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The staccato rhythm of automatic assault weapons from General Grievous's cadre of cyborgs filled the dank air, puncuated by the snarling hum of the four lightsabers: high strike blue, low slash green, block yellow, and mid section slice purple. Xenomorphs fell at his feet, or leapt away snarling and hissing. Some struck at him but were deflected or killed outright.

General Grievous knew that the only sure way to end this was to destroy the Xenomorph Queen. He knew that at this point, it would be nearly impossible. He spun sideways, slashing through the neck of one of the aliens, right into the path of another. He stared straight into its eyes. It snapped its powerful jaws at him. He stepped back as best he could in such confined space, lancing the upper tip of the purple blade out through its lower jaw. It howled in rage and managed to pull itself off of the blade. Viscous green fluid splashed out at the Kaleesh cyborg, catching him by surprise.

He watched in shock and rage as the green acid ate through his alloy chest plate, burning deep through the armor. Fearing the acid would soon make its way through the chestplate into his organic gut-sack, Grievous began to fall back. He issued a remote order to the t100 soldiers via the two internal antennae built into his head, and they began to cover his retreat.

He was wounded, feeling the acid continue to burn through his chest armor. It angered him to retreat after so much progress made. He had no choice but to return to the Star Temple's Command Bridge.

The Emperor would not be pleased...

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

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((Actually, Link's Hylian, but whatever))

Link pondered upon the explanation.  It seemed that no matter what he did, there was always some mad emperor or sorceror who was always trying to take his power.  And, at least with some allies (something that he never had many of) he would stand a better chance.  There really was only one answer.

Link nodded; he was in.

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Just about to enter the outer end of Tesba, D's hover bike had broken down.

"Well, it was short lived. Whatever."

He walked about ten feet when officially entering Tesba. Walking through the town, everyone he passed looked right at him. Standing in front of a building which D could hear the ragtime music playing, he sensed that this place might be of use. Walking in, the place was full of characters.

All of a sudden, a human head on a robotic arm came down and said "Greetings, traveler. What'll be your poison?"

"A glass of water will do."

"Right, here you go." The arm immediately served up a glass of water. D took it and sat down at a nearby table, which he then pulled out a red capsule and placed into the water. The water immediately turned blood red, and D started to drink while noticing several people who clearly didn't belong in this universe.

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Flame turned, instructing Rouge and Vanessa to follow him, he made his way through the crowd, leading them to where Indy sat. <<Talk to him>> he voiced, sending an image of Indy to their minds so they knew who he meant. As they moved forward he backed away. He closed his eyes. Dark fire consumed him. As it cleared he was different. He was human. He put on an old leather bike jacket, and watched as Indy spoke to the others, moving in closer to hear.

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Vanessa eyed the man in the leather coat, his hat pulled low yet he lifted his head to peer from under the brim. Vanessa pressed the side of her sunglasses and they retracted into her aegis suit. "Like eveyone else you dress most unusually," Vanessa said then sat down beside him. She extended her hand, "I am Vanessa."

The man took her hand and shook it, "Jones, Indiana Jones."

Vanessa raised a brow. "So is Jones your first name and last name?"

He smiled crookedly, "It's just my last name."

Vanessa smiled back then leant away so Rogue could introduce herself.

"So Mr Jones, what is your plan?" Vanessa asked as she laced her fingers together and placed them on her lap.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

((Well vals away so.....))

Flame watched as Indy began to explain his plan, speaking of the emperors corruption, and what the soulgems were for.He told them that they needed to destroy the Phlactery or whatever, Flame could never quite get the name right. "So after we get rid of that we can-" Indy said "Kill him." Flame interrupted. Some of the others looked up, some of them who had spoken with Flame confused about his now changed appearance, or confused about how the person standing there interrupting Indiana Jones sounded just like him or something like that. Flame almost regretted drawing attention to himself. "Who the hell are you?" Indy said, his arm moving like he was reaching for something not realizing that Flame was, well Flame. "I am Flame."

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

"What on earth?" Rogue said then shrugged, "Another mutant?"

"He's certainly something," Vanessa said with a chuckle. "Let us continue our conversation, gentlemen. This sounds quite intriguing."

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

“wHAt ON earth?  AnOTHer muTAnt?” asked the younger, unarmored female. 

“he’S CERtainLY someTHIng” added the one in armor; ‘Vanessa’ she had identified herself.  “LET us conTINue our CONVERsation, GENTleMEN.  ThIS sounDS QUIte inTRIguing.”

Krash’nah switched off his sound amplification unit for a moment, the distorted voices still echoing in his mind.  He’d heard the ‘plan’ enough times, though he continued to monitor the meeting through the building’s walls with is thermal optics in case they started to move out. 

He’d watched as the one they called ‘Flame’ metamorphosis from a reptilian creature into a human.  That one I must watch…  Krash’nah still didn’t understand why he’d been unable to intercept any form of communication from him before his change or from the heavily armored alien.  He’d been unable to detect any form of comm. traffic from either of them, encrypted or not, but they had OBVIOUSLY communicating with several of the others. 

Telepathic?  Such a thing is impossible…or is it?  In such a place is this, anything is possible.  Perhaps that is it.  I must truly be cautious… there is too much I do not understand here.  Any and all could be a truly worth threat, no matter their appearance, in this place…this is truly a glorious place, even if it’s purpose it twisted.  Surviving here will gain my Great Honor. 

Looking up into the darkening sky between the narrow alley walls he was hidden in, Krash’nah decided it was time to move.  His cloaking device still active, he made his way up the cantina’s back wall to the roof, careful not to make noise that anyone inside might hear. 

Making his way to the front where he could see anyone who came or left, he waited for the others to leave.

Alliance was something he would avoid for now, but he would follow them.  They were destined for battle, and he would be there with them.  On who’s side he would fight…time would tell

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

(speeding things up a bit. Anyone who isn't already part of the team who wants to join can meet up with us along the way or something. be creative.)

Indiana relayed the plan to the new recruits and when he felt that they got the gist of it, he thought it was time to move out.

"Alright well Flame knows the way to the first temple near here, the Spirit Temple. We should start heading there tomorrow morning. For now, we'll rent a room at an inn nearby here or something. I'll ask the bartender." Indy said, getting up

"And how exactly are we going to pay for these rooms, Mr. Jones?" Vanessa asked, saying 'Mr.' Jones for the second time. Indy had a fond flash back to Short round- "You call him Dr. Jones! Doll...."

Indy stopped and replied, whincing at the mention of Mr. Jones.

"Thats DR.Jones, sweetheart... And I'm sure Flame here is going to supply us with funding courtesy of the Vindicators." Indy said, slapping Flame on the shoulder. Flame looked at Indy and rolled his eyes at the thought of wasting his own silver.

Indy walked over to the body-less bartender, who's head retracted from the roof.

"Something you require?" The bartender asked with his odd sneer due to his scar appearing.

"Yeah we need a place to stay the night. Cheap, but not so cheap that we'd wake up dead."

"I suggest the Dragon's Den, across the the street. Tell Winthrop, the inn keeper that I sent you, but dont tell him that you're Vindicators. He wont offer you asylum like I do, but if he knows I sent you he wont charge you full fee." The bartender said, twitching.

"Alright then... thanks again Rutger." Indy said tipping his hat. Rutger twitched and retracted into the roof.

The party made their way across the street to the Dragon's Den and Indy couldn't shake the feeling that he was being followed, but he couldn't see anything so he dismissed it. It was already getting dark out, so they made haste into the tall building called the Dragon's Den.

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Flame approached the inn keeper, Indy next to him. "We need rooms, Rutger sent us." The keeper gave his price after a moment and Flame sighed,pulling coins from a pouch on his belt. He was reluctant to give up his money, even though it was for the Vindicators. He had been working as a blacksmith, which was a little simpler then he imagined, probably because of his abilities, but it still was hard work. And the money was his. But it could be recovered, there were lots of things to fix. He watched as the inn keeper put his silver in a box, and sighed again

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Vanessa followed the party but was studying Dr Jones. He didn't look like any doctor she'd seen so she could only assume that he was a doctor of something other than medicine. She didn't think now was the time to pry.

The Dragon's Den did not seem particularly appealing but then Vanessa was used to sterile environments generally tended to by artificial intelligence. She wondered just how out of place she looked in such a realm. None of her companions really looked as though they belonged together. For the most part they were human, or at least looked human.

Vanessa touched the side of her face so her shades covered her eyes once more. The tinting would change with the lighting but it also gave her a Heads Up Display which often came in handy.

Flame grizzled under his breath as he handed out keys. Vanessa was surprised to see it was a keycard, she'd almost expected large metal keys from a bygone era. She noticed the number on it was '13' and smiled, "My lucky number."

Rogue gave her a puzzled look. Vanessa lifted the key, "Lucky thirteen."

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Gorfin had been feeling these twinges all night.  They were being followed.   He could not pinpoint the exact location of the follower.  But he could feel the follower's presence.  He would have to keep an eye on that. 

Retrieving his key from Flame he headed toward his room.  There wasn't any use talking to these sentients as he didn't really fit in among them.  He only felt kindred towards Flame and right now he was like one of them.  Gorfin slipped the keycard into the door as it flashed green and unlocked.  He climbed into the bed and closed his eyes but kept his mind wide open.  If anything were to happen tonight Gorfin would be up in a matter of seconds.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Flame walked outside and sat down. He wanted to think for a bit. He wished he wasnt trapped here, it was to different. Suddenly he was aware of something near him. He looked but did not see. But he felt its mind. Honor, rage, bloodlust. A hunter. He couldnt quite pinpoint it but he could still speak to it. <<You cannot hide from me.>> he voiced, and waited for a reply

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Vanessa briefly visited her room and took in the spartan conditions. There was a double bed, a tiny table with two chairs and a kettle. "Well this is living," Vanessa said with a cheeky grin. She moved to the bathroom and tried out the shower for water pressure. She wasn't surprised when it was pathetically weak.

She walked to sit at the table and picked up the brochures about the complex. Turned out there was a pool with a spa. Vanessa smiled, she could certainly appreciate a spa. She couldn't take off her suit but she could get it to shift in shape and size.

Picking up her door key she walked to the recreation area and found the pool. She pulled off her boots and then pressed a few buttons on her suit and it moved about to shift into a bikini. Tentatively she dipped a toe into the spa and smiled at it's warmth. She moved into the water and smiled as the bubbles caressed her skin. She went to lay her head back but the crystal in her aegis suit neck prevented her from doing so. She cradled her head in her hand and closed her eyes.

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Indy opened the door to his room, which nearly fell off its hinges from its decrepid state. The stink that emanated from the small bathroom ripped through his nostrels like a feral creature. He quickly shut the door to the room as well as the bathroom.

Indy had a code which was to take a shower whenever possible because you never know when you'll get another chance, but he'd hold back in this case. He didnt want to unleash the fury of the bathroom stench once more. He collapsed onto the bed, which was next to an open window that only had wooden shutters. He relaxed and opened the wooden shutters to let in the cool night-time desert wind. Dark had just come upon Geridarr, and champions and contestants around the land were laying to rest up for another chaotic day....most of them at least.

Indy looked out the window to the pool area below. He was surprised that this place had an actual pool. He was even more surprised when he saw Vanessa walk out into the pool area. He saw her take her boots off and then her white suit morphed into a very revealing bathing suit... she slipped into the steamy spa and relaxed. Damn that warm water in the cool breeze of the desert night looked tempting-


A katana stabs through the part of the bed where Indy's head was moments before. He sprang from the bed and spun to face a ninja in midnight-black garb. His eyes were burning red and his free hand was pointing at Indy, palm forward, and a red orb of energy was generating from the hand.

Indy leapt across the room and a ray of red energy scorched the wall. The ninja attacked Indy with his katana once more and Indy side stepped and the blade barely missed his arm. The ninja lifted his elbow and it smashed into Indy's chin. He tried to do it again but Indy grabbed the ninja's arm and smashed him into the weak little table in the room.

Indy stepped back as the ninja rose once more and brandished his katana. Indy unclipped his whip and in the blink of an eye the sword was snatched out of the ninjas hand and clattered under the bed. The ninja was already in mid air flying to grab Indy's throat and Indy ducked and the ninja landed on the bed and quickly spun around to attack once more.


The shot went through one of the ninja's flaming eyes and they both went dark. The ninja grabbed at his face and stumbled backward over the bed and out the window. His body falls with a thud to the ground and disappates into a soft red light until theres nothing left. Indy replaced his smoking gun into the holster and looks out the window.

(Ninja's everybody! Take one each, and have fun with them.)

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Vanessa had closed her eyes momentarily but then she'd heard the faintest noise. She'd lifted her lashes to see Dr Jones admiring her from the window, she was going to wave but then she heard something behind her. She knelt on the spa step and let her aegis suit run down her arms giving her back the power of shooting bolts from her hands.

She heard a the faint snap of a twig to her left as she immediately set her glasses back into place. She saw the shadow with more clarity and she was certain he wasn't friendly. She lifted her hands only to hear a thud behind her. "Your work Dr Jones?" she shouted as she opened fire on the shadow.

She heard Indiana shout back, "Yeah."

Vanessa stepped from the spa as she zeroed in on her target. The water dripped for her bare legs, only her top half was consealed by it's normal suit layout. She tumbled as a dagger was thrown at her exposed legs. She fired at the red glowing eyes and was glad to see them disappear.

She stalked forward to examine the body, "So much for a safe zone."

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Ocelot watched the large mismatched party leave the booth next to him; he assumed the man in the fedora, or rather 'Dr. Jones', was the leader. He sat down at the now unoccupied booth, going over in his mind Dr. Jones' plan. Plausible, but whatever powers this emperor possessed, they must be damn good. Ocelot poured another glass of whiskey and downed it, slumping in the padded leather seat. It was going to be a long night...

Ocelot decided he might could benefit from the confederate group, and possibly get back to his own 'realm'. He slid out of the booth and went back over to the bartender. As it always did, the little head-in-a-jar dropped down from above somewhere.

"More Whiskey?"

"No thanks, I need to know where I can get a night's rest."

"Well, seein you got no money..."

"Where did that large group go? The one led by...Dr. Jones."

"Aye, the Dragon's Den, 'cross the street."

Ocelot nodded, and proceeded out the door.

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Gorfin sensed the distress.  He sat upright and tried to locate it.  It was the doctor and the one with the advanced suit.  Fighting an unknown individual.  Perhaps it could be there stalker?  After a few moments it was gone though.  Gorfin focused on the females mind and touched it.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes.  Just some attackers that have decided to test our skill."

"I see they were no match.  But be warned.  I can feel a much more foreboding presence out there after us.  Don't be quick to let your guard down.  If you need me or Flame, for that matter, just let out a mental scream and I will be glad to help an ally."

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Vanessa looked around, "I have a feeling that was the first wave."

"Do you need assistance?" Gorfin asked.

Vanessa let her suit return to it normal form and put her boots back on, "Depends on the numbers, but I wouldn't say no."

She heard the faint sound of nearby footsteps and prepared her better weapon, "Jonesy we got company." With the warning out, Vanessa pivoted and cartwheeled then took out two ninjas with blaster bolts from her hands while kicking the third in the jaw.

He lashed out with his blade, Vanessa lifted her arm, the metal suit protecting her and deflecting the blade. She considered trash talk but it really wasn't her style. She preferred her actions to speak for her. She shifted, kicked the foot out from under the ninja, grabbed his head and twisted. She smiled as she heard a satisfying crack of his spine.

Her moment was short lived as more ninjas rolled in.

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Gorfin vaulted through the second story window into the pool area.  ((Just because this pic is epic I'll throw it in for reference. http://www.starcraft2.com/images/artwork/ss16.jpg  tongue  Gorfin does have Green eyes and blades.))He landed both psi-blades ignited.  Silently he stabbed one of the ninjas through the back and quickly brought his blade up to parry an attack.  He quickly dispatched the assassin and turned to see one charging at him. 

Gorfin morphed his left arm gauntlet into a psi-blaster and shot a ball of energy that rifled through the assassin who fell to the floor.  Gorfin turned as another ninja was about to bring his sword through Gorfin's skull.  He was blasted aside by the woman, Vanessa.  Gorfin gave her a nod of thanks and continued with the killing.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Vanessa was glad to have Gorfin at her side, he might be alien but he sure knew how to fight. She would have stood and admired his skill if circumstances were different but now was not the time. She'd ask Gorfin if he wanted to spar later.

The ninjas seemed to be coming in droves, Vanessa noticed that a lot of them were not very skilled. It seemed almost like they were the fodder to be killed first. Perhaps they were meant to wear them down.

"Gorfin, how many of these beings do you sense?" she asked him with her thoughts.

Hard to say, they move fast and they seem to try to hide their numbers with such obscure movements. Gorfin replied.

Vanessa did a high kick and snapped an attacking ninja's head back. He tumbled into the pool and Vanessa sent a few blaster bolts after him, "I'm concerned that they're trying to wear us down,"

"To what purpose?" Gorfin asked as he sunk his psy-blade into the guts of another ninja.

Vanessa tilted her head back, flicking her hair away from her face, "For the better ninjas to come for us.

"Are you growing weary?" Gorin's voice sounded concerned.

"It's been a long day but I can hold out, I haven't used my big guns yet," she said with a grin.

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* Im so not entirely sure where we left things with Jack, but I'll just assume that he did join up with this crew as he is a individual of constant change. Lets just say hes totally intreauged by Rogue. Mirta if you read this YOU NEED TO POST!*

Jack was impressed and in wonder of the inn. There was so much there. He was impressed by the fact that it had an outhouse IN his room. The smell was something foul, like the depths and bowels of some horrific creature's innards, but the fact that it was there was still wondering. This was better than any place he had been in Tortuga, but Jack missed his ship. This desert land did not suit him at all, and he longed for the open sea again.

Before Jack got comfortable he heard a commotion come from the room next door. He paused a moment, then poked his head out side his door. He looked left, looked right, and as he did he had to dodge an approching ninja's blade. Jack jumped back, and pulled out his own cutlass, and met the ninja's blade on the second parry.  He worked his way to the shuttered window, not wanting to be cornered in the small room. He saw another black cloaked figure come in behind the first.

"This is my cue to exit this party." As he neared the edge of the window. But as he did he tripped on the faint lip of the sill. Crashing through the old weathered shutters Jack fell backwards out the window. Only to land in the pool water below.

As he came up he noticed Vanessa and the other one fighting some more of the black garbed figures.


*I hope that this is ok.*

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

(You needed to throw in the "THis is the day that you almost killed Captain Jack *fall* SPARROW!))

Gorfin had no time to chuckle before another ninja fell from the sky.  Or was it a ninja?  He landed in the pool and climbed out cursing.  Gorfin recognized him as the seeming perpetually drunk man from their party.  Jack Sparrow was his name.  Jack turned and saw his hat and gun floating in the pool.

"MY EFFECTS!"  He dived back in rather gracefully considering his usual gait.  Climbing out once again with all of his "effects" he strolled over to Dr. Jones, Gorfin and Vanessa.

"Hello pretty and err.... pretty ugly?"  Gorfin ignored the comment.

"There are more.  And it seems like they are coming."  Sure enough about 10 more burst into the spa area.

"Doesn't take a mind-reader to figure that one out," Indy muttered.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

(Interactive Post)

Indy leveled his revolver and blasted away two ninjas before they could throw their shurikens. Vanessa was firing away and destroyed one while shooting through 3 with one shot. Indy looked at her wrist shooters with his mouth open in comical shock. Vanessa shrugged and cracked a smile which translated into "My gun's better than yours.

Indy nodded sarcastically and made a point to one-up her at some point. Gorfin hacked away at the last 4 ninjas whos katana skills were formidable but not enough to stunt Gorfin's proficiency with his psi-blades.

"Who could possibly be behind all these ninjas?" Vanessa asked

"Who knows..." Indy replied sighing to himself, ready for more of them. Then suddenly, from seemingly nowhere, an answer came to his question.


"What?!" Gorfin exclamed, he was shocked that someone had slipped through his senses so easily.

A figure slowly appeared from the mist that suddenly came upon the spa area. http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/dynamic/imgs … dwin_l.jpg

" You all have had too much fun wasting away my pets... I think it is time for me to deal with you myself. Heh heh heh HEH HEHHHH." The dark figure said to the group.

"Who's this one now?" Jack said, pointing a crooked finger at the dark man.

"I...am The Shadow. And it is time for your souls to be added to my Soul Count!" With that the figure disappeared and the spa area grew even darker than night and the mist came in thicker.

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." Indy said, unclipping his whip.

(Mini boss fight everyone! Ok The Shadow is an illusionist, he screws with your mind to make him 'invisible' and can control the weak minded (the ninjas). So if he has come this far unnoticed, yes, that means his psychic powers are far greater than Flame's and Gorfin's {dont try to pull a fast one}. There is only one way to really distinguish his illusions, ill let you guys find that out for yourselves.)

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Vanessa raised a brow, "Shadow, what a lame name."

She got a prod in her back for her troubles, “Coward.” She said as she smacked a hand directly behind herself. She felt a satisfying thump then realised she’d hit Gorfin, “Oh sorry about that.”

The alien made a face but Vanessa didn’t really know what exactly it meant. Yet another wave of ninjas rolled in. Vanessa picked up a chair and threw it. As the ninjas turned their attention to deflect it she shot at them and grinned.

The swaggering pirate lumbered forward with his sword drawn, “Which one do you want me to kill?”

Vanessa pointed randomly at a ninja, “Take your pick.”

“Righto love, shall do.” Sparrow said as he jumped into action.

Vanessa was surprised to see that the pirate did know how to hold his ground.

Jones was reloading his pistol. Vanessa commented, “That’s rather antiquated.”

His head tilted to look up from beneath the brim of his hat, “It works for me.” He grabbed his whip and lashed out at the faintest trace of the Shadow.

Vanessa touched her glasses to change visuals she saw a faint trace of the Shadow before he disappeared from her field of vision. “Slimy bugger this one,” Vanessa said as she got a few shots off. She had to hold her fire as Rogue made an appearance.

“Can you see that... that Shadow?” Vanessa shouted to Rogue.

“Sorry Sugar, but if you let me touch him I can give him a real rough time.” The flying mutant replied.

Vanessa frowned, “I’m not even going to ask.”

“Jonesy,” Vanessa started.

“My name is Indiana,” he said flatly.

Vanessa did a mock curtsy as she shot another ninja, “Very well then, Indiana. Can you get the drop on our friend?”

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