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Bloodhawk sighed.  This was gonna go nowhere fast.  "Ok, so obviously, if i move, i die, but your friend with me.  And since the girl is getting away, i suggest we work as a team to find her.  And don't ask me why, it'll slow us down."  Bloodhawk growled.  He sheathed the dart, standing up to face Gez.  "Well, chopchop, we haven't got much more time." He smirked awkwardly as he shoved past the "marine scout sniper", and retrieving his bike.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

The target was close. The assassination had been planed perfectly, drilled into Nicole’s mind so she could take the target down blindfolded. The plan was infallible, her target would die, and she would escape. Unfortunately, everything had fallen apart when Mr. Johnson  decided to tack on another body guard, and move his office suddenly. Which meant a nice, long distance kill from across the street was out the window, much like Mr. Johnson would be if it all worked out. Which is why she found herself under a desk with a small needle, ready to inject a fast acting neurotoxin would paralyze the esteemed Mr. Johnson before she kicked him out the window and he fell thirty five stories into the street probably to be ran over by a semi or something before the cops got there.

She heard the door to the office open. She exhaled, waiting. Her legs tensed ready to kick her target out of the window once he was immobilized, and couldn’t scream. She checked the mission clock in her HUD. It seemed slow, but she knew it was right. She calmed herself as the footsteps neared, and dug for the coldness. The place her mind went when she was about to kill. She felt everything seem to go into perfect clarity. The target sat down, and probably preparing to log onto his computer so he could do something that he considered important, but in reality probably served no truly important purpose. She struck,  and the illusion of perfect calm was shattered. The needle went in and auto injected. There was a gasp, a slight spasm, and then Mr. Johnsons legs seemed to lose all contact to  the brain. She kicked, and launched him out the window, the glass broke and down he fell, silently. Nicole moved quickly, the grey black and red jumpsuit helped with this.

Light armor kept her agile, but protected her from gunshots, Kevlar from cuts, advanced HUD made sure nothing surprised her. And, in the event that she was killed or captured without hope of return, and due to the high level of the threat to the corporation Mr. Johnson posed, she had been wired with explosives.  Add that on top of the state of the art equipment, she was prepared for almost any situation. Like running from the security.

She burst through the door, stabbed a bodyguard in the throat and knocked another out. She then began her escape. She sprinted straight ahead putting a few shots into the far window with her pistol there was an almost waist high bar cutting the window into two section, she holstered her pistol and pulled a hook on a line that was stored in her belt. She slid, slipping under the bar and hooking the clip to it in one quick movement, the line auto fed, lowering her ten  stories then slowing her to a halt. She busted into another floor. It was late, even the cleaning man had left, but the late Mr. Johnson had been here in Tokyo on business and he still hadn’t adjusted to the clock. Not that he ever would now of course. But the man had earned it.

She knew there were guards, and she knew that someone heard the pistol shots, and someone already found the bodies and someone had the security locking down. She didn’t need the voice in her ear to tell her that. But she did need it to tell her where to go what to do next, The voice belonged to Nathan Armstrong, he was her handler, and as a result he was responsible for telling her what she would expect. For example. All the lower floors were heavily guarded, same with the roof. Only way out was somewhere in the middle. A door on her left. It burst open and security guards came through, to many for her to kill right now, she sprinted on, hoping she wasn’t going to be hit. She pulled a disc from her belt slammed it against a wall as she passed, spinning from the impact but letting her momentum carry her forward as she recovered from the spin. The disc beeped once, and turned white, the color of the walls. The guards began to pass it, after one had passed it beeped once more and exploded, killing all of them.

“I need an exit!” she said, her voice was stressed but only carried a hint of urgency. Nathan Armstrong sat in a room, the rest of the assassination team, five in all stood around him, watching Nicole’s progress through the building. The corporation was simply a front for this, a secret organization, dedicated to one thing. Its survival. The corporation was simply a front, a way to cover the truth. The assassination team only employed six assassins at a time, the rest of the staff worked in intelligence, digging up past on potential targets, deeming importance, finding new targets and the like, training, keeping the assassins fit, making sure they knew how to use equipment, and helping with other similar tasks, or were one of six handlers. Nicole was the youngest and newest of the team, this was her second assignment. Strange, giving such an inexperienced assassin a tier three target, but Nathan wasn’t about to question the boss. And at the moment, such things were the furthest from his mind. “Theres a crane, outside the window right across from you, two floors down, it’s a long jump but you can make it.”

Nicole thought it was a bad idea, but what else did she have, she wouldn’t be able to fight her way out. She sped up, sprinting as fast as she could. A guard stepped out of a stairwell behind her. He raised his pistol, aimed, and fired. The bullet hit Nicole in the back of the leg, behind the knee. The shot shattered her knee, and in most other cases it would have punched right out the other side. In this case however it ricocheted off the inside of her armor, bouncing up into her thigh and lodging there. Nicole fell forward, and the guards reinforcements arrived. They began to approach Nicole who was on the ground.

Nathan broke the stunned silence. “Oh god. She’s down.” The gathered assassins watched in horror. They had known Nicole for a year, she was good at what she did, and she was generally a happy person. Now she was about to be captured. One of the other five spoke up. “She’s gona talk…”

“No” Samuel, unit 283 said quickly.

“You have to blow the charges.” Unit 278, James said, with complete calmness in his voice.

Nathan knew what he had to do. James was right. He quickly typed the  security codes.  He hit enter. There was a loud beep, and the A/V feed for Nicole, unit 296 went black. The words “NO SIGNAL” floated on the screen. The figure showing suit integrity went from green, to red, then finally black. Nathan turned to regard the five before him. Units 283, 278, 279, 294, and 280 all stood watching, grey jumpsuits with the black eagle emblem on the shoulder. A small bar of color was on each of their chests, making them identifiable in armor.  He had gained much more respect for James, unit 278 today. He had proved that he knew what he had to do. He proved that his loyalty lied with the order, and nothing else. James had been Nicole’s mentor, he had taught her how to fight, how to kill. But he had been more then that. He was her brother.


“Alright Eric. Four minutes!” 

Eric Falke looked toward the cockpit and grinned. He always had loved things like this. Some people used drugs to get into the zone, he used one of his own. Adrenaline. In high school he had started snowboarding, he loved the thrill of rushing down the slope. After that, he advanced to rock climbing, that was fun for him too, the height was astounding. Rock climbing changed to dirt bikes and racing. He sucked but it was fun and that’s what he cared about. After that he did some bungee jumping. Soon after that he did some hang gliding And most recently, at the age of 19, the thrill heights had always given him had turned him to something else. Something that could very well be the death of him, but that was part of the thrill. Hang gliding had given way to skydiving.  Yes, Eric Falke was a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie and he was proud of it. And said junkie of hormones was about to leap out of an airplane and hope his chute worked. Of course, he thought, its better then a hot air balloon. After all, that’s a wicker basket held to a nylon bag by rope….propelled by fire… Yeah no way I’m doing that.

He stepped forward pulling his goggles down. The junkie was about to get his fix. A green light snapped on. He jumped, and suddenly he was falling, high above the earth, plunging to what could very well be his death….If he was unlucky. And he wasn’t. It didn’t last very long, almost before he knew it he pulled his cord and was floating down to earth. He landed hard, not as bad as he had before, but it wasn’t his best either.  As he gathered his chute he noticed something. There was a man, wearing a suit leaning on his car. No vehicle was in view. Almost as if this man had just appeared. He stepped forward. “Eric Falke?” he said, extending his hand.

“Yeah that’s me. What’s up?”

The man spoke again. “I come from a corporation, we have a sudden and dire need of another employee .”

Eric thought it was odd for a company to seek out employees but he could use some more cash, who couldn’t?
“What field? And why me?”

The man shifted uncomfortably. “You were the best of candidates for this type of work we could find. The field is the real issue, we can never tell if someone would take the offer. My..corporation… Deals in the removal of persons who could be deemed a threat to civilization” It was the truth, but only half of it, of course, they removed people who were threats to them, and occasionally society.

“What you mean like….the nuthouse or something?”

“No,” The man in the suit said, “ These people are not insane for the most part. And we remove them more permanently. You see,“ He said uneasily “we are…assassins.”

Eric laughed. “Your kidding, right? Assassins? Like in the movie? Next your going to tell me I can curve bullets or I’m ‘The One’ or something aren’t you?”

“No. I am serious. Come with me, find out.” 

Eric looked around uneasily, “Well. I guess it couldn’t hurt.”

“Wonderful, my vehicle is over there, behind the trees”


A few hours later Eric was signed up, he was on a private jet heading to somewhere he didn’t know, probably never heard of. When he got there he looked around. It was morning, but he had been flying for a while, probably eight hours, that meant Europe. The place was cold, mountainous, had some pine trees. He entered a door into a room which was more of a box, and the man in the suit, whose name was Stephen, entered a code inside.

The wall opened, and he was faced with two guards, heavily armed and armored, they nodded to the man in the suit, and they opened the door for him.  They stepped into a large elevator, with benches. “Sit down, it’s a long way down.” The floor of the elevator had a transparent part, and Eric found Stephen was very right. The ride took half an hour. At the bottom, more guards, and Stephen stepped through while Eric had to go through security. They scanned his hand, retina, and he passed trough an explosive trace sensor. He then found himself in a circular room. “Welcome Eric Falke.” A female voice said “Please remove all clothing and prepare for biological weapons scan.” He hesitated for a moment when Stephen’s voice came through the ceiling. “Just do it Eric, it’s a one time thing” He hesitated a moment more before doing it, he placed his clothes in the designated bin, and they were taken by a conveyor belt “Please close your eyes.” The female voice said again. Eric did so. There was a quick burst of heat and light. He opened his eyes and there was a jumpsuit in a box in front of him. “Put the jumpsuit on please” Eric did what she said again. The jumpsuit was grey, with a red bar on the chest. Once dressed a door opened on the far side of the room. He walked through.


That had been five years ago. Three long years of training, honing his body into a perfectly tuned machine, learning to kill with anything from an empty coca-cola can to one of the most advanced weapons on the planet. Learning to run and leap, learning to dodge and attack. Learning the arts of silence, the arts of death. Death became his name, and those who opposed him and his masters soon found themselves among those who had come before them. He got to know his team, 283, 278, 279, 294, and 280, Samuel, James, Samantha, Uwe, and Patricia, black green, blue, grey, and gold. Separately they were dangerous, together they were death itself. They became his family, and the boy who had been Eric Falke slowly changed into what he was now. An assassin, part of the family

He remembered all of this as he looked over the city from the bay of the UH-60 Stealth variant. Of course, it was basically just a Black Hawk, like the army had, but the army would never get their hands on the stealth technology it was carrying. It was just a prototype, only six in existence ,  and it was prone to bugs, and it was huge, making this chopper only have room for the pilots and Eric himself, but it got you from A to B unnoticed, and that was what was important.

Norton Peak. According to his briefing, the place was overun with mutants. Of course, it couldn’t have been as bad as that cess pool Mission City, the place was overrun with them. He remembered an assignment he was sent on there recently, Going after the head of a genetic research company. He almost got burned to a crisp by some big bipedal pyrokinetic lizard thing. He had made sure that was taken care of after he completed the assignment.

It wasn’t that he had an issue with mutants, not at all, he himself was one, it was just irritating when you put a few shots into someone and they just bounced off, or you went at their throat with a knife and it just went right though. He realized that genetic mutations were becoming more and more common around the world, and he had noticed that there were more cases of extreme mutation in America then anywhere else in the world. And America was also the most intolerant. That seemed to be a trend. For the land of the free America seemed to have a lot of intolerance. But what did it matter, the only important thing was that he was stepping into a war zone, but instead of religious fanatics or guerilla fighters trying to defend their homelands from those who they saw as invaders, he was stepping into a city filled with people who could walk through walls, throw fireballs, and get into your head and drive you insane. And these people were fighting just for the hell of it. It didn’t matter. He had his target, and his target would die.

Name:Eric Falke
Alias: None publicly known.
Designation: Unit 297
Affiliation: None
Powers: Increased agility, slightly increased strength. His movement is like that of a traceurs((think Mirrors Edge for those of you who have seen/played it
Appearance: Picture everything darker, gun and knife would be black. Armor plates would be black, jumpsuit a very dark grey, any red would be very dark, but still identifiably red.
Tall, thin but muscular, keeps his hair shaved, but  has a goatee, hair is a light reddish-orange color, sparkly green eyes
Weapons: Plenty of knifes, two HK USP Compact Tacticals, Two Taurus Raging Bulls (model 500) with laser sites And a large assault rifle.
Gadgets: lots of various gadgets, wall mines, wrist comp, grappling things on both wrists.
Optionaly voice distorter (that sound) and intersuit com unit

(will add to character sheet later)

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

((Yeah, Carson pretty much summed it up. WOW.))

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Michael groggily got up to his feet.  Whomever that blood belonged was a special mutant.  He put that bit of information under the things he would have to check on later.  A mutant that could counteract any other mutants powers.  In the wrong hands that could be deadly. 

Michael clapped Gez on the shoulder.

"Thanks bud.  I owe you one.  Big time."

"Don't mention it."

"Hey Bloodhawk.  If you take that bike of yours through here there will be no smashing of stores.  Got it?"

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Bloodhawk jumped onto his bike, putting it into first gear immediately.  The bike jumped to life, with nice transmission to add to the dramatics.  "Gez, you and Mike check around the mall.  I'll check outside.  If she teleported, she couldn't have gone far with a partner." Cale barked to the other two.  Not waiting for a response, he accelerated the bike, zooming through the food court back outside.

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((Sorry for the short post, did a bit of a skim through the posts to catch up... will amend if it's wrong.))

Amy was glad to finally make it outside but she wasn’t sure if she was that pleased that she was still being dragged along by Carmen. A limo sat ominously at the curb and Amy noticed the way Carmen hid her face and pulled them in the opposite direction just as she saw it.

As they made their way around the corner Amy looked behind and saw a man approach the limo. “Someone you know?” Amy asked Carmen.

Carmen snorted, “No but I suspect I know who’s in the limo and they’re bad news.”

“How so?” Amy said as she tried to slow Carmen down.

“I believe your bug man may be in the limo,” Carmen said simply.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Cale couldn't believe the vigilante.  First he attacks an unregistered meta (which wasn't all bad), but he then turns around, sides with the same combatant, and orders them to search the mall, while he takes all the fun hunting down some fleeing people for some reason.  That, and there was something naggingly familiar about the figure.  Had Cale hunted him before?  Could be; a lot of metas had been able to slip through his organization's fingers, what with the full scope of their powers not being fully factored into any predictions and scenarios.  Maybe that was it.  If so, Cale would have to review records, so as to get a better understanding as to which powers he'd have to take precautionary measures against, if he was to have to face off against this vigilante.

Zach turned to Mimik, deciding that it would be best to introduce himself efore they went on the wild goose chase throughout the mall.

"Well, suppose I'd better introduce myself here.  I'm Zach.  Zach Cale.  Is there anything I can do to help?"  In times like this, Cale was glad of the way his mask distorted and altered his voice.

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Michael snickered as Bloodhawk drove away.  Quite a showoff that one. And apparently not a mutie.  Quite skilled too.   

Gez's mysterious friend turned to Michael. 

"Well, suppose I'd better introduce myself here.  I'm Zach.  Zach Cale.  Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Well we might as well do what old high and mighty told us to do.  Nothing else better to do.  We're looking for a female mutant and her friend."

He shrugged.  "There is that one chick over there..."  He pointed over Gez and Michael's shoulder.  THey both sun.  Gez quickly relaxed.

"Nothing to get excited about.  Just Fara."


"A friend.  Fara!  Over here!"

"Oooh a friend? Like a bow chicka wow wow friend?"  Michael had a sly smile on his face.

Gez snorted.  "You haven't changed since we were teenagers have you Michael?"

"Not a bit."  The grin grew even wider.

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Fara in her effort of following Ghez she found her self in the chaos that had unfolded in the mall. She despised such pointlessness. But at least there was no long searching for what she needed. Ghez called her out.

“Fara! Over here!”

Ghez was talking to two other men.

“Ghez, what trouble have you managed to cause today? Does it ever end?” She smiled warmly at him. “What’s going on?”

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"Ghez, what trouble have you managed to cause today? Does it ever end?" The woman's voice was coming though with some interference, but that was expected, the microphone mounted on his assault rifle tended to have that problem. He had been in this city for only two hours, and he already found a problem. It seemed that these mutants were having a fight. Or had been at least, they seemed friendly now. He had seen it all happen from up in this nice thick tree, and he was concealed well from pedestrians. Now he sat here watching through the scope of his gun, trying to gather some intel on his target. It wasn't working too well, these people didn't know much about him. Now he was faced with a problem. Leave them be and keep going solo, or join up with them. They could be usefull to him, help him find and get close to his target. They might even be able to kill the target for him. He continued to think, remaining in the tree, watching.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Name: Luther McMullen/ Vision
Affiliation: Good
Powers: Teleportation, Heighten sense (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch )\
Appearance: looks the same except instead of a jacket he where’s a dark blue vest, stands at about 5’8,175, stocky, (don’t worry about face keeps mask on ),holsters to hold his weapons on both the inside and outside of his vest.
Weapons: 7 inch Combat knife, Taurus pt145with laser point on pistol , … embled.jpg
, 2x 9mm semi automatic with laser point on pistol  , Walther P99 9x19mm with laser point on pistol , … 9x19mm.png
, Colt Anaconda revolver ( silver), Colt python revolver ( black), M4 Carbine Rifle with acog scope.
Background: Luther worked in an elite scout unite in the marine core, after his contract was done, his unit was chosen to be apart of a special unit. They were told by there commander that there DNA would be altered to give them special abilities, there unit was called Raven. Each solider would be given an alias to go by so that there identity would be protected, as the solders waited in the prep room for commander Winston to brief them on, what was called Operation shield, the unit consist of three highly skilled, and experienced Marines ( Luther McMullen, Anthony Smith, and Michael Simmons ).
{ In a dark windowless room sits Staff Sergeant Luther McMullen, Sergeant Anthony Smith, and Captain Michael Simmons }
{In walks General Wilson he tosses a folder on the table in front of the three men}
Wilson: ” How are you today Men ?“
Altogether: ” Perfect sir!“
Michael: ” Permission to speak sir ?”
Wilson: ” Granted solder.”
Michael: ” When does the mission start sir ? “
Wilson: ” Today, I’m sure you have been injected with Deck-Na, or super juice as the scientist call it.”
Altogether: ” Sir yes Sir.”
Wilson: “ In the folder you will find individual envelopes with your  names on them take them and follow me.”
  Luther grasp his envelope and proceeded to the door to follow General Wilson , down a corridor into a hangar. The group stop at  bench that has three individual suits and equipment on it.
Wilson: “ Suit up men then get into the plane. It is going to take you right outside  a city called Norton Peak, you will split once inside the city. When inside the city open your individual envelopes, inside you will find a slip with your code name, 10,000 dollars, and communicators to keep in touch with me and your selves. Each week you will meet outside the city if not dead to restock. You will be briefed on your mission when you reach your destination to use your communicators, Good look men and god speed.”
Altogether : “ Sir yes sir! “
  The three men walk into the plane and take there seats there are speechless awaiting the task ahead, all Luther could think about was, what could be so bad that this mission was top secret.

Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Screw it Falke thought as he dropped from the tree. He made his approach slow, slinging his rifle over his back, didnt want to make the wrong impression and get himself killed. As he approached he raised his hands to shoulder height, no tricks here, no death for the others from his hands. At least, not yet. The HKs would not whisper, and the Bulls would not roar. Yet. Behind his mask he grinned. His target would die, in time, the people before him might also, but that was for fate to decide.

((Added some to my character sheet thingy, under weapons))

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Fara gestured to the 1911 in Gez's grasp, he merely shrugged.
"Vigilante causing trouble, just had it out for re-assurance." He winked. "How did you end up here anyway?"

"Well, I-" Fara was cut off by a minor explosion behind them.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I think we might want to get opposed to standing around chatting." Michael hinted.

"Oya, let's hunt."

The group began walking. Fara attempted to start a conversation with Cale, Michael dropped back a bit to walk beside Gez, whom he noticed was watching Fara intentively.

"Bow chicka wow wow." Michel whispered, nudging Gez with his elbow.

Gez sighed before hitting Shaw in the arm. "You really haven't changed, not a bit."

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