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Anger flowed strong and powerfully through Lana's petite form as she continued cleaning tables with a clenched jaw. She hated being a waitress. She hated the continual jibes about her legs and how cute she looked in her outfit. Thankfully the crowd of patrons were dwindling and she was finally getting less attention. It was annoying being the sole human female waitress in such a diner but work was hard to get on Bespin.

Although Bespin was thriving, it was overwhelmed with people of all species wanting to relocate to such a heavenly place. It was anything but heaven for Lana, however it was a better place to be in comparison to Kessel.

Lana let out a sigh as she finished cleaning the tabletop. Normally the droids looked after it but BE23 had broken down so Lana had been stuck with assisting. As she walked back into the kitchen she was glad to see that she had only thirty minutes left of her shift.

Suddenly a food bag was shoved at her. "What's this?" Luna asked.

"Delivery, since you're knocking off soon you get the honours." Sleb the cook told her.

"Let me guess, it's at the space port." Luna said with a frown.

"Bingo, the lady wins again. Landing pad 249, the ship is called The Wolf." Sleb told as he dished out some deep fried potatoes.

"Righto," she said as she retrieved her coat and her wallet. At least she was getting out of the diner.

Lana rode her beat up speeder bike to the landing pad. She didn't pay much heed to the ship that sat there. It was just another one of the many visitors coming to Bespin.

She walked up the ramp and knocked on the metal door. "Where's the damn door bell," she muttered to herself.

A minute passed and Lana considered going back to her speeder bike when the door opened. Her jaw dropped in surprise, there before her stood a man in Mandalorian armour.

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interesting, random Mando.

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Ah so you don't know who owns "The Wolf" if you did you'd know who it is...

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BOBA FETT! big_smile

I love the starting Mel! Anymore to come? big_smile

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Actually the owner of "The Wolf" is:

Jodo Kast was pleased with the woman's reaction. It seemed that his reputation was getting out there. Either that or she thought him to be Boba Fett. That wasn't so great but it wouldn't be the first time a being got confused. "How much?" he said harshly.

"What?" the woman said sounding mortified.

"For the food, woman. How much?" Kast said as he realised what thought had crossed her mind.

"Ah fifteen credits," she said as she held out the bag to him.

He fished out the credits from a pouch on his belt and handed them to her. He was taking the bag from her death grip when he heard the sound of running footsteps. He turned his head and ducked just as a blaster bolt sizzled passed. He went for his own blaster and began returning fire. "Knew I should have left," Kast grumbled to himself, only half aware that the delivery woman was crawling into his ship.

He grinned with satisfaction as the shooter went down. Unfortunately he was replaced by five of his friends. "Sith spit," Kast growled and stepped back, slammed his hand on the hatch switch and made his way to the cockpit.


Lana sat curled against the wall between two containers still holding the food bag and the credits in her hands. She was trembling slightly as she peered around the container and saw the Mandalorian guy walk passed. She was about to crawl out of her hiding spot when she heard the ship's engines come online. Her eyes widened as she heard the hum increase. "He's going to take off!" she said in horror as she got to her feet.

She headed in the direction she'd seen the man go but didn't get far as the ship had a sudden burst of movement. She tumbled backward, the bag flew from her hand along with the credits. She reached for anything to stop her fall but her hands didn't find purchase. Instead she hit hard into the bulkhead and she grunted from the impact.


Kast turned his head slightly as he heard something go thunk in the back of his ship. He shrugged and returned to looking out the view port. His com was going crazy with the authorities demanding that he land as he did not have permission to leave. Kast was not a stickler for protocol and switched the com off. His moment of inattention almost cost him as an incoming transport came barrelling across his path.

He banked the ship and somehow managed to avoid a collision. He gave the ship a boost of speed and exited Bespin's orbit. As soon as he reached the threshold he entered the co-ordinates for his next destination. He smiled as the familiar pull of the hyperspace jump tugged as his body.


Lana was concentrating on breathing and ignoring the aching pain from her sudden stop against the bulkhead. She was just starting to shuffle forwards when she heard the hyperdrives come online. She slid back to her place against the wall and closed her eyes and she felt the dreaded lurch as the ship moved into hyperspace. She gritted her teeth as she tried to avoid bringing up her dinner. She hated hyperspace jumps.

The moment ended quickly as the ship shifted into its new speed. Lana let out a tired breath and attempted to stand. Once on her feet she straightened her skirt and adjusted her knitted top as she strode towards the cockpit. She stormed in with hands on her hips, "I demand to know where we are going?"

The helmeted head turned to look at her, "You still onboard?"

"Yes, now answer my question." Lana said and stamped her foot for emphasis.

He stood and she was suddenly aware of how much taller he was than she. "Do you know who I am?"

Lana's nose twitched, "Some Mando mercenary."

He actually laughed, "I'm Jodo Kast."

Lana raised a brow, "Am I supposed to be impressed?"

Kast took a step towards her, "Yes you are."

"Right. Now if you were Boba Fett I might be impressed." Lana said dryly.

Kast pointed his finger at her, "I'm better than Fett."

Lana nodded as she crossed her arms, "Sure you are."

With quick movements Kast grabbed his blaster and pointed at her before she could blink. "I'm faster than Fett."

Lana yawned, "The fact you seem determined to prove yourself shows that you're lesser than Fett."

"You've met him, have you?" Kast said as he put the blaster away.

He'd tried to sound uninterested but Lana had picked up on his ruse, "No but I've heard enough to know how a barve like that behaves."

Kast nodded as if assessing her. "So where's my meal?"

The corner of Lana's lips lifted in a slight smile, "Nice change of subject. I believe your sandwich is strewn across the back half of this ship."

Kast let out a curse.

Lana shrugged, "You fly like a maniac, I couldn't hold onto it while falling back on my butt."

"Go to the galley, make me a fresh sandwich." Kast demanded.

Lana shifted her hands to her hips, "I'm not your mother, do it yourself."

"This is my ship and I'll do as I like. If I order you to do something, you better. I could throw you out the airlock." Kast threatened.

Lana snorted, "I'd like to see you try."

Kast moved quickly and threw her over his shoulder. She immediately retaliated by pinching hard on his backside. Then kicked him hard on the inner thigh. He was unsteady but wrapped his arms tightly around her legs to prevent further attack. She then poked him hard above his hip and he flinched. He grip loosened and Lana squirmed enough that he dropped her.

"Some bounty hunter," Lana spat at him.

"I should have shot you with a stun bolt first," he grumbled in response.

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It appears they aren't friends, then, eh? tongue

I want more Mel! I love it!

I'd love to hear more! big_smile

Best Creative ever! smile

You've been holding out on us again haven't you? Since you haven't given us enough money, I'll guess I'll have to take it out of you piece by piece! - Unknown Mandalorian.

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Ooh that is really funky big_smile I really like that, very well written big_smile

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Yeah! :d

I Loves It! tongue :d

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