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Topic: "Custom" Mando helmet Earcaps For Sale

These are Custom Earcaps designed by The Dented Helmets's Stormrider (Mason) from moulds now owned by KOTE Mandos. These are ideally suited for Mandalorian Supercommando costumers looking to be a little different from the normal RF Array seen on Boba and Jango Fett. Highly detailed and ready to paint, they fit all known movie sized helmets (some modification maybe need for use with helmets that have moulded on earcaps)

There are three kits:

Kit A: £15 - Standard Left and Right configuration, with a 1 or 2 piece upper left. A keyslot sized greeble to use in the rear, or to cut up to further customise your helmet.

Kit B: £20 - Everything in kit A + The three piece Left (So you get two sets for the left) + 2 more full length greebles for further customisation and tooling

Kit C: £30 - Everything pictured (Not the helmet!). The inclusion of pre-customised ear pieces and a 'short' left earcap that will go with the 'short wave radio antenna upper (Not shown).

Additions: £5 - Short wave Radio Antenna. It will fit on ANY helmet earpiece. Its a scaled 2ghz antenna, with a ergonomic base that fits on the lip of the upper piece.

Postage is recorded (signed for) delivery within the UK £3, Outside the UK pm and I'll check on the price.


The helmet is used as an example to show you what they finished items can look like attached, and as such is not included. These detailed modifications to your Mando helmets ARE accepted by kotemandos.com. These are being produced and sent out by Mojo-Fett.

[Editor's Note: kotemandos.com is no longer active.]

A great addition to any Mando's helmet.