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bats wrote:

I have thought a lot on what these two ,,,have said ,,as in my Nature ,,I always see the best in Downs
made me ,,think ,,better to check my emails before I post them  as I Do rush !!!,,not much time do I
allow myself,, really didn't think my Spelling was that awful or is it I annoy Both of you ??
I'm a very Happy Person,,proud of what I have done in my Life and travelled nearly all over the World
been in the Air-Force that help a lot ,,and did my Nursing afterwards,,raised three  Boys who have all done well
in their Lives ,,as for the rest of my Siblings,,they are depend on Social Welfare, the whole lot ,with no
Direction in Life at all,,
So have a good  Snigger at my writing etc,,as I find it very Distasteful ,just hope in the Future when you have
your Down-Times ,,hope you can cope with Life


I don't think they were trying to laugh at you bats. I guess one thing you can do when you type is type how you talk.

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Yeah, we weren't making fun of you at all. Sorry that it seemed that way.

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Thanks great!! I'm proud of you Bats.

A man's worst enemy can't wish on him what he can think up himself. Yiddish saying

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Seco Fett wrote:

(Instead of signing every single post, why doesn't bats just make a signature that says "Bats"?)

I always figured that bats was a 10 year old...Why does bats sometimes have trouble with grammer and caps? And I always wondered why bats refers to herself in third person...

VM was gonna ask those same questions!

perhaps VM might start reffering to himself in the third person as well!
Perhaps VM will... AWWWWWW forget it.

Stupid Third person!


in all seriousness, leave Bats alone!

I think she should enjoy life without having to stress what someone far away on the internet thinks about her writing, and grammar and what not...

The fact is, as a community we should focus on how happy Bats was to get a picture with Boba.

Well done Bats!

'nuff said!

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Like always, apparently my praise of someone has been misinterpreted.

I'm glad you were in the Air Force, I'm an Air Force Junior ROTC cadet, and very proud. Thank you for serving your country ma'am.(Let's hope I didn't offend anyone that time.)

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