Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Vince and Davik watched in wonder as Carbine ran off towards the explosion. Their Scout Trooper helmets slowly followed her and then turned to each other.

"...Lets get out of here while we can." Vince said

"Way ahead of you, what about Jaith and the Darktrooper?" Davik said turning on his speeder

"Jaith can fend for himself. And the Darktrooper..."

"We need heavy artillery. Back to HQ?"

"We could always launch an assualt via our new speeder bikes and their dual laser canons." Vince said and put his thumbs up.

"Not with the Darktroopers tough armor. Lets get some rocket launchers." Davik said and sped off towards HQ

"10-4!" Vince said excitedly and sped off as well

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Griffin, Elka and Ol' Vik where moving through the streets of Naltoon,

"You know, when i get back to base, i hope they got that pasta left! god that was realllyyyy niceee!!" Griffin said out of the blue

Elka glared at him

"Is that all you ever think about?" she moaned

"Pretty much, the only thing thats not trying to kill me really...then again..." Griffin paused to think

"Bah what am i thinking of!" he sighed "Food wouldnt kill me!" he cheerfully replied to himself

Griffin neared the corner of the wall

"Watch the corners!" He whispered as he placed himself on the corner of the street, it was a wide cross junction. easily could get mowed down...or ran over. It was too quiet, far to quiet.
Then in the distance he could see the heat waves coming off two black shadows......Speeder bikes.

"Guys, we got enemy light armor down there, say about 1200 metres...Wait for them to pass or engage?"

"Im in no mood to fight a pair of speedies, just leave them" Elka said

"Very well, Baseplate, this is Griffin copy?" He kneeled down and spoke into his comms

"This is baseplate. status Corporal?"

"I got an unknown, Elka and myself, were coming in now....Oh and baseplate?"

"What is it Corporal?"

"Got any of that pasta left?" Griffin happily spoke into his comms

"......." The comms line went dead

"Does that mean they do or they dont?" Griffin said confusedly to Elka

Elka gave Griffin a slap then grinned.

"Just go Griff....Just go!" she then ushered Griffin

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"Jaith you're ok! What are you doing?"

Jaith lined up the shot ignoring his sister as the blaster pistol fired. The rebel's head snapped back, his face simply gone, turned to a blacked crater of burned meat. The Twi'lek screamed, “No!” as she watched her love fall. She grabbed hold of his body to stop him hitting the ground, giving him one last piece of dignity.

As soon as it was done she lunged at Jaith, who quickly adjusted the power level of his blaster to stun and fired a shot into her chest. She slumped to the ground and Jaith picked her up. Jaith finally answered his sister, "Pacifying agents of the Alliance to Restore the Republic in order to restore the sector to tranquillity." He said calmly, beginning to walk away. Carbine looked stunned, watching him go. "You murdered him!" Jaith looked back, over his shoulder, not stopping. "I did my duty, for the Empire."

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma and Dodger were watching the smoke clear when they saw the awful scene unfold before them. Gemma immediately lifted her rifle to take out the Imp but Dodger placed a hand on the barrel making her lower it, “If you kill him you’re no better than the murdering scum he is.”

Gemma nodded, “One thing’s clear. I know I’m on the right side. Who murders someone like that? Quarry didn’t even have time to defend himself.”

“That’s the Imperial way,” Dodger growled.

“You don’t happen to have another charge you could set off?” Gemma asked.

Dodger shook his head, “Not one that wouldn’t result in Elna getting killed.”

Gemma nodded feeling somewhat demoralised. “I’m going kill that Imp, if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

Dodger grinned beneath his helmet, “If I don’t beat you to it first.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

To say Carbine was shocked was an understatement. Her brother had just killed someone in front of her and he didn’t seem perturbed about it. He was doing it for the Empire, or at least that’s what he claimed.

Carbine watched as he threw the unconscious Twi’lek over his shoulder. “What are you going to do with her?” Carbine asked with concern.

“I’m taking her in for questioning,” Jaith said coolly.

“But you just killed her friend in front of her, I doubt she’ll want to talk to you!” Carbine shouted as the shooting resumed against the Dark Trooper.

Jaith turned to look at Carbine, “We have ways to extract information.” Carbine looked at him in disgust. “Now go back to your shop, Carbine. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

Carbine took a step back, “Yeah I think I’ll do that.” She really wanted to get away from him. It seemed that her brother had a darker side and she didn’t like it.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Jaith did not at all feel troubled by the recent turn of events. He had killed a member of the Rebellion. He had killed an insurgent. A terrorist. He was defending the citizens and soldiers of the empire. He was defending Raina, he was defending Carbine. What he did needed to be done. He had to fight, he had to kill, so people like his sister could continue their lives in peace. But sometimes things happened, and the war was brought to them. Unfortunately this had happened, and now, exposed to what he did to defend people like her, his sister seemed to be in a state of shock, appalled at what must be done to ensure safety. She may hate him, but what he did, he did for people like her.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Flying like retards into the Fortress, having dodged some Rebel gunfire (and taking out a few on the way), Davik and Vince made their way to the weapons stash. Lo and behold, it was freakin' huge.

"So... many... guns!"

The two couldn't hold themselves, as it was quite the load. Grabbing two PLX-1s for himself, Davik headed back to the speeder, then back to the stash to get extra ammo. Vince did the same, but for some reason brought a third PLX-1. The two made their way back to the ground level, and went to face the Dark Trooper.

Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma and Dodger returned to the Rebel compound to find the others standing around the mapping station. “What’s going on?” Gemma asked as she moved in.

“We’re tracking the battles, we’ve lost a lot of our people and we still don’t have the plans.” Captain Athos told.

Dodger reached into his pocket, “This might help.” It was the reader Quarry had used.

“The plans?” Captain Athos asked with astonishment.

Dodger nodded, “Consider it a last gift from Quarry.”

Athos’ face dropped, “Oh I see.” He took the reader and plugged it in, it didn’t take him long to find the plans. “They’re here.”

“Can you transmit them from here?” Gemma asked.

Athos frowned, “We could but it’s likely that it would be intercepted. We need to get off world.”

Gemma looked at Athos, “Let me guess you’ll need a distraction.”

“I think the chaos in the city centre is doing that.” Athos replied.

“The Dark Trooper?” Dodger asked.

Athos nodded, “I suggest you help with the chaos if anything.”

“Now that’s the kinda news I like to hear.” Dodger said with a grin.

“Okay Captain, we’ll go back out.” Gemma said as she restocked on clips and grenades.

“We’ll get ready to send the message, I’ll contact you when we’re ready.” Athos told.

“Let’s roll out,” Gemma called to the others. She’d tell Elka about her sister soon enough.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Havrim didn't know where he was.  Up was down, down was left, green was black.  He was confusing himself.  Images floated in his vision.  Before he could think another random thought a wave of intense pain shot through his body.  His back arched and even more spots floated across his vision.  But voices began coming to his ears.

"He's coming around."

"Not fast enough.  Give him another shot."

Immediately another blinding wave of pain lanced through him.  A horrific gurgling was heard.  It took Havrim a few moments to realize it was coming from his own throat.

"There.  He's awake."

"Aww come on Peeks.  One more shot?  Please?"

"Absolutely not.  This one is actually valuable.  He's a rebel.  We don't want to be killing him.  Only soften him up."

As their chuckles grew distant, Havrim managed to pull himself into a sitting position.  He sat for what seemed to be an eternity as his vision slowly returned.  He made out a barren cell.  A cloth on the floor for sleeping and the refresher was a hole in the ground.  Ah the Imperial courtesy. 

The cell door creaked open and another person was thrown in.  Havrim immediately recognized the green-skinned Twi'lek as Elna.  He had trained with her when they were younger.  Her eyes were blotched red as if she had been crying heavily.  She looked up at him fiercely. 

"I swear I'll kill that Imperial.  I swear."

"Elna?  Are you alright?"

She blinked and all the rage left her body as she collapsed on the floor.  "Havrim!  They killed Quarry Hav!  He was defenseless!"

Havrim slid his aching body over to her and did the best he could to console her. 

"It's a war Elna.  People die.  Loved ones too.  Don't worry.  We'll all get of this and the Empire will pay for all those they've killed."

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

“Let’s roll out!” ordered the Rebel sergeant to her team.

Hiding in the shadows just inside the Rebel sanctuary’s entrance, Ghost tensed.  Need to get out of here and report this location…

Slipping out the door silently just ahead of the oncoming team, he looked back to make sure he hadn’t been seen. 

Sure his presence had gone unnoticed, he darted out…only to literally collide with a sentry he’d avoided while entering the area. 

Without a second’s hesitation, and with a surge of adrenaline from the surprise and shock of the encounter, ’57 wrapped his left arm around the trooper’s neck and thrust his right glove blade into the young man’s exposed throat below his blast visor. 

Dropping his blaster in shock the trooper tried to scream, but only a sickening gurgle was heard.  Before the Rebel was totally limp, however, another pair of sentries walked from around a nearby corner.  DAMN!  Must be a change in the guard shift!

Leveling their blasters, both cut loose.  Shoving the increasingly heavy trooper into the line of fire, 57’ blocked the shots and looked for an escape.

From behind, he could hear the Rebel sergeant and her team running up.

“THIS IS SS 2557” Ghost shouted into all his communicator frequencies, hoping someone was listening.  “I HAVE DISCOVERED THE REBEL BASE!”  Letting the dead trooper fall, 57’ pulled his disrupter and scout blaster as he dropped to one knee.  “TRACK MY LOCATION!”  Just dodging a bolt, Ghost fired his scout blaster and hit the Rebel they’d been calling ‘Dodger’ squarely in the shoulder, sending him to the duracreat with a thud and a yell.  “I REPEAT!”  A shot from behind grazed his shoulder.  Turning on the two oncoming guards ’57 leveled one with his disrupter and knee-capped the other with his scout.’  “..THE REBEL OPERATION CENTER IS AT MY…”

The impact of the hit knocked ’57 from his firing position to his back.  Looking down, he could see the smoldering hole burned through his chest plate.  Tilting his head weakly back up, he could see the smoke trailing from the Rebel sergeant’s blaster.

“I’ll be damned….” He sputtered.  “….killed by a woman….” 

Weakly, he attempted to raise his blaster and fire again, but she was ready and squeezed off another bolt.  His head snapped back from the shot to the helmet, he never felt the bolts from her companions…

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Griffin was enjoying his meal in the cantina. The others had gone off to play map reading But oh no not Griffin, food was to be consumed!

"Sooooo nice!" He said to himself taking mouthful after mouthful.

Then his ears suddenly perked up.

"Blaster fire? here! Whats the meaning of this!!" He moaned as he picked up his A280 and went out into the corridor

The blaster fire had stopped.

"Ooooo Sarge whats all the noise about?" He said as he stepped over the Imperial soldiers body not realising it was even there.

Gemma just nodded to the ground.

"What the blood 'ell!" Griffin moaned kicking the imps head

"Aghhh bloody hell! That things hard!" Griffin moaned after hurting his foot

"Errmmm.....Wheres Quarry?" Griffin suddenly said

"Played his last dance" Dodger said instantly

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma watched as the Imp went down and felt a slight wave of relief. She got him in the chest and then gone for the head, exactly where his com would be. She knew that he certainly would have been reporting their position. She turned to Griffin, who had just tripped over the body, “Tell Athos we’ve been compromised. We need to evacuate and get off world as soon as possible.”

Griffin nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

“Elna check on Dodger,” Gemma instructed as she stalked towards the still form of the Imperial soldier.

She saw that her first shot had penetrated his chest armour. She kicked his blaster away from his outstretched hand and moved towards his head. The protective face plates were shattered and one side of the helmet was torn asunder from the blaster shot. She was surprised to see that the Imps face wasn’t a charred mess. It seemed the helmet had taken the brunt.

She knelt down and removed the helmet, one side of his face was lined with thin scratches and the faintest burn damage from the head shot, but the rest of his face was unmarked by the destruction of the helmet. “They make half decent helmets it seems,” Gemma muttered to herself as she peered into the inner lining of the helmet. “Tracking device,” she said to herself as she noticed and small flashing icon on the remaining shards of the HUD display. She dropped the helmet to the ground and stamped on it a couple of times before smashing the butt of her rifle on the remains to crush the intricate electronics.

Gemma touched her headset, “I need a clean-up crew in sector three.”

She turned to Elna who was checking Dodger’s shoulder. “We need to move out. Dodger are you able to blow those charges?”

Dodger looked up, now without his helmet, “I’ve never heard sweeter words uttered.”

“Okay then, it’s time we finish this.” Gemma said as she readied her rifle. “Let’s move.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

As Carbine made her way back to her shop she stopped for a moment to look into the sky, she raised a hand to shield her eyes from the sun and attempted to keep her mind off the image of Jaith shooting the Rebel. As hard as she tried her memory kept reminding her.

She attempted to justify what he had done, but the Rebel hadn’t even had a blaster in his hand. “Maybe he had a knife up his sleave,” she suggested out loud.

Carbine walked into her shop with a blank look on her face. Arista was filing her nails, “You’re gonna be proud of me. I should another Areeba Twelve while you were out.” Arista then noticed the look on Carbine’s face, “Are you alright?”

Carbine shook her head, “I just saw my brother kill someone.”

Arista shrugged, “There’s battles going on out there everywhere, it was bound to happen sooner or later.”

“No,” Carbine started, “This wasn’t in the heat of the moment, he just walked up to this guy and shot him.”

“Was he a Rebel?” Arista asked.

“Yeah, apparently so.” Carbine said as she sat down behind her desk.

“So what’s the problem?” Arista asked, “They would have killed him had they been in similar circumstances.”

“But he wasn’t armed,” Carbine said in response.

“Would you have rather it been your brother who had been killed?” Arista said pointedly.

“Of course not,” Carbine said with a look of horror on her face.

“Then be glad that he can handle himself. I lost my ex when he came face to face with a Rebel. If he hadn’t hesitated in firing he might still be here today.” Arista said as she pointed her nail file at Carbine.

Carbine nodded feeling numb, “I’m going to get some caf.”

“Sounds like a good idea, I’ll have one too if you’re going to Arlay’s.” Arista said with a cheeky grin.

“Okay, I’ll make it two cups of caf.” Carbine said as she walked out, forgetting that the Dark Trooper was still loose.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma was leading the remainder of her squad back out into the action. She stopped as she heard Athos’ voice though her headset, “Sergeant we’ve located Harvim’s position in the Imperial building. I’ll send the co-ordinates to you.”

Gemma quickly took note, “Okay we’ll see if we can get him out.” She told as she turned to the others. “We’re going to need to split up. We’ve got to get Harvim out and do a sweep for Elna.” Gemma said as she looked at Elka.

Next Gemma turned to their explosives expert, “Dodger, we need you to do your magic but you’ve got to leave the best until last.”

Dodger grinned, “Yes ma’am. Can I borrow Ol’ Vik? I’m going to need someone to lean on,” Dodger said as he held his injured shoulder.

Gemma looked at Ol’ Vik with a raise eyebrow, “Your choice?”

Ol’ Vik grinned, “As long as I get to knock around some Imps I’ll be happy.”

Gemma nodded, “Good, then Elka and Griffin will come with me. Best of luck everyone. May the Force be with you.”

Dodger shook his head, “You and the bloody Force, why can’t you believe in something of substance, like the Tooth Fairy.”

Gemma almost slapped him one then remembered his shoulder, “You’re insane Dodger, guess that’s why I like you.”

Dodger grinned, “That and for my stunning good looks and charm.”

“Don’t over do it,” Gemma said then turned serious. “Let’s roll.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Griffin stood next to gemma, looking all macho, his rifle slung over his shoulder. Griffin had threw away his helmet. It was annoying him, Griffin liked to be flexible. So he replaced his helmet with a pair of sunglasses before walking upto a large shop window, Checking out his reflection.

"Oh dear" He whispered, then started checking the pouches on his webbing vigoursly

"Ahhh got it!" He said as he flipped a comb out of his utility pouch, combing his hair backwards.

"Much better" He smiled into the window and winked at him self

"Sarge where we off then?" He turned around, putting on his serious tone of voice

Gemma stared blankly at him, sighed and then began to speak

"Just waiting for the co ords for this imp building, then i think we'll do a bit of party bashing" She smirked

"Oh goody! as long as theres food. im starving" Griffin beamed

"Good ole Griff" Elna chuckled

Griffin just gave her a shrug back with a confused look

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Soon enough Gemma had the co-ordinates. “Right, we’re going to use the tunnels again, we must be care that the Imps haven’t already located the various ways in.”

With that Gemma led them to the nearest entry to the secret underground tunnels. They travelled to the hidden basement on the elevator which they rode on. Gemma entered the pin code so they could reach the hidden level. From there they run through the sewer system and Gemma was glad she’d left her helmet on, as she pulled the portable breathing mask from the side. Griffin on the other hand was coughing a spluttering.

Elka laughed at him, “See you should have kept the helmet.”

They reached the apex they were looking for and Gemma led them on, they had to crawl through some ducking but soon enough they were inside the Imperial complex. Gemma quickly found a control panel and checked the security images, “Seems they’re busy higher up. I’m guessing it’s from Quarry’s early escapade.”

The trio moved on with little resistance. “Now the tricky part,” Gemma said, “We need to get to the detention block.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

**Yes this is a double post, but it is for different characters...**

Dodger tried to ignore the pain in his shoulder as he and Ol’ Vik made their way back towards the action. “I suggest we find a nice high building to watch the action from,” Dodger told.

Ol’ Vik shook his head, “I want to beat some Imperials to a pulp, can’t do that at the top of a building.”

Dodger nodded, “Good point, also it’s easy to run if need be.”

“Ol’ Vik don’t run,” the older man said.

Dodger chuckled, “I’m sure you don’t. You look like the stay and fight type.” With a grin Dodger pointed to a building at the east, “I’m going to start with that one, then I’m going to cascade the effect towards the west. Buildings are going to come down all over the place.”

“What about the people inside?” Ol’ Vik asked with curiosity.

Dodger smiled, “I chose the more derelict buildings and told the occupants they were going to be evicted today. They got out pretty quickly.”

Ol’ Vik rolled his eyes, “You’re a softie.”

Dodger raised a finger to his helmet, where his lips would be, “Shh don’t tell anyone.” Then Dodger took out his first trigger. “Now let the games begin,” with that Dodger fired and watched as first one building, then another and another shook and then tumbled. “Man I hope I squash some Imps, especially that Dark Trooper.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Havrim just sat around as Elna sobbed.  She was going through a hard time and he could understand.  But as she sat against his chest his senses were slowly returning to him.  There was still a dull pain in his head that would not go away.  The imps looked busy.  They were running back and forth in front of his cell.  Something was up.  He caught mentions of infiltration.  Havrim allowed himself a small smile.  Leave it to Gemma and Griff. 

"Don't worry Elna.  They'll be here soon.  Gemma's got me out of quite a few sticky situations."

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Old Vik was watching those immense buildings break apart and fall to ruins. It was a lot of destruction all at once. The whole area seemed like it had become hell itself. It was a city, but it quickly became a battlefield. The street's concrete was getting stained with blood, lots of blood. Friends, enemies and things, every party was losing, more and more with the hours.

Old Vik wasn't feeling sad one bit. He felt alive. He was in his element. He was where he wanted to be. Others were dying, and that was sad, but that's war. If he had to die, it would be here. The other one mentioned something about running. Nah, he wouldn't run. He had been waiting for this...

He got interrupted in his train of thoughts by a rocket passing by and exploding VERY close to them. That damn Dark Trooper crap! His face was crimson red with anger as he was about to reply with the muzzle of his cannons, but then felt a hand gripping hard on his arm. Turning to Dodger, he saw that his companion seemed to have it bad. The rocket missed, but Dodger's left side was taking a dark red tone that wasn't good news. He needed out of here. And he needed help.

Being as careful as he could under the circumstances, Old Vik lifted the explosives expert and slung him over his shoulder. He was heavier than he would have expected, probably because of all his equipment.

"Er... Ouch." Dodger had started to say something, but then passed out. Old Vik was taking him away from this mess, as quickly as his old legs could carry the both of them. He soon arrived in front of a well known wooden door. Light could be seen through the window, under the blind, he was pretty sure he was there. His huge fist knocked firmly, loudly, a few times.

A suspicious eye peeked out through the blind. The door opened wide as a smile appeared on the face of a big man, it was the bar's doorman. He was in his pjs, and judging by the look on his face, had probably been taking a nap just the moment before. "Vik, what the hell are you doing here? At this hour, I usually... What's going on?" The serious look on Vik's face made him worry. He was still feeling a bit disoriented by the sudden wakening.

"No time to chat," Vik said, "My friend here got it bad. I was wondering if you still had some of that stuff with you. Can you let us in?" he asked, not waiting for an answer, already walking towards the livingroom. The feeling of an emergency made the big bouncer wake up completely. He closed the door, then went to help his friend lay the injured man on a couch that had seen better days.


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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"The dentention block eh?, Yeah been there a couple of times. Never seem to like it there so i kind of just walk out" Griffin said

"By the way Sarge...i dont suppose you got taught how to read at school then?" Griffin smirked pointing out a wall sign which had all the rooms and directions...well an arrow in a general direction.

Gemma just gave a smile as if to say i hate you, in a nice way though

"Oooooo mess hall! can i pop in to get some food on the way?" Griffin said, if he was a dog, he would be wagging his tail.

This time Gemma and Elka gave him a glance as if to say NO!

"Cant blame me for trying, i suppose" Griffin smiled

"Oh i can" Elka replied digging Griffin in the stomach

"Ow...No need" Griffin moaned rubbing his stomach

"Ok enough of the childs play! we need to get to this detention block" Gemma said, turning serious again

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Returning to the scene where the Dark Trooper roamed, Davik and Vince were preparing to fire. Davik took his two PLX-1's, one in each hand, and fired. The Dark Trooper was hit, it fell down. While reloading his rockets, the Dark Trooper got back up, and shot a rocket straight at Davik's feet. Unfortunately, it hit him in the stomach, Davik's rockets damaged the Dark Trooper's targeting system. So Vince was forced to watch as his friend blew to smithereens.

Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

It took time but Gemma, Griffin and Elka found their missing Rebels. With Harvim and the distressed Elna, they made their way back to base.

Athos was already on the flag ship, Glorious. It ascending into the sky, Athos was amazed that they’d managed to steal the plans to the second Death Star.

Dodger lay bleeding, his life slipping away. He opened his eyes one last time and smiled. “A job well done,” he said to Ol’ Vik before he passed on to the next realm.

**Getting ready to wrap up, if anyone wants to post now's the time to do it before I tie up the loose ends.**

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

((Can I let my trooper purge the area of hostiles, so he can finish his job, or is everyone feeling to attached to there dudes/dudets?))

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"-Raina, this is outrageous."

"Shalashaska, if you want to take on that Darktrooper yourself, be my guest. Until that is taken care of, I can't do anything." She replied solemnly.

"I'm out." The Colonel turned away from the Commander's desk, and calmly walked out the door. He needed to get Havrim out of this place before they overdosed him. Shalashaska left the Command offices en-route to the Prison Block. Troops were running every which way; it seems the Darktrooper was more of a threat than they thought.

He reached the prison holds and came upon Havrim's cell; the poor kid looked drunk.
"Havrim? Havrim, it's your uncle. You alright?"

"Why would to you? You betrayed"

"Stop this foolishness. Havrim, I'm getting you out of here."

"No Blaine, I don't trust you. Not after what you did."

"Hahahahaha..." Blaine shook his head.

"What's so funny?"

"Charades are usually humorous."


"No time to get into detail, I'm gettin' you outta here, I'll explain on the way."

"Explain what?"

"I can't here, not in front of the girl. She'll have to stay."

"Why do you always have to complicate things? It's always something."

"Let's not start this now."

"Start what?"

Blaster fire and shouting could be heard through the base's interior, getting closer. "I'll bet that's the Sergeant, she might not be very happy to see me...we'll talk later." Blaine handed him a keycard for the cell door. " know where to find me."

"That I do, uncle. I'll see you around."

Shalashaska nodded and walked out the rear base entrance to a scrap-disguised starship, an ancient Dynamic-class freighter. Explosions and blaster fire filled the air in the background as he walked up the service ramp, then into the cockpit, rumbling the engines to life. He looked at a nearby screen, a very large amount of credits had been transferred to his account, and it was only half. The Hutts payed well. Very well, actually; 500 million, just like that.

"Show me that horizon..." Blaine punched the controls, blasting out of the hemisphere.

((A fitting end, don't you think?))

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