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Indy watched as the 'contestants' were fitted with crystals and dragged to the Hologram rooms. He decided it was time to head the nearest safe zone of Tesba, and try to learn more about this place and how to get home. He walked out of the gates of the courtyard and into the land of Geridarr.

The terrain around the Castle was a rocky desert. Canyons and cliffs as well as dunes of sand stretched far into the distance. The castle was built into the mountain and a winding path lead down the mountain to a very large stable. Indy took the opportunity to get ahead of the other contestants, who could very well kill him if theyre crazy enough, and leave while they were listening to the Countess.

Indy jogged down the path and came up to the stables where various animals where kept behind metal fences (think Jurassic Park). They were separated into different cells for different animals. There were ones that he had never seen before. One pen held what looked like veloceraptors. Another had mammoths. Yet another had saber tooth tigers.

A Draconian in red robes with a cowl low over his face appeared from seemingly nowhere. He spoke in his snake like voice.

"Choose one mount. You may ride it to Tesba, there you turn it in to the stables. Not every safe zone city will supply you with a mount. You will have to traverse Geridarr's landscapes on foot at some points. For now, you may pick any one of these. However, beware, for some species do not respond well to the contestants." The Draconian motioned towards the veloceraptors. None of whom were growing or slashing at the fences...they just stood there and looked at Indy. Which made it worse.

" got horses?"


"Yeah, four legs, hairy tail, long face..."

"Ah, the docile ones." The Draconian said and beckoned Indy to follow. He led him to a pen with one white horse in it.

"You are fortunate. The last one... We dont get more mounts until more are turned into this stable or until more are sent here by the Emperor. Take a saddle from the supply shed at the end of the cells."

"What about water?" Indy asked looking towards the desert beyond and squinting in the sunlight.

"The journey is not too far. If you cannot last it without gratouitous amounts of moisture than you will not survive this tournament heh heh heeeeee." With that the Draconian walked away along the long line of cells.

"Thanks?" Indy said and headed towards the supply shed. The door hissed open and there were many saddles to be had. He grabbed one that looked like a horse's saddle and went back to the horse pen. The door opened when the horse saw the saddle in his hand and it walked towards the end of the cell. The strange little wonders of Geridarr never seem to end...

Indy saddled up and mounted the last horse in the pens. He looked around the pens for the Draconian to ask him where to go but didnt see him anywhere.

"Where...?" He asked looking around. The Draconian was directly next to him, despite Indy looking there second ago. His scaley hand was pointed in a direction. Indy took the advice and spurred his horse on with a Yaaaah!


An hour into the journey

The sun was terrible, but Indy had gone through worse. His fedora helped a little. His jacket stayed on of course.

Indy rode along a cliff, kicking dust up as the horse galloped. He cleared a rocky section and came out into the finishing stretch. He could see beyond a large expanse of sand dunes was something in the distance., for sure. He had been following a light path and there were several plain wooden signs along the way. This had to be it.

He spurred the horse onward and into the sea of sand. He was glad he reached the safe zone finally. Strange that he hadn't run into any contestants yet, perhaps it was because he had come in between 'waves' as the Draconian put it...The ground suddenly shook. The horse along fell. It was slightly spooked, but Indy hurried it onward. The shaking wasn't good.

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." He mumbled to himself

A rumble sounded in front of him. The sand began to rise upward like an eruption. He turned the horse around and moved several feet backward from it. A giant creature burst from the sand and roared at Indy.

"Yah! Yaaah!" Indy spured the horse backwards as the giant sand worm crashed into the area in front of him. He circled around as it snaked into the dune, throwing sand in all directions. He raced for the city, knowing that the safe zone would allow him sanctuary.

The worm burst from the sand next to him and its mighty jaws opened up and gave Indy a full view of the fearsome rack of teeth that spelled doom for Indiana and his valiant horse. The horse screeched loudly in panic and nearly kicked Indy off. He kicked it stiffly in the rear and spurred it onward just as the sandworm crashed beside him and sent sand everywhere. He knew the massive worm would not miss again.

The horse sped as fast as it could and Indy continued to spur it. The city was almost in reach and he might be able to reach it before the great worm struck again. The next attack came from below, however Indy and the horse were a tiny target and somewhat difficult to hit on the mark. One of the four lips of the beast slammed into the horse and Indy was thrown from it. Indy landed on the other side of the worm who was now burrowing into the sand again with a roar.

Indy picked himself up and looked to see the horse already making a run for the city on its own.

"Hey!" He yelled and took out his whip. It was hard to see with all the sand the worm was throwing. With an expert flick of his wrist he whipped onto the horses leg and was yanked into the sand. The horse continued to run towards the safe zone and drag Indy behind it. The sand worm popped up directly behind Indy and he looked back to see it roar and show its massive jaws once more.

The horse dragged Indy through the sand and the worm took the bait. It began to head towards Indy and it was gaining quickly. Indy looked to the horse, it was so close to reaching the low buildings of Tesba, yet the great beast was moving so quickly.

The worm was several feet away from Indy now as the horse ran. It roared once more and the wind nearly blew his fedora off. Indy was tempted to take out his revolver and let loose a few shots jus for the hell of it, but he needed both hands to grib the whip and he was being dragged. The worm got close enough and dove for Indy. He closed his eyes and awaited the crunch of his bones under the teeth of the worm. Suddenly he stopped. He felt a crash behind him. He carefully opened his eyes...

The whip had come loose, the horse ran off into the streets of Tesba. The worm crashed 3 feet from Indy's legs and the sand it kicked up slapped against an invisible barrier that surrounded Tesba. He let out a great sigh of relief and stood up. He shook the sand from himself and his fedora and wrapped up his whip, clipping it to his belt once more. He turned and faced the desert city of Tesba...a wretched isle of scum and villany.

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By the time Link had reviewed his situation, a quite sizable group of beings had already converged in the courtyard, and many had taken trips to see the ghostly "Countess".  He himself was debating as to what the easiest way to get to the safe city that the Countess had talked about.  Tesla, Tensa, or something like that; the name was strange, and he was having trouble remembering it.  Besides; he was slightly preoccupied.

The beings that had been dropping in (literally) for the past little while were extremely diverse.  Many were strangely formed, looking like some of the monsters that he had faced before.  However, from experience, he also knew that strange looking creatures weren't always evil. 

Many of them had strange armour; sometimes looking more like a shiny second skin, and carrying stranger devices; like tubes.  Some looked like miniature cannons; but that was crazy; cannons were too big and dangerous to be hand-held.  He felt slightly awkward being one of the few people here with proper gear.

Link shook his head, clearing himself of his analyses.  He had to get to the safe city, and fast; he knew very well that night time in strange lands rarely was a safe place to travel.  So he stood up, and for the first time, noticed a path that led away from the courtyard.  Curious, he followed it, and nearly screamed with shock when he saw the metal cages containing strange creatures.  Some looked like bestial Lizalfos, without their intelligence, and others looked like cougars with gigantic teeth.  In fact, most of them seemed to be carnivorous, or dangerous.  Link sighed; what he wouldn't give for a horse.

As if sensing his thought, a red-robed lizard-man, which he had learned to be called Draconians, chuckled, and spoke in it's hissing voice.  "There'sss no more of the docile onesss.  The lassst of them wasss taken out a while back."  Link guessed his expression was easy to read; as the Draconian obviously guessed his thoughts, and his wishes for a normal beast.

"Do you have any suggestions, then?  Which make the best companions?"

"Companionsss?  Thessse are jussts mountsss.  You ussse them to get from one place to another; not for chatting.  Although, you can try, and sssee how long you lassst."

"Either way, which would be the least likely to tear me limb from limb?  I need to find this city,, Tesle..."


"THAT'S the one."

"Take your pick; I honessstly don't care.  It won't matter in the end anywayssss; you'll be feeding the vulturesss."

Link set his jaw, and looked across the rows of creatures.  Finally, he spoke.

"That one..."

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"Do not fail me again, Qymaen."  The Emperor finished. A portal opened up beneath Grievous and sent him back to the Star Temple.

General Grievous was livid. How dare that insipid pile of alien scrap lay claim to his beloved Star Temple. If it weren't for the specific rules that governed this realm, Grievous was sure he would have vaporized Starscream during their first encounter. He was used to dealing with competition from the likes of Dooku's acolytes, especially Asajj Ventress, but Starscream's avarice was insatiable. Grievous was sure that if the sentient alien droid could consume the universe in his greed, he would. The fact that the Emperor of Geridarr would encourage such fatal competition spoke volumes of him. There was a strong resemblance to the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, in his machinations. Save Emperor Raistlin already ruled this realm.

General Grievous gathered his t100s and made for another hunt. This one would prove to be...satisfying...

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(BTW guys, Feel free to create monsters and minions to run into in between safe zones. You can run into the sandworm or giant scorpions or desert raiders...w/e)

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D landed on his feet after being chucked out of the portal. He dusted off the ice and tried to shake himself out of the cold dissoriention. Looking around, D realized he was standing in a castle courtyard. Turning his head yet again, D saw two green reptile-like creatures heading towards him, one appeared to be holding a yellow crystal which shone against the sun.

"Hold it right there, pretty boy. Since you're here now in Geridarr, you'll be needing one of these crystals."

"And what do I do with it?"

"It gets inserted into your spine. Don't worry, this won't kill you."

The lizard went behind D, who pulled out his longsword as a defense mechanism.

"Ha ha ha! What are you thinking, flyboy? This little crystal can't do nothing, and I've been ordered to only stick it on you. Had I had my way, you'd be puffing on the ground so I could stick it in you without resistance. Now hold still."

The lizard put the crystal on his spine. The crystal instantly sunk into his skin, feeling odd rather than painful. D sheathed his sword and the lizards motioned a "follow us or be shot" scene. Heading towards the castle, D was sent into a room, where a holographic image started to say "Greetings inter-dimensional traveler, and welcome to Geridarr.

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Kane stepped out of the booth, rather confused by what he had just heard. Basically he was going to be killing the others here. Or be killed by them or something. It did not sound very good. First things first though. He needed to check his equipment. He checked for his grenades, which he seemed to have lost. unfortunate, but he would manage.He then pulled his lancer from his back, watching as the weapon linked to his HUD, giving him an ammo read out and a reticle. Looking forward he pointed the gun left and right, then up and down, watching the reticle move to where his gun was pointing. Next he checked his pistol, and happy that everything was in order. He began to move. He needed to find a way to get to Tesba....wherever the hell that was.

He soon found a group of stables. So many different kinds of animals, including a giant cat were housed inside. "Here to sssselect a mount?"

Kane spun, raising his pistol.


The robed Draconian examined him for a moment, then motioned for him to follow him. He lead him to a large cage which was presumably empty. A moment later a head shot up from beneath the sand. quickly followed by two more. Moments later a large body followed. "I believe you will find thisss....sssatisfactory?"

Kane looked at the creature warily. It was obviously carnivorous, judging by its teeth. It had a body similar to that of a komodo dragon, but with large feet, probably for digging and burrowing. It looked agile, probably an ambush predator. However the oddest aspect of its appearance was its three heads. However it looked sturdy. Kane nodded, and the cage was opened. He quickly climbed onto the lizards back. He then turned to thank the Draconian, but found it was gone. He shruged, then lightly drove his heel into the beasts side, it sprang into movement, and he guided it to Tesba.

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Ocelot stepped out of the room, still twirling his revolver. He needed to go to Tesba; or at least that' what the Countess implied. He stood looking out over the dark stone courtyard before walking into the open land or Geridarr; down a long twisted rocky path. The pathway widened; opening up to a row of large containment cages.

Ocelot stopped for a moment, looking down the canyon; it was lined with creatures, animals of all kinds.

“Greetingsss…” A reptilian voice said from behind him.

Ocelot looked over his shoulder at the red robed Draconian, who seemingly appeared out of thin air.

“It seemsss you are in need a mount for the journey to Tesba…”

“I'll take what I can get.”

The Draconian looked him over for a few moments, then motioned him to follow. “Thisss way…”

The two walked down a ways, then stopped at one of the cages. The Draconian waved his hand and it opened.
“I believe you will find this animal...sssuitable…”

Revolver Ocelot raised a brow.

“An Occcelot...much larger than your realmsss counterpart...there is a mount matched for each contestant...long ssstory. It shall be yoursss for the time not expect it to do more than get you to Tesba…”

Ocelot grabbed the saddle hanging up on the wall; the creature allowed him to equip it. “Unbelievable.” He looked back where the Draconian had been standing, but was gone; nowhere in sight.

He mounted up on the saddle, getting a good grasp on the handgrips, and spurred the big cat; it took off like a rocket. “Now we’re haulin’ the mail.”

One Hour Later

Ocelot and the…ocelot…stopped beneath a lone tree in the desert for a few moments; Tesba was getting closer and closer. Funny thing, the giant ocelot didn’t seem tired at all, despite running full steam for an hour straight. Coming out from the canyon into the open desert  500 yards and closing, was a small cloud of dust trailing a large dark figure.

He reached into his duster, pulling out a pair of binoculars. “What have we got here?”

It was what looked like a lizard creature of some kind, possibly transporting a Draconian, or most likely another contestant.

Ocelot unholstered one of his Single Action Army Revolvers, pushing the side of the barrel against the tree. He calculated the bullet trajectory and factored in the elements. From here he would practically be mortaring the guy.

Ocelot lined up; just as the target hit about 175 yards, then fired.

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A flurry of bullets flew over Hellboy's head. He had taken cover behind a fallen pillar. Suddenly, Starscream fired a missile at the pillar, cracking it in half. The chamber shook as Starscream walked towards Hellboy to deliver the final blow.

Consumed by rage, Hellboy ran at Starscream to pummel him with his giant fist. Starscream picked Hellboy up over his head, and prepared to throw him. Hellboy punched Starscream once in his face, giving it a slight dent, and then Starscream threw him into the rubble of the pillar. He unleashed a wave of missiles and bullets into the rubble, and when he was satisfied that Hellboy was dead, he walked towards the pillar.

Suddenly, a hand shot out and wrapped around Starscream's metallic neck.  Hellboy rose out of the rubble, pointing his gun at Starscream.

"Time to die, you ugly S.O.B!" Hellboy shouted. In the blink of an eye, Starscream transformed into an F-22 raptor, and Hellboy's hand was stuck in the cockpit. Starscream flew around the chamber, dragging Hellboy around as he went.

Transforming back to normal, Starscream waited for Hellboy to get back up, and then fired another missile, completely disintegrating him.

Starscream shook his metal joints, loosening them, and then walked around the Sky Temple. A blue portal opened up in the ground. The Emperor of Geridarr wanted to see him.

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His olfactory sensors practically overloaded with the stink of oxidized metals, acid bio-effluence, rotted carcasses of recently killed xenomorphs and the various scents of the t100 series Terminators in his thrall.
Grievous was pleased, they'd made a successful push against the horde. They'd spent days attempting to clear the Star Temple of the invading horde. The Emperor had sent a legion of minions to assist, but the xenomorphs still proved quite resilient.

His reconnaissance had found that they were centralized near the vessel's engine room, around a massive nest. It was apparent to him that the Queen was the source of the infestation and needed to be dealt with. It quickly became even more apparent that she would not go without a fight.

General Grievous and his t100's made their way through towards an access hatch on the other end of the Command Bridge Deck Level. He'd left a large, heavily armed contingent to guard the Bridge and sent out several scouting parties in advance of their newest assault. So far, none had reported any contact with the enemy. They made it as far as the hatch without incident. Arriving at the next deck level, Grievous was dismayed by recent damage made by battle. The Star Temple's lighting on this level was at Emergency status. Communication with a nearby computer access port confirmed that access to the power grid had indeed been terminated in this sector. He was dismayed to find that he could not even gain entry into the Star Temple's security footage. He tried once again to comm the recon droids, to no avail. He turned right at a junction point, into a hallway bathed in complete darkness, save a few sparks from severed electrical conduits. The air stank of death. Peering into the darkness of the hallway, he could barely make out a sillhouetted figure. He activated one of his lightsabers, the blade bathing the hall in an eerie green hue. He recognized the features of one of his t100 droids, slumped down against the ship's bulkhead, the remains of it's organic components torn to shreds. One of the t100's confirmed that it was indeed still functional, but that an active scan detected some sort of abdominal abnormality. Grievous noticed the organic remains of one of the xenomorph Queen's reproductive drones, clutched in the unconscious terminator's hand. The evidence of the scene quickly became clear to him.

"This one has been defiled," he spat out in disgust.

Those words barely left his vocabulator, when the unconscious t100's sternum tore open with the grating sound of screeching metal. Out of it jumped a xenomorph. Its profile matched that of what General Grievous recognized as a soldier, yet it was different. It had somehow incorporated the terminator's technology. It gave a metallic scream, that made Grievous's blood freeze. The feeling was quickly consumed by his anger and disgust, and the General leapt at it with uncanny speed and grace. His snarling green blade missed as it leapt with equally surprising agility. He looked into it's glowing red eyes fiercely in the flashing dark. It glared back at him with a fierce predatory intelligence, and ran. Taken aback by its speed, General Grievous led the pursuit. They followed it around the nearest corner, stopping cold.

It ran down towards the end of the hall as a horde of xenomorphs, larger than any General Grievous had yet to see, swarmed along the bulkheads and cielings. They moved like an angry swarming mass towards them. The xenomorph/terminator hybrid disappeared into the horde.

Grievous split into his four armed mode, igniting his three other lightsaber's. As bullets rained from the guns of his t100s, he ran to meet the advancing horde.

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After listening to the holographic projection of the Countess, D was led by the lizards to a stable, where various creatures were waiting to take a rider to the city of Tesba. Spotting a huge yellow chicken-bird like creature, D looked at the sign on the gate of the pen, which read:

Gold Chocobo - Realm of Midgar

Chocobo, Midgar? Interesting name. Well, since there are no cyborg horses around, this will do.

Opening the pen and mounting the Chocobo, D kicked his heels and was off to the desert city of Tesba.

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Krash’nah checked his gear.  One of the creatures in the courtyard had apparently fastened his spear to his belt after being stunned.  Checking his systems, everything was functional, with the glaring exception of his plasma caster..

Stepping out into the dry air, the large stone doors sealed behind him.  A clear path led down into a canyon like crevice in the earth, but Krash’nah was not one to follow the beaten path.  Activating his cloaking device, he made his way up into the rocks, and followed the ridge so he could watch the path below. 

Seen he was looking down an large cages and pens that held alien creatures, none of which Krash’nah recognized from any of his many hunts.  In front of one of the cages, an aged human in a long coat stood with one of the reptilian aliens in a red robe and hood.  Using his sound amplification, Krash’nah listened in to their conversation..

“ “An Occcelot...much larger than your realmsss counterpart...there is a mount matched for each contestant...long ssstory. It shall be yoursss for the time not expect it to do more than get you to Tesba…”

Shifting his gaze to the creature in the pens, the feline creature was indeed large, larger then any known in Krash’nah’s computer memory. 

“Unbelievable” Krash’nah heard the human male say; the translation appered on his masks HUD, but for some strange reason he understood without reading it.  Why can I understand these creatures??  There is much to be answered for in this land.

Looking back, he saw only the human, who seemed to have lost track of the robed reptilian.  Strangely, Krash’nah’s sensors were unable to detect him either.

As the human mounted the large feline, Krash’nah continued to stalk the ridgeline.  The reptilian’s words ”there is a mount matched for each contestant” replayed in his ear.   

So these are beasts of burden to be ridden to this “Tesba.”  None here would…  Krash’nah cut off his thought at the sight of a side trail leading upward to a larger, stronger cage.  Making his way toward the gate, he disengaged his cloaking device and could see the heavy bars surrounded a cave.  In the center of the pen was a massive metal pole with a heavy chain attached to it.  The chain lay still on the ground and led into the blackness of the cave.”

“You would Dare to ride thissss one?” came a voice from behind.

Krash’nah wheeled, his wrist blades fully extended, as he turned to see the red robed reptilian.  “Who Are You??” snarled Krash’nah…before realizing he’d spoken in the alien tongue.  How can this be?

“Only now realizing your new voissse?  Do not let it trouble you, it is one of the many strange thingsss you will find in thisss land.  But again I asssk; would you be the one to ride thiss beast?” 

As the reptilian asked, the chain rattled, and from the cave walked a massive winged creature.  It saw Krash’nah and barred it’s jagged teeth and roared.

“Thisss is one of the few creatures of it’s type that isssss……mossstly tame… in our realm; it’s kin that fly free would most certainly attempt to kill you.  But thiss one is not the creature that was chossen for you, yet I wonder if you are brave enough to take it as your own anyway?”

Krash’nah’s walked toward the massive gates.  As he neared, the monster flared it’s wings and flapped them back, launching it at the gate.  In the cloud of dust, Krash’nah held firm, then advanced again.

When he was within arms reach of the gate, he very slowly reached for the tubes that fed into his mask and released them.  Removing the fastenings, he slowly lowered the mask, and the two creatures met eye to burning yellow eye.  They continued to lean in; Krash’nah fixed his hands around the iron bars, focusing on the creature’s eye.  Then…

One Hour Later

The massive winged beast glided slowly down into the city.  Many of the citizens fled in horror as it passed easily through the energy field that Krash’nah had detected with his mask sensors.

As the creature landed hard on a rooftop, none saw the cloaked figure pat the creature on the neck, then leap from it’s back and dissapeare into the dark alleyways…

*It's an animal thing.....  wink*

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Link raced across the burning sands of the deserts of Geridarr, once more reveling in the feeling of the wind upon his face.  Surging beneath him, the large wolf's powerful muscles carried them forward.  Link had always felt a sort of ... kinship ... with animals, and with wolves in particular, especially after his most recent encounters with the twilight realm encroaching upon his own.    So it was only natural that he selected a timber wolf as his steed across the desert.

Link had also been keeping track of the time, and estimated that about one hour had passed.  He guessed that the city was nearing.  He saw a haze on the horizon that signified that he was getting closer.  At the same time, he also saw the three figures approaching fast.  When they got within sight range, he drew the Master Sword and the Mirror Shield, guiding the wolf with his knees.

The figures seemed to be riding some sort of floating platform, upon which were mounted those strange tubes he had seen earlier.  They looked like this

The three platforms angled towards him, and charged, their thin, armoured riders motioning to each other rapidly.  Then the strange tubes spat out bolts of red light.  The first volley blasted away the sand around him, which led Link to believe that these light-beams were the most dangerous thing about them.  He rode forward, his shield up, and hoping to block the magical attacks. he was only half successful.

While the beams of light were redirected away from him, the force behind each blast sent ripples of shock up his right arm.  He ducked down, covering as much of his body with the shield as possible, and waited until he got close to the lead rider.  When he got within range of his target, he lashed out with the faintly glowing Master Sword, not caring what he hit, if anything.  He got lucky, and slashed the upside down fin at the bottom of the machine, the enchanted blade carving a deep gash in it.  On his backswing, he removed the fin completely.

The machine spiraled out of control, and slammed luckily into the second, causing both to erupt into a ball of fire.  The final rider had managed to maneuver himself behind Link, and was opening fire upon him.  Link was forced to use every evasive move he ever knew, and even had to make some up on the spot.  To increase his chances, he slid the shield back onto his back, to help with keeping himself alive.  And so they raced.

With Link mounted upon his black wolf, and the strange flying figure not far behind, the two cut an unusual sight  whipping across the desert sands.  As they rode, Link could see Tesba looming ahead, a cluster of building seemingly made out of sand.  He rode harder, apologizing to his mount at the same time for pushing it so hard.  And then the rider behind him stopped firing.

It simply stopped, and wheeled about, flying off to torment some other unlucky contestant.  LInk sighed with relief, and entered the city of Tesba...

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The impact caused Kane to fall from the lizard, which instantly burrowed into the sand to hide. The diagram of his suit in to lower right corner of his HUD was still all green. Minimal damage. He decided to play dead, slowly reaching for the Raging Bull at his side. Whoever had shot him came closer examining what he probably believed to be his first kill. Kane fired a warning shot past the mans head. The man instantly rolled back aiming one of his revolvers.

"That was a warning shot. The next one goes somewhere around your heart. Maybe through a lung."

"If your finger even twitches like its going to pull that trigger there will be at least two bullets somewhere in your body. If this is about that shot I apologize, I believed you to be one of those Draconian guards. I simply thought I would get the jump on you, before you had a chance to become considered hostile. I am known as Revolver Ocelot. Who might you be?"

Kane rose, not lowering his gun. "My name is Bishop. Why should I trust you?"

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Gorfin went back into the courtyard and outside as the hologram ended.  He jogged down the winding path and stepped inside what appeared to be a zoo.  A Draconian as he had learned to call them, greeted him. 

"Sssooo.  You need a mount to Tessssba.  Very well.  What do you wish for?"

"Something sturdy that can make it across the desert."

The Draconian hissed intermittently.  He must have been laughing.

"Thissss way."  The lizard led him to a pen that matched the rest of the environment.  Inside was a strange animal.  The inscription on the front of the cage read, "Camel.  Realm of Earth."

"I'll take it."  Gorfin let himself inside and mounted the camel.  Spurring it on the camel set off at a walk.  This was going to be a long ride.  Gorfin spotted a pool inside the pen.  He stopped the camel and made off to the pool.  Gorfin placed his hand in the water and felt the wonderful nutrient being absorbed into his body.  When his thirst was quenched he remounted the animal and gently telepathically nudged the animal to move a bit faster.  The animal looked to him and spat.  This was going to be a long ride.


Finally a landmark other than sand dunes was coming into view.  Tesba was just being able to be seen in the distance.

But other figures were making their way into his view on an animal much like his own but different  ((a horse)).  As they got closer he began to see what they looked like.  ((  Some medjai from The Mummy.  Not Ardeth though.))

"Ahh look what we have here.  A very funny looking creature.  On a camel!  How fearsome."  The other three laughed.

"I mean you no harm."  They all looked spooked as they heard the voice in their head.

"It's a sorcerer!  We must kill him now!"  All four of them wheeled off and came back with swords drawn.  Gorfin hopped off of his camel and ignited his psi-swords. 

As the first came Gorfin rolled low and took out the legs of the animal.  The rider fell off of his animal landing hard on the ground.  With a quick, powerful  jump with his digitgrade legs he dispatched the rider.  The others had come back around.  Gorfin used a small telepathic nudge to get the animals to stop in their tracks.  But going in this heat without water had already made him tired.  The telepathic attack had only exhausted him further.  They slowly approached him.  One screamed something and charged at Gorfin.  Gorfin parried his blows then launched his own attack.  He managed to find a hole in the defense and shoved his psi-blade into the man's chest.  Pulling it out he stopped as he felt cold steel against his neck.  He turned around and the lead attacker had the sword against his neck.

"I win."

Without a word Gorfin mustered as big as a telepathic attack as he could.  The man fell to the ground screaming.  Gorfin managed to stab his blade into the man before collapsing from exhaustion.

[i]Like I told your captain, the orphange attacked me.  It was self-defense.[/i]  -Richard the Warlock  [url][/url]

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

As D jutted across the desert for about 20 minutes, he came to realize that they were not alone. Several bandits, apparently on floating bikes, and came at D from all directions. They all pulled out swords that looked different than any other D had ever seen in his life. Pulling out his longsword, D leaped off his mount about 15 feet into the air, and came down onto one of the bandits. Just as the bandit got onto his feet and had his sword ready, D had already bisected the freak. On closer inspection of the dead thing, D saw a name tag that read "Verde..". But the battle wasn't over just yet. Turning around, D saw that his mount had clawed one of the bandits who had apparently tried to kill it, the Chocobo then snapped the bandit's neck.

Good shot, bird-thing...

D then sliced a bandit's head off, and the bike continued to drive until it rode into the dune. The headless body then slumped over and off the bike. Running back to his mount with lightning fast speed, D was about to mount when one of the bandits who appeared dead got up and struck the Chocobo in its neck. Taking the bandit by the neck, D squeezed until the man's neck was gone. The remaining bandits had rode off. Now that D's mount had died, he was forced to walk, until he came upon an abandoned bike which had a headless body lay next to. Pulling the bike out of the dune, D continued his search for the city of Tesba.

Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Selene came out of the room, silent and sulky.  She really had no wish to be here and there was no real desire to fight these other creatures and contestants other than to just get out of this place.  She kept going through what the woman had said in her head, walking but not exactly sure where she was going.  She finally came to a stop and somehow she had wondered into what seemed to be a giant zoo, with animals she had never imagined of. 

Suddenly a voice spoke from behind her, "You wish to find a mount to take you to Tesba."  It was a statement.  She nodded.  "I have a mount that you should find most convenient," the Draconian said, leading her to a giant cage with the bars extending up and over head, like a bird cage.  She looked inside and her eyes met with one of the most beautiful creatures she had ever seen.

She went into the cage, awed by it's magnificence and stroked it's beak.  The creature seemed nice enough and seemed eager to spread it's wings and so she climbed on it's back.  The creature hurled out of the cage opening and down to the dessert, picking up speed until eventually, it opened it's wings and took off.  She gasped, flight on the back of this creature was quite odd and she tightened her grip around the creatures neck, as the gryphon made a screaming sound of an eagle and soared onward.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

As Kane waited for a reply something flew past his head. He ducked, getting his lancer out, as a group of oddly garbed raiders appeared seemingly from nowhere. Kane opened fire as they swarmed him. One came close with a club. Kane ducked and revved the chainsaw on his lancer, letting free a fierce warcry.  Dark blood sprayed anyone close, splattering on Kane's visor. A small laser swept across it, vaporizing anything obscuring his vision. A gun fired, the shot abnormally loud  and grazed Kane's leg. He opened fire once more. mowing down the raiders infront of him. The hydra-like mount he had selected erupted from the ground, and the heads began to fight over a raider it killed. The remaining withdrew, quickly, mounting six legged horse like creatures and fleeing into the dunes. The hydra had finished its little fight, the middle head had won, after snapping at the left head and scratching the right  The man known as Ocelot was gone, nowhere to be seen. Kane got back on the lizard and continued to Tesba.

((Their not Tuskens they just dress like them))

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Indy walked through the streets of Tesba in a daze. All the different species that inhabited the place amazed him. Most were contestants, but he noticed some that did not have Soul Crystals. So they may live here. A pack of gnomes, all mumbling incoherently and carrying around strange devices, ran past Indy and he bent down and grabbed one by the shoulder.

"Hey is there an information desk around here?" Indy asked. The gnome looked up at him through hazy lenses.

"Infromations...INFROMATIONS!!! I HAVES INFROMATIONS!!!" The gnome exclamed, dropping his device.

"Do you now? Ok, How do you get out of Geridarr?"

"....ummm....I need helps for this one. YOU need helps. Go ask Dumbdoor."

"Uhhh, where is he?"

The gnome pointed an oily finger to a large building with music coming through the door. Indy stood and readjusted his fedora and looked back to the gnome to ask him something else, but he was already running back to his group, device in hand.

Indy stepped into the building ( Wait till the vid loads if you've got a slow comp. when it starts to play keep reading, use it only for the sound) and he immediatly recognized it as a bar. The increasingly odd smells burned his nostrels, and the sight of drunk....things told him so. He walked up to the bar, but there was no bartender there.

Suddenly the disembodied head of a fat man retracted from the ceiling upon a robotic arm and spoke.

"What can I get ya?" It said with its eye twitching.

"What do you have?" Indy asked, somewhat reluctant to have a steaming glass of acid come forth.

"Everything..." The head said with a sneer.

"How do you pay?" Indy asked, wondering about the currency of this place. Just then someone at the other side of the bar slammed an empty drink onto the bar itself. Another robotic arm with a spout on it retracted from the ceiling and poured a drink into the glass. The man, who had half his face burned off, placed a silver coin onto the bar and walked away with his drink. The robotic arm took the coin and brought it to Indy.

"New guy huh? These are the preffered currency of Geridarr.." The fat man said looking at the coin. Indy now noticed that his mouth was cut open up his jaw so a permanent sneer was fixed upon his face. Then he looked to the coin. It was a perfectly circular coin. Upon one side was the image of a dragon, also silver, which moved as if it was alive. The robotic hand spun the coin around in its grip to reveal a swastika on the other side.

"We call it silver, but its really not. Its made out of the same very durable metal that the Champion's keys are made out of, if you've ever been lucky enough to see one." The bartender's head said, retracting the arm to an unknown area above.

"How do you make money here?" Indy asked

"Mostly bounty hunting for the richer folk and crime lords. Mercenary work also gets good money. The natives or richer contestants like to get personal guards to escort them between safe zones and the like. You could also do unique services that maybe only your species could do. Whatever you know that someone else doesnt, or whatever you can do that others cant can make you money. You sell yourself here."

"Right...well like you said, i'm new here." Indy said lifting his hands to show he had no silver.

"First ones on the house, what do you like?"

"Thanks, gimme the best ale you've got."

"No problem, you'll like this one." The bartender's eye twitches again and retracted into the ceiling as the other arm came down and served Indy a foamy glass of an ale from another dimension....and damn, was it good. He sipped his drink and took the time to look around the bar at the different contestants and natives, all trying to make their way in this weird land. (imagine it just like the cantina in ANH)

Several minutes passed and Indy noticed that the same armored figure in the shadows of the corner of the bar had kept his visored gaze on him since he had walked in. … baFett.jpg Indy discarded the thought as nothing more than curiosity and turned back to his drink to formulate a plan to get the hell out of this place.

In seconds the armored man had navigated his way through the bar and stood beside Indy.

"I need you to come with me. You can do so quietly or slung over my shoulder. You choose." the armored man said. Indy downed the last of his ale and turned to the man.

"Look buddy, I don't know who you are, or why you need me, but my mother told me to never talk to strangers. So buzz off." Indy said. The man leant in very close and inspected Indy's face.




The uppercut from the armored man sent Indy flying backwards and his body tipped a table over. Immediatly the place erupted into a riot. Indy stood up and shook himself off just as the armored man burst through the carnage and aimed one oh his gauntlets at him. Indy took out his whip and snapped it forward just as a cable shot from the man's gauntlet. They inter-twined and Indy yanked the cable of the gauntlet and threw it off the whip.

He snapped the whip again and the man caught the whip as it wrapped around his arm. He yanked hard and Indy was thrown towards him. Indy wasn't going to punch the tough looking helmet, so as he landed in from of the man he thrusted his palm into the side of the helmet and it spun around, probably crushing the man's nose. Indy payed for this as the man fixed his helmet and brought his fist up in another uppercut that crashed into Indy's jaw.

This would have knocked him out for sure, but Indy had learned how to take a punch in all his years. Indy bent and threw his shoulder up and into the man's chest. He hurt his shoulder on the impact into his armor, but it still sent the man into the bar. This didn't do much however as the man leveled his gauntlet once more and a dart shot into Indy's neck. Indy cursed and pulled out the dart just as his vision was fading. The man caught Indy as he fell.....and slung him over his shoulder.


(More to come, everyone get to Tesba, but dont to anything else until I post again. Remember, Indy is an hour ahead of everyone, and something else has to happen before any of you guys do anything in Tesba.)

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Jack woke up when the figure of the lizard man slapped him across the face.

"Wha... Parley?" He managed to mumble? He saw two of the green figures leaning over him. "Oh its you two again. Why don't you just leave me be."

They laughed, smacked him one more time a hauled Jack to his feet.

"Where are we anyway?"

"Looks like someone didnt listen to the Countess the first time around."

"Countess?" Jack replied, raising an eyebrow.

"Look we have a few last stragglers comming in and its not our job to answer your questions. Just watch this time." and the creature threw Jack into the chair. And left Jack in the room again.

Soon the beautiful woman appeared. "well, well, my beauty. You must be the Countess."  He raised his brows yet again.

The Countess preformed her speech as she had for the rest of the contestants.

"Champion. I like the sound of that Countess. Champion Captain Jack Sparrow. And then, you and I Countess." and he winked at the hologram.

The door opened and Jack said farewell to the woman, and sauntered out of the room towards the stables.

Jack filled with confidance and ambition strode up to the tender of the minariry (sorry for bad spelling). " A way to arrive in tesba in the style I am best suited for, old man."

He just laughed and brought him,  a small burro, fitted with a saddle. Jack's face fell.  "This is all we have for your ssspecies at this time. We are running low. Too many humanssss." And with that he walked away from Jack.

"Buggar." But he got on and trotted off in the direction of Tesba, hit feet nearly dragging on the ground as he bounced up and down on the burros back.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

OOC: LMAO...Boba Fett mistaking Indy for Han Solo...priceless. And Jack Sparrow on a, my chest hurts...

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

OOC: going out of town till next sunday, Val, pretty much you have control of my char unless anyone really needs her to do something, have fun peoples smile

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Rogue was startled when she landed on the stone courtyard. Two lizard like creatures rushed toward her, and tried to put something into her neck.

"NO! She shouted. She felt clean of memories save her own, and it wasn't ready to just have others again. "You can't touch me. I'll kill you."

"Don't worry lovely." The critter said. "I ain't going to touch you, just the soul crystal. We were warned about you ahead of time."

"Whats going on?" Rogue demanded.

"You'll see."

There was a sharp and intense pain as the soul crystal embedded itself in Rogue's spine. She could not help but cry out.

"Ah quit your whining." The lizard said. "Everyone gets one here in Gerridar." And with that the strange disfigured being lifted Rogue up and dragged her to a room. "Here listen to the Countess. Im sure you'll be enlightened." And with that he shut the door, leaving her in a small room save nothing but a stool.

Soon Rogue found out what the creature had meant by the countess. She was a striking woman, yes, but what caught Rogue's attention was her message. Truely it was a lot to take in all at once, but that did not matter. The message hit home. And Rogue was most definately intreagued. This could be a new life for her here. She didn't need to have such a complicated past anymore. And she could have power. Power that came from her internal strength, not just from someone else. Yes, Rogue was very interested.

So she left  the small room, looking for her way to get to Tesba. There seemed to be a stable of sorts not to far away. And there didn't appear to be any faster way to get any where, so she went into the stable.  She looked around, but didn't see much. Since it was desert, she wanted something that would work there. "Excuse me?" She asked the figure that had his back turned to her. "Do you have any camels?"

"Yessss" said the figure, who was yet again some creature or mutation that Rogue had not seen before. "One Jussst came in. You may take it."

"Thanks." She replied and went in the direction that he pointed. She climbed on with just the hint of sturggle, but then took off towards the safe zone.  It didnt take long for her and the camel to fall into a nice rhythm. She almost felt that it was a quite nice new experience. She laughed as along the way she passed some man trotting along the way on a donkey. She wasn't going to break stride, nor did she know how, but as she passed she saw the look of discomfort on his face. She chuckled to herself.

As she entered Tesba, she could hear many murrmings of all the different goings on of the area. There was talk about a sandworm, but Rogue didin't know what that was. So she dismounted and left the camel where it seemed all the other animals were. She wondered what to do next. But she was a bit tired from the ride so she decided to go into the bar she just saw and at least rest and have a drink.

*I hope this is ok with everyone. Sorry for my lateness.*

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

OOc: sounds good to me...


High slash, mid block, decapitate, torso spin, leap back, roundhouse kick, forward lunge, sidestep...General Grievous was a whirling dervish of death. Xenomorphs fell at his feet as he moved through their ranks. The steady stream of automatic weapons fire, unleashed by his t100 cyborgs, echoed from the Star Temple bulkheads.

An animalistic scream somewhere to his left attracted his attention. As he spun in the direction of it, a xenomorph lunged high, interior jaws snapping at his head, spraying saliva at him. He swung his green and blue lightsabers in a crossing motion, cutting through the alien's armored carapace, and seperating it into thirds.. The cauterizing blades prevented the acidic blood from splashing out at him at such close range, but small amounts of it managed to pit his armored torso. So far, the damage was minor. He moved swiftly, deftly avoiding the majority of the caustic fluids left behind in his violent wake.

He didn't feel like they were making much of a dent in their numbers...

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

Emperor Raistlin sat at his desk, awaiting Starscream.

A portal opened in the designated area in front of his desk and the hulking figure of Starscream appeared before him. Somehow Starscream was able to fit in the room. He knew the Emperor's magic was at work here.

"Greetings, Master." Starscream said as he bowed on one knee.

"Greetings, Starscream. I understand that you recently defeated the Greater Demon known as Hellboy. A great foe indeed." Raistlin said

"Yes, Emperor. He was no match for the destructive power of a Transformer."

"Indeed... You've fared far better than General Grievous in the Star Temple..."

"I knew it! That cyborg scum is not worthy of the title of Champion. Let me destroy him and take his place Master!"

"Pace yourself, Starscream. You're current success does not replace yout past failure with Kal-El."

Starscream's head lowers in regret at the thought of the one man who has bested him. Raistlin ended the meeting by sending him back to the Sky Temple.

The Emperor watched as the giant metal robot disappeared and went to grab a black spell book with blue binding to continue his studies. He grabbed it, used to the fact that it nearly froze your fingers, and looked over its silver letters. He was about to begin when the hologram of the Countess appeared from an emitter beside him on the desk.

"Emperor, Su-" She was cut off

"Yes I am aware. I will meet him in the grand hall." Raistlin said, lowered the black cowl of his robes over his head.

"Very well. He awaits you there." The Countess said.

In an instant the Emperor appeared in his throne in the great hall of the castle which rose upon a series of steps within the great hall. His staff in hand. The Emperor's staff was truly an odd artifact. He aquired it on his old homeland of Krynn. It was the normal height of a quarter staff for mages, gold, and had a crystal at the top secured in the hand of a dragon. The hand was an extension of the staff itself. It was known as the Staff of Magus.

The great hall extended very, very far beyond to the entrance to the castle. It was very ornate, with collumns and red banners bearing the swastika hanging from every other column. There were no torches, no lights, no source of light anywhere actually. And yet a soft purple glow seemed to emmanate from an unknown source and shown everywhere.

Directly in front of the Emperor stood this man.
He looked into the Emperor's eyes showing no fear, fully aware of the titanic battle that would rage which was capable of taking his life.

"Greetings Kal-El. Congratulations on your success in the tournament. You have reached the Emperor. (Raistlin opens his arms, referencing himself) You are now a Champion of Geridarr. Do you wish to become a Guardian?" Emperor Raistlin asked, knowing full well the answer.

"No, Emperor. I know your plot. I know what trickery you've lured these 'contestants' here with. It is here and now where I will end this and free everyone from their imminent doom." Superman said, clenching his fist.

"So be it...Champion" The Emperor said, lowering his head, and hence his cowl over his eyes, which had hourglass shaped pupils. He stood and faced Superman.

Raistlin casted a lightning bolt from his arms and it exploded towards Superman. He blasted into the heights of the great hall and dodged it. He then adjusted course and aimed at Raistlin. He extended his fists and crashed upon an invisible barrier Raistling conjured up.

Superman fell back to readjust himself and Raistlin cast 100 magic missles into his chest. Superman flew backward and smashed through a column, the Swastika banner flowing to the floor. Superman burst through the rubble and floated above it. Raistlin cast more magic missles and Superman burned them all in succession with his heat vision.

Superman sucked in a breath and blew a freezing gust of wind towards Raistlin. Raistlin shot a ray of purple-blue fire towards it the the two powers clashed into each other, holding one another at bay. The columns of fire and freezing wind held each other for some time before Superman ran out of breath and the fire engulfed him. Normally, the fire wouldn't have harmed Superman. But this was magic fire, much stronger and potent than normal fire. Superman fell upon the rubble of the column as the fire disappated, revealing his slightly burned costume.

'Heh heh heh heh.... You arrogant fool. Knowing the truth of this tournament you STILL march into my castle thinking you could defeat me." The Emperor said from beneath his dark cowl. His hourglass shaped pupils glowing with endless magical power.

Superman coughed out blood. He wiped his mouth and turned to the Emperor.

"I've done what I came here for. You have no idea what you were thinking...(COUGH)...You bring the greatest beings from every realm and you think they'll all fall into line? The Vindicators will end this charade and free the contestants. All of Geridarr will be upon you and you will fall." Superman said

"FOOL! I AM GERIDARR" Emperor Raistlin yelled and it echoed throught the great hall. He aimed his free hand to Superman, turned it slightly and clenched his fist. Superman looked up and let out a great bellow of pain. Blood trickled down his mouth. He looked towards the Emperor with a face of hatred as he tried to fight back the magic energy that was taking over his body. He began to shake violently and blood seeped through his eyes and ears.


Superman disintigrated into dust.

All that remained was his scared, burnt costume resting upon the rubble of the column. From beneath the 'S' his Soul Crystal glowed. It turned into a magical energy and floated into the air and rose, flying away to an unknown location.

Raistlin let out a mocking breath. The Countess appeared from a portal at the foot of the steps beneath the Emperor.

"Yes, Emperor?" the beautiful woman said calmly

"Clean this up."

"Yes, Emperor."

"And find out about these Vindicators. They must be destroyed." With that, Raistlin disappeared.

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Re: RPG:Champions of Geridarr

(that's Superman's real name...)