Topic: Cleaning up every month or so

I;ve had this suggestion on my site and I think it's nessecary that Aaron and some of the moderators " clean up " every month or so, like in the title name. Like, deleting old threads that are from about 2005-2006.

or below 2005. smile

Post here if you like the basic idea big_smile

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Re: Cleaning up every month or so

Chief, thanks for the feedback.

Re: Cleaning up every month or so

I like the idea, but don't delete old threads, incase someone want to post there someday. Instead delete things like thread people made that were closed as they were already existing

e.g. delete my top ten movies thread as it is closed and just takes up space.

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Re: Cleaning up every month or so

I don't really see the point; the site doesn't have a restriction to how many pages can be made, and old posts can be informative.

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Re: Cleaning up every month or so

I don't think old threads should be deleted. As Draco just said, they might come in handy. I know on another forums I go to I very often go read some threads from 2004 and 2005 because they have the info I want to know about. It certainly saves a lot of time, cause otherwise I'd have to repost the thread and then wait a week for everyone to post their responses. And that's assuming anyone from the old thread is still around to even post. If I wanted more info than what's in the thread already I could always bump it, but I never have because usually I find what I need.

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