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Season 2:  Ep. 19 (originally aired April 14, 1996)
At the AM Radio Convention, Jimmy's high stakes poker game with some other wealthy owners loses the station's coffee machine.

Fett first appears, picture and audio, at 13 minutes, 55 seconds.

NOTE: In response to a question regarding the Boba Fett figure, creator Paul Simms answered thusly:
"Many of the writers, myself included, are big Star Wars fans. Josh Lieb, the co-executive producer who is watching me type this, wants me to point out that he is not a Star Wars fan, because he is stupid. Anyway, that's why we wanted to use Boba Fett, and we were actually shocked that the LucasFilm people allowed us to do it."

RIP Phil Hartman

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Re: Boba Fett's appearance on NewsRadio (TV, 1996)

Well unfortunately the video is only available in the States.

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Re: Boba Fett's appearance on NewsRadio (TV, 1996)

dropping a fett reference is instant street cred for nerds. yet another reason "news radio" was a good show.
i second the RIP for Hartman.

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Re: Boba Fett's appearance on NewsRadio (TV, 1996)

Watched it last night.... made me miss the days of good comedy tv.....

watched two more episodes....


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