Topic: Happy Birthday, George

Today is George Lucas's 62nd birthday. smile

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Re: Happy Birthday, George

Happy birth-day, glad Fett gave you annother year.

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Re: Happy Birthday, George

happy b-day george, do you guys think he reads theys kinds of message boards

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Re: Happy Birthday, George

I would'nt......I mean, what are the chances that he come to this website, to these boards, to this section, in this thread? There are A LOT of SW sites out there. Plus, he's too busy playing with his new Lucas trooper toy. tongue

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Re: Happy Birthday, George

Hah, he'd never come here. He probably would never go to a forum in fear of a crushing mob of fans.

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Re: Happy Birthday, George

Happy B-day G-man     we love ya guy....we love ya!!!! Thanx for the Fetts also...

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