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After dispatching the shoto wielding man, Kal left the residential area, heading back into the forest. He was wary, sweeping the area back and forth with his Verpine. He'd been ambushed twice, and a third time he might not survive. Movement in his peripheral caught his eye, and he snapped his Verpine up, and fired into a tree. Three silent rounds rustled the branches, and a Aqualish fell out. Lucky I got that one first, but it was close. He did a quick 360, catching a glimpse of another, who ducked out of sight.  Kal held his Verp in one hand, drawing his bes'kad with the other. A Weequay slowly rose out of the bushes, hands on his head.

"Please, don't kill me. I only came to seek an alliance. I mean you no harm"

"Why should I help you, Weequay chakaar? Explain yourself, and if you make any sudden movements, I'll slice your gett'se out."

"I don't believe that anyone can win this on their own. I'm not doubting your skill or anything, but their are many highly skilled warriors competing here in the Battledome. You need all the hlp you can get to win, and when only the to of us are left, we shall face off until only one is left standing."

"Hmmm.....why should I trust you? Your kind are not exactly known for their trustworthiness, and you're here as a hunter. I'm an escaped prisoner. Give me one reason I should trust you to watch my back."

   Sorry Appo, but there's no way anyone would just trust a Weequay.

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

S'okay, I knew that you would turn it down.

"Hmmm.....why should I trust you? Your kind are not exactly known for their trustworthiness, and you're here as a hunter. I'm an escaped prisoner. Give me one reason I should trust you to watch my back."

"Okay, you don't want to be allies. I understand. Just let me go and if I have the chance to kill you later, I won't."

"Run away, di'kut, before I put a round between your eyes."

Guta-Nay ran as fast as his legs could take him. He stopped when he had reached the log he had been under before. Maybe searching for allies wasn't as good of an idea as Guta-Nay thought...

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

I wasn't exactly turning you down, I just wanted a plausible reason to accept you. It just isn't in character for a Mando to be too trusting. Sorry about not making that clear.

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

((Sorry about my complete lack of posting on this RPG.  Hopefully this will make up some.))

Krish snuck out of the prisoner area shielding his eyes from the intense blast of light that greeted his gaze.  It was the first time light had touched him in the Force knows how long.  Squinting he made out laser bolts and figures darting across his vision.  One of the figures was coming his way.  He tensed his leg muscles waiting for his opponent to pull a blaster or a knife.

He was surprised to see the figure materialize into an ugnaught.  Krish chuckled at the small form.  The ugnaught released a war cry and launched himself at Krish pulling out a vibroblade.  The move caught Krish by surprise and was rewarded with a small gash across his shoulder as he rolled out of the way.  Fierfek.  Not minutes in and he had already made a mistake that could have been fatal.  The next one would not be so forgiving.  Hardening his resolve he lashed out with his foot at the still rising ugnaught flattening him on the ground.  The stunned ugnaught had no time to retaliate before Krish was on his back yarding his neck back and ultimately snapping the spine.  Krish wasted no time in going through the corpse.  He managed to find some half decent vibroblades and throwing knives.  He also found a small hold out blaster that appeared to have its power cell upgraded a bit to hold more ammo and pack a bit more of a punch.

Feeling completely exposed in this arena Krish looked around for appropriate cover.  The closest he coud find was a small urban environment.  He sprinted over to the small covering and into a back alley.  But he was not alone. 

A small human child was sitting in the very corner, in his small arms he cradled a blaster rifle.  Seeing Krish burst into his safe zone, his eyes widened with terror and he leveled the rifle at Krish.  The rifle quivered to and fro in the child's grasp.  Krish felt a sense of dread filling him, not for himself but for the boy.  His mind raced as he tried to decide what he could do with this pitiful creature.  One option flashed over and over again but Krish shoved those thoughts away.

"G-g-go away!"  This produced more shaking from the child.

"What is your name?"  The child cowered at the sound of Krish's voice but still held the blaster out.


"And how old are you?"

He managed to work up the strength to speak again.  "12."

"Put the blaster down John.  You don't want to get hurt."

"That's what they told my mother before they took me away from her."

Krish cursed himself.  Noghri weren't known for their negotiation skills. This was looking grim.

"Please John.  I can help.  Would you like me to help find your mother when we get out of here?"  The blaster dropped an inch.

"You can do that?"

"I can try.  Only if you let me."  Krish tried to put on his friendliest look.  He took a step towards John.  The blaster stayed where it was.  Finally the boy heaved a sigh and let the blaster by his side.  Krish hesitantly shuffled to the child and sat at his side.

The boy softly began to sob.  He looked to Krish.  "We're not getting out here alive are we?"

"Thinking like that will only get you killed.  You must stay strong.  Stick with me and I'll see to getting us both out of here."

Krish could only wonder how the child had ended up in the Battledome.  What kind of sick twisted Hutt imprisoned children?  A hatred for the Hutt which had always been present was now burning in Krish's chest.  When Krish was out of here Gerba and the Jedi would pay for all they did to him and those he cared for.

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

The carnage was going well but already Gerba was getting bored. "Add the droids," he instructed Fortuna.

The Majordomo nodded and took out a remote control device. He picked the appropriate button and pressed it with barely suppressed glee.

Various doors in the Battledome opened and from them stepped battledroids that were specially designed for the Battledome. In all there were thirty battledroids to be released, at least for now...

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

Can I join? roll

Or is it too late for me...?

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

Just make sure you know what's going on so your entrance makes sense, and then sure, jump in.


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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

Finally, people post. Mind if I put them in groups of ten? Thirty spread out isn't that many, and you don't want them too spread out.

Kal stopped. He had heard something....out of place. He upped the audio in his helmet. There it was--the harsh grating of doors opening...followed by the unnaturally even clank of metal footsteps. He ran to a tree near the edge of the tree grove, scaling it quickly. He peered out in the direction of the sound. "Oh, shab! Gerba, you sick...."   

About ten droids, a strange type he'd never seen. They appeared heavily armored, and not poorly armed, with a blaster on their left arm and a blade on their right. Kal slowly raised his Verpine, sighting on the first. He sqeezed the trigger, blowing a hole in its chest. It staggered, then straightened, and the rest crouched, scanning the trees for him.

Kal fired again, this time blowing its head off, then shifted his aim quickly, dropping two more. By this time, they had located him, and he dropped out of the tree just in time, as fire scorched the spot he had just occupied.

If only I had my full arsenal. My armor and Verpine are great, but a grenade would be incredibly useful right now. Unfortunately, Gerba's guards mostly emptied my weapon belts. Several blaster shots whizzed by, striking branches. One struck his backplate, and he stumbled, turning it into a roll, and kept running.

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Tressah, Otto and Rro were making their way towards the armour pile when they saw a door in the wall open. Immediately the trio retreated for cover. A group of ten droids marched out. All were very obviously made for battle. They had a nasty blade on the left arm and a blaster on the right, not to mention a few other trinkets that looked to be made for pain.

"I don't like this," Otto grumbled quietly.

"Just shut up and get ready to shoot," Tressah replied as she lifted the mortar launcher. "I have a feeling this is going to get messy."

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Rando felt very open, and would have continued to stand agape if Flying W hadn't of grabbed his collar and pulled him away. A blaster bolt barely grazing a sleeve. He could smell the ozone merrily steaming off. But his other brain kicked in, the part that just does. He fired off a few choice shots, and took out legs, arms, necks.
But that was only three droids, out of the many he couldn't count.
"Ah, this is depressing...A Hutt who's skipped the formality of being frugal." Flying W was chatting, as they creeped through the mines.
A few mines were detonated by random fire, which set off a whole side of the mines. They jumped through the rest, edging out relatively safer.
"I can't believe I put a room over this! No way I made this descision of my accord!"
"Something like that..."
Their mindless conversation ended as a grenade detonated. Close enough to throw dirt on top of them. Skirting back, it looked like they were headed toward the woods. Rando redirected them, he didn't want to be hiding behind a holo-tree as a bolt went through it, the fake buildings looked better.

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*As Sev said, sorry for the total lack of posting… been crazy at school lately, combined with my armor building activities.  Will try to be here more*

Dra’Kash had a nice pile of dead prisoners scattered around the cache, but things had slowed down.  Apparently there were enough bodies lying about and no weapons missing that the contestants were figuring out there was a trap in the area. 

Climbing down from his tree, Dra’Kash pulled a remote detonator from his belt and pulled the trigger.  The det he’d secured under the weapon’s table turned every piece of weaponry to scrap in an instant.

Starting into the woods, the sound of nearby blaster-fire sent him low into the undergrowth.  A sudden volley of fire from nearby made him freeze.  The sound was coming from…. Above?

Looking up into the tree he was standing next to, he could see a Mandalorian with a Verpine blaster sniping at some enemy by the near wall. 

Slowly lifting his custom blaster up, a torrent of blaster fire erupted around both of them from the direction the Mando had been shooting at.  Dra’Kash hit the ground, and moments later so did the human with a thud.

As the Mandalorian was getting to his feet, Dra’Kash sprang up behind him. 

“Freezzze Mandalorian”

The warrior’s grip tensed on the Verpine, so Dra’Kash zeroed in on the weakly deffended neck area and started to squeeze the trigger…

A crash from behind took both their attention by surprise.

A monstrous Krayt Dragon burst through trees as it chased a humanoid in their direction. 

Turning to look up at Dra’Kash, the Mando remarked “well, unless that’s really big cousin of yours, you better make up your mind what you’re going to do reptile, and fast.”

Dra’Kash gritted his fangs, then lifted his aim at the huge creature that was rushing toward them.  Side by side with the Mandalorian, the opened fire on the creature…and it kept coming…and the humanoids began stepping backward…and were soon running for their lives…..

**WV, you’re the Mando.  The humanoid running from the dragon can be Val, but you had a window to escape, so it can be most anybody else who’s not occupied or beats Val to the job**

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

(*I'm not busy, so I guess I qualify...)

As the Rodian (though hardly reconizable as one anymore) slumped to the ground, Jax's anger boiled down to a small simmer. He now had much better control of himself.

Whenever Jax was in his frenzys he alwasy forgot everything, except what he was doing at that moment. But now when he let go of his anger, things always came crashing down apon him, his senses overwhelmed by the things he didnt feel before: The smell of the dead Rodain the ozone in the air, the screams of those in the distance...the screams of those he had just killed. The fear on the rodains face he had maimed. They all came crashing down apon him causing him to gag, and tear up. He was just finishing getting himself together, when the screachy sound of blast doors came to him. Making his way to the forest edge, (avoiding small pockets of battle that still went on). As he burst through the tall vegitation, the battle droids were just arriving, deadly-looking ones, with vibro-blades, blaster cannons, and what looked like a jet pack but Jax couldent tell.

(Mel, from what I know of those droids, they do have jet packs, but if thats not were your wanting for this RPG, than let me know)

"Gerba...You son-of-a-...
Jax was cut off, by the thundering crash of the Krayt Dragon...Right behind him.

Jax took off, running for dear life.


Just as the Dragon was reaching for him (Jaws open wide) a blaster bolt hit the Beat right in head causing it to stumble slightly, and allowing Jax to doge to the side and to bring up his lightsaber. Activated, and in a defensive position, alert for anymore surprises.

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

It ain't pretty,  but I seem to be suffering the same problems as everyone else and wanted to get something in. I'll follow it up when I can.


Blood ran in a broken stream around the faux village, like a dotted line drawn on a map. A steady dripping of the life-sustaining fluid kept the trail (which had wound its way between three of the houses already) going. The source of this seemingly endless trickle was the drenched head of a notched vibroaxe, bobbing casually in the fist of a rather tall and freshly satisfied Trandoshan.

The difficulty with which he’d dispatched the Corellian left Nossk feeling weak and fearful that he’d lost his murderous edge as he wasted away in Gerba’s prison. After slaying a trio of Nikto and a rather eccentric Xexto wielding no less than four blasters, however, Nossk was feeling good about himself. He still had it.

The Trandoshan sauntered through the alley separating a pair of the fake houses, intent on entering the next one on his side of the street in search of both enemies and the spoils they carried. He’d already taken a slightly-undersized ballistic vest from one of the Nikto, as well as a pair of shin-guards that looked more like sports equipment than combat armor. When it was this early on in the Battledome though, one took what one could find.

Nossk passed a small garage on his way to the front door, a little shed attached to the main building where a typical family might keep a pair of landspeeders, and stopped as an unexpected noise met the stubby auditory receptors that passed for Trandoshan ears. The garage door began to rise slowly, grinding as you might expect an unused, prefab garage door to grind. Nossk hefted his gory vibroaxe in his right hand, drawing the machete from its shoulder sheath with his left. His palms squeezed and relaxed on the grips of his weapons, ready and eager to fight whatever emerged from the blackened interior of the speeder bay.

A crimson bolt of energy erupted from the darkness, burning through the air before its reptilian target knew what was happening, and slamming into his chest. Nossk was blasted off his feet, and for several long second simply lay where he landed, sprawled on his back in the faux village’s street. The battle droid stepped out of its shadowy veil, blaster-arm still raised as it analyzed its target. The smoking heap of scales stirred on the pavement.

Nossk propped himself up with both arms, struggling to draw in a full breath. He snapped his head to take in the view of his ambushing opponent, who was slowly advancing towards him with its weapon still trained and ready. The Trandoshan forced himself to his feet. The blaster bolt had completely burned through the ballistic vest he’d taken, and seared the tough scales that lay beneath. The force of the blast had winded him, and he had no idea if something might’ve been broken; at the moment he didn’t care. Nossk’s eyes narrowed, and if those black pupils could kill, this Battledome would be long finished.

The Trandoshan spit an alarmingly discolored wad of something onto the ground, and glared at the battle droid. A curl of smoke spiraled into the air from his charred torso.

“Pathetic.” He growled, raising his dual-wielded weapons. The Trandoshan charged.


Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

(Mel, from what I know of those droids, they do have jet packs, but if that’s not where you’re wanting for this RPG, than let me know)

((Sounds fine by me wink ))

Gerba didn't know where to watch. The Krayt Dragon was causing much chaos along with the newly dispatched battledroids. The Hutt actually wondered if he'd done too much too soon. Thankfully he had a bank of screens to watch and if he missed anything it was recorded for later entertainment.

He watched as one set of droids dispersed into the village, they split off from their main group opening fire as they went. Gerba clapped his chubby little hands together as he saw a particularly annoying Bith go down, "Ha serves your right for being a bad jizz player."

Beside him Katray was still silent. His visage was constantly watching those around him, including those within Gerba's private box. The Hutt was relatively safe as a protective shield covered the outside of the box, it appeared like they were standing out in the open but if any wayward warrior shot at them it would harmlessly deflect.

The majordomo rushed passed and almost caught his robes on Katray's barbed armour. Katray gave him a faint look that had the Twi'lek scurrying away. Katray saw that he had caught the Hutt's eye and knew it would only be a matter of time before the Hutt demanded that he join the Battledome. But it wouldn't be until the final moments. Katray suspected it would be when there were only a handful of soldiers left to battle. He felt no emotion about this, he was incapable of it.

Within Katray's armour at the back of his helmet was an inhibitor chip covered by a small blue crystal plate. It cut off all emotion for the wearer. Unfortunately Katray did not realise at the time that it had also been programmed so that he would obey every demand from Gerba. Had he known of such deception Katray would have killed Gerba with his own metal hands. However while the chip remained in place Katray was a willing servant, if that chip was ever removed or destroyed a totally different man would be released...

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

Kal continued to run, and soon the droids fell behind. Suddenly, he heard something behind him.

“Freezzze Mandalorian”. Osik. Not good. How the shab am I going to get out of this.

A huge crash sounded, and then continued, getting louder. Kal and his assailant, a Barabel, he noted, spun. A monstrous Krayt dragon burst into the clearing, chasing a humanoid. "Well, unless that’s really big cousin of yours, you better make up your mind what you’re going to do, reptile, and fast."

The Barabel paused for a moment, then turned and fired on the dragon. Kal joined him, opening fire with his Verpine. The high-velocity slugs penetrated, but seemed to have as little effect as a needle, only seeming to anger it, and allowing its initial prey to escape.  "This isn't working." He slung the Verp onto his back, raising his arm with the flamethrower. He triggered it, sending a wave of fire towards the beast. It hesitated, and Kal pressed forward, stopping the flow to draw the dragon in, then triggering it again, striking it full in the face. It reared back, and Kal extinguished the flame, drawing his bes'kad He plunged it into the krayt's chest, and barely had time to draw it out before ducking a heavy swing of it's paw.

The Barabel sprung in, plunging his knives into the krayt's forearm, then drawing his blaster and firing into it's throat. Kal rolled back, drawing his Verpine and firing five rounds rapidly into its skull. The remaining battle droids entered the clearing, firing. The krayt roared in pain and confusion, turning its massive head from attacker to attacker, and roared again, shaking its head.

Ralin, you can decide if/how to kill it, or if you want to just leave it. Its a tough creature, so....or Mandal could come back and fight it. Or something.

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

BFFC-Mel wrote:

However while the chip remained in place Katray was a willing servant, if that chip was ever removed or destroyed a totally different man would be released...

**And this is where, as they say, the plot thickens   big_smile*

Fed up with the lack of affect from his blaster, Dra’Kash pulled a pair of frag grenades from a belt pouch.  Tossing one into the air, which the Mando caught with his off hand, both warriors triggered the activator switches and prepared to throw.

As the creature lunged forward, it's massive jaws open wide, both threw their grenades.  Diving for cover as the creatures head exploded like an over ripe mellon that had been just used for target practice, Dra'Kash and the Mando ended up on opposite sides of the creature...

**You're move WV....or Mandal**

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

Guta-Nay stumbled through the forest and reached a clearing where a the Mando he had ran away from before and a barabel were fighting a huge krayt dragon. He had heard tales of such terrible beats before, and he wouldn't have dared to try and kill one. Guta-Nay guessed that the dragon would win, but in quick move, the duo attacked it and wounded it badly, and then the Mando burned it with a flamethrower. The blaze hit the creature in the face, and it reared back.

On it's next move, the Mando and the Barabel both threw grenades into the beast's mouth, and it'd head exploded. Guta-Nay was very impressed; he doubted that he would have been able to kill himself.

The warriors had both ended up on opposite sides of the dragon's corpse. Guta-Nay watched in anticipation of what would happen next.....

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

**Dragon pearls anyone?**

Tressah ducked for cover as her first mortar exploded, in turn it activated a number of mines that were still remaining around the armour pile.

"Sithspit!" Otto growled as a chest plate narrowly missed hitting him in the head. His curse was quickly followed by a string of others as the battledroids opened fire.

The first three were badly singed. One was missing it's left arm, another it's right while the last was missing both it's legs. This didn't hinder it though. It immediately shot into the air with it's inbuilt jetpack.

"Oh crud," Tressah groaned as she watched the legless machine fly. "How about you get that one," she said to the Tusken Zabrak.

She and Otto turned their immediate attention to the other two scarred droids. Tressah fired another mortar, "Fire in the hole!" she yelled as she took cover and ducked.

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

The droid hovered over, slashing viciously at Rro, who blocked the strike with his gaderffii. He hit the thing in the head, only seeming to cause it to tilt back a bit, and make a loud bang when it struck. He realized that he might need to unveil something that he had hopped to keep hidden for a longer time. Reaching for his lightsaber he pulled it out, extending the 90 degree handle, and hitting the button. Nothing happend. The saber was old, and not in the best condition though, this happened, with very unfortunate timing. The droid struck again, and Rro blocked with the saber's hilt.

The Force was said to have a sense of humor, Rro disagreed but he was beginning to think it had a bit of an ironic flair to it. When the blade struck the hilt, something must have been knocked into place inside the old saber, because a second after the strike the emerald blade burst into life, the blade of energy seeming to waver due to the un-focused crystal inside of it. The droid had essentially just killed itself. Rro swung, removing the droids head. Otto turned his head quickly, and did a quick double-take, clearly surprised to see the already odd Zabrak Tusken who now had apparently added the title of Jedi to the list.

With the droid dispatched, Rro moved to aid his allies.

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

The boom co-ordinated with the drop of the flying droid. Tressah smiled to herself as she saw that this time she'd managed to take two droids out. Unfortunately there were another seven to deal with.

"We need to back off, these things will surround us if we don't." Otto shouted over the sound of his blaster fire.

Tressah nodded, "Agreed, but just a sec."

Before he could ask why Tressah ran into the open area that had housed the armour pile. It was strewn around but Tressah had kept a mental note where the fired mines had been. She grinned as she spotted a repeating blaster and a couple of blaster pistols. She pocketed them before analysing what models they were.

She also retrieved a new flight suit that had armour plating on it. She picked it because it was purple and clearly made for a woman about her size. She also pilfered some armour plating for the other two.

She fired a few blaster bolts as another scavenger came near the pile, the Rodian was quickly diverted when he saw the droids. It was only then that Tressah spotted a personal shield generator. She grabbed it and stashed it in her shirt pocket.

With haste she ran back to the others and pointed at a nearby but less exposed building, "Meet you there, I've got goodies."

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

As the battle raged between the dragon and the mercs, Jax just bent over to catch his breath. Jax only looked up when the Dragons head exploded. But that was when the battle droids showed up. Jax brought up his lightsaber just as blaster bolt came barreling down towards his head, the force of the blast nearly knocking the blade into his face.

Jax thanked the Force that he hadent deactived his lightsaber. He didnt feel like having a crater for a face right now.

Pulling himself together, Jax assumed a defensive stance.

Just as the next slavo of fire came, he did a flourish, deflecting the bolts aimed at him.

He then went on the attack: with the help of the force, Jax dashed to the left, then to the right, then to left again, all in a blink of an eye. Reaching the droid line, Jax brought his lightsaber upward useing his momentem to easily cleave threw the heavily armored torso of the droid. The first droid had hardly started to fall before Jax had brought his blade on two two other battle droids.

Then the droids reacted all turning to him, they ejected there vibro-blades and prepared to move in on him.
Jax did a small back flip and reversed his grip on his blade, holding the hilt at shoulder length and pointing it at his attackers.

Another ten battle droids arrived via there jet packs.

Jax realized he might not make it out of this. Thinking quickly, he reached down within himself, pulled out his past memories, and stired the flame of his anger. Jax begain to shake, and his pupils turned black.
Just as the battle droids begain to attack, Jax charged at them himself, lifting himself in air he lunged, screaming a inhuman battle cry.

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

The room they'd stumbled into was a little bigger than a broom closet. On the first floor, inside was an untouched set of matching chest armor. Good enough to prevent a few blaster bolts and a handful of shrapnel. Rando hurriedly undid his long-sleeved top, strapped the light armor on with a little help and retied the top. The holes in the uniform were nasty, it depressed him to think he'd have to get another.
He turned to Flying W, who had just thrown the armor on top of his frog-tie longsleeve which wasn't as loose as Rando's.
"Rancors...Krayt dragons...droids! Ridiculous."
W was tapping the floor with his hand, at one point it made a hollow knock. He ripped that piece up, found a Tusken cycler wedged into an apparent crawlspace along with slug rounds to go with it. He slung the bandolier over his waist like a belt, opened the breach, inspected it and loaded a road. Closing the breach with a good-ol'-fashioned click.
"You're still alive, keep that in mind." W laid the cycler on the ground carefully approaching the door. He stood out of sight range as it slid open. At the moment, he jumped out. The human went down, past the door. It slid shut.
Rando jumped to the door, it opened slowly. The human was already dead, blood pooling out of a hole in his back as he laid there broken, face-up.
"That's it! I'm tired of your run arounds, tired of the misdirection, and...just all of it!"
Rando had him by the throat, shoved up to the wall, he weighed nothing compared to the built up rage.
He bashed Flying W's head, once, twice. It broke through the wall. Rando half-closed his eyes, and when he opened them, there was no Flying W and no hole.
And a group of people, in fact, the same who'd been rushing to the stockpile as when they'd gone after that jug, standing there. While he was there, looking like an idiot, one hand clenching nothing with a dead body at his feet.
W was leaned against the wall laughing. It made Rando Outright sick to be alive. Another secret between them.
(If that's okay with Mel and her group of course.)

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

nice Av, Mandal.

The Barabel threw Kal a thermal det, and as the Krayt roarded in defiance, both tossed the dets in. Kal ducked as it's head exploded, flinching as a large piece of bloody meat hit his arm. "Thanks. I ....." The whine of blasters firing interrupted him. The remaining droids had opened fire on the person the Krayt had been chasing, and he blocked the bolts with a lightsaber. Oh, great. The last shabla thing I need is a jetii. Oh well, might as well help him.

He brought out his Verpine, watching as another ten dropped from the sky. Kal fired, blowing the head and arm off of one, and damaging the jet back of another. The jetii began to shake, then leaped at his attackers with a unnatural scream. He tore into the droid ranks. Two tried to sneak up behind him. Kal put three rounds into one, sending it sparking to the ground, and the other was Force-blasted across the clearing. The rest were destroyed in seconds.

Kal once again turned to the Barabel. "Good fighting. I would not relish fighting you. Would you like to form an alliance?"

"Perhapzz. Why should I trust you, Mando?"

"My word that I will not betray you. A Mando'ade's word is his life, and his honor. I will not break my word."

"Then I will fight alongside you, for now."

Kal nodded, pleased. The Barabel was a skilled fighter---he would be a strong allly indeed. The sound of a lightsaber deactivating distracted him. He turned to the Force user, and was shocked. The human's pupils were jet black, and a look of rage and hatred was on his face. As Kal watched, his eyes faded to normal, and his face to a more natural look, and he fell to his knees, trembling.

Kal stepped back, wary. This was not someone to be taken lightly.

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

*looks just fine WV; basically what I was aiming for if it had been up to me to end the combat anyway  wink *

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Re: RPG - Battledome II: The Cleansing

thnxs WV**

Breathing deaply, Jax looked up at the two figures: A Mandie, and an Alien. He stared at them. "You may want me in your alliance." "As you can see..." Jax swept his hand accross the wreckage of the droids. "I have the power.'
The two warriors stared back at him warily.
He grinned.

"But if you do, know this...In the end...I will betray you."

(not rly expecting you to accept, but if you do...Be careful tongue)

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