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Topic: 10 best Star Wars scenes

What are your 10 favorite moments from all 6 films.

Mine are:

1. Binary Sunset(when Luke looks at the Tatooine sunset with William's music playing from A New Hope)
2. "I am your father" scene
3. March to the Jedi temple (Anakin and the clones march up the Jedi temple in Revenge of the Sith)
4. Death Star Trench run "Use the force Luke, let go" part.
5. Attack on the Death Star from Return of the Jedi
6. Order 66(from Revenge of the Sith)
7. Battle of Hoth
8. Luke vs Vader on the death Star (from return of the Jedi)
9. Battle of Coruscant (from revenge of the sith)
10. Death star introduction

That's mine, what are yours

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Re: 10 best Star Wars scenes

1. jabbas palace

2.order 66

3.utapau attack

4.jango/obi fight

5.solo frozen in carbonite

6.hoth battle

7.reveal of the clones(on kamino)

8.birth of Vader

9.cantina scene

10.carkoon battle

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Re: 10 best Star Wars scenes

1. Jabba's palace
2. Jango v.s Obi-Wan
3. Battle of the Carkoon
4. Cantina
5. Cloud city scene
6. Geonosis battle
7. Hoth battle
8. Maul v.s Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan
9. Zam wessel pursuit
10. Anakin v.s Obi-wan

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Re: 10 best Star Wars scenes

In no order:

Opening scene of Episode IV
Battle of Hoth
Mos Eisley
Battle of Endor
Duel of the Fates
Cloud City/Clash of the Lightsabers
Anakin vs Obi-Wan
Arena battle/Battle of Geonosis
Order 66
Battle of Yavin

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Re: 10 best Star Wars scenes

1. Luke I am your daddyo      6. Jango's apartment
2. astroid chase ( AotC )       7. pod race
3. order 66                            8. jabba's palace
4. Clones on Kamino            9. Vader on bored Tantive 4
5. Han in Carbonite              10. All of them clones on that banking clan planet

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Re: 10 best Star Wars scenes

1 - duel of the fates
2 - obi wan vs jango fett
3 - order 66
4 - mace windu vs palpatine ( so funny)
5 - obi wan vs anakin
6 - obi wan vs vader
7 - luke vs vader ep 5
8 - luke vs vader ep 6
9 - anything with boba fett
10, when the death star got blown up