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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Tracyn's head was aching. Not only had he been punched twice in the head, he had been shoved by Fenn. Tracyn shrugged it off and followed Fenn.

"Lets bust into a house and regroup." Fenn commanded. Tracyn picked a house at random was about to open the door, when Joslyn shoved him out of the way and placed a breaching charge on the door. After it was set, she quickly rubbed her neck and got into a breaching position.

BAM!!! The door was blasted open, and the Mandos entered. No civilians were inside. TThe place look deserted.

"Want to find a different house, Commander?" Tracyn asked.

"No this one will work out fine." he replied. Tracyn looked around; everyone was here except......Regimas!

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG


Regimas drew his blaster and fired rapidly into the crowd of maybe twenty Naboo.  Several went down either dead or screaming before they managed to spread out for cover and return fire. 

As the first shots came his way, Regimas was already on the run evading fire.  Running up the steps of an especially elegant building, he took cover behind one of its white marble pillars.  He took one shot, then another, but it was getting harder to find an opening with the increasing amount of incoming fire. 

Darting from one pillar to the next, Regimas tried to find a better angle, but the street seemed filled with enemy. 

“Red Team, Blue Team, this is Regimas calling anybody out there.  My HUD map is down and I’m pinned down.  Anybody receiving me??”

Turning around, he looked through a large window; an old one that seemed to be made of glass.  The insulation must have been good, because most everyone inside didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong until the fattest human Regimas had ever seen caught sight of him and the light-show of blaster bolts at his back.       

Here goes nothing he thought as he charged the window and dove through, shattering the glass.  As he rolled to his feet, he was met with a wave of screams as people stampeded for cover…

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Now that everyone was stationed in this run-down house, it came to Marcus that he ate and drank before they left, so he now had to go.

"Ah crap. Anyone see a toilet around here?"

Everyone turned to look at Marcus. Even though they couldn't see it, sweat ran down his face. He turned to Fynn.

"... I ate and drank before we left, and didn't think to go on the ship.."

"Well, have fun finding the can."

Checking a hall, which was just closets and bedrooms, Marcus went down the spiral staircase, which lead to a marble floor.

Man, these guys must really have it living if they can afford this much marble, or it's really cheap here...

Turning down a hallway which was very dirty, Marcus opened the last door on the left. In it was a toilet... and a dianoga.

"That's not healthy." Pulling out his blaster, Marcus wondered how to dispose of the nasty creature sitting in the toilet.

"Hmm, cap it in the eye? Or.. can I really call it decapitation? Oh, what the Hell.."

Dropping the grenade, Marcus ran back out into the hall and closed the door. A BANG! went off along with the swell sound of death.

"Whew, score 1 for the Mandalorian."

Opening the door, which was barely still hanging on its hinges, Marcus took a pee right over what used to be the toilet.

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

((Sorry going back a bit))

Jag was no longer aware of what was around him.  He only saw his fists and Joslyn's helmet.  But then someone was yanking him off and throwing him off.

Jag immediately got up but was greeted with a blaster to the face.  He fumbled to find words.


"Sir it's my fault.  I let my-"

“Shut up!” Joclyn choked out from one knee, still holding her neck.  “All my fault.  We…”

“ENOUGH!” Fynn snarled.  “Get back with the others NOW, and I’ll CONSIDER not having you both sent back to Mandalore in disgrace.  Now go!”

Jag walked off.  He shut his comm off not wanting to talk to anyone.  This was his worst moment.  He had just made the worst rookie mistake of his life and now this.  He was glad he had this visor because he couldn't bring himself to look Fynn or Joslyn in the face. 

He followed Tracyn into the house and hunkered down in a corner by himself.  He pulled off his visor and found a ration pack.  The rations tasted more stale than ever.  He would do something to make this up.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn took a seat in the empty house and took off her glove. Her right hand was darkening around her index knuckle and she was more certain that she’d done some serious damage. She was going to comment about why they didn’t have a medic in the crew but her throat hurt too much.

She opened the pocket on her left sleeve and pulled out a pressure bandage. She took off her helmet so she could use her teeth to help secure the thing.

“Do you need some help?” Jag asked.

Joslyn raised a brow and opened her mouth to speak but only a croak came out, “-kay.”

Jag took the bandage from her good hand and started wrapping it around her bad hand. “I lost it back there. That shouldn’t have happened.”

Joslyn managed to speak, “My fault too,” she croaked.

“Fynn hit you hard didn’t he?” Jag said pointing to her throat.

Joslyn nodded in response, then nodded at her hand for him to continue bandaging. She hoped it didn’t swell too badly.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Fynn checked his six, making sure they weren’t being followed.  Stomping in, he kicked over a nearby caf-table, which sent it and a flowerpot that had been to top of it crashing down. 

Unsealing his helmet, he pulled it off; he wanted the others to see the anger in his eyes. 

“What’s happened to my team?  Huh??  We are supposed to be the elite of the ELITE!  Yet we couldn’t handle those glorified policemen out there??  We can’t even keep our PETTY grudges in check on the mission??” 

Fynn paced back and forth a couple of times.  “This Op. is still a go.  I will NOT allow this mission to be a failure.  It’s time we all shape up, because if we go out there looking like we did before one of us will be getting killed, and it might not be a Naboo who squeezes the trigger.  Understood?”

“Ahh Oooo” most replyed rather softly.

“I asked UNDERSTOOD??”


Fynn resealed his helm and then looked around.  "Where the hell is Regimas??"

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn thumped her foot on the ground to get Fynn's attention, "Check HUD."

Fynn stormed towards her, "Already have, he's not registering."

Joslyn swallowed and tapped her wrist, indicating to their alternate tracking device.

"What's wrong with your soldier, you normally talk a mile a minute." Fynn said as he anger continued to burn.

Joslyn pointed to her throat and then his elbow, "Ouchie," she managed to say.

"Oh," Fynn replied, "Jag continue what you're doing." He said as he saw that the pair of foes seemed to be patching up one another.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Jag tenderly wrapped her hand.  He felt terrible.  This was his fault.  And watching the conversation only made the knot in his stomach grow worse.  He looked at Joslyn's eyes.  They burned with a fire that he had grown to know and love.  His mind flashed back to Mandalore...

She was a darling.  Curly brown hair hanging down.  And there was a fire in her eyes.  Jag looked to my wife.

"I say she's prettier then you."

"You said no one would look better than me."

"Wait until she gets her first set of besk'gam."

"My place as the love of your life is threatened by a four year old."

Just then a gurgled cry was heard from outside.  And a scream.  They both rushed outside and saw Ki'era sitting on the ground blood pouring out of a cut on her arm.  Snuggled in her arms was a baby strill.  A wild one at that.  She looked up at her mum and dad and said one word eyes blazing.


Jag laughed and picked up his daughter, strill still in her arms.  "HA!  Her first catch!  I told you she would give you a run for your money."  Jag took her in and bandaged up her arm still staring into those beautiful eyes...

He snapped back to the present.  Finishing up the knot Jag stood up.

"I wouldn't do too much damage to you anyway.  Solus would have murdered me if I had."

With a chuckle he made his way to the rest of the group.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Name: Lexington Chemlah

Age: 34

Species: Human

Affiliation: Naboo (also a covert member of the Dark Jedi)

Rank: Commander

Job: Naboo Airforce Commander

WOC: Blaster pistols in normal battle, lightsabre for special occasions

Other: Hidden vibroblades on his person and poison dart hidden within the ring on his right hand.

Armor: Typical Naboo uniform. He wears layers of armour and plating beneath so he looks bigger and more intimidating than he actually is.

Appearance: 6’4’’ Muscular yet agile. Think Darth Malak’s build. Has jet black hair cut short, blocky jaw and a permanent sneer on his face. The Queen is quite uncomfortable in his presence and sent him to an outer city post for the Airforce.

Personality: Very dark and consumed with the need for power. Serves his Queen faithfully but would change allegiances to the Dark Jedi order in a heartbeat.

Ship:  Naboo fighter, experimental class NX. I will go into detail if we have a sky battle.


Lexington Chemlah studied the reports strewn across his large marble table. The table was as impractical as it was fancy. He often wished that Naboo culture concentrated on the necessary things rather than the luxurious things in life. But some things would never change. Naboo was all about comfort and luxury, yet Lexington stayed for his own dark purposes.

His musings were interrupted as he realised that the evening report had not come through. He hailed his underling but the communications panel was dead. Lexington reached out with the Force, making his demands as the Force gave him sight. He sensed much fighting within the city. “Ah so the fighting finally comes to Naboo.” Lexington purred.

Lexington stormed out of his office and frightened his secretary as usual. “Our main communications are down. Enable the generator,” he instructed.

Horlé nodded with a quiver and activated the generator, “Done Sir.”

“Call the Queen, let her know I’m sending in some elite troops. Have Raven Squad standing by.” Lexington ordered.

“It shall be done,” Horlé said with more gumption.

“Excellent,” Lexington purred as he picked up his own com which now worked. “Status report,” he said as he connected with Ocelot.

There was a moment’s silence then Ocelot replied, “We’re under attack from Mandalorians.”

“Really?” Lexington said with a sinister grin, “Finally an enemy worth my time.”

“The last report said they’re near the palace,” Ocelot told.

“Hold them off as long as you can, I’m coming in.” Lexington said as he climbed aboard his speeder. “There shall be Mandalorian blood spilt tonight.”

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn stared at Jag’s back as he walked away. What had he meant by that comment,
"I wouldn't do too much damage to you anyway.  Solus would have murdered me if I had." What did Solus care? He wasn’t her squad leader or anything.

As far as Joslyn knew, Solus was still sniping on the roof, as the thought crossed her mind Solus was revealed to her as Kelborn stepped back. She looked at him for a moment and wondered what Jag could have meant.

She shook her head and replaced her glove over her injured hand and reached for her helmet. Before she placed it on her head Solus approached her. “You were fighting against Jag in a battle?”

Joslyn didn’t like his condescending tone. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing but a gargle came out.

“You alright?” Solus asked as he touched her shoulder.

Joslyn pointed to her throat then did an action with her elbow, “Jabbed in throat.” She said hoarsely.

Solus immediately turned to glare at Jag. Joslyn tugged on his arm to try and correct his assumption but was interrupted as Fynn and Tracyn decided the course of action.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Lexington reached the palace roof and set the speeder down. He immediately hailed his Elite Troopers. Six figures in black appeared on the rooftop, three were human there was one Twi’lek and two Rodians. “Good night to you all, we have a problem that needs to be quashed. Mandalorians are here.”

There was a quiet passing of comments between the six Elite before they turned back to Lexington. “When do you want them killed?” Chamis, one of the Rodians, asked.

“As soon as possible,” Lexington replied. “Go out in pairs, squash their forces and return to me with their leader’s head!”

All six bowed to Lexington as they parted. They left on speeders, separating into three pairs. Lexington watched them go. “Have fun my minions,” he said quietly but deep down he hoped they failed. He wanted to play with the Mandalorians himself. But for now he’d wait, he had a Queen to protect.

“Tell the Queen I’m coming,” Lexington commed Ocelot. He knew the Queen would be displeased to see him, he smirked at the thought.

**The first pair to find the Mandos will be a Rodian and a human. The others will take longer to find you, they all have some training in the dark arts of the Force.**

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Sorry for the late join, I was gone. Anyways, I talked with Ralin, and I'll be part of Blue Team when I join up with you. I'll say I was an advance scout or something.

Name: Kal Goran [blade, blacksmith]

Age: 27

Appearance: 6’2, well built and well-muscled. Blond hair, worn longish, small goatee . Bright blue eyes. Average scarring.

Armor: Black beskar’gam, gold highlights around the T-slit visor, and on his gauntlets. Red Mythosaur skull on his right shoulder piece. Gauntlet vibroblade in right gauntlet, as well as a dart launcher/wrist rocket. Grapnel cord in left, and a cutting laser. Flamethrower attachment available as a snap on replacement.

Weapons: Black-handled beskad, with gold tracings. Modified Verpine shatter gun, Assault model (turns into sniper with longer barrel and a scope added). Blastech Rifle, handguns, knives, etc. Various other weapons depend on situation.

Ship: Custom Mandal-Motors ship, effective size comparable to Slave I. Name, Tra’kad, Mando’a for “Star Saber”. Heavily armed, it was designed as a mercenary’s ship, not a bounty hunter’s, but does have two small cages for prisoners. Sleek

History: Born on Mandalore to Orar and Behot Goran. His father, Orar, was a blacksmith by trade, and taught his son the craft from early age. By the age of five, Kal had forged his first blade. By fourteen, he had forged his bes’kad, which he uses to this day. His parents and family were all instrumental in his training as a warrior, a true verd of the Mandalorian society. He was taught how to fight by his father and heal by his mother, whose name means “herb”. But Behot is dangerous, like many herbs—used wrong, they can be a poison. She too taught him how to fight. He was taught love, loyalty, discipline, and respect throughout his early life.  His father’s name, Orar, means “thunder”, and his deep voice and eyes that flash when angry prove this no misnomer. But his gruffness was rarely feared by his children, because he was kind and he loved them fiercely. Of all his sons, Kal showed the most interest and aptitude at his father’s trade, and father and son spent much time working in their forge. Kal loved 

His older brother, Kom’rk, was a frequent sparring partner in his early years, and they have a relationship stronger than a beskar chain—nothing can separate them. Together, they are nigh unstoppable in battle, and have fought together on numerous occasions.

Kal has two twin brothers, younger than him. They never showed much interest in forging weapons or learning how to heal, preferring to spar or play pranks.

When he was fifteen, Kal forged himself his own armor, an unusual practice for such a young warrior. Kal painted it black, symbolizing the justice the galaxy so often lacks. The gold highlights, though, promise swift vengeance to any who should harm those he loves. On his sixteenth birthday, his father presented him with a ge’kal, or a small knife that is concealed in a boot or under the armpit (lit. “almost blade”).

Kal was sent in as an advance agent, before the primary strike force. He scouted some, and is now linking up with the primary force.

Personality: Kal is very loyal—to his family, Mandalorians in general, and to anyone who earns his trust. He is friendly among those he trusts, but less so among strangers and arruetii. He’s a fun loving guy, able to joke even amidst the toughest battle.  Though more compassionate than most Mandalorians, Kal is still a fierce fighter, and merciless in combat.

Skills: The best swordsman of his family, indeed, among the best on Mandalore, Kal could fight many Jedi to a standstill. He’s a crack shot with any weapon, too. Decent explosives skills, and is a mediocre slicer. Kal is an excellent pilot, as well.

Likes: Forging weapons, flying Tra’kad, sparring, and fighting. Kal loves to spend time with his family and friends.

Dislikes: Republic, the Jedi.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Griffin was growing tired in the palace.

"Still no orders from any of the higher command sir"

"Very well....Alpha team on me!" Griffin answered

"Ten four sir" came the answer of several soldiers

Griffin gathered his team up in the cafeteria

"Listen up men and listen good, where going out there. where fighting mando's here. there tough bastards. very bloody tough" Griffin paced up and down the room. Cigar in mouth

"We'll be traversing by the arrow head formation. you know your drills. Your among the Naboo special air service regiment. i dont expect you to go down early. understood? and thats a bloody order!" Griffin shouted

All he got back was a nod and a thumbs up from his team before they placed on the MK II assault helmets. ( just think of a reallyyyy early model of a clone helmet ) and strapped on there durasteel plate armor. heaving assault blasters the team was ready to go

"Corporal? make sure the Queen is aware that i'm dispatching myself and alpha team" Griffin said then nodded before leaving the palace area

The alpha team of the NSAS where prowling down the road, bodies littered the floor.

Griffin immediatley stopped and raised his fist. followed by a full palmed hand pushing down. he then pointed to his helmet and then to a suspicous figure then followed by a thumbs down. the team immediatley saught out cover and switched on there night vision. as soon as there night vision was engaged. 12 beams of filtered light marked the target.

"Identify the target" Griffin whispered into his comms

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Dachande was watching a group of humans as they walked through the city. Suddenly 12 beams shot and marked a target. Dachande began to fire at the hostiles, clearly hitting one and sending the rest scattering for cover and shooting into the sky. Dachande moved immediately, firing as he ran, so they could not mark his position. Ducking and weaving he drew his wristblades, and charged that the squad

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

*Correction Werda Verd, you're with RED TEAM, so things will be even when I get CA on Blue team; sorry if I mixed it up in the PM.  You may pick your meathod of rejoining us as you wish, or PM/meet me in the chat and we can set something*

Ralin checked his HUD, as some of the others seemed to be doing, and saw nothing.  Damn…he broke his antenna off with that fool stunt when we landed.  That sent the tracking signal. 

Just then, a broken message began to crackle through his ear piece. *static* “Red Team, Blue” *static* “out there. My” *static* “is down and I’m pinned down.  Anybody receiving me??”

“Regimas, this is Fynn, give me your fix, over.”


“Regimas!  Come in over!”


Tracyn and Trius started out the door to look for their teammate with a nod from Fynn; Dachande was already out and hunting. 

Fynn turned to the rest of Red team which had gotten to their feet at the news of Regimas.  “Are we ready to become a team again?”

“YES SIR!” was the resounding response; even Joslyn tried to add her voice to the answer. 

“Red Team, you have a vod missing…go get him.”

“YES SIR!” they cried as they charged out the doorway after Trius and their Team Leader.

“Blue Team, we’re on their six; lets go…”

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Returning from what was the bathroom, Marcus saw that everyone was leaving, and therefore he rushed to catch up.


Catching up to Fynn, he turned and asked, "So, Commander, what are we doing? More pwning?"

"Regimas has gone missing, we can't communicate with him, so there's no choice but to go look. Red Team is leading the search, and we're covering them."

"Oh. Yeah, that might be a good idea to go look for him..."

The teams continued their way into the city.

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Tracyn and Trius bolted out the door, followed by the rest of Red Squad. Tracyn drew his WESTARS, but he had left his battle cannon in the house because it had no more ammo. Tracyn listened for blaster fire, but he couldn't hear anything. Regimas must be far away.

"I hope the di'kut doesn't die before we get to him..." Tracyn muttered to himself. Blue Squad were on his six, and for the first time tonight, Tracyn felt confident.

Suddenly, Tracyn picked up static in his radio.

"Hurry! I'm flanked and....*static*........" Regimas was in trouble.

"C'mon, Red Squad, double time!" Tracyn commanded as they jogged through a courtyard. They had to find Regimas before it was too late....

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Posting For Regimas *I noticed you were online today ner’vod, but since I’m not sure if you’re really back or were just leaving, and also since you don’t know what I’ve gotten you into, I’m gonna make this post.  Let me know if you want to take over again and I’ll fill you in on what’s going on*

Turning to look outside, Regimas fired two quick head shots into a pair of Naboo security officers who had run up the steps after him.  With a careful aim, he sniped another soldier in the City Square below.   

With a gulp, he could see Naboo reinforcements arriving from a side street.  From a nearby rooftop, however, blue plasma bolts began to rain down on the formation, sending them into a panicked race for cover.  Good ol’ Dachande

Regimas added his blaster to the fire as well, taking out several as the Naboo ran.  Checking over his shoulder, nearly all the civies had run out the back; only a tall this man remained; his gaunt face seemed to be twisted with rage. 

Another rush of oncoming Naboo diverted his attention.  A few quick shots put three of them down quickly, while two others cut off their charge and dove for cover.  Both were quickly cut down by blue bolts from Dachande.

But then, Regimas heard a crunching sound behind him; he could see in his 360 degree vision that the tall civie was charging at him with a vibro blade.  Not smart…

In a flash of motion, Regimas drew his sword, ducked the stab from the civilian, and thrust his blade back into the man’s lower cheast. 

Stunned and mortally wounded, the civie dropped his blade and gripped the blade that had been thrust into him.  Regimas then ripped the blade out and let the man fall.  Looking down at him for a possible trophey, Regimas suddenly had the feeling he was being watched…

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Delton and Yeeto were the first pair of Elite Troopers to spot the Mandalorians. They hailed the others of the location and prepared to attack.

Delton, the human threw a smoke grenade while Yeeto opened fire. Neither cared how many civilians died. They just wanted to serve their master’s wishes.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Tracyn was the first to notice the Elite soldiers.

Take cover!" He shouted as blaster bolts flew over his head. The Mandos all took cover, firing at the two Naboo. One fell as Tracyn's blaster bolt hit him square in the chest, but the other ducked behind a fountain and continued to fire at them.

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Jag saw the Rodian and the human throw the grenade smoke covered Red Team.  They were going to get torn apart if something wasn't done fast.  Jag switched his comm to Fynn's channel. 

"Alor.  We need to flank them fast before Red gets blasted."

"Good idea.  Blue Team let's go!"

Jag followed Fynn and the others around the building.  This was going to be like shooting wamp-rats in a barrel.  But the Mandalorians didn't count on the force training of the pair.  Fynn nearly had his head blasted as he rounded the corner.  This wasn't going to be as easy as it looked.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

(Netty, Yeetos not dead.....yet. He's gonna get back up soon)

"Oww!" Tracyn yelled as a blaster bolt clipped his shoulder. The other Elite Naboo was surprisingly skilled, as he was holding several Mandos at bay by himself. Tracyn had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen soon....

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Unexpectedly Joslyn had an aneurism and died.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Tracyn saw her collapse, and he noticed she was dead. He took one of her shoulder plates, and her Mandalorian rippers as memoirs of her, and continued on without her. Tears would be shed later.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Ocelot walked down a hidden stone pathway from the palace; blasterfire and explosions could be heard close by. He left his lieutenant in charge of palace security, no one was to enter.
Adamska approached the Auction House, which was little more than an open marble rotunda with carved Greel-Wood chairs. His last report of a Mandalorian sighting came from this district, whether it was one or a whole squad, he didn't know.
Blasterfire was close, possibly less than 200 meters. Faint blue reflections could be seen on the glass windows on the opposing building to him; along with distant agonizing screams.

"They're being slaughtered."

Ocelot pressed against a large marble planter opposing the Auction House, looking between two shrub bushes with his optical binoculars. From what he could tell, there was and entire squad of Mandalorians scattered throughout the city block. Adamska altered his view back to the Auction House; he spotted was a Mando-esque outline moving through the dark rotunda; backlit from explosions, smoke and blasterfire.

"I'll bet he's not one of our boys."

"Oh, Shalashaska. I thought you were with the Colonel." [Ocelot kills him]
"The Colonel will be joining you soon...Comrade."