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Perfect for when the MADOS drop in and start laying waste.  Think big explosions

In NABOO SECURITY FORCES HQ.  Senior Master Chief Tarn Randing, a career service menber with over 50 years of uninterrupted service has just entered into the Tactical Response Unit also known as TRUe and while grabbing his morning caf, he says...

"I got a bad feeling today boys, deep in these bones."

"You say the same thing every day, and nothing, NOTHING ever happens." replied his equally as experienced but not as highly promoted, career WEAPONS SPECIALIST Freuz Lanviel sniped from his daily spot behind an exotic rifle working on the sights or tweaking a trigger for one of the operators.

"Yeah, I know, but I feel it today, no kidding.  It woke me up from a sound sleep and all."  The CHIEF Randing said as he stirred in his cream and applied his usual 5 sweetners.

As he pulled the cup to his mouth and blew the forst sips to a tolerable level, the explosions started and then sirens began to wail, not a warning, but a funeral dirge as the MANDOS, the stuff of legend appeared in their reality on NABOO.

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Joslyn quickly stashed her explosives on her Basilisk she affectionately called Trudy, much to the amusement of her fellow Mandos. She put the different components of her explosives into their individual sections to ensure they didn't go bang.

She almost jumped when Solus spoke behind her, "Do you need another blade?"

Joslyn chuckled, "No not really. Just wanted to lighten the mood, it was getting too serious in there."

Solus tilted his head slightly, "You really didn't need to get Jag off side."

"Ah he's easy to rev up. I'm sure he'll get over it." Joslyn replied, then waved her hands at Solus, "Now shoo, go get ready before the boss rouses on you."

Solus stood there for a moment as if he wanted to say something but then walked away. Joslyn shook her head, she couldn't quite work out Solus. He would approach her to talk privately from time to time but when they were together in a group he seemed almost hesitant to speak to her. His behaviour confused her but she took it all in stride. Perhaps it was because she was a woman. But Joslyn had quickly shaken that idea, women were welcome warriors in Mandalorian culture. She was certain she'd figure him out eventually. But for now her main concern was her mission and following Tracyn's orders. "Let's rumble!" she grinned as she climbed aboard Trudy.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Sorry... I forgot to introduce my character and went in to story time, my bad


AGE:    29


RANK:  NEW 2LT (formerly a Senior Sergeant before an iniaitive to put senior enlisted men into greater roles of authority in efforts to shore up defenses in an increasingly dangerous time)

APPEARANCE:  CRAZDAN is an attractive enough male in the prime of his life, he radiates confidence, but not arrogance and is sure of himself in most situations.  He has a warm personalty and a robust sense of humor, often heard quoting some obsucre line from the recent comedy holos or impersonating the celebrity of the moment. 

He is powerfully built from his younger days as a "kik boll" a NABOOIAN version of RUGBY, where he developed his leadership style, but has begun to slow down as 30 approaches and has put on a few kilos lately, but his artist lover and soon to be wife (he has a  emerald love stone in his pocket, but yet to give it to her) SASHANE thinks it makes him even more attractive as she views him through forgiving the eyes of the love.  He keeps his brown hair cut short, but not overly so and has a pair of darkened lenses always on his head or on.

WEAPONS:  He only carries his issued holdout blaster, for now, but will look to procure weapons as necessity deems it so.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

********************************************** POSTING FOR SI *******************************************

Queen Jayali Kalipana

The Queen was anxious after her last meeting with her Head Chief of Security Forces for Theed. So much had been discussed in such a short period of time, and she was feeling the exhaustion of such a meeting. She lowered her head, feeling the weight of the golden crescent head piece coupled with so much blonde hair.   

“What is the republic coming to?” She wondered to herself, weary from the day. She was glad she had dismissed all the members of the court. Showing weakness would not anyone any good. The conflict with the Mandalorians was spreading. Reports of more worlds being invaded and vanquished were brought in every day. Republic forces were fully deployed in attempt to defend against the battle hungry clans under Mandalore. Jayali was fully worried that it only would be a matter of time before her own people were thrown into the fray.

Queen Kalipana knew her people were at risk. As a major food producing system, other systems depended on them. As a whole they were a peaceful people. And Jayali had decided on her own that made them a target; as an easy victory for the marauding Mandalorians. She lifted her head again, and walked to the large arched windows that over looked all parts of the city of Theed.

“No I can not fail my people and just leave a window for death and destruction.” She thought. Jayali looked towards the space port, and a small fighter, scarred from many fights. She smiled. “No, we won’t just be overrun. Not with out a fight.” She turned and went back towards the desk. She would be expecting a call.

Naboo Spaceport

The Republic fighter landed on the scored permacrete. His was certainly not the first to land here, nor would he be the last. The man climbed out of the one person craft, wishing he hadn’t left the spaciousness of the cruiser for this “mission”. In all honesty he questioned why he was even here. “This is a mission for advisors and diplomats.” He muttered to himself, stretching and fixing his jacket. “I can’t leave all my fellow soldiers on the front, that’s where I would be the most use. Fighting. Not babysitting some child Queen. How is this my responsibility? Its not my fault that these people couldn’t elect someone with a bit more experience.”

An Naboo Security officer proceeded to stride up to the man, eyed the blaster in his holster on his hip and said “Can I help you?”

“What, your joking right?”

“No sir.”

“I’m here at the request of Queen, uh, Kalip-ono?”

“Kalipana?” the guard corrected, voice full of contempt.
“Yes that’s her. Queen Kalipana sent for me. I come from the Republic Navy.”

“Indeed. I shall let her know then of you’re arrival. You can wait here, some one will come for you.”   

The man leaned back on the fighter, and folded his arms in front of his chest.  He watched the officer speak into his comm, argue momentarily then finally gesture in his direction. The the guard put his comm away and walked back over.

“It seems that I am the one that’s going to lead you to the palace. Follow me”

There was apparent annoyance in the officers voice. But it didn’t matter, the sooner he saw the Queen, the sooner he would be back where he belonged; fighting the mandalorians. The way to the palace was not long, but impressive. There were fragrant flowers blooming on the vines that covered the stone walkways leading to the domed and columned palace and he had not seen something quite so nice in a city and spaceport for some time.

Queen Kalipana sat behind a large desk, in a chair worthy of her stature. For some reason he had thought she would look different. The blonde hair and green eyes were certainly striking., not at all what he was expecting. She was certainly beautiful despite the elaborate make up covering her face.
He bowed. “Your majesty, let me introduce myself. I am Carth Onasi, member of the Galactic Republic Navy.”

(Instead of spending all night attempting to make a character sheet, for those who may not know here is a link for info. about Carth.)

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Sev Fett wrote:

((Maybe just a chart in the first post outlining who is in whose squad and leaders and such, would be nice for reference.))

Here ya go Sev:

Blue Team-
Ralin -Team Leader-
*Reserved* CA

Red Team-
Appo -Team Leader-

*Ok, the time has come to Rock'n'Roll!  To any who want to be Mandos still; PM me and I'll help you to fit into the story still.  CA, when you see this, just assume you've been in the background of the posts that have gone on; you're in Blue Squad with me.  Oh, and BTW, the time of day has just been advanced to night-fall as set up in my earlier posts.  If you need to complete something that was going on earlier, feel free to do a quick back-in-time post and then advance it up to speed with mine


Fynn walked up to his Basilisk.  The massive war mount had been painted in the Aliit Drakus colors black and gray, with jagged slashes of blood red across it.  He caressed his gloved hand across it’s broad forward armor plating and looked into the semi-sentient droid’s forward photo-receptor. 

“Carry me fast and aim true, my friend” he whispered to it as the droid flexed its trainable forward blaster cannons. 

Petting the driod one last time, Drakus marched quickly around to its left side.  “Alright everybody; SADDLE UP!”

Passing Starwind, they exchanged a fist bump as they headed for their stations.  Trius roared with excitement, bashed his chest plates with his fists, then rushed into the cockpit of his craft.

Climbing up the side of his Basilisk, Fynn reached up and grabbed the ‘horn’ and slung himself into the saddle.  His droid, nicknamed ‘Falcon,’ strained against the magnetic seals in anticipation of battle. 

Fynn could feel the artificial gravity projectors struggle to adapt to the ‘Blood Asp’s change it course as it dropped lower in it’s orbit.  The drop-bay suddenly went dark for a moment, then the night-drop red lights flickered on.  Directly in front of Fynn the clamp indicator light also turned red, it’s green counterpart under it still dark.

As his squad called in ready for detachment, Fynn looked over his shoulder at Captain Tracyn, who gave a thumbs up.

The rumbling increased, both from the turbulence of low orbit and his Basilisk’s landing strut ‘arms’ pulling and flexing against their magnetic bonds.  Tightening his grip and taking a deep breath, Fynn nodded to the control station directly ahead of him, it’s armored operators at their stations.  Giving a salute, the flight control officer punched the trap door release. 

The red lights in the hanger vanished in an instant, and for a moment the only light was from the control station’s transparisteel shield and the red light ahead of him indicating the magnetic locks were still in force.  Then the hanger doors below them cracked open, the air was sucked from the bay, and the ambient light from the city below glowed below him. 

As the locks released and the light in front of him turned green, Fynn yelled “OYA MANDA!!!” as  he and the others free-fell into the darkness…..

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Adamska walked impatiently down the massive open marble hallway to the Queen's observation pylon that extended from the main palace. He had heard over the Queen's private comm channel someone by the name of Carth Onasi had arrived, but Ocelot was not informed. That really aggravated him. The expression on his face was stone-cold and killer.

"-and with that, you have my thanks, Carth Onasi." Queen Kalipana finished politely. "I would like to introduce you to my head of personal security, Adamska Ocelot. Adamska, this is Carth Onasi of the Republic Navy. He has come to assist with security."

Carth nodded in acknowledgment, but Ocelot just stared.

"I'll be on the east landing platform. Comm me if more important matters come up." Adamska gestured his hands as if mock-shooting the air with finger guns. He began the long walk back down the massive open archway to the main palace hub.

"If pretty boy thinks he can just stroll in and takeover...he's dead wrong."

"Oh, Shalashaska. I thought you were with the Colonel." [Ocelot kills him]
"The Colonel will be joining you soon...Comrade."

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

the doors fell away and the mandos were rocketing for the city. regimas held tight to his trusty droid, decorated with

large skulls and bones his droid was quite a bit heavier and he soon fell slightly behind. suddenly the skull, tethered

to his belt came undone.skull flew upward, the droid continued to rocket toward the surface. regimas thought for a

second, then let go of his droid spread his arms, and jumped. regimas rocketed skyward, his squad, and his mount

now far below him. the skull just out of reach. he fired his gauntlet cable and was able to reel it the last few inches

to his outstretched hand. he could hear the voices of his squad in his helmet, com. drakus yelling at him, someone

mumbled "crazy bastard", another started laughing. clutching the skull he tongued the jetpack ignition switch.

nothing happened. he glanced back, one of his swords had severed the fuel cable! he was now free falling, his

mount,a miles him. he straightened his body, rocketing towards his droid. all eyes were on him. spreading his

arms and legs he slowed himself, his droid rushed up to meet him. regimas hit his droid, hard. he heard his

antenna snap and twirl away, as his helmet collided with the basilisk, his vision went black for a moment then

returned. he re-tied the skull to his belt, and mounted his droid properly.  then he heard drakus breath a sigh of relief and say.....

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Shaking his head as Regimas fell back into his Basilisk's saddle, Fynn kyed his com.

"Do that again, and I'll blast you myself..."  Damn kid.  He'll need those guts tonight....if he doesn't smear them all across the city.

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Joslyn let out a battle cry as she and Trudy dropped into the cool dark sky. It was only after the display of aggression and enthusiasm that Joslyn closed her eyes. She loved the sensation of falling and gave in to the feeling. She heard the others through their coms and smiled. For once she didn’t say anything cheeky. She simply relished the moment before the chaos began.

Her private com sounded, “Rather quiet there.”

Joslyn opened her eyes to the sound of Fynn’s voice. “Calm before the storm,” Joslyn replied simply.

“You’re not nervous?” Fynn asked.

Joslyn laughed, “I’m not going to pike on you if that’s what you’re implying.” Within her helmet Joslyn chewed her lip. She’d been with the squad a while but she was still the newest member and she often wondered if they doubted her capabilities. She never let that emotion show, but in moments such of these she was able to let her guard down, or so she thought.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

“You’re not nervous?” asked Fynn as the glow from the atmosphere around their basilisk’s and armor faded and the thin air began to whip at their masks.

“I’m not going to pike on you if that’s what you’re implying” Joslyn shot back with a laugh.  The sort of laugh used to shield real emotions.

“It’s alright to have doubts corporal” Fynn almost whispered into his helmet mic as he watched the city of Theed grow below him.  “Fear is normal.  But don’t let it rule you; focus on your job and finishing it; worrying about failing will only make it more likely to happen.  Affirmative?”

“I think so Commander” she replied softly, as though she didn’t want to others to hear, despite the impossibility of that. 

“When you get down there, don’t think, you won’t have time for it.  Just do.  Rolling with your gut will save your life.”

“Roger that commander.”

Fynn killed his com and sighed.  He hoped he’d helped her.  She was new to the unit, almost as new as Regimas.  She had experience, but she was only just learning to be a SuperCommando.  This kind of warfare was entirely new to her, and he sensed her fear of failure and the amount of responsibility on her shoulders in such an elite group. 

She’d better get over it, and fast.

Fynn switched to his unit com.  “Prepare to light up thrusters.”  The drop thus far had been controlled only with their repulsers; their droids hadn’t lit their powerful thrusters to avoid the city's power sensors which they’d been warned about by their informant.

“On my mark.”  The ground was now growing much more detailed, their altitude very low.  “4…3…2…1…Punch it!”

The Basilisk’s suddenly lurched forward with the burst of power.  Their afterburners glowing brightly in the night sky, the two squads split up just above the Theed towers and raced for their objectives…

*could post Revolver; Theed sensor stations would be going crazy right now and you’d be getting a call*

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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* Dont mind if i join you do you? big_smile *

Name: Neil Griffin (Griffin is my name if you havnt figured it out tongue )

Age: 23

Species: Human

Affiliation: Naboo Security force

Rank: Captain

Job: Senior officer of the palace guard. Also the training officer in urban warfare as his expertise is unrivaled.

WOC: Duel S-5 heavy blaster pistols, Heavily customized

Other: A vibro 'short' blade

Armor: An officers cap and a blast-dampening vest with added plates to protect from melee attacks and further protection from blaster shots. Also with durasteel plates protecting his thighs, shins upper arms and lower arms.

Appearance: Standing 5' 10", Muscular build. short brown hair, ice blue eyes. Wheres a necklace that his wife gave him. All though usually not allowed to wear personal items. no one questions the captain. He has quite some scars on his body, most noticably the one running down his forehead down to the middle of his cheek.

Personality: A humorous captain, yet serious. never sees the worse of things. Loyal to the last drop of blood in him. Loves everything. A big softy at heart. but ruthless on the battlefield. an expert in urban combat.

Griffin was on stag. It was night, about 2 in the morning. He stood upon the guard tower, slouching and half asleep. With his thermal/Night vision Bino's he was scanning the perimeter of the palace.

The night was quiet. The air stood still. It was a cloudless night. Then in the corner of Griffins eye he saw a faint burst of light.

"Oh...Crap!" He moaned

"Baseplate this is Bravo two zero, Posted on bravo tower. we got contacts heading into the city....Raise the alarm" Griffin shouted into the comms As he pulled out one of his S-5's and headed into the palace.

War was here

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Joslyn felt relieved at Fynn's advice. She didn't have long to ponder it before her attention was diverted back to the mission at hand. She held tight to Trudy and felt immediate trust in her own personal droid.

Joslyn took a moment to study where the others were and aligned her basilick with her team. She left room for Tracyn to land first. She knew from experience that he liked to suss out an area before his team got too far ahead. "Do you think there'll be much resistance?" she asked her team leader.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Dachande had landed quickly, he was not used to the basilisk war droid, but he did a good job of landing it near the others. Once on the ground he immediately engaged his shiftsuit, cloaking and moving leaping and climbing onto a roof, where he had a better view. The hunt had began.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Marcus gave a "Yeeeeehaaaaaaw!" as he landed on the surface, and ran for a bit to get the flight out of him. Getting off his basilisk, which he named Count, and then scouting his surroundings by turning in a 360 degree motion, it turns out there was a lot of forest to their left, even though they landed on plains. Turning around, Marcus saw that Fynn and the others were landing over by the hangar. Fynn's voice came through Marcus' commlink "Sarge, what's your report?"

"Well, uh, there's a forest, but I landed in the plains, nice view of the city here. We could, you know, go totally all out. Kicking down doors, blasting the crap out of everyone we see, knock out some communications. Ey?"


Marcus then hopped onto his basilisk and rode towards the hangar.

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

(Really sorry if I missed something, but this isn't sounding right to me:

Ralin Drakus wrote:

“Meathod of assault” questioned Fynn more pointedly as he stuck his gloved finger at Joslyn.

Letting out a slight sigh as she straitened in he chair, she began her description.  “Strafe the building…destroy the signal tower with firepower from our basilisks…make a hot landing at the front door, which I get to blow in…then kill anybody inside while making sure they don’t have a backup communications network.”

“Which our trusted informer claims there is not” added Red team leader Tracyn.  “But we’ll be making sure of that, Right team??”

“Yes SIR” Regimas almost shouted before noticing the others just nodded.

“Blue team, OUR time of attack?” Fynn continued. 

“Ten twelve hours, or the moment we pick up chatter of the attack on the com station” Jag almost growled. 

“And then?” Fynn pointed to Kelborn.

“And then we blow anything that can even hover..." 

"While killing anything and anybody that moves” Solus cut in

(I'll wait to post until after I know for sure what's happening)

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

*Thanks Kelborn.  Let’s organize vode, we have our mission objectives, and I laid it out there in the post he quoted if you need to refresh on what we’re doing.  If there’s something you don’t understand, PM me.  A_A, yours works as you landed in the city with Red Team.  Please just add the others around you opening fire on the roof of the com station; maybe the tower coming down on somebody’s house in an awesome fashion  wink .  Fett_II, no idea where you’re going.  If you could edit to fit my post here I’d appreciate it.

And again, you can post your sensor stations picking us up Revolver and calling you.


To his right Fynn could see the lights from Red team’s thrusters disappear below the rooftops as they made their run on the communication complex.  The explosions that soon followed were all he needed.

“Blue Team, execute, execute, Execut!”

On the order, all the Basilisks throttled up and turned toward the hillside hanger bay.  As they fell into the entry pattern that the friendly fighters no doubt used, Blue Team tightened up; Starwind was almost close enough to touch.  As expected, the starship hull grade blast doors were securely sealed to the hanger. 

Fynn sneered at the defense.  Doors were made to be kicked in…


The ‘Falcon’ shuddered from the power if it’s full forward weapon array.  Blaster cannon bolts, Mass Driver slugs, and missiles streaked from Blue Team’s war-mounts with a brilliant display. 

The massive durasteel door quickly failed and was blasted away.  Rocketing into the brightly-lit hanger, the Basilisks began their work.  The Naboo starfighters were ripped apart as the swarming Basilisks rained fire down on them; mechanics and the hand full of pilots who weren’t vaporized ran for their lives.  Fynn’s ‘Falcon’ used it’s trainable forward cannons on some, while reaching down with it’s four fingered ‘landing claws’ and ripped the very cockpits from the fighters.     

When the hanger finally fell silent, the once ornate and room and been turned to a scorched ruin; it’s sleek fighters a useless pile of junk.

“DISMOUNT!” Fynn ordered, his carbine already out in case any security forces were to burst in.

As the Mandalorians dismounted their mounts, the Basilisks turned and flew out the smoldering hanger and made their way to the designated hold point that had been programmed into their systems before the mission.

“Kelborn, on point!  Go see if we woke the neighbors.”

“On the way!”

“Solus, go with him.”

The team’s designated marksman nodded sharply as he removed the disposable scabbard from his sniper rifle and chased after the scout.

“You bring any of those thermal-incinerator packs Jag?”  Fynn asked.

“Always boss.”

“Good, lets go find the armory then…those packs should make an interesting impression on any starfigher launched missiles or torpedoes they have stored…”

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

red squad swooped in, firing all they had at the comm. station, guards tried to run but were gunned down.regimas  fired,2 rockets streaked towards the comm. tower. weakened, the tower crumpled and fell, landing on a nearby building, destroying it completely. regimas gunned for the base, his basilisk didnt even hit the ground when he jumped. he tucked and rolled and was firing before he was standing. he saw a blur of motion rush past him, leaping to a rooftop. his helmet outlined the distortion, it was just dachande, doing his thing. the rest of his squad was already in action. the few guards around the complex now  smoldering. Joslyn had pulled some breaching charges out and was setting them in place on the complex door while the others took up defensive positions around the rubble. joslyn made a quick hand gesture and dived to one side, rolling behind the remnants of the tower as the door blew apart, sending hot orange chunks of metal raining down on them. one by one their heads raised, the smoke cleared and...

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Joslyn smiled at a job well done, "I'm going in!" she told as she edged forward. She knew that they could simply slice into the Communications board but Joslyn wanted to use a more explosive solution.

She took point and quickly made her way upward taking out the gaping guards on the way through. The pair of Communication Officers were trying to send out a signal but Joslyn's initial explosion had caused the system to faulter. "Up boys! and believe me when I don't say things twice."

One of the Coms Officers pulled a blaster but Joslyn took him down while Regimas eliminated the other.

"Setting charge," Joslyn told as she prepared to finish off the Coms unit. Once the tower was down all communications would cease. The squad ran for it and then Joslyn activated the bomb. She grinned as there was a satisfying thump and the top of the tower fell to the ground. "Ah nothing like a job well done."

"We're just getting started," Tracyn reminded her.

"I know," Joslyn said with a grin which she was certain was relayed in her tone of voice.

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

"Sir we've been attacked on two fronts!!!...We've lost our fighters sir! We have no air support!" The comms technician shouted

"Hmmmm....have we ID'd the enemy?" Captain Griffin replyed, scratching his chin with the barrel of his SL-5

"Negative sir. Just that there good, heavily armoured and are utilizing heavy droids"

"Hmmm sounds like mando's too me....met a couple of free lancer ones. why on earth would they attack naboo!?" The captain said again. no enthusiasm on his voice what so ever

"Have all forces on high alert, rules of engagement....shoot to kill. draft in everyone who's done military service or can use a blaster. fortify the palace. NO ONE sleeps!" Griffin roared. takes out his second SL -5, removing the scopes from both of them and tossing them aside.

"Time to fight men" he smirked at his men

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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

The sirens sounded to late, but all the warning wouldn't have made a difference.  the MANDOLORIANs came in fast and hard and where used to the task at hand, and their pilots were not, the whole world was not.  For hundereds of years, as long as living being could remember, NABOO had remained a tranquil planet, a dream of paradise. 

That dream was over today and along with it an entire squandron and its pilots in the first moments of the battle were wiped away in a one very lethal run.

The immediate explosions were over and only a few sympathetic ones filled the hangar, that and the sounds of the dying.  Those sounds were soon drowned out by the distinctive fire of heavy blaster, up close and personal.

His name was Jyron Baileen, a ship fueler of no renown. He was pinned underneath the wreckage of a scaffolding that had collapsed in the opening barrage, he had been on break enjoying his meal one moment, and now lay dying in another.  His moment of death came as an armored figure strode over him and leveled the largest blaster he had ever seen in his direction.  Fear didn't have time to register as his world went white and then dark, eternally so in an instant when the figure with the T shaped visor, something out of a scary movie pulled the trigger....

This scene was played out all through out the hangar as the living were killed and the dead stayed dead as the MANDO assault on NABOO began.



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Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Ocelot sat on the ledge of the landing platform, smoking a cigar. Night had fallen over Theed, the skies were clear, calm, and uneventful...such peace would not las for long. Adamska spotted a cluster of faint lights moving down twords the planet at high speed, maneuvering like ships.

"What the...?" He stood up and pulled out a pair of optical binoculars to observe the now overly bright falling objects. Just then, comm chatter went berzerk.

"Baseplate this is Bravo two zero, posted on bravo tower. We got contacts heading into the city....Raise the alarm."

"I'll be damned. The Mandos are finally mounting an assault." Ocelot shook his head in disbelief.

"Milady, this is Adamska. Get to the throne room, I'll meet you there along with teams two through five, we are under attack, I repeat, we are under attack."

"Oh, Shalashaska. I thought you were with the Colonel." [Ocelot kills him]
"The Colonel will be joining you soon...Comrade."

Re: Objective: Naboo RPG

Tracyn and the others had all landed, and Joslyn was going to take out the Comm. Tower. She did, and Red Squad watched as the bomb blew the tower's top off.

"Ah nothing like a job well done" Joslyn said, and he reminded her that they were just getting started.

"Ya know, Joslyn, I could have just sliced into the Communications board and we wouldn't have to waste any ordnance." Tracyn said.

"I know, but blowing things up is much simpler." she replied. He knew that she was grinning under her helmet. Suddenly, a pair of Naboo guards who must have heard the explosion came running up behing her, about to open fire.

"Osik!" Tracyn shouted as he quickly drew a WESTAR and killed one of the guards. The other fired off one shot before he was blasted, too, but the shot was poor, and it flew past Joslyn and into the rubble of the Comm tower.

"We had best be on our guard. We have no idea when another one of these guards will come." Tracyn said as he holstered his WESTAR.

"None of this is really happening. There is a man. With a typewriter. This is all part of his crazy imagination."

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Joslyn inwardly cursed herself, she should have been more alert. She could bask in her succes later. "So do we continue to rain terror or are we going for the first warehouse?" Joslyn ask Tracyn.

"Terror for now," Tracyn said as they took the path of agressor yet again. Joslyn hopped upon her Basilisk. "Corporal, you and Trius go west, we'll head east. Destroy any Naboo security sectors you can find."

"Yes sir," Joslyn said with a salute. Trius said nothing as usual but was happy to follow her lead. Joslyn knew that wouldn't last for long. If Trius enjoyed anything, it was causing chaos and destruction to his enemies.

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((Hey dude, this is the Mandalorian wars, I dont think there were westars, unless were just throwing out the timeline, which is fine. If we are then nvm this))

Dachande sprinted forward, he would task himself with taking out high priority targets, like turrets and speeders, anti-infantry targets, and snipers of course. He found snipers a disgrace, dishonorable, focusing on taking out targets from a distance with little risk to themselves. He loved coming up behind them, clicking his mandibles and watching them jump. They usually made good trophies, he had found one now, an alien with a large rifle, which looked like it wouldn't fire once without exploding and killing its user. Dachande picked him up by the throat, the alien gurgled and its eyes widened. Dachande stabbed him in the gut and dropped him, pulling the skinning blade from his belt as he checked for anything he might need to blow up or kill in the area. He looked down at the alien, which was still alive, but not for long, and he laughed.

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Trius followed Joslyn aboard his own Basilisk. He cockpit covering opened and retracted into the body of the droid so he could move around an bit and jump out at any moment.

The two droids flew throught the pretty streets of Theed. Trius blasting things here and there, but nothing too serious or aggressive. Things would really get hairy once he had a chance to dismount. Joslyn puased her droid.

"Trius." She said and pointed at a building ahead of them in a clearing in the city. It was a remote security barracks. A base seperate from the main barracks to distribute emergency troops to any problem areas of its sector. A perfect place to halt any resistance.

Trius leapt off his Basilisk and withdrew his vibroswords from his back. He landed in front of the door just as it hissed open and two security officers were running through it responding to the alarm spreading about the city right about now. He landed with an audible thud and let loose a roar that resounded well outside his helmet.

The 7 foot, muscular, red and black, horned Zabrak Mandalorian weilding two vibro swords blocked the way out of the building. The two security officers took several steps back yet were frozen in horror. Trius wasted no time. He cleaved the first one in two from the waist and stabbed the other through the face. He chopped his head off and it stayed, still impaled upon the sword. Trius swung that sword and the head went twirling, spraying blood everywhere, into the building. It hit a group of 5 more troops turning into the exit hallway and they took a second to register that a disembodied head just smacked into one of their own troops.

Trius was upon them in an instant. The few shots the group could get off dissolved upon his chest armor or just missed. He hacked down 4 of them in seconds and the fifth remained staring at his huge horns in terror. Trius chopped him in half two ways with his swords. Joslyn cam in behind him, carefully stepping over the remians of the first two guards in disgust.

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