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So I have been posting things about how inconsistent the SW universe is and usually I go on about how badly George Lucas has sold out etc.

SO my question is:

What do you consider to be the best source for SW canon? (outside of the films of course)
the novels?
the comics?

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Re: Sources for SW information

wookieepedia is usually very accurate, and they even specify when canon and non-canon parts are used. i consider them all source.

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I followed the database for my clean cut, unquestioned canon material, as it was honestly really vague.  I remember the Boba Fett page ended with him  falling into the Sarlacc, but that there were 'rumors' of his escape. is half the reason I thought I was blazing new territory for making a Fett was i behind on that

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Re: Sources for SW information

Well, if we take the movies as being absolute canon, then is deffinately the best. Followed by the novels. And then the comics.

Wookieepedia, I think, is awful and should be shut down, I feel sorry for the newbie who stumbles across them and thinks they're a good source of info.

A site I kinda like but haven't spent a lot of time at is tfn's Unofficial Encyclopedia.

And I know my site isn't all that big yet, I still do my best to make it canon and it does have some useful information on it:

[ADMIN: Defunct link to starwarsdotcom dot com removed.]

That's it's purpose, is to have useful information. I try to make it simple and easy to use, nothing flashy or bright. I'm still working on the navigation, I recently realized I have no back buttons anywhere, so I've been putting them up for even easier usage. I know some of those sections are only half done. But I do work on it now and then.

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Re: Sources for SW information

Definantly novels of course wookiepidia is pretty good too. big_smile
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