Topic: Boba Fett hero worship

I was reading through the latest issue of Star Wars Insider today and they had some neat little tidbits about the Return of the Jedi.  I had never heard of this little back story of one of Max Rebo bands back up dancers, Lyn Me.  Kind of makes him being friendly with her in the Special Edition make a little more sense now.

I guess that means there's a "Boba Fett Fan Club" in the actual Star Wars universe, huh?


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Re: Boba Fett hero worship

I've known about her for a long time now. That article might be a rerun cause they ran it before too a few years ago. I don't have the latest Insider though.

And actually I believe this link would probably be more canon and correct: … index.html

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Re: Boba Fett hero worship

i got it too, theres like 3 pages about return of the jedi

some really interesting stuff too

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Re: Boba Fett hero worship

hmmm....never knew that before... it's a bit creepy but it definantly explains that scene tongue

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