's office to review Gerric's file. An hour later, they were being interrogated at a local diner, where several mercenaries were on the run from CCP as well. Now, after coming face-to-face with a mutated creature from Hell, Leo was off to get an answer.

4th Avenue and Walsh Street. Building 163. Chicago Police Downtown Headquarters. At the very top floor lay Detective James Giff's office. Giff was somewhat on the same level as Leo; although the two were in different divisions, their pay was equal, and they both had the same authority. Not to mention that they met each other during training school, and the two had passed with the same mark, although Leo was convinced he scored a point higher because of his 'natural good looks and skills'.

Now 1:00 A.M., Leo strode right into the building. He nodded to the woman at the information desk. Leo was sure that Giff had set up an appointment and had notified her ahead, due to the fact that she said nothing and continued with her work. Stepping into the elevator, Leo pressed the button labeled 46 and the doors closed. A distant humming continued while the music came on. Leo laughed to himself, the song was "Blade Runner Blues", a popular song that a local band was inspired to write after one of its ex-members was related to a Blade Runner, and was amazed by his stories.

The elevator reached floor 46, and Leo stepped out. The level was very quiet, even though it was 1:00 A.M. in the morning, a police station was never this quiet. Giff's secretary wasn't even around. Perhaps he realized the importance and sent them all home. Had he looked to his left just now, he would have been able to see an odd shape in the room that had the door slightly ajar. Leo walked to the door that read:

James Giff
Chicago DTP

Grabbing the doorknob, Leo realized it wasn't there anymore. Pulling out his Ryas, Leo pushed the door open slowly, pistol pointing out. The lights were off. Flicking them on, the Inspector found himself looking at the body of one James Giff, neck slit open, bloodstained shirt, and body limp in chair. Spinning around, Leo now faced a man standing in the doorway, of whom he had never seen before.

"James William Giff." He spoke softly.

"Head Detective, Chicago Police Department, Downtown Chicago Sector. Born: 2189. Died: 2231. Age: 42."

"That's some information. What about me?"

"Chicago Police Department Homicide Inspector Leonard Walter Hartigan, Major Crimes Unit. Born: 2193. Died: 2231. Age: 38."

"And when do you think I will die this year?"

"Now, with my hands around your throat."

The man launched himself at Leo, who aimed, but missed shooting, due to the man instantly dropping to the ground while still running forward. Leo never had a chance, as the man shot himself upward into Leo's chest, knocking the pistol out of his hand, and the two landed on Giff's desk, knocking over the computer and papers. Before he could wring his hands around Leo's neck, the cop pushed the man off momentarily, noticing that he was heavier and bulkier than the average man of his build. Just as the man was about to retaliate, Leo threw Giff's coffee into the man's right eye, momentarily blinding him, while Leo shoved the man into the water machine and through the plaster walls. Quickly getting up, Leo ran over to the elevator, jammed the button labeled 1, and as if all hope seemed lost, the doors closed just as the murderer of James Giff had gotten to the elevator. As the elevator descended, Leo could hear loud banging on the doors to the elevator, as if in rage. No human could do that.

Looking at the meter, which now read 3... 2... 1... *ding*. Pulling out his cellphone, and noticing that the woman at the desk was gone, Leo started up the spinner as he started to call Cain, possibly now the only person he could trust.

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It was a nice night in chicago. Eric paced the floor, anxious to get his new assignment. CCP hadn't employed him in afew months, and he was busying himself with other work, but CCP paid exceedingly well.
Finally, a man with blonde hair and sunglasses entered through the sliding silver door.

"Wolfe. Been awhile."

"Not long enough, Decker. Business hasn't been booming lately, and I need another CCP check to afford my training diet."

"You are good at what you do, Wolfe. Consider this a reward for good service." Decker took a bottle of pills out of his jacket and tossed them to Wolfe.

"So, what's my mission?"

Decker revealed a folder from another pocket. "In here. The situation's too delicate to be kept on anything but paper. Be sure to burn it when you're done."

Wolfe took the folder and started reading up for the mission.

"Bring the creatures in alive, if possible. Witnesses, dead, please. And no more witnesses to killing the first witnesses. Understand?"

"Of course."

"Good." Decker began to leave.

Wolfe read a little more of the dossier, drinking in the details of Project Cerebrus.

"Oh," Decker said, standing in the doorway. "This is a big project. I'm sure you can handle the people on your own, but the experiments will kill you alone. So you'll be meeting a containment crew to help you. Be in Alpha Labs in an hour." Then Decker turned and left.

Containment crew? Wolfe thought. Oh, right. CCS containment crew. Wolfe sat down to brief himself on the job at hand, trying to ignore the fact he wouldn't be working alone this time.


Name: Eric Wolfe
Age: 49
Occupation: Mercenary
(But with a gray beard and grayer hair)
Weapon: Custom pistols, but has concealed knives and explosives on his person at all times.
--Born and raised in Great Britain. Served in MI-6 until he had...a falling out...with his supervisors. He went to serve for the Navy Seals and The Red Room (A Russian spy agency)

--Former Blade Runner. After this chapter in his life ended, he became a mercenary. CCP has employed his "Services" many times. Why they have kept him alive, considering he has witnessed quite a bit, is a mystery, but they most likely haven't killed him because he is extremely useful. Once his usefulness runs out, he will most likely be put down.

--Wolfe, being 49, has CCP to thank for his being in such top physical form. After several succesful missions for them, CCP developed special stim packs that greatly increase a user's endurance and agility. They cost a pretty penny, but Wolfe can afford them.

Personality: Wolfe is as serious as they came when it comes to the mission. He will do whatever it takes to succeed, and has done his fair share of killing during his career. While Wolfe does have morals, he learned long ago that morals cause bad business in his world, so he buries his thoughts on right and wrong under a love of combat and cash. He does have a heart, but it is not easy to reach.

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Cain watched for several minutes as Gerric took tools from a drawer and fixed his leg back to new. He looked around the interesting 'hideout', full of oddities and trinkets. He wondered why Gerric wanted or needed these.

"Whats with the Crap Museum?" Cain asked waving his hand about.

"These items...please me." Gerric said looking up from a moment. That struck Cain oddly. The renegades NEVER had emotions like that. Gerric was becoming more intriguing by the minute. However that could only make him more deadly...

beep beep BEEP

Cain opened his phone and put it to his ear.

"Leo?" He asked. Its what the caller ID read.


"...whats wrong???"

"Giff's dead."

"What the F!@# ?"

"A renegade, working for CCP. Got to him before I did. He read about us and went to Giff, knowing we'd go to him."

"Thats impossible. Renegades dont cooperate with anyone."

"I dont think this one was a renegade. He was...he was freaking evil Cain. The thing scared the crap out of me. It was definitely a combat model. Top of the line. But he was so weird..."

"I understand. I'm with Gerric right now. (Gerric raises his head) It turns out hes a robot...with uhhh...consiousness."

"...what??? This is nuts. NUTS. You think these two are related?"

"I'm not sure. They seem to have had the same thing happen to them, but Gerric here is a self described vigilante (Gerric continues to work on his leg) not like the one you described."

"Is that so? Well...we need a plan. We should meet with the others at the diner."

"Definitely. Come pick me up and Turner and 84th. I'll be outside."

"And Gerric?"

"Ummm...just come over here." Cain finished and Leo acknowledged. They hung up.

"A police friend?" Gerric asked, tinkering with his leg.

"You can say that. He's coming to pick me up, and no SWAT wont bust in here. At the moment we're CCP's most wanted." Cain said looking around at the items. At the mention of CCP, Gerric looks up and his eyes flash. Cain expected this. Gerrics probably after CCP as well. Cain explained the whole story as Gerric finished up his leg.

"So...we're meeting up with the others at that diner now. If you want in on something big...nows the time to hop in." Cain said crossing his arms. Gerric tested his leg. He had a clean pair of pants on now as well. He paced his lair for a few moments, then turned to Cain.

"I'm in."


The mood in Cain's spinner was, needless to say, tense. The addition of Gerric was jsut odd for Leo. And Cain for that matter. Along the way, the mercs called Cain and he told them he was on his way. It was time to fight back.

They pulled up to the diner and strode in. The mercs had their guns out already.

"Relax kids." Cain said raising his hands. They eased up, realizing who it was.

"So...whats the plan?" Tom asked propping his feet on a table.

"Wait wait...whos this guy?" Zach asked casually pointing his gun at Gerric.

"This is Gerric, a uhhhh, friend. He's gonna help us out." Cain answered, popping a DM12 pill. Eva imediatly tensed, but caught herself and acted like nothing was wrong. The mercs acted uneasy at the sudden addition of another person, but that was cut short.


CCP Security Force Troopers crashed through the windows and the door and into the diner. The group went for their weapons, but it was in vain. There were so many troopers they would have been gunned down in seconds. The troopers all leveled their guns at the team.

"HOLD YOUR FIRE!" Griggs shouted to the group.

"We're screwed..." Leo said.

"Why didn't I become a damn doctor like my mom wanted..." Zach said holstering his gun

"I say we go down in a hail of bullets and glory." Matt said

"Can I have your stuff then?" Tom responded

"So...was this part of your plan?" Eva asked Cain

"Well, it is now." Cain said putting his hands up, annoyed. Gerric remained silent.

More SF troops poured into the diner and then made way for someone coming through. McKeller, the CCP detective walked in like he owned the damn place.

"You are here by detained by Cyro Corporation Products Incorporated and are refused any rights therein until further notice." He said, flashing his CCP badge.

"We had rights?" Tom asked, putting his hands up


The group was stuffed into the containment cell of a transport truck similar to the one that held the Cerebrus creatures. They were all cuffed and relieved of their weapons. Cain had the feeling Gerric was playing along.

"Hey! Where we going?" Leo said, tapping the window at the front where the driver and SF troops were. They ignored him.

"My guess is were off to the detention center above the Alpha Labs." Eva said, looking at her nails. She was surprisingly calm.

"Well, at least we're getting INTO CCP without trouble." Griggs said.

"You call this without trouble?" Matt asked raising his cuffs.

"Better than getting blown to bits in the lobby..." Griggs answered, resting his head on the trucks wall.

Cain said nothing. His mind was racing. He needed more information about where they were going exactly, he turned to ask Eva, but felt extremely drowzy suddenly.

"They're gassing us." Gerric said looking at vents going into the chamber. Zach voiced his displeasure.

"Awwwww shi-"

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He slumped over, and moments later there were a few thuds as those who tried to fight the gas fell to the floor of the vehicle in heaps. The vehicle continued to move, and Gerric wondered if the men in the front had any idea how easily he could escape. That thought was followed by another, asking him if he had any idea if he even could break out of the vehicle, for all he knew the walls could be a foot thick, CCP wouldn't be taking any chances. He lay in a heap, like the others, on the floor of the truck totally motionless and Gerric remembered.

He is in a  truck, much like the one he is in now, but he is hanging, on a rack. The first thing about his current situation he notices is the lack of movement. All of those around him are like him, completely identical but at the moment they are silent, motionless. It is of no surprise to him, he knows he is unique. Surrounded by so many who are so much the same, but so much different. He also knows where he is going and why. He is being sent in for an update, both in his body and his mind. He decides to let himself rest for a while, he is a machine, it isnt needed but he finds it comforting. His eyes darken, and he becomes still, like the others.

The doors opened and the gravitational manipulation devices attached to robot arms started up. The prisoners were lifted out of the van and the arms began to move on rails, taking them over a deep chasm. Every so often bridges shot across the chasm, either above or below. Bays were placed every so often, armed guards stood watch over the transportation line. The arms transferred rails and took a turn, down a short branch. A security door opened and they were finally deposited in a cell. The others began to stir, and Gerric stood.

He is now being held in the air, suspended a few feet above the ground by harness holding him by the waist and arms.  A cleverly disguised hatch on his chest is open, revealing wires cables and a large port.  A cable has been plugged into the port and it runs down to a small computer. Two men are near it, one sitting on a small stool in front of the box the computer is sitting on, the other looking over his shoulder. Both wear dirty blue jumpsuits with name tags on the front and South Western Positronics on the back. They are one of the many teams in charge of checking individual robots for programing glitches. The robot they have suspended in front of them was a standard model. SWP-984-(H/M/C)-88624, they are mainly used for minding and construction and were humanoid in appearance, six feet tall, and thin, but still very strong. One of the technicians, the tag on his chest reading "Samson" stands and pats the robots arm. "Maintenance sure did a good job on the upgrades." He remembers this, the assembly line, changing and replacing, the feeling of detachment, the feeling he hates almost as much as the feeling of invasion he experiences now.  The second technician is rifling though his mind, and for now, all the technician sees is normal. And then the technician begins to see things that aren't, the data is wrong, something about the code is wrong, and he begins to feel nervous, sick to his stomach. The other comes over, and watches the man at the computer as he tries to fix it. "What the hell....." his friend mutters behind him, watching the code being to scroll. Suddenly the screen goes blank. small boxes on the side of the monitor begin to go dark, they represent the programs which keep the robots immobilized, so the code editing didn't cause the robots to move suddenly and damage themselves or the harnesses.. The robot begins to move, its eyes light up, and it begins to trash, the harness that contains him was not intended for this and is obviously not going to hold. Text beings to enter the screen and the robot begins to speak as it enters, its voice harsh and angry. The harness securing its left arm snaps as it speaks."MY NAME IS GERRIC"

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