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Topic: Drifter:RPG

RULES(Please read.)
1.You can create any character you want within reason(this includes mutants and a few AI dudes). Clarify their name so we can follow their actions
2.You can kill your own character but you cant kill other peoples unless they give you permission.
3.Be consistent, if someone kills someone don’t suddenly be talking to them or high fiveing them or anything
4.You can have any weapon you want within reason (Trying to keep a bit of a western feel to this, please no laser guns, All guns will be variants of .45s, no ammo factories)
5.If you sustain many (or serious) wounds you must find medical attention or your dead.
6.You can have some advanced technology, this is the future after all. This includes, but is not limited to, wrist computer things, com links, robotic limbs, but dont go overboard, I want this to be more of a western with some cool tech then a sci-fi in a western environment.
7.Be sure to add some twists to make this interesting big_smile
8.Have fun

(This will take place in and around a small town in the wasteland, called Hopefulll.  There is a plateau nearby, and a few valleys/gullies with small streams and  as a result, brush.)

Ok here we go:
In 2398 an unknown terrorist organization took control of multiple nuclear missile facilities around the world, and launched missiles at key targets in the United States, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. In the disarray that followed, nuclear missiles were launched by the allies of the countries against the allies of the other countries. The  resulting war engulfed the planet, and battles were fought between  military space stations put in place a decade before. The fallout from the bombs and destroyed stations set the world into a nuclear winter that lasted one hundred years.  Humanity hid in bunkers that had been built for this scenario. Over a period of two hundred years, the fallout settled, the snow melted, leaving only massive glaciers to the far north and south.  Humanity slowly crawled out of their bunkers and back into the world to find it had changed dramatically. The bombs and winter had turned over 80% of the land on the planet into an arid desert. The radiation had slowly changed groups of humans that had managed to survive on the surface, mutating them horribly. Building materials were brought up from the bunkers, and settlements were built. Wells were dug. Beasts of  burden had also been saved, and horses became a primary source of transport. Cities sprang up in the north, what was once northern Canada became one of the few temperate zones.

Advanced technologies were not uncommon, and reports of artificially intelligent beings were common. In the desert wastes transportation was generally wheeled vehicles along the remains of the highways, or animals.

Here’s my character
Name: Generaly known as the Lawman
Age: Between 25-35
Appearance:http://www.flickr.com/photos/toxicmosaic/108317357/  Has these on his back http://artfiles.art.com/images/-/Spider … 80289.jpeg(more on those under Equipment)
Weapons:Two of these six shooters http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bd/BFR_45-70_1.jpg , the robo arms, a large knife
Equipment:A wrist computer that functions as a navigation unit and other things. Legs and back are enhanced to carry the weight of the arms. Four robotic tentacles that are merged with his nervous system. (they don't have AI like in spiderman.Their basically part of him.He keeps them hidden under his coat, curled up)
Brief history(optional): The Lawman wanders the wastelands. For an unknown reason it is his personal mission to hunt down outlaws. He is constantly perusing a man known as Traviss "Stone Cold" Satton, who some believe killed his family, others believe he killed his parents, and others believe that they are feuding brothers. All however can agree that the Lawman will always hunt Traviss, at least to some extent, Until his dying day

  A lone man sat in the corner of the saloon in Hopefull. In his hands was a deck of cards. On the table sat two things. A pile of silver coins, and next to it, an empty shot glass. The man shuffled the cards, and looked at the other patrons, waiting for his next challenger. A new man walked into the bar, stood near the door blinking until his eyes adjusted to the gloom. He approached the bar, the large bald man behind it began to pour a drink. The stranger flipped a coin at the bar, and the bartender caught it examined it, and handed the stranger the shot he had poured.

   The storekeeper saw all of this, and more as the stranger walked over to the man at the card table and sat down. The man shuffled his cards, and grinned widely. The  stranger laid a small pile of coins on the table and the man began to deal, giving his name.The stranger gave his also. The storekeeper looked away, much more content to eye the woman who had just entered. After a moment he looked at his watch, his wife would want him home soon he thought, but he had time for one more drink. Suddenly there was a click. Everything in the saloon seemed to stop, and everyone turned to the corner. The stranger was leaning back in his chair, a single revolver held in his hand pointed at the man with the cards. "Samuel R. Johnson." The stranger said. His voice sent shivers down the spine of the storekeeper, his voice sounded as old as the desert wind itself. Before anyone could think something shoved its way out from under the stranger's coat, and lifted the man into the air. It was soon followed by four other things, which took up positions spread out behind the stranger. "L-L-L-La-" the man, whose name was apparently Samuel, began.

   "You are wanted on the charge of theft, assault and rape by the town of Rivervalley. The sentence is death by hanging. A messanger will be dispatched with news of your fate."

  Within moments the local sheriff stepped in, and did a quick double take at what he saw. To his credit he recovered quickly."Lawman." he said, stroking his mustache, as he examined the Mechandendrites that were attached to the mans back. "Whats the charge?"

  Lawman spoke, "He is wanted for rape, theft, and assault in Rivervalley. They want him to hang, sheriff."

  "My son lives in Rivervalley, he came for a visit. He might as well deliver the message, hes leaving today anyways." The sheriff turned away, towards the door. "Get a noose strung, theres going to be a hanging." He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and the Lawman dropped Samuel, and the sheriff cuffed him, and lead him outside. "You can keep those coins Lawman, and I'm sure the bartender here will be happy to provide you with some refreshments." The bartender nodded eagerly, and the Lawman sat down, shuffling the cards and lifting the shot glass with one of his mechandendrites, bringing it to his lips, and downing the whiskey.

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Re: Drifter:RPG

Name-Edward Cassidy, most just call him snake

Affiliation-leader of a gang that hangs around hopeful, lives in a old bunker on a nearby plateau.

Weapons-2 shotguns, a large knife

Appearance-brown trench coat with a bandanna over his mouth most of the time, wears a stolen bulletproof vest. cowboy hat.

-ventured above too soon and was heavily irradiated, his eyes are white and prolonged exposure to his radiation may leave you sick, or worse.

-is known around town, and is not messed with often, those who do, don't live long.

-owns one of the last surviving motorcycles, built most of it himself.

(i will post later, snake needs gang members though.....)

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Re: Drifter:RPG

Real Name: Once known as Malcolm, the left brain completely deleted this name from memory and took upon a new alias.

Pseudonym: Caedus

Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e … enshaw.jpg (the armor is all black and he has a cape as well)

Weapons: dual M-9 Beretta 9mm pistols, flight suit, capable of reaching speeds up to Mach VIII (see picture), 1000TB memory chip installed in left brain (left brain is entirely artificial, and advanced in mathematics and sciences)

Occupation: Professional bounty hunter, nicknamed "The Slugger"

Background: In 2451, at the prime of his years, Caedus was hit by a radiation surge, a byproduct of the nuclear winter. As a result, his face was severely scarred, his left brain was destroyed, and most of his body was destroyed. Several vital organs, including his right brain, were amplified with artificial parts, and upgraded to be better than before. His life span was also insanely extended. For the last thirty years, Caedus has hunted criminals, not only for the money, but also because the computer chip in his left brain has one clear objective: Evil must be punished.

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Re: Drifter:RPG

I'll join, but Battledome is my current priority.

Name: John Bishop (I have no idea. Totally random)
Last Name: [UNKNOWN]
Alias/Nickname: Val, The Blade

John was born in one of the smaller towns, and was one of the first leave it, discovering a barren wasteland. He initially attempted to live in one of the large towns, but rejected the new world, because of the rampant crime. He journeyed out into the wilderness, and the man once known as John Bishop never returned. A man, calling himself Val, did. Val fought all who opposed what he felt was right, and did so with a variety of blades. A robe with long sleeves hid body armor and gauntlet blades, one on each arm. A saber was on his back, and a variety of knives, especially throwing blades, adorned his belt.

Val was changed by his period in the wilderness, both physically and mentally.

Personality: Cold, grim, and unyielding.

Alliance: Himself

Occupation: Hunter

there you go, AA.

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Re: Drifter:RPG

Name: Ben O'brien
Occupation(optional):none is a drifter
Age: 30
Appearance:was born in the bunkers in the Cascades(middle of washington) has no abnormalities
Weapons:one desert eagle in a sholder holster and a k-bar on his belt
owns a horse with a saddle that he rides from town to town

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Re: Drifter:RPG

((Ok, well I must have made this unclear.This is set a while after the people emerged and built their towns. Therefore, everyone who climbed out of their holes would be dead of old age barring mutants and Fett_IIs guy I guess, and note to Fett_II just about everything in this RPG would fire .45s. So basicaly once you empty all your clips, you need to find some more guns. And please guys try to go light on the advanced stuff.Sorry about all of this but still. A few edits would make me happy))

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Re: Drifter:RPG

((Sorry, had to.))

Name: Shalashaska
Nationality: Russian/American
Alias: Revolver Ocelot
Occupation: Drifter
Age: 54
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r107 … t/acvr.jpg
Weapons: 2 Single Action Army Revolvers
Equipment: Remote Neural Disruption Unit built into right arm.
((Disrupts communications from the brain and voluntary muscles, causing the target to collapse and spasm.))

Breif History: ((adding soon))

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Re: Drifter:RPG

Name: Mayor Hoodoo Brown
Nationality: American
Occupation(optional): Trying to establish himself as Mayor of Hopeful
Age: Around 35
Gender: Male
Appearence: http://www.superostrich.net/images/large/3d_hoodoo.jpg

Weapons:Two Dual Colt Peacemakers : http://www.kapowwe.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/1-1-262.jpg Also, his left eye is cybernetic, but looks very real. It can do some special stuff, like view infrared/x-ray. He also has a special very tiny computer on his arm that allows him to keep in contact with others in his service, or to go on the Internet or whatever. Those are the only futuristic things he has.

History: Hoodoo Brown is a charismatic, yet cruel man. The people of Hopeful want a mayor, and Hoodoo wants to fill that position, whatever the cost. His cronies, Webb and Rudabaugh, each dress in black trench coats and have several weapons each. They kill or torture anyone foolish enough to get in Hoodoo's way.

His eye was lost when he was young,  injured when he was beaten by his rich, yet sadistic father. Hoodoo isn't as evil as his father, but he's still a merciless man.

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Re: Drifter:RPG

Ben slowly rides his horse into hopefull and looks around
"well its a peacfull little town"

he walked up to a young boy about 11
"you, where is the mayor of this town?"

He pointed to a house on the north side of town

"Figures, thanks' he said as he tossed the boy a gold coin

Ben started to ride his horse to the house of the mayor. he needed a job and thought sheriff would be a good place to start.

how many babys have you eaten in the last 30 days?  The correct answer is more then i can count so it must be more than four

Re: Drifter:RPG

dude this thread is tottaly dead

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Re: Drifter:RPG

Unfortunate.....But true

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Re: Drifter:RPG

I had a super idea though.... i failed at energy to post....

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