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Topic: Casting KOTOR

saw this thread on the Mercs forum and with all the similar threads up here lately I thought I'd throw this into the mix.  Sorry if this should be in Fans, it's SW and talking about actors and casting, so I took a chance  tongue

Using any actor past, present, or a past/younger version of a present performer, who would you pic to cast Knights of the Old Republic, including the games and the comics

I personally like Kate Beckinsale as Bastila:


Any thoughts for the others or counter thoughts on my pick?

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Re: Casting KOTOR

that is a good call. for Malak, I'd like to see either the guy from 300 who played Xerxes, or... idk. Revan... hurm, would be a toughie.

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ooooo good choice for Malak, but he wouldn't have the face piercings would he? tongue

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Fett_II wrote:

that is a good call. for Malak, I'd like to see either the guy from 300 who played Xerxes, or... idk. Revan... hurm, would be a toughie.

lol "hurm"

where have i heard that.....

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idk... maybe at the RumRunner?

and yes Appo, he wouldn't have thos piercings, he'd have makeup to cover it, along with the jaw thing.

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Nathan Fillion for Carth Onasi.

Ron Glass (Shepherd Book) or Keith David (The Arbiter from Halo) for Jolee Bindo. 

Nick Chinlund (from Chronicles of Riddick and Ultraviolet) for Canderous Ordo. 

A young Julie Newmar for Juhani, just because she does that Catwoman voice sooooooo well. 

For Saul Karath, with that uniform and hat, Robert Shaw (Quint from Jaws) comes to mind because of his good portrayal of that German tank commander in The Battle of the Buldge, back in the day. 

http://www.robertshaw-forallseasons.com … %202wm.jpg

He just has that vicious mean look about him in that movie. 

Probably Yul Brynner as Darth Malak, because he has that piercing gaze he'd need to have, since Malak has that He-Man character Trapjaw device on his head, so all you'd see of his face was above his nose. 

Harvey Keitel (Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction) could play Colo Nord, since he has that short guy bad-ass attitude. 

Mission Vao is kind of hard to cast for.  Someone young with that kind of strong but carefree attitude, with some street smarts.  Milla Jovovich kind of comes to mind.  I can see her with head tails.  Maybe Naomi Watts.  Actually, thinking about it more, you want more of that innocence thing going for her, so I'm thinking someone more like Rose from Doctor Who.  What's her name?  Billie Piper!!  That's it.  She could do a good Mission Vao. 

HK-47 is HK-47.  Can't take away from that.  He'd have to be computer generated and keep that same voice.  That was perfect.  (Die Meatbag!!)

Jack Black could play Zaalbar, because he's already big and hairy and grunts alot.  HAHAHAHA.

Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith, Elrond) could play Revan, because after watching him play Agent V, in V  for Vendetta, he can definitely do that kind of acting behind a mask where you never get to see his face. 

And last, but not least.  This little guy (V.I.N.C.E.N.T.) to play T3-M4 (when I first saw the design for the R2 units in the game, this dude came straight to mind because of his head shape).


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Re: Casting KOTOR

Kate Beckinsale ---- Bastila Shan
It seems unanimous whereever I check online.

Ron Glass ---- Jolee Bindo
Great suggestion Sadriel. He's got the old, carefree, but wise attitude Jolee had in the game.

Tricia Helfer ---- Juhani
I saw a picture of her for the first time a few months ago and I was like, That looks like the cat-chick from KOTOR!

Billy Baldwin ----- Carth Onasi
His voice and look always reminded me of a young Alec Baldwin from Red October. He's too old and out of shape now, so use his younger, better-looking look-alike brother.

William Fitchner ----- Saul Karath
Go onto Wookieepedia and check out his picture. Tell me that doesn't look like Fitchner. Plus he's such a great actor---comedy or drama; and I think he could totally pull off the dry evil admiral.

Ron Pearlman ---- Canderous Ordo
Again, wookieepedia him, OR play the game while watching Sons of Anarchy or Blade 2 or even Enemy at the Gates. Friggin Ron Pearlman. He's just....the man. Plain and simple.

Mission could really be anyone. It doesn't matter. I'd say Kristin Bell cause I can't think of anyone. Kristin Bell is perky, but I dunno if she'd be right for the part. Honestly there are so many young-faced spunky actresses in Hollywood. You have your pick of the litter.

Malak and Revan really shouldn't be big name actors. Malak, you get some tall, buff, menacing actor and ADR all his lines like Vader in the original trilogy. And Revan is better off with some no-name actor or very generic-looking actor. The audience has to be easily swayed back and forth from good and evil, and a generic face will help do that. At first I thought Matthew Fox, cause when I played most recently he looked like him, but that's a TERRIBLE idea. He's just not right. You need a versitle actor.(I picked the wierd-lookin Jeff Goldbloom face with the big nose and the balding side-part the first time----now THAT would be funny)

HK-47- Use the original voice actor. He was great. Surprise the fans.

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Actually, Angelina Jolee is the most popular choice for Bastilla that I've seen... Very good pick, but I personally like Beckinsale better...either way

Ron Pearlman is a really popular choice for Canderous as well.  I'm not sure I buy into it.  He's certainly got the hight, attitude, and the voice.  But I'm not sure I can picture his face as Canderous's.  Everything else is right about him for the job, but I'm holding out on that one to see if I can find somebody better.

I really like Fett's idea of using the dude from 300 as Malak.  He's got the height, he's not afraid to shave his head, and his voice might even work, saving you from having to paying a second dude to dub in JEJones/Vader style.

Revan........the entire movie would hinge on that, and it might be an impossible choice to make.  Everybody who's played the game sees themselves in that role, so I agree, you need somebody who portrays the typical, everyman.  Or, as I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet, the everyWoman *I'm fairly sure it's been made canon that Revan was a man, but I have no doubt LucasFilm could be swayed if confronted with a convincing She-Revan for a film*

What about Matthew McConaughey?  He's one of those actors that has a tallent for altering his appearance, voice, and demeanor to fit most any role.  Think a cross between his characters in U-571 and Reign of Fire

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meh. i think the guy who did the voice of the Green Lantern on the Justice League could be Jolee Bindu. of course, the wookiees from ROTS would do the wookiee parts. they would probably throw Chewbacca in for an easter egg.

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Yay Reign of Fire!  I love that movie, and Matthew McConaughey was great in in it!!!  But I don't think I like his southern accent for Revan though.  I just don't picture hearing that from him. 

I can't think of anyone I'd rather see for the role though.  I'll try to think of someone and post him later

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Re: Casting KOTOR

I like Beckinsale for Bastilla, I like Nathan Fillion for Carth, Gerard Butler, Jason Statham, or Vin Diesel For Canderous, Ray Park for Revan.  Samuel L Jackson for Jolee. Christian Bale as Calo Nord!   Maybe Dolf Lungren as Darth Malak  ( every movie needs a dumb jock guy,) Mission could be played by The same Twi'lek that played Aayla Secura Amy Allen.  Peter Mayhew as The wookiee Zaalbar

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Re: Casting KOTOR

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I think that Ralph Fiennes would be great as Saul Karath. He looks the part and his style resembles very much what Saul is about. The only problem would be his height.

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Re: Casting KOTOR

Yeah and Beckinsale is one hell of an actress in the Underworld. That action film rises to a box office masterpiece.