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((GAH! I was tottaly going to say the same thing AA, darn you....:P))

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Carmen had to swallow the laugh that was threatening to erupt from her throat. So they thought they were on a quest, how intriguing. “I’m sure I could help you clean up this town,” Carmen said with a nod. She gave nothing away, her thoughts on cleaning up were totally different to Michael’s.

“Great we can always use more help,” Michael said enthusiastically.

Carmen smiled sweetly, “So how many Redeemers are there?”

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Name: Amy Boyce
Nickname: Rainbow (much to her disdain)
Gender: Female
Powers: Empath, can feel other people's emotions and can also influence them to some degree.
Appearance: Short dark hair always pulled back into a ponytail. Slim build, average looks - nothing out of the ordinary.
Weapons: A lover not a fighter, tends to run and hide a the first sign of danger.

Le Veux Poulet was fully booked yet as Amy walked passed the window she only saw a single table full of people. With a shrug of her shoulders she walked down the side alley to the rear entrance shrugging her backpack off her left shoulder as she neared the back door.

It was a crappy job but Amy was determined to pay her university fees as she went rather than having a debt over her head for when she joined the real work force. Her thoughts were only slightly interrupted as she noticed that the kitchen staff were strangely absent from their posts. She hurried to the meeting room only to find it also empty.

With a furrowed brow Amy went to the change rooms and quickly donned her uniform of black slacks, white blouse and a red apron at her hips. As she picked up her order pad and returned to the kitchen she noticed a hand on the floor near the deep-frier. Stepping forward Amy noticed that it was Emanuel sprawled on the floor, beside him was Alex and Tanya.

A strange sound emanated from the dining area. Amy felt her heart begin to pound, her senses reaching out. She hated using her gift but in times of panic it came to the surface despite her semi-control. She hated being an empath but right now she felt the self-satisfaction of someone with a dark purpose. It almost seemed as if a thousand tiny minds reflected the behaviour.

Amy moved despite her brain screaming at her not to. She looked through the glass panel on the kitchen door to see a man or what seemed to be a man revelling in the scene before him. Amy opened her mouth to scream but slammed her hand over her mouth. Millions of bugs were crawling over lumps that looked human in shape.

Backing away Amy was so caught up in the horror of what she'd just witnessed that she forgot about the bodies on the floor and fell backward. Her arms stretched out, search for something to grip. A pan went sailing and clunked loudly on the floor. Amy landed hard on her backside and immediately shot to her feet running for the alley. In her haste she didn't realise that she'd dropped her order pad which neatly had her name printed on the cover.

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"You'll find out soon enough.  Tharus over here shall be our escort."  It was surprising how long a seven foot tall cave person could stay in the shadows but this guy somehow managed.  He must have had the power to ((*COUGH*NOTPOST*COUGH*)) turn invisible.  Michael would have to watch him.  You never knew enough about some people.

Carmen physically didn't shrink back but he could see it in her eyes that she was surprised.  Good.

"Follow us."  Michael led the rest of the group to the Redeemer Warehouse.  Stone breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Shaylee albeit bloody, but intact nonetheless.  But his face grew grave. 

"I see you picked out a newcomer Michael. I'm Stone."


"We always need the help around here.  Speed?  You take her around and introduce her to some of the key members."

Tharus and Michael stayed behind with Stone and Shaylee.

Shaylee came right out.  "I don't trust her."

Stone gave her a look.  "You aren't a telepath are you Shaylee?  But I agree with her."

Michael was taken aback.  "What?"

"You can't go around trusting everybody with a whim.  They have to go through some sort of initiation."

"Speed tells me she saved him."

Stone grunted. "Still.  Tharus.  You can keep an eye on her.  Think you can do that for me?  I just have this nag in the back of my mind."

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Carmen walked with Speed but managed to catch the last of the conversation between Michael and the others. She had to stop herself from smiling, so Shaylee didn’t trust her, that wasn’t surprising. Carmen wondered if it was simply the reaction to another female joining the ranks. Carmen also wondered if Shaylee fancied one of her male companions and felt threatened.

Her attention quickly returned to Speed who was talking a hundred miles per hour as usual. Carmen took in what she could understand. She felt herself momentarily pause in her step as she heard the sirens of police cars again.

“So are the cops on our side?” Carmen cut into Speed’s babble.

“Wellnotentirely. Somearebutalotaren’t,” can the usual machine gun paced answer.

“Can you speak a little more slowly?” Carmen asked, although her eyes were scanning for any sign of the police drawing near. The sirens seemed to be getting quieter.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Name: Rohlan Cummins
Nickname: Gez (Only called this by people he knows, the press and everyone else regards him as 'Nomad' )
Age: 37
Affiliation: Good
Appearance: 6', short brown buzz cut hair, black tactical gear and fatigues.
Power: Superhuman Perception
Weapons: Colt 1911 Custom, M40A3 Tactical Rifle (For now)
Personality: Prone to comedic outbreaks, but tends to keep a serious attitude.
Brief History: Rohlan first discovered his unique ability in the Military as a Marine Scout Sniper. Having a hyper-focusing ability, he quickly out-shot the competition; boasting 947 confirmed kills. However, this did not go unnoticed, and was soon confined to the States for further investigation after his tour in the Middle-East.

Run. That was the only thought circulating through Gez's head. He'd escaped confinement. Throaty growls from the dog team were getting, right behind him. Suddenly, a large black dog lept at his throat, ripping cartilage and spraying the air with blood.

Gez jerked out of his bed, firmly planting his KaBar knife into a pillow next to him. He sat up gasping for breath, sweat dripping from his forehead. He merely swept it from his brow, shaking his head. "Why? WHY?!" Gez hit his head against the wall of the apartment bedroom. It was one of many nightmares he'd been having recently, constantly being tormented by them.

Gez pulled himself together enough to take a hot shower and get his gear on. He grabbed the 1911 custom off the nightstand and walked out the door, down to the parking garage.

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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Werda Verd wrote:

True....anyways, I still found it funny. If any irony, its that my 80 pound little brother has the same birthday as a 7 foot tall supermutant/Theron Guard (ie--Torque Bow whores, I hate those things).

(( I think it would be ironic if we were all made of iron

Oh,and I'm adding untrained telepathy. He can sense vague things, and if he concentrates, can influence minds, but rarely very strong ones. Mostly just humans. As a watcher, I want him to be able to do that, sense who's there.

Or if instead f bullets, our guns shot a healing sound that cured all wounds. Or if we had to work together to hurt each other.

On to the short, before school post:

The Reborn watched the mutants confrontation from high above, on an adjacent building, from the time Kremlin and Ace first started fighting, to the resolution and fleeing of the allies. He was aware of another watching presence, one he couldn't see, but it too was watching them, so he didn't worry about him.

The Reborn idly considered draining the power to the area, but it would only warn them to another threat--him. And it wasn't time yet. He would watch and wait more, until it was truly time to reveal himself.

And he was good at waiting.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

This.  Was. Perfect.  Because of their new 'recruit', these 'Redeemers' had to be careful in leading her to their secret base, which made it very easy for Cale to follow them.  He also knew now that his target's name was Tharus.  Subsequently he was, in a roundabout and unintentional sort of way, introduced to the group's leader, a guy by the name of Stone.  He couldn't guess his powers from the get go, but now that he knew where to look, it would all quickly fall into place. 

"Nothing can save you now." He thought.  He was then interrupted by a very quiet beeping noise, coming from his left gauntlet.  "Shoot".  Of all times for Command to call....He ignored the call, but he knew that they'd page him again.  Cale just hoped that no one else heard the beeping.

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Mister Haze's floating bodysuit floated in the air, as did his disembodied head, cuasing him to look like some sort of purple-faced ghost as his body feasted the fallen patrons of the dining room. It was a shame, really, to kill an entire staff of waiters and chefs, but such was the cost of victory. After the criminals were stripped down to bone and blood-stained clothes, the bugs returned to Mister Haze, flying up his sleeves until they reformed his body.

Haze marched into the kitchen to make sure he still had some more snacks, and sure enough there were several bodies lying motionless on the floor. However, he noticed that one was missing, what was her name, the college student, oh yes, Amy. Haze assumed she was just out sick for the day. Lukcy girl. He let his extended family out to eat again, as they were extremely hungry little buggers, but as they finished this second course, a small flock of bugs noticed a notepad on the floor. When Mister Haze's body rematerialized, the notepad was in his hand.

"...Amy's notepad..." Mister Haze mused. The tiny feelers on the bugs in his "fingers" told him her fingerprints were fresh all over it, meaning she had indeed been there today.

Mister Haze returned to his suit in the other room and picked up his cell phone.

"Yes, Marliss? Go ahead and send the clean-up crew down to Le Veux Poulet, and remind someone to call in on Amy Boyce, she must be sick or something today, so just check and make sure she's not playing hookie or anything." Mister Haze hung up the phone and exited the restaurant. If some college girl found out about his little "party", things would not be good for anyone in Norton Peak.

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Tharus's hearing was sharp, his blindness, mutation and his life in the caves had all contributed to it, he heard things others did not, and he was able to make an accurate guess of direction from a sound. For many a suddenly enhanced hearing would prove to be a nuisance, causing some things which were taken for every day background noise to be deafening, but for one who has lived with it almost their entire life, it is simply part of their existence.

There were no others present with enhanced hearing, which is why Tharus was the only one who heard the beeping. At first he took it for another of the Redeemer's mobile phones, or something like that, but no one else responded to it, so he assumed it was something else. It was coming from...Tharus wasn't quite sure, it was to faint, there were to many other noises in the building, but something was beeping, something was happening, and the death-sense seemed to be the beeping bedmate, for when he began to notice it the death-sense became stronger, a smell just on the edge of perception, one of old dead leaves and moss in cold dark places, at the same time holding a striking similarity to blood and meat. Smells Tharus was well familiar with,

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Cale's fears were soon realized.   In a bizarre sense of irony, his very target seemed to e looking directly at him.  Which was ridiculous, since he was supposed to be blind.  So Cale calmly stepped to the left.  And Tharus turned slightly to face him again.  Blind or not, Thaur knew he was here. Lovely.  When he got out of this, he'd chew Command out for paging him here.

He materialized, become tangible, but not yet visible.  This would allow his energized gauntlets to do their thing, but the downside is that people could now hear his footsteps.  Maybe if he moved fast, he'd be able to take Tharus down, and deal with the rest later.  He also took the time to make sure that his built-in pager was disabled; it ould not do for it to go off full blare during a stealth based operation.  Once that was done, he crouched down and tensed, ready to lunge for Tharus once the others moved out of the line of attack.  He hated fighting in crowds...

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Tharus looked, and he saw. The man became more visible and his legs tensed, Tharus was again reminded of cave spiders ready to spring on their prey. He knew suddenly that he was to be attacked. The ghost-man launched himself, and Tharus dived  to the side, drawing the glances of the others. Speed, who happened to be standing right behind Tharus jumped slightly and began to talk "Heywhatthehe-" The ghost-man passed right through him and he collapsed to the ground, and began twitching randomly. Tharus rose pulling his knife from the sheath on his back and held it in a reverse grip, watching the 'empty' space where his opponent stood. He could hear the ghost-man's heartbeat, thumping in his chest quickly, the double beat almost sounding alien to him, for Tharus's own heartbeat sounded four times before repeating itself. The ghost-man closed, and swung at Thrarus who dodged quickly and made a quick cutting motion with his knife, making a shallow but long cut on his abdomen probably painful as well. The ghost-man jumped back and looked ready to attack again, while the others stared in shocked silence as Tharus seemed to fight nothing.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Cale winced and reflexively clutched his side.  How the target had evaded him, and worse, managed to cut him reamined a mystery, but at this point, it didn't matter.  Since intangibility was out (whatever that knife was, it managed to cut him while he was intangible), he solidified, and slipped into a ready stance.  Tharus slashed at him, his speed surprising for his bulk, this blow also drawing blood along Cale's bicep.  As Tharus passed by, Cale swung at him, the side of his gauntlet catching Tharus in the shoulder, causing him pain, it seemed, but no more.  He folowd up with a rapdi series of blows from his fists, but each with negligible results.... This guy was obviously going to be a difficult opponent, with his scaly hide and all.  Cale dodged back, evading the bloody knife slashing his way.  "Got to keep focusing on the fight..."

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((k, this time i'm gonna focus a lot more on this rpg, so ill try my best to post regularily))

Name: Bloodhawk
Real Name: Austin Cale
Age: mid 20's
Affiliation: Anti-hero
Power: ....power??? what power?
Weapons: Various gadgets, his body (cuz in martial arts, you dont need a gun)
Personality: Very serious, sometimes has his moments of morbic humour, though hardly ever
Brief History: Was youngest of two brothers, had a very hard life, parents died when he was 10, and his older brother disappeared (real mysteriously) a few years after.  For the rest of his teenage years, he trained (like batman) so when he was ready, he could take on the criminal underworld (a lot like batman)
Appearance: imagine The Dark Knight batman body armour, except with some blood red body armour pieces, the bat symbol as a hawk, the cape is blood red, and there is no bat ears on his mask.  The mask has an hud implanted in it.

His cape made a muffled noise as he landed on a small ledge surrounding the roof of the Le Veux Poulet.  It was late night in Norton Peak, the perfect time for Austin to do his work. he pulled up the police scanner on his HUD, hoping to find some trouble, as his day-job had left him in a sour mood.  With nothing but small thefts and petty crimes, he turned it off and sighed in frustaration.  Cale jumped down to the sidewalk below, making sure to quietly slip into the alleyway beside the restaraunt.  Just before he was about to remove his mask, somebody burst from the door that led to the alleyway, and dashed around the corner, without even the slightest hint of seeing him.  Curious, he shot his grapple up to the roof of the building, shot up, and started roof jumping after the figure...

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

A commotion was heard in the crowd.  Speed all of a sudden convulsed and went down to the ground.  Then Tharus began slashing in the air with his gun.  And it came back bloodied.  Sparks were randomly bursting off areas of his body.  Something was up. 

"Everyone clear out around Tharus!  Give him space!"

Michael's mind was racing through different possibilities.  He couldn't quite figure out what it was.  A shout rang through the crowds.  Stone.

"We have an invisible!  Do as Michael says!  Telepaths get on that presence right now!"

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Carmen had stepped back to assess the invisible threat. The others were taking damage because they were going in too close before knowing what they were taking on.

Reaching into her pocket Carmen pulled out a can of shaving cream. It was an odd thing for a woman to carry but Carmen had found it handy to blind attackers. In this case it would help reveal the invisible attacker. With a quick step forward Carmen let loose with shaving cream. She hit the attacker in the face, neck and upper chest.

Stepping back Carmen admired her handy work but didn’t attempt to help the others. They were all jumping in, so there was no point.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

hmmm....not the best place for me to jump in--I'll let you all have your fun, then jump in at the resolution. My character needs a good entry to fully make sense, and this is an important fight.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Mister Haze sat in the back of his limo, his fingers nervously drumming on an armrest. He stared out his car window, surveying the city that required so much effort, so much attention, so much work to manage. Norton Peak was like a spoiled child, and Mister Haze intended to train it well and teach it how to act properly.

As he continued to ride, he noticed someone hopping across the rooftops, in a direct trajectory that led Haze to believe this person was coming from Le Veux Poulet.

"Hogan..." Mister Haze said to his driver. "Let's trail this fellow on the rooftops to the left. Something tells me he may be worth following..."

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

This really wasnt going well.  Cale knew he'd get lectured for letting his impulsiveness et the b etter of him, but he also knew that his impulsiveness had saved him on many occasions.  Just not this one.  And now with the shaving cream, there was virtually no use staying invisible, other than preventing the otehrs from seeing his features.  And wth Tharus' armour interfering with the energy discharge from his gauntlets, he wouldn't be able to take them all down, especially not while losing blood.  He was thanklful that he had at least managed to, even accidentally, take down one member.

So Cale fending himself off as best he could, landing blows on Tharus when he could, but not as many as he'd have liked.  No, there were too many of them.  So he pulled his trump card.  Going intangible, he faded through the floor, with the shaving cream falling to the ground as his body dematerialized. 

He floated up into the foundations of the wall, and phased through them, coming to rest immediately behind Tharus.  The others seemed to be scanning the room for any sign of their poltergeist.  So Cale solidified, and stepped silently forward to deal an incapacitating blow to Tharus......only to have the behemoth whirl around and grab him by the throat with one hand.  "Whoops"

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

*man, he can sure go for a little while* Bloodhawk thought as he hurdled from an apartment building to another.  he had been following this figure for a few minutes now, and from what he could gather going at this speed, it wasn't a guy, instead it was a woman.  Her running speed told him she was most likely in a hurry (no duh) but where to he couldn't guess......  however, before he had time to make an assumption, Bloodhawk heard the sound of a car speeding up just a bit, as if it were trying to catch up to somebody..... nah, Norton Peak was full of reckless drivers. so he shrugged and kept up his pursuit.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Amy's reaction was to run for home, it wasn't the best plan but instinct had taken over. She was ducking and weaving between alleyways and hoped that she didn't come across any gangs on her mad dash.

She reached the shopping district and had to stop as a delivery truck barreled through. Panting for breath Amy wondered whether going home was really a good idea. She made a run for one of the few remaining telephone booths left at Norton Mall. She'd left her mobile phone back in her locker at the restaurant. She dialed home and heard the comforting voice of her mother.

"Mum, something bad is going on work. I can't explain it-" Amy started then got cut short.

"Dear someone named Marliss called to see if you'd gone to work and like a good girl I thought you had. You're not doing drugs are you?" Amy's mother asked.

Amy shook her head, "No Mum, look I might be late home-"

"You're not at work are you?" She cut in.

"No Mum, I think someone got murdered there." The words were out of Amy's mouth before she could think. Immediately her mother ranted on about hallucinating when on drugs.

Amy hung up the phone. The back of her neck prickled and she had the odd sensation of being watched. She peered out of the phone booth and immediately made her way into the somewhat busy mall.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Michael was completely shocked when Carmen sprayed the substance on the invisible figure.

He ran over to her.  "What was that?  Some secret anti-invisible spray?"

"It was shaving cream."

Michael reddened.  It soon turned to anger as the shaving cream suddenly fell to the ground.

Carmen chuckled.  "Looks like he can go intangible as well."

Everyone was once again shocked when out of nowhere Tharus reached out and grabbed someone.  He quickly smashed the figure on his head.  The man slumped in Tharus's massive hand.

Stone clapped Tharus on the back.  "Nice job buddy!  I want this guy taken to one of the safe rooms underground.  Alexa!  How long do you think you can hold force fields?"

An older woman stepped from the crowd of about 50 people.  ((We'll say that's how many are in the Redeemers.  So not limitless.  Any concerns PM me.))  "Several hours if it was a minor one."

"Good.  And Energon?  You around?"

"Yah Stone."  A wiry man replied.  "I need you to infuse her forcefield with energy.  That way if he tries to get out he will be given a nasty shock." 

"Right."  Alexa and the one called Energon took the limp form and dragged him down to the door that led down stairs.  Stone looked to Michael. 

"Mind asking our guest a few questions for me when he comes to?"

"Sure."  Michael headed off after Alexa and Energon.  He followed them and and helped prop up the man in a chair.  Now came the best part, the waiting.  He looked to Energon and Alexa, but they seemed too focused on maintaining whatever it was they were doing to speak.  Michael sighed.  At least Michael was skilled in making conversations with himself...

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Mister Haze sat in his limousine as it followed the hero on the rooftops. Mister Haze's phone rang.

"Mister Haze, it's Marliss. The Boyce girl did go to work today."

"Uh-huh, I figured she did. Can you tap the girl's house phone, in case she calls back?"

"Sure thing, just a second..."

Mister Haze waited patiently, enjoying the smooth jazz Marliss played as he waited.

"Okay, the Boyce house phone's being tapped. They recently had one call, we can't listen to it, but I can trace it. You want me to?"

"Eh, why not. Maybe we'll be lucky."

Afew minutes more of smooth jazz later, Marliss was back on the line. "The call came from a phone booth in the mall. Sound worth checking out?"

"Damn. I can't go into the mall. Just keep me posted, alright? Oh, and send Steampunk* out the girl's house, just tell him to lurk there in case she comes back. He's good at lurking."

"Yes sir."

" 'Kay." Mister Haze hung up.


Meanwhile, at the Redeemers' scene, Jarad Romero, aka Burst Limit, watched in awe as the one called Tharus took down the ghost-like one with such ease. After the battle was over, Jarad followed the rest of the Redeemers back to HQ. Once they got there, he would have to find a quiet place to inform his boss on the day's proceedings; Mister Haze liked to keep tabs on his biggest obstacles, and the Redeemers were easily that.

New character alert! Bwoop! Bwoop!

Name: Jarad Romero
Alias: Burst Limit
Affiliation: Bad (pretending to be good)
Powers: Can remotely cause small explosions from afar, but cannot make explosions inside objects; they have to be in open air, though they can be close to solid objects. He often makes the two-finger gun, thumb-trigger motion when using his power, just for dramatic effect.
Appearance: … -capra.jpg
Backstory: A down-on-his-luck mutant boy who's father was a criminal that got involved with Mister Haze's predecessor. When Haze took over, he made sure he got to Jarad and "convinced" him to join the Redeemers as a mole for Mister Haze. His allegiances seem to truly be in the pocket of the purple man.

*more on Steampunk when neccesary

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

Cale woke up, nursing a sore head.  He looked around him, surprised to find a lack of bonds.  No chain, chair or even handcuffs.  If he wasn't so supicious, he'd almost be insulted.  However a slight shimmering in the air before him told him that everything wasn't quite as innocent as it looked.  Placing his gauntlet against the air, he wasn't surprised to find a solid wall.  And due to the sparks dancing across his gauntlet, he assumed that it had some energetic flow, as his gauntlet's energies collided with those of the invisible barrier.  Lovely.  Idly, he wondered if the roof and floor were similarly  protected.

This unexpected imprisonment did give him a chance to reply to Command.  He tapped the sensor on his left gauntlet, and waited for the encrypted signal to get to Command.  After approximately twelve seconds, he got a response.

"Reaper.  About time you answered.  We told you to report once you arrived."

"I was busy.  I found the target already, but he's associated himself with a group of non-registered metas.  I couldn't fight them all off."  He made sure to keep his voice below a whisper, so that his captors wouldn't hear him.

"What's your current situation?"

"I am held within an energy shield.  I could escape, but I don't want to risk the energy interacting with my insides when I phase through."

"You're taking too many risks.  You should've waited for backup before entering a hornet's nest" (the slang term for a location filled with unregistered metas) "And letting yourelf get captured?  Foolish.  They could get too much out of you."

"They won't."

"They better not.  For your brother's sake."

"You leave him out of this!"

"Then don't fail us...again."

And Command's voice faded, leaving Cale stranded once more in his unseen, but very physical, cell.

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Re: RPG Dark City: A Super Humans' Tale

A few minutes later, the woman ran into a phone booth by a shopping mall.  Curious, Bloodhawk turned on his sound amplification.  After a few seconds of tuning and extreme eardrum pain, he finally got it to the right channel, although the conversation was already underway.  He was only able to pick up " No Mum, I think someone got murdered there."   And an extensive lecture until the woman hung up the phone.  *Hmm. might have to check back at the Poulet... but not before leaving her with a trace...* Bloodhawk thought as he pulled out a tracer.  Unfotrtunately, she started towards the shopping mall, making it a much more difficult throw.  Austin drew back his arm, with the tracer in hand, and let it fly.  The miniature device sailed through the air , managing to snag onto the fringe of her black slacks.  With a sense of accomplishment in mind, he raced back to the diner...

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