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Kane had ditched his hydra at the stables, a curiously similar Draconian had taken it and put it in a pen, where it immediately burrowed into the sand. He walked past a noisy bar, stepping into it quietly. A man that seemed draconian, but with a soul crystal.A hulking giant  stood arms crossed in the middle of the room. Kane walked past him and tripped over something, bumping into the giant, who didn't move an inch. The giant looked down and grabbed him hauling him up. He threw him away, Bishop hit a table, startling the people occupying it. The giant began to advance, pulling an odd sword from his side and revving the blade. Bishop rolled away from the strike, swinging his lancer at the warrior's legs. His strike was blocked by the warrior's blade, the sound of the chainsaws grinding caught everyones attention. The warrior spun his blade, knocking Bishop's gun away. Bishop pulled out his raging bull, and shot the man in one of the armor seals. There was an audible grunt from the warrior, nothing more.

  Bishop rose, but was backhanded. his visor cracked his hud went out and his jaw broke. Blood spattered the inside of his helmet. He pressed a button on his wrist console but his helmet would not withdrawal. He reached up and removed it. the entire left side was pushed in. His nose was broken, and part of his jaw was hanging loosely, half of his teeth were gone, he couldn't see out of his left eye. He saw his reflection on a dark stone cup on the ground. He knew he was dead, it was only a mater of time before everyone else here did. Most of the bar was watching him. The warrior looked down at him, and Kane looked up. "Do it" he said, it hurt to speak, and he was barely understandable. The warrior stood silent, indifferent to the blood on the ground. He reached forward, placing his giant gloved hand on Bishop's head, and almost causally, crushed his skull in his fist.

"Someone clean this up."


Two draconians entered and approached the marine. "You will be coming with us." They tried to apprehend him but the marine threw him off. "Were going to need backup." Four minutes and eighteen failed attempts later ten more draconians arrived. They tried to taze him but he ripped out the darts and attacked, they tried again, on a higher setting and the twelve high voltage darts brought him down. They immediately were on him, beating him to unconsciousness.  They hauled him away, one of them looking curiously at one of the patrons, as the corpse of the soldier the warrior had killed gave off a strange yellow smoke. The patron that the draconian had been looking at rose, and climbed the staircase to the bars upper level

Name: Flame (real name unknown, though he has memories of being called John)
  Age: Unknown, estimated between 26 and 32
Realm: Superhumans Earth
Species: Human mutant
  Appearance: (think Argonian from Elderscrolls IV Oblivion) 6'0" covered in dark grey/light tan scales.  Black pants, with green "fire" pattern on the outer legs. Wearing combat boots yellowish snake-like eyes
  Personality: Generaly quiet and reserved, tends to like to stay out of the spotlight. Fiercely loyal to his friends 
  Powers: Pyrokinetic, is telepathic, can hear especially "loud" thoughts and can read minds/"talk" to people Can usually sense people around him, unless they are say shielded, have a mental wall. Could fly, though this has been removed by the realm. He can also change between his lizard form and a human form. Human appearance has dark hair, medium length, and eyes are the same color, but normal pupils.
Weapons: His powers and anything he can get his hands on

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Indy woke up in a dimly lit room. He sat in a plain chair facing a simple table. On the other side of the table was another chair, with this man sittin in it http://towleroad.typepad.com/photos/unc … ledore.jpg The man in green armor who knocked him out stood behind him with his arms folded over his gun.

Indy shook his head. He looked at himself. They didn't tie him down. Indy made a move to get up.

"I suggest you remain seated, Dr. Jones. The knock out dart's effects may have not worn off yet. Besides, you'll want to be sitting down for what I'm about to tell you." The wizard looking man said to Indy. Indy remained seated.

"How do you know my name?" Asked Indy, thinking this old man was much more than what he appeared to be.

"Your wallet." The old man said and chucked Indy's wallet over the table with a smile. Indy took it and put it away.

"There is no need for alarm. You were attacked by Boba Fett here because you chose not to come quietly." The old man said

"Yeah...well make sure bucket head there doesn't pull another fast one or he's gonna get a bullet in his mouth." Indy said motioning towards Boba Fett. The man didn't move an muscle. His black visor remained frozen in place looking at Indy, still wondering about why his resemblance to a certain special someone was so exact. Down to the damn scar on his chin...

"My name is Albus Dumbledore, and I am a wizard. As you no doubt already know due to the Countess, you are in a 'tournament' in this land of Geridarr. However, it is not a tournament at all. It is a simply a means to distract the beings who come here from the truth. The Emperor, Raistlin Majere, is a mage of unspeakable and immense power. He created the tournament as a means of bringing beings here from every realm and dimension, so he could steal their souls. He is able to do this because he some how came into possession of a Phylactery of strange power. It is not like a normal phylactery, which would normally harness the soul of only ONE individual being. Instead, this phylactery absorbs the souls of beings who are killed while a Soul Crystal is in place in their spine. The Phylactery then transfers the power to the Emperor himself, making him even more powerful and immortal."

"So this guy is just letting everyone kill each other and absorbing their souls to become more powerful?" Indy asked, shifting uneasily in his chair.


"There is no way to take out a Soul Crystal once you have one?"

"Only the Emperor himself can do that. And as you can assume, he wont."

"So naturally, the promise of going home if you get through each temple is a lie..."

"Of course. This man only desires more power, more control. Nothing else."

"They always do... So why do you need me?"

"Because we need you to destroy the Phylactery, which is in a chamber in Castle Geridarr that can only be accessed by beings without Soul Crystals. And you, Dr. Jones, do not have a Soul Crystal in your spine. How did you manage to do that?"

Indy reaches into his satchel and takes out the shining swastika medallion. He tosses it onto the table. Both Dumbledore and Fett look at the medallion in shock.

"How...?" Dumbledore asks in wonder

"I found this back home. Had to go through those fun loving Nazis to get it..." Indy said rubbing the back of his neck to make sure there wasnt a Soul Crystal there.

"Nazis? So there is a connection with them and the swastika symbols being used here in Geridarr. So you got this from them? What year is it back in your world?"

"1939. Are you from Earth? You know about the Nazis?"

"Well, yes I am from Earth. Possibly a different realm however. A parallel universe in which things are very different. Do you know what this medallion is?"

"I heard the Draconian's call it a Champion's Medallion. Then they started calling ME a champion. Got me off the hook."

"Yes, these medallions are awarded to the beings who get through all the Temples and go to the Emperor. Only the ones that choose to govern a temple or a realm the Emperor controls get a medallion as well as the removal of their Soul Crystal. Those who ask to go home or rebel are killed by him."

"Right...so im guessing that you want me to go through all the temples, get the keys, go into the castle, destroy the Emperor, kill him when he's weak, and save the day?"

"Well...........yes. However, you will not be alone. The Vindicators will assist you. We are a group of beings who desire to end the Emperor's plot and free the people stuck in Geridarr. You would surely not be able to defeat the Guardians, much less the Emperor, on your own. You need help."

"Right...so bucket head here is gonna help?"

"No...he's too expensive. But he helps us here and there at times. He too desires to go back home." Dumbledore reaches to his belt and takes off a sack of silver that he hands to Fett for bringing Indy to him. Fett takes it, and nods slightly to Dumbledore. He walks out, looking at Indy one last time before heading down the stairs. As he goes down, a lizard man with dark grey and tan scales comes up, looking at Fett as he walks by. Fett pays him no attention and leaves.

"This is Flame. He is a most powerful being and one of the Vidicators. He will assist you in recruiting help for your mission downstairs." Dumbledore says to Indy motioning towards Flame. Flame stands behind him and nods to Indy.

"You mean I have to recruit from the scum down there?" Indy says to Dumbledore, jerking his thumb towards the stairs and the sounds of drunken fools.

"Unfortunately, Rutger, the bartender you met downstairs, is the only person allowing the Vindicators asylum. He will not report you for recruiting a party to help you take down the Emperor. However, others there may. So you must be discreet."

"Right...so how did you find out so much about the Phylactery and the Emperor?" Indy asked

"A former Vindicator, Superman, was able to go through the temples and gain access to the castle. He did some reconassance while there for us. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach the phylactery due to his Soul Crystal, or to escape because the Emperor defeated him. His is now one with the phylactery." Dumbledore says with an expression of sadness coming over his face.

"He killed Superman???" Indy asked, wide eyed. He couldn't believe a real Superman was here, AND was defeated by the Emperor.

"We're done for..." Indy says shaking his head.

"Have faith Dr.Jones," Dumbledore says standing "Now we have you. Now the Vindicators have hope. After recruiting a party, Flame will take you to the first temple, the Spirit Temple. Afterwards you will go to the next safe zone, Thorbardin, where you will meet more of the Vindicators. Now, I have other matters to attend to. Good luck, Indiana Jones." Dumbledore smiles and with a loud 'pop' he was gone.

Indy looked as he was about to ask a question yet remained open mouthed. He looked at Flame in wonder.

"He does that alot." Flame replied.


Indy and Flame now sat in a booth. Flame had his own drink and Indy now had another mug of that fantastic ale he had before.

Indy had been suggesting powerful looking beings for the party while Flame told him whether or not they would work. He had been in Geridarr for some time and knew who was who. So Indy and Flame waiting for new 'contestants' to stumble in who would make good candidates. If they were new here, there was less of a chance that they were corrupted by the Emperor's plot and the lust for power.

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Vanessa had finally won the battle of wills with her mount, a sabre tooth tiger. The beast was large and did not like having to carry a being on his back, he was used to serving himself not others. Vanessa had struck a deal with the intelligent beast, if he carried her she’d let him eat whatever he wanted.

The sand seemed endless. The vastness of it was almost overwhelming. The distractions of various attacking beasts had broken the bored lull that both Vanessa and Tigs felt. Of course the sabre tooth tiger was not too fond of being called Tigs but Vanessa told him that she could not roar his true name.

Vanessa was able to communicate via her aegis suit. The pair were conversing about the tastiness of chickens when the latest attack came.

The familiar sounds of metal crunching against metal echoed through the waste land. Vanessa tilted her head slightly as the huge metal scorpion launched itself from the sand.

Raising a leg high Vanessa spun herself on a pointed toe and dismounted elegantly beside Tigs. She turned on her radio and felt the beat through her body. She nodded her head to the rhythm and watched as the metal monstrosity snaked closer towards her.

Vanessa raised her hands and pivoted her hips, keeping the rhythm of movement. She fired the red hot bolts from her hands and watched as it hit the weaker links in the metal scorpion’s armour. It dove back into the sand.

She watched the sand lift and shift, her hand tapped her thigh as she listened to the music. Tigs had made his escape, however Vanessa stood her ground. She waited until the thing was under her feet then launched herself into the air as the metal scorpion surfaced. She dropped onto its shoulders, her legs encircling its ugly head. She placed both hand either side and fired.

The beasts red eyes dimmed and its joints groaned in protest before it slumped back into the sand. Vanessa did a back flip off its shoulders and landed elegantly in a crouch as she watched the scorpion disappear.

[i]Some time later... [/b]

Vanessa dipped her fingers into the thick hair near Tigs’ ears. “You’ve done well, my friend,” she told him as they finally made it to their destination.

Looking around, Vanessa got the initial impression that the place was of low technological means. However she then spotted a number of robots or rather androids. “What is this place?” she asked Tigs but he didn’t reply. 

Instead a toothless old stall vendor thrust a wad of material under her nose in attempt to sell it. Vanessa pushed the material aside and gave a murderous look to the vendor who quickly backed off. Vanessa dismounted and Tigs made a run for a local bar. Vanessa ran after him and found it crowded with people. She walked to the bar and noticed a woman with dark hair and a white blonde fringe standing looking at her. As the woman turned to take a sip of her drink Vanessa noticed a crystal protruding from the back of her neck.

Vanessa moved to the bar and asked for a drink, she turned to the woman with the dual coloured hair. “So you’ve got a part in the fun and games,” Vanessa said as she tilted her chin in the direction of the woman’s neck.

The woman lifted a delicate brow, “Unfortunately I have, sugar.”

Vanessa nodded and extended her hand, “Vanessa Schneider.”

“Rogue,” the woman said in kind.

“So what do we do now?” Vanessa asked.

Rogue shrugged, “For now have a drink and enjoy a moment of calm.”

Vanessa’s lip twitched, “I have a feeling it won’t last for long.”

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Jack finally made it to the town in the desert. He missed his ship, the open sea. the freedom that it brought. He managed to drop off the donkey at a similar looking place as to where he originated. He made a big fuss about finally getting off. Jack was so stiff that he couldn't quite stand up, and started to bowleggedly walk away from the stables, a grimace on his face.  He missed rum.

He really wasn't sure where to go to start this quest of becomming a champion, so he pulled out his trusty compass, and looked for a heading. It pointed ahead of him, to a building with a tattered sign on it. Jack couldn't quite tell what it said, so he quinted at it. Apparently it was not in english.  But his compass said he wanted to go there and so he boldly walked in.

Only to find that it was a cantina.  Jack smiled. "Ah rum." and he walked up to the bar keep.

He managed to convince him to give him some wonderful rum, and as he leaned on the bar, he noticed two beautiful ladies down the bar from him. They were dressed odd to him, but the one with the white streaks in her dark hair was particualr stiking. He decided it was wotrh a try,

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The menacing hum of his blades resonated angrily as he cut through the armored carapace of one of the xenomorphs. It fell in pieces like all the others. He allowed his momentum to carry him into a full spin, as he barely missed the snapping mandibles of one of the xenomorph soldiers. He stepped to the right, snapping a durasteel elbow right into its chin. It snapped back at him, clamping down hard on his armored fist.

General Grievous was surprised by the vise-like grip, and unable to shake it loose, held one of his deactivated lightsabers under a spot where its chitinous armor plate had somehow been cracked. He allowed himself a laugh, as he activated the sulfurous yellow blade. A satisfying snap hiss sounded as the blade punched through flesh and into the alien's skull. The Kaleesh warlord stared into the beast's eyes, and saw its fear. His hatred coursed through his bloodstream as he watched it die.

He pulled the blade loose and as its body fell, let loose a warrior scream that echoed through the depths of the Star Temple...

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

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Flame rose, and Indy looked at him oddly "Where are you going?"  <<I thought I felt something...before.>>. He began to make his way outside of the bar, drawing stares from a few of the newer contestants. A funny walking pirate bumped into him and Flame looked over and hissed, causing the man to recoil slightly. He began to make his way to the desert. He had thought he felt something, very briefly. He wished he could fly, it would make this so much easier. He stopped by the stables, grabbing something quick and sturdy. He didnt want to be out long, the raiders became much more active after dark. He eventually found the cause of his search. An alien was collapsed on the ground, Flame thought it may be of use to the Vindicators, even if he wasn't he just felt bad leaving it to die of exposure. Besides, if it got rebellious Flame could always do away with it. He hauled it onto the creature and headed back to Tesba.

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Vanessa looked up as a pirate staggered in their direction. He smiled as he walked with an unique sway yet he somehow managed to keep hold of his rum. "Ladies, allow me to make your aquaintance. The name's Jack. Captain Jack Sparrow." He seemed to be waiting for some sort of acknowledgement.

Vanessa and Rogue looked at each other briefly. Vanessa held out her hand, "Hello Jack, I'm Vanessa."

He took her hand and was going to kiss it except that it was covered by the aegis suit. "Ah, nice glove."

A smile quirked at the edge of Vanessa's lips. "Aegis suit to be precise."

"Lovely," Jack commented as his eyes turned to Rogue. "But not as lovely as you."

Vanessa shook her head with a smile and reached for her ale. "Always second fiddle," she mused.

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((I am making a slight change in what I said earlier.  Telepathic talk will be indicated in italics.))

Gorfin was flitting in and out of consciousness.  He managed to stay in long enough to send out a cry for help.  When he woke up next he was on the rump of some big animal.  He saw a scaled humanoid in front of him.  He saw a bag of water on the saddle bag.  He was too weak to reach for it.  He telepathically spoke to the lizardman.


The lizardman stiffened and turned to Gorfin.  Gorfin heard another voice in his mind.

"You're a telepath too?"

"Yes.  But please.  The water."  The lizard man nodded.  He handed the flask to Gorfin who poured the liquid on his hand.  He let out a physical sigh as the water was absorbed through his skin.  Eagerly he poured more.  When this was empty he poured another and "drank" that one as well.  The lizardman watched curious.

"What are you doing?"

"I drink differently than most as I have no oral cavity.  Or as you call a mouth.  I absorb the water through my skin."

"I'm Flame.  Who and what are you?

"I am called Gorfin.  My human companions called me Gorf.  I am an Eskellion.  What are you?"

Flame smiled and spoke audibly.  "A freak.  Like you."

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Flame stepped into Tesba, Gorfin following, looking around seemingly confused. He led him to the cantina, and pointed him to Indiana Jones. "Speak with him." Gorfin went off to do so, and Flame began to look around the bar, using his eyes and his mind alike to do so. So many different people and creatures. So alike. Eventually he found something different than the others. It was more of a group of minds that were different three. He looked over to where they were. It was the too females and the oddly walking pirate. He began to search their minds more carefully to see if they would be helpful to their cause. The one with multicolored hair was a mutant. The other female he was unsure off. And the pirate....the pirate was strange. Flame decided to approach them, again, they might be of use. However he realised they might be unnerved by his appearance. But then again who wasnt. He stepped forward, speaking to the woman in the odd suit first. <<Hello.>> She spun around looking for the source of the 'sound' and drawing confused looks from her friends

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Gorfin sat in the booth across from the grizzled looking man.  He would get some answers here and now.  But as the man turned to survey the bar Gorfin noticed he had no soul crystal.

"I'm Indiana Jones.  And you are?"

"Gorfin.  As you can see I'm a telepath.  Why do you lack the crystal it seems we all have?"

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Vanessa couldn't find the source of the voice but as she looked at the lizard man she realised that it must have been telepathic communications. "You were speaking to me?"

The lizard man gave a nod, Yes that was me.

Vanessa raised a brow, how intriguing. She was certain that newer models of the aegis suit could probably do telepathy, but not this model. "So are you yet another contestant?" She looked away as the bartender passed her another ale. She noticed that Rogue and Jack seemed to be deep in their own conversation.

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Link walked into the nearest bar that he could find.  Places like this were usually the best ones when one searched for information.  And if he was supposed to learn more about this Spirit Temple, this seemed to be the place.

The second he entered, he felt out of place.  There were beings of all shapes, sizes, and appearances.  Some armoured, some not. On many he recognized the soul gem that distinguished the contestants.  On others, there was none; signifying the civilians.  Seeing the massive array of weaponry, both obvious and not, he was glad that this was a safe city; hopefully there would be no contestant killing permitted in here, but, if he knew his taverns, that would undoubtedly happen.  Most likely a brawl would get out of hand.

Deciding that it was wiser not to be noticed by the masses, he slipped stealthily over to the barkeep, and leaned against the counter.

"Do you have any milk?" he asked.

The barkeep raised an eyebrow in surprise.  "Unless I miss my guess, you're another contestant, eh?"

Link nodded. "That's right.  Now, about my drink?"

The barkeep laughed heartily.  "Alright, I'll get you're milk.  The first one's on the house, until you can get some payable cash."

"But I have rupees; and plenty of them."

"If it's currency from your own land, it's not suitable here.  Look, this here's what we trade around." he flourished a coin that Link had never seen before.  "Until you get some of them, you're living off of charity, boy." 

Nonetheless, he gave Link the milk he desired, mumbling all the while about how strange it was going into a bar of all places looking for milk.  After that exchange, which, Link noted uncomfortably had attracted a sizable amount of attention, he retired to a small bench along the wall, and sipped his milk, while eyeing over the other contestants.

A man dressed sloppily was chatting with a woman (also in strange garb) who had a white streak in her hair.  beside her, another woman in strange skin seemed to be looking around curiously.  There were various armoured people, a man who looked like a enhanced Lizalfos, strange mouthless creatures (again with armour),  an unarmed older human in a wide-brimmed hat, as well as various others throughout the crowd.  Link groaned; keeping track of all of them was impossible.  He just hoped that one of them, maybe, could point him towards the Spirit Temple.

His milk finished, an his examination complete, he rose, and began to search through the crowd for someone who could give him some much needed information on the Temple, as well as on how to get home.  He didn't trust a ghost's information, not for any reasons.  He began to strike up conversations with various patrons.

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<<Yes, however I serve another calling. This contest, it is corrupt. Please, try to think your responses from now on, I would rather not speak openly of this. I am Flame >>

Vanessa, and what do you mean?

Flame stepped up to the bar, setting some coins on the table, receiving his drink, the bartender knew him by now. He began to drink, flipping the coin he always carried, and began to explain to Vanessa.

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"Gorfin.  As you can see I'm a telepath.  Why do you lack the crystal it seems we all have?" Gorfin asked

"I got lucky. So Flame brought you here? You new?" Indy asked taking a sip from his mug

Yes the lizardman brought me. He sensed a telepathic message I released before I collapsed from exhaustion during a fight in the desert. I had exerted too much energy. And yes, I am new to Geridarr. Do you and Flame have a way to get out of here? I think we all desire to go home...

"Well...we got a plan. Kinda... When I got here I met the wizard Dumbledore,a member of the Vindicators. These Vindicators apparently have a way out of the Emperor's little scheme and it involves a bunch of us storming through all the temples and getting into the castle. But first, we need more man power. Or alien power....or whatever."

Is this an offer to join the Vindicators?

"Well, yeah. We need all the help we can get. Flame trusted you, so Im gonna go with his judgement since hes been here longer. If you turn out to be a homicidal crazy alien who kills us all, I'll know who to go to. So what do you say?"

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"At this point in time it would appear I have no other option.  Banding together is a good place to start.  From what Flame has told me of this Emporer's plot we are in a lose-lose situation though. If he is as powerful as they say how are we to defeat him?"

Indiana shrugged.  "For now, your guess is as good as mine.  The wizard didn't give me enough information to figure anything major out."

Gorfin nodded and opened his mind.  There was a smaller individual in green garb who seemed to be asking a lot of questions.  And some patrons were not liking his questions.  Gorfin addressed him.

Come over warrior.[i]

The man looked around confused.

[i]I am a telepath.  About 20 feet to your left.  The green man looked in Gorfin's direction and Gorfin nodded.

Gorfin turned his attention to Indiana.  It would seem we have another potential recruit.

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Link had witnessed a lot of magic in his time, but never had he experienced a mind entering his own, and talking.  It was... unnerving.  Nonetheless, he had been more cordial than half of those he had talked to.  Most of their answers and responses could be summed up with "Get lost".  And frankly, Link was tired of not getting answers. 

If this sorceror, this, "telepath" (Whatever that meant) could read the minds of those around him, maybe Link wouldn't need to ask people for answers; maybe this strange being could get them for him...  Only one thing to do.  He walked over to the strange sorceror and the older man, who, strangely, didn't have a soul crystal, yet appeared every bit a contestant.  He raised an eyebrow at that, and pulled up a chair.  He had a question burning inside his mind, and he just had to ask it.

"Who are you?"

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Jack leaned near this woman, who called herself Rogue. She was like nothing he had ever seen. One of the most striking beauties he had ever laid his eyes upon. Or rather that's what Sparrow told Rogue, and noticed she did blush slightly. That was a good sign.

But then he noticed another odd looking creature or beast, or whatever they were calling themselves, standing by the other woman that was with Rogue. Vantessera, he thought her name was. This was more noticeable than the most of them. He, if it really was a he, and with that thought Jack finished what rum was left in his glass, looked entirely like a giant lizard.

Jack leaned closer to talk to Rogue, but still spoke a bit too loud. "That guy is uglier than Davy Jones! I haven't seen a rabble this strange or ugly in all my days of sailing from Tortuga!"

With that the Lizard man noticed Jack, and let out a low and menacing hsssssing noise.
Jack's eyes widened realizing that this wasn't good.

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The ocelot bolted for Tesba away from the raiders; Revolver riding shotgun. He was hanging onto the saddle, boots skimming the sand. He remembered watching something similar happen in an old John Wayne movie; Ocelot waited till he hit the next sand dune and pushed his weight upwards, flipping over the creature and landing in the saddle.

"I knew that would work."

He rode into Tesba through the city gates, the central part of the town was in spitting distance. The animal stopped at the streets, allowing for Ocelot to dismount. The city was vast, open; it reminded him of a movie he'd seen once, but couldn't put his finger on it...he wandered the streets looking for anything remotely helpful, and feeling like an old west gunslinger the whole time. Ocelot eventually walked by a slightly tall building, numerous patrons going in and out; loud music that could be heard out the door, he assumed it was a cantina.

"Time for a drink."

Revolver stepped in, shoving his way up to the bar; looking over the premises. There were all kinds of beings here, as if he was in some kind of fantasy land...well, technically he was...Just then, an odd, floating head in a fishbowl dropped down next to him.

"You look like you need a drink, stranger."

"Yeah...*long pause*...what have you got?"


"Is that so?"


"...Whiskey, in the bottle."

"Alright." A robotic arm brought one out from under the counter, along with a small glass. "There ya go stranger, first one's on the house. After that, you gotta pay."

Ocelot nodded, taking the bottle and glass. He looked around and saw no open tables or anything, so he just leaned up against a stone pillar between two booths.  The one behind him was loud and annoying; if there weren't any restrictions here, he'd probably shoot them. Ocelot poured some whiskey in his glass and downed it, eying the odd group in front of him.

((That'd be you guys.))

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Flame snatched his coin out of the air and snapped his fingers quickly in one motion. The pirate's scarf, which he wore on his head. (He had removed his hat) burst into flames. The moment this was noticed he began running around, crashing into tables and contestants alike and drawing quite a crowd. Before any serious damage could occur, to the pirate or his hair/scarf, Flame clenched his fist, killing the fire. The pirate had fallen and was rolling around on the floor when he noticed. He quickly rose, gathering himself and finding his hat, planting it over his singed scarf. He looked around quickly, and headed back to his original position. Flame smirked, and resumed flipping his coin. <<Do you wish to help us?>> Flame asked Vanessa, even though she did not exactly have a choice.

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Vanessa had listened to Flame's explanation as to what was going on, before he'd been interrupted by the pirate, and decided that it was worth her time to join him. She gave a simple nod, Count me in

She looked over to Rogue, although she barely knew the woman she had a feeling that she would join them. She looked back to Flame, I think Rogue over there would be up to joining the party.

Flame nodded and headed towards Rogue. Vanessa took a moment to look around. More and more contestants were appearing, easily distinguished by the crystals embedded in their spines. Vanessa reached around to touch the crystal that was embedded into her aegis suit. She hadn't told the freaky lizard guys that she could actually take the suit off, but they didn't' need to know that.

Vanessa was practically at one with her aegis suit. It amplified her every movement, enhanced her strength and gave her protection in both armour and in weaponry. It had only been eight months since she'd found out she was a clone, Product Number three to be precise. But now was not the time to ponder on that. She waited for Flame to finish his conversation with Rogue.

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Flame approached the other, <<Hello.>> She was surprised, but not as much as the other. <<I am Flame, and I have an offer for you. You are a mutant correct? Your skills, as I assume you have something of the sort, given your presence here, may be of use to us in the coming battle. I serve a group of contestants known as the Vindicators. Our purpose is to stop this corrupt contest. It has claimed enough lives already. Your friend, Vannessa, has joined us. I am asking the same of you.>>

She thought it over. "Well I suppose I don't have much of a choice do I? I don't think it would be a bad thing if I helped you."

"Thank you.<<Please try not to speak of us openly, we do not wish to draw extra attention where we do not want it>>

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**Well I'd assume that Rogue would be used to telepath's but then she doesn't know Flame tongue **

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Gilius Thunderhead crashed onto the hard stone courtyard floor, frost still in his beard from the cold tunnel of blue light he'd been falling through. He was still feeling half numb from all the wine he had at the victory celebration. The bells in his head became even louder after smacking into the hard floor. Trying to pick himself up, he weakened and passed out.

He got brutally brought back to his senses when a bucket of cold water got thrown to his face. He could hardly identify the faces of the thugs who were propping him into a chair. There was something odd about them, it was unclear who or what they were, but Gilius didn't have a mind to question himself too far. He could hardly keep his tired and drunk eyes opened with all the water dripping.

As he verified, he still had his Golden Axe with him, but the back of his neck was tingling strangely, there was even a vague sensation of pain coming from it. Probing the area with the tip of his thick fingers, he could feel there was something new that got added there. It was smooth yet pointy, hard to the touch. Gilius had no clue what it was. He started wanting to remove it, but then his hand got whacked brutally off. "Don't be playing with that.", said one of the odd beings around him. "Not that you could get it out anyway. It's in your spine. Just shut up and listen to the countess." As Gilius was wondering what countess the odd guy was talking about, a woman appeared before him, like a vision.

One hour later...

Gilius Thunderhead tried desperately to save face while dismounting - or falling off of - a tall fire dragon. Spitting the dirt from his mouth, and brushing it from his beard, he looked over his shoulder and watched the dragon return to an empty cage. At least the fresh air from the dragon ride has cleared the buzz from his head. His Golden Axe on his shoulder, he started walking into the mysterious desert town of Tesba.

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While Vanessa waited for Flame to talk to Rogue, she moved to observe the run away pirate. He was dusting himself off and now seemed to be looking for something. Vanessa assumed he was probably wondering where he left his rum.

Her attention was soon diverted as more beings came into the bar. It was obvious that people were being zapped in from all points of time and possibly different realms. It was odd, yet Vanessa found it fascinating. In her time she could be transported from place to place via orbs of power. Although the freezing sensation had been pleasantly absent in her time.

She watched the bartender and wondered if he was actually a native or yet another traveller stuck in this place. He was not implanted with a crystal, so Vanessa decided it was safe to assume he was a local. She wondered if it was worth questioning him now while Flame was busy.

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Indiana and Gorfin sat at their table when Gorfin called over the green garbed warrior. He walked up to them warily.

"My name is Indiana Jones. This is Gorfin. As you know at this point, he's a telepath. He can speak to you through your mind. Are you an elf?" Indy asked, noticing his pointy ears.

"No actually im a Kokirian. My name is Link." Link extended his hand and both Indy and Gorfin shook it. He took a seat across from them.
"Why did you call me here?" He asked them

"We're part of a team of contestants known as the Vindicators. We're trying to take down the Emperor because this entire tournament is just a way to get everyone killed and have their souls transfered to him, giving him more power. We need help getting through all the temples though, so we're asking for your help. Gorfin considered you a worthy candidate so....you in?" Indy asked

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