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K. here we go and don't laugh!! smile

    Recovered Jornal of SJ-16131

   "So you've been to alot of systems she asked me " fighting in your war?"
   "Just because I fight in it doesn't make it my war." I  answered back.
   "Right" she smirked in her usual over-confident attitude. I've always hated that about her.
   "Do you remember your first mission?" Actually I didn't remember my first mission. A good konk to the head had ensured that. I just recalled waking up in the Med Bay with some stranger leaning over me telling me what a good job me and men had done. Of course I didn't have any idea what he was talking about but I could remember the mision right after that. Good enough.

  We were almost there. Me, two troopers, and a squad of commandos in black, Katarn armor. We'd been in that junker for almost an hour now, all crunched side-by-side. The instructions were simple, infertrate the facility, collect some important information, blow it up on the way out. Sounded simple.

  It wasn't simple. Before I knew what had happened, our ship was smoking pieces of durasteel, and my men were no where to be seen. There was a huge, oozing gash in my leg and I felt dizzy. I staggered to my feet and started down the hall. I had decided to go on with the mission first, find the troops afterwards.  I krept through the corriders, using ever technique of stelth I knew. Suddenly I heard them. Clankers and a lot of them.
  "This way" I heard "the clone went this way"  How had they found me! I had... Then the thought struck me. I looked down, and wanted to kick myself. I never bothered to do anything about that gash now the blood was streaming down his leg and onto his boot leaving a perfect little trail of footprints. The droids were directly down the hallway. I reached down to my holoster but before I could shoot a round of fire ripped the clankers to shrapnel.
"There you are Arc." one of the commando's stepped out from behind a pile of crates. "hey Dar I found him".
Another commando came out from his own hiding place " We thought you were dead."
"Where are the troopers I asked. They stayed silent. I understood. "Where's the rest of your squad?"
"Slicing the main control tower as we speak" the first one replied "does that make you happy? After we had to come and rescue your but I..."
"knock it off Fi"  said the other man,with a crack in the ribs. Just at that moment Dar, I think put his hand to his helmet, nodded his head and looked back up.
"there done. We better get out of here." We started running down the hall. I couldn't keep up with that blasted leg of mine. Wait where had they gone! At that moment my world went up in flames.A blinding flash of light, and a roar loud enough to startle a rancor blasted over me. I was on my feet. Everything was on fire! I couldn't breath because the air had turned into nothing but an endless swarm off heaby smoke. I stumbbled my way through a maze of enflamed debris, finally spilling out onto the permacrete of the walkway. I looked up and saw the commandos running toward me.
"Way to keep up nerv'od" Fi, I'm pretty sure Fi, snikered. I was to tired to come up with a witty come-back.
"Just help me up!" And with me leaning against one for support we headed back to the drop off point...

I ended my tale.
" Is that it?" she asked
"that's it"
"what happened after that?"
"We got back to base, took a shower said goodbye, you know same 'ol." I answered
"I want to here another one" I just smiled.
    O.K. Well...

Ta Da that's it I hope that wasn't to horrible to hear. tongue

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Nah, it was good. I noticed two of the commandos were named Dar and Fi--is that supposed to be Omega squad, or did you just use the names? And some background info (who is "she" and who is the main character?) would help people understand it better, but it was still pretty good.

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Re: Recovered Jornal Of SJ-16131

I don't know I was freak'n out. It took me like half an hour to build up enough courage to even look on here. And... y...yes it ... wa.. was them. STILL FREAK'N OUT!! sad mad

" Everyone dies, but since nobody's paid me to kill you...sleep well."
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