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Gemma almost laughed, the Dark Trooper was actually destroying Imperial property. The fact that it was a hospital made her mood sombre. “Looks like you’re pal there is turning rogue.”

The Imp next to her shook his head, “We’ll deal with him, we don’t need assistance from Rebel scum.”

“Yeah right, then why am I shooting with you rather than shooting at you?” Gemma retorted.

“Stupidity?” the Imp spat back.

Gemma laughed, “Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been accused of that. Shall I call my troops off?”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

“We better fix the table,” Carbine said and eased off Vince's lap. Vince also stood and lifted the table up, straightening it out. They took their seats and Vince finally took his helmet completely off. His luscious blonde hair fell out from the helmet. He put it on the table and cracked a smile that showed his pearly white, perfectly straight teeth. Vince was never one to slack off on hygene...

Carbine noticed the great blonde hair and the perfect smile and was about to comment when the wine came. She took it and used it as an excuse to pace herself. She took a large gulp quickly.

Vince, however, took the glass and observed it. He swirled it around, sniffed it and finally sipped it.

"Mmmm, 20 years...most likely Felucian." He said as he slowly put the glass down and watched Carbine reaction. His assessment was a lie of course.

"Oh, I didnt know you were such a connoisseur..." Carbine replied putting seductive emphasis on the word connoisseur.

"Well I have studied abroad...or two." Vince said and cracked his amazing smile. The perverted joke was lost on Carbine because of this.

Vince took another slow sip of the wine and cracked his smile once more. He stared Carbine down from the other end of the table, trying to remain as subtle as possible while letting her know what was coming.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Carbine was lost for words, Vince keep getting better looking. Who would have known that he had such gorgeous hair under that helmet, or that he had pearly whites that sparkled when he smiled? Carbine took another swing of her wine. She had to get a hold of herself. It was clear what Vince’s intentions were if he’d taken her to this bar on purpose. She decided to slow down on the wine consumption.

“I’m amazed that you’re allowed to keep such long hair being a military man and all that,” Carbine said in desperation to keep the small talk going. She really shouldn’t get on his lap again, although she was seriously tempted.

Vince shrugged, “I tend to do my own thing. I’m an untamed man who doesn’t abide by anyone’s rules but his own.”

Normally Carbine would have rolled her eyes but with the effect of the pheromones she practically swooned. She decided to fan herself instead, “So do you plan on staying with the Empire for your entire career or do you other goals?”

Vince swirled the wine in his glass again and looked over the rim, “I have a great many goals. But there’s a short term one I’m more interested in at the moment.”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what the short term goal was. Carbine found herself blushing much to her chagrin. “I’m not that sort of girl.”

Vince smiled like a cat about to get the cream, “Oh but you will be for me.”

Carbine felt the burning ember of anger ignite deep within her belly. She was happy to know that some part of her body was functioning normally. “So you think me fair game? Strange that you had to take me to a Falleen bar, if your skills are so great.”

“This,” Vince said as he gestured to the room, “Is merely to set the mood.” He moved closer to her and Carbine felt the effect of the pheromones more fiercely.

She tried to calm herself, two could play at this game. Besides Vince wasn’t too bad on the eye, despite his personality. “If you plan on seduction you better buy me dinner first.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"Excellent. We'll need the energy boost." Vince smiled and did not bother looking at Carbine's reaction, he knew what it would be. He waved the waitress over.

"Yes we're ready to order now." Vince said

"Alright what'll it be?" The waitress asked, amused by Carbine's self restraint

"I shall have theeeeee....(pops open the menu quickly) The Kommerken steak with ootoowergs. And for the lady...I suggest Devaronian pasta."

"Coming right up." The waitress said and she walked off muttering something about damned Imperials. Vince paid her no heed.

Vince put the menu away at the side of the table and flashed his smile at Carbine hungrily once more. An explosion sounded in the distance due to the battle that shook Carbine ever so slightly and it accentuated the smile. She nearly swooned once more.

Vince took his gloves off and rested them next to his helmet at the edge of the table. He looked at Carbine again and captured her attention. While she was staring at him his hand crept up slowly and slid over hers. She blushed fiercely. Vince nearly let out an deep evil laugh of conquest. Carbine uses both hands to sip from the wine glass and begins another attempt at small talk.

"So...ummm....what are your goal in the Empire for right now?" She asked

"I wish to be a Shadow Scout.(Vince sits back and puffs up his chest. He puts his fists at his hip and looks off into the distance letting loose a devastating smile once more. Carbine could have sworn she saw a twinkle and a light 'ping' sounded) A Storm Commando. Covert OPS at its best! Going deep behind enemy lines and infiltrating the most secure targets..." Vince said

"Wow, sounds pretty exciting. You like that whole job?"

"Well...yes. And their armor looks cool. And in this crazy universe, isn't that what counts? Dont bother answering...I know it is. *sigh*(Vince relaxes once again and has a face of longing come over his face) But alas...Storm Commandoes and chosen by Lord Vader himself. And I dont see him coming down here for an inspection anytime soon. Its just you and me now...(Vince launches another smile attack that caught Carbine off guard.)"

*radio crackle* Oh my god! Its going insane! The Dark trooper is-is going insane! Its killing everybody! Theyre all dead! Theres so much blood! Vince reaches into his helmet and turns the comm off without breaking eye contact with Carbine and keeping her enthralled.

(yeah the food I mention in this post...Its real Star Wars food. thats right, I do my homework

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Carbine eyed Vince curiously as he turned off his com, “Shouldn’t you go and assist?”

Vince shrugged, “There are many fine men in the Imperial forces, I’m sure they can handle it.”

Carbine raised a brow, then smiled seductively at Vince as she took another sip from her glass. “You know my step brother is an Imperial Trooper, I forget what rank as he seems to change all the time. His name is Jaith, do you know him?”

The look on Vince’s face was priceless and Carbine had to stop herself from laughing. Oh yeah Vince knew Jaith, or at least knew of him. He quickly composed himself. “I’ve heard the name.”

Carbine continued to grin, it was her turn to bask in someone else’s discomfort. Vince cleared his throat, “Are you two close?” he asked as he finally took a gulp of his wine.

“Yes and no, were we very close when we were kids since we were of similar age when are parents married. But since he’s been with the Empire I don’t hear from him that often. I moved to Naltoon when my mother died, Jaith put in for a transfer when he heard that I was on my own. He’s all the family I have left.” Carbine told.

“You must get awful lonely,” Vince said with another dazzling smile.

Carbine shrugged, “I enjoy my work.”

“I’m sure you do,” Vince replied and quickly changed the subject, “So do you prefer silk or satin sheets?”

Carbine almost spat out her wine she’d been drinking, “Actually I prefer cotton.”

Vince raised a brow, “Like a bit of added texture? You like the rougher stuff?”

Carbine’s eyes actually went wide. She was about to answer when the pasta turned up. She prayed to the Force that it didn’t contain any aphrodisiacs otherwise she would probably lose any control she had left.

Vince started eating his steak, “Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll fine out soon enough.”

Carbine hopped that Jaith was on patrol, she really could use his help. This situation was intolerable. They were sitting in direct view from the door. Carbine figured that Vince wanted to display her for all to see. She wanted to leave but the pheromones were driving her nuts. Part of her wanted to ravish Vince on the spot but the rational part of her brain that was still working refused to have one put over her.

An idea came to mind, “Vince do you have a girlfriend? I’m not the sort of girl to break up a relationship.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Jaith had been trying to follow his prey, but had lost him. He might have been thinking he was in the clear, and Jaith thought that his prey would probably want some food after some wandering. Immediately his eyes were drawn to the Flamingo bar. His data base instantly jumped up, the bar was owned and operated by Falleen, as he approached the door he activated his environmental filters, he didnt want his judgment affected by the pheromones that would surely be in the air.

He opened the door, his hud brightening, allowing him to see in the darkness, then slowly dimming as his eyes adjusted to the gloom. He immediately saw the scout trooper, and the FOF in his helmet showed him it was the trooper who had spilled his caf all over his armor, though Jaith couldn't blame him. A moment later he recognized who he was with. His step-sister. He moved over to the table, "Get up." He said, looking at Carbine. Vince cut in "Captain, I was-" Jaith held up a hand. Carbine rose rather eagerly it seemed. "Go back to work or go home, Carbine." She nodded and began to head for the door. He turned back to Vince "You were what?"

Vince began again " I was just treating that very hot chi- er respectable woman, to dinn-"

"You were hitting on my step-sister at a Falleen owned bar, in the middle of what is rapidly degenerating into a warzone."

"And what were you doing?"

"I was searching for a rebel who had managed to infiltrate the base. Get up, get out there and make yourself useful"

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

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After parting with Jaith, Carbine couldn’t shake the heightened state of arousal she felt. She was pretty certain that the pheromones should have been wearing off so it was likely that there had been aphrodisiacs in her meal.

Without much surprise Vince appeared. Carbine shook her head in confusion, “Wait a minute didn’t Jaith just usher you off to battle?”

Vince shrugged, flipped open his helmet and leaned against the wall in what she supposed was to be a sexy stance. “I’m a man who enjoys a challenge. Besides we have unfinished business,” Vince reached for her and crushed her to his chest.

Carbine opened her mouth to speak but Vince took it as an opportunity to kiss her. Carbine felt dizzy and then hungrily kissed him back. She pulled away to look him in the eye. “You put something in my food too, didn’t you?”

Vince smiled, “Perhaps you’re just drawn to my animal magnetism. Like a moth to a flame, like a wamprat to cheese.”

Carbine’s brow furrowed, “You better be the wamprat.”

“For you baby, I’ll be anything as long as it rocks your world.” Vince proclaimed.

Carbine had to stop herself from laughing. How could she possibly be attracted to a man with such corny lines? The pheromones, it has to be the pheromones, she refused to believe that she could actually be attracted to Vince naturally.

Strangely Carbine found herself reaching for the blonde strand of hair that had escaped Vince’s helmet. “So what do you plan to do with me?”

Vince actually looked surprised, his normal self-confidence quickly returned. “I think my new speeder needs a test ride. I want to make sure the accessories are to my satisfaction. I’ll need you beneath me to do that.”

Carbine couldn’t believe that she actually felt turned on by that statement. She moved closer to him, wrapping the strand of his hair around her finger to draw him nearer, “What if I’d prefer to take up that offer of a room?”

Vince’s eyes turned dark as if he was ready to consume her, “I’d accept the change of plan. What the woman wants, the woman gets.”

Carbine almost snarled as she came in fast to kiss him, she moved her left leg to lock around his, drawing him closer. Vince moved his right hand to grasp her thigh, pulling her tight against him. This time he broke away, “Let’s get that room now.”

Amazingly Carbine agreed with him. He grabbed her by the hand drawing her back into the Flamingo Bar. He quickly got a room key and practically ran to the room, dragging Carbine along behind him.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Davik got bored of waiting around, so he went to check out how the battle was going. Wandering through the streets, Davik noticed the speeder shop he and Vince stopped by before was still open, but nobody was inside. Taking advantage, and getting a replacement for Bess, Davik motioned in a cowboy-like manner as he rode out of the shop on a new Areeba Twelve.

Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Dodger sat tinkering with his bombs and almost laughed when he saw an Imp steal a speeder from an unattended shop. The woman there, Carbine, had tried to rip him off earlier in the week. He figured she deserved the dint to her credit line.

Dodger would have shot at the Imp but he seemed too focussed on his new Areeba Twelve to notice the old bomb technician doing his thing. He paused as he heard someone shout "Halt!" Dodger immediately raise his hands and slowly turned around but the voice had not been directed at him. Dodger watched as the Imp who'd stolen the speeder got dressed down by his superior officer.

"Davik, where's that stupid partner of yours?" the Trooper barked.

Davik was rigid in posture, "Ah sir, he's entertaining a lady friend."

"Rubbish I just sent him on his way back to you," the Trooper said as he started circling Davik.

Davik's posture changed ever so slightly, "Ah sir, Vince is a bit of a ladies man. Or he'd like to think so. I'm guessing as soon as he got out of your sight he went straight back to the piece of skirt he was chasing."

Dodger knew he should have continued working but the look on the superior trooper's face was priceless. Whoever this Vince guy was seemed like he was about to get some serious pain directed his way.

Davik followed on his newly acquired speeder saying something to the other trooper. Dodger was finally able to laugh out loud.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Jaith was sprinting back to that damn bar. He was not going to let that trooper do lay a hand on Carbine. He opened the door rather quickly and grabbed the nearest worker. "The Scout trooper that was here earlier. Where did he go?" The confused waiter took a moment to think he began to stutter out an 'I dont know' when Jaith pulled his pistol from its holster, holding it up. "Are you sure you dont remember?" The waiter looked at the pistol then at Jaith's helmet. "I, uh, think they, uh bought a room" Jaith shoved him into the nearest table. He walked to the bartender. "Scout trooper, with a girl, what room?"

"I cant tell you that"

Jaith shoved the blaster in the bartender's face

"Down the hall third door on the right." the bartender said hurriedly.

Jaith ran to the room, placing a breaching charge on the door, seeing as it was probably the only sure way to open it. He blew the door, and ran in, supprising an Ithorian, He paused, staring "Wrong room." he said after a moment

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

As soon as they had gotten into the room Vince had ditched the helmet and gloves. Carbine had shucked her jacket and quickly returned to Vince’s arms. With the exposure to the pheromones Carbine could no longer resist Vince, hell she was certain he’d ordered her food with something added in it.

Vince held her face between his hands, “You’re so hot,” he told her before he kissed her.

Carbine thought it sounded like something a teenager would say. Yet she couldn’t draw herself away from him.

“Vince, tell me you’ll respect me after this.” Oh man she was sounding as bad as him.

“Oh this isn’t going to be a one off,” Vince grinned.

Carbine wasn’t sure if she should be pleased or disturbed. She didn’t have time to answer as he kissed her again. His hands ran over her body as he backed her towards the bed. They tumbled downward onto the bed and Carbine worked her hands into Vince’s hair. He rolled her onto her back when they heard a boom.

Vince’s eyes went wide, “Ah we better go.”

Carbine looked at him with dazed eyes, “Why?”

“I think you’re brother is in the next room,” Vince said as he scrambled for his helmet and gloves.

Carbine rolled onto her stomach, “So?”

“He’ll skin me alive if he knows I came back for you.” Vince said as he threw her jacket at her.

Carbine sat up and put her jacket on with no real rush. Vince grabbed her by the hand, “Come on woman, move your fabulous behind!”

Carbine almost fell over as Vince dragged her out the door. She rushed to keep up and then she heard Jaith bellow behind them.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Jaith had set another charge on the wall, coming through just as Vince was fleeing, with Carbine behind him, thank fully Vince was still in most of his armor. Jaith began firing, his blaster pistol set on stun, to avoid hurting Carbine if he accidentally hit her. Besides, he wanted Vince alive. At least for a while, then he might feel merciful and kill him, but that was only if he was lucky. He opened fire, screaming something about death and strangling Vince with his own entrails and Vince sped up. After quite a while he grazed Vince's leg, causing him to fall to the ground. Jaith did not stop running, he holstered his pistol, and upon reaching Vince, who was trying to get up, kicked him in the gut, sending him back to the ground. Vince coughed, and finally got up, only to be sent to the ground again when Jaith punched him in the face.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

“Stop,” Carbine gasped, “You’ll ruin his beautiful face.” She paused and wondered if she’d actually said that aloud.

Jaith looked at her funny for a second then continued to lay into Vince. Vince shouted, “She’s right you’re going to damage my beautiful face!”

“Fine then,” Jaith shouted as he kicked Vince hard in the guts, “I’ll aim lower.”

“Stop it,” Carbine said with less conviction as she started to breathe clearer air.

Jaith laid another boot into Vince before grabbing Carbine by the shirt collar, “Are you mad? That guy is so below you he makes slugs look regal.”

“I do not,” Vince grumbled as he rolled in attempt to get to his feet.

Jaith glared at him and Vince stopped moving. Jaith turned back to his stepsister, “This time you’re coming with me.”

Carbine scrambled to go to Vince but Jaith dragged her off with his greater strength, “No! Jaith you jerk, I hate you, I hate you... wait.” Carbine shook her head as if to clear it, “On second thought keep dragging me.”

Vince was too busy fixing his hair to catch her last statement. “I’ll come for you Carbine, just you wait.”

Jaith turned around and shot a stun bolt into Vince’s crotch, “It won’t be anytime soon.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma glared at the Imp just waiting for him to say the word. Instead he turned around and fired a few more bolts at the Dark Trooper. Gemma settled down and moved away to a better cover position. She was nearly mowed down by an Imperial on a shiny new speeder. “Idiotic Imperial!” she shouted and ducked as he shot at her in passing.

Gemma made it to the roof where she found Ol’ Vik, Elka and Griffin. Griffin appeared to be wiping his face of bread crumbs. “We better roll out in case Dodger is ready to go.”

Elka nodded, “Okay let’s move.”

“I suggest we get back to base, I’m going to look for Dodger first.” Gemma told.

Elka nodded, “Right then Griffin and Vik, looks like we’re going for a visit home.”

Gemma turned to Elka, “Just be careful of that Dark Trooper, if you think he’s following you make sure you divert him away from our base. And don't forget to grab Elna and Quarry on your way.”

Elka nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

The others moved off but Griffin paused, “Be careful Sarge.”

Gemma let a small smile creep onto her face, “You too.” Then she ran off in the direction she’d last seen Dodger. She was running around the quiet streets for a while. She smiled when she saw a new speeder sitting all on its lonesome, she figured no one was going to miss it. As she went to climb upon it she heard the distinctive click of a blaster safety being switched off.

“Get off the bike,” a male voice said.

Gemma raised her hands and stepped down to see a bedraggled looking Scout Trooper pointing a blaster at her. She also noticed that he was standing funny. He suddenly smiled but there was annoyance in his gaze, “Oh it’s you.”

Gemma’s brow furrowed until she realised who she was staring at, she began to laugh.  “Well look at that, I blew up your old crappy speeder and you got yourself a shiny new one.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Jaith had walked Carbine back to her garage. She’d been coming back to her senses as she walked but she still felt the effects lingering. “I’m sorry I yelled at you,” she said to Jaith.

Jaith shrugged, “You were under the influence of Falleen pheromones. They’re hard things to resist.”

Carbine raised an eyebrow and wondered if Jaith was talking from experience. “Thanks for getting me out of there,” she said but she wasn’t quite sure if she meant it. She felt very confused about Vince. One minute she wanted to be near him, the next she wanted to run away. She’d see how she felt after the pheromones wore off.

Jaith stood at the doorway of her shop, “I’d stay and chat but we’ve got a rogue Dark Trooper loose, if you see him coming go down to the basement and hide.”

Carbine waved a hand carelessly in the air, “I’ll be fine.”

Jaith grabbed her by the shoulders, “I mean it sister. You run because he will rip you limb from limb.”

Carbine nodded understanding the seriousness, “Ok, I will. Just make sure you cover your own backside. I want to be an aunt one day.”

Jaith smiled, “Oh it might happen.”

Carbine returned his smile, “Don’t tell me you’ve met someone.”

Jaith cocked his head to the side, “Maybe.”

Carbine laughed, “Well what do you know, some girl got through all that plating straight to your heart.”

Jaith shook his head at her teasing and walked off, he paused and looked at her seriously, “Remember what I said, run and hide if you see that Dark Trooper.”

Carbine saluted Jaith half mockingly, “Yes sir.”

“I mean it,” Jaith told.

“So do I,” Carbine replied as she walked back into her shop. Her mouth fell agape as she realised one of the Areeba Twelves was missing, “Son of a...” She turned to look at Arista who sat at the counted twirling a loop of pink bubblegum around her finger. “Where’s the other Areeba Twelve?”

Arista shrugged, “How should I know. I was at lunch, I figured you’d sold it.”

Carbine ground her teeth as she glared at the stupid blonde bimbo. “Didn’t you check the logs?”

Arista curled her lip, “They’re boring, besides this spunky guy came in and I was flirting with him like heaps. I thought I was going to sell that old Neesh Three but he just wanted my digits.”

Carbine let out a frustrated sigh, “Why did I hire you?”

Arista smiled and puffed out her ample chest, “Because the lonely Imperial guys flock to this bodacious bod of mine and you make heaps of credits.”

Carbine rolled her eyes out of Arista’s view, “Yeah what can I say I’m shallow when it comes to credits.”

Arista giggled, “Yeah well money makes the world go round. Hey speaking of spunky Imps, there’s one down the block with a new Areeba Twelve pointing a gun at a Rebel.”

Carbine stuck her head around the corner to look out the window, “Vince,” she muttered. “So he’s already found another girl.”

Arista grinned, “Don’t tell me you actually went on a date?”

“I don’t know if you’d call it a date. I was going to take him out for a drink when he bought that speeder. He took me to the Flamingo Bar.” Carbine told then ground her teeth again when Arista laughed.

“Oh he’s hot for you then. That Flamingo Bar is only for couples who want to get it on.” Arista said with emphasis on the last threw words as she rubbed her scarf down her shoulders and across her back tauntingly.

“You could have warned me about that place,” Carbine hissed.

Arista placed a delicately manicured hand to her chest, “Me? I never figured you’d go to a bar with a guy. Guess I was wrong.”

“He took me there,” Carbine said punching out each word.

Arista grinned smugly, “I’ll bet he did. Was he any good?” Carbine slapped Arista on the arm, “I’ll take that as a no.”

Carbine crossed her arms, “We didn’t get that far.”

Arista leaned forward in amazement, “Really? That has to be a first for the Flamingo, I hope you got your money back.”

“Oh just shut up,” Carbine growled then looked out the window to see what was going on between Vince and the Rebel.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

“Well look at that, I blew up your old crappy speeder and you got yourself a shiny new one.” The female rebel said. Vince wouldn't let her escape his grasp once more.

"And so we meet again, my sexy adversary...You look like a woman who appreciates the finer things in life. Come over here and feel my velour bedspread." Vince walks to the speeder and presses a button. The Rebel woman gets off and a small bed-like platform comes out of the side of the speeder. Vince reaches down with his free and and strokes the bed spread.

"Mmmmm...velour..." Vince says seductively

"Ugh..." The Rebel rolls her eyes

"Oh dont try to fool me. I can see the hunger in your eyes. You desire the rugged danger and thrill that comes with an Imperial soldier... Come with me quietly now and maybe I'll end your prisoner."

"I'd rather you just kill me now."

"Oh come now, I'm no necrophiliac. Hop on...I know a place we could go." Vince smiles

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

The thought of pistol whipping this creep entered Gemma's mind but she'd have to reach for her blaster and she had no idea whether this fool was a good shot or not. She decided to try and deter him, "I believe your fellow soldiers are trying to stop a rogue Dark Trooper. They could use all the help they can get."

The Imp scratched his chin.

Gemma continued on, "Besides two of my colleges are there and they're twin Twi'leks, of the female variety." She added for good measure.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"Mmmmm, twin Twi'leks....haven't had a twi'lek in ohhh....forever." Vince said. He hops on the new speeder and puts away his blaster. He opened his helmet for a moment.

"Fare thee well my sexy female adversary....we'll meet again." Vince said and flashed his trademark smile. He closed his helmet and sped off into the battle.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Riding through the streets, Davik almost crashed into Vince. This time, he stayed on his speeder. Vince flipped open his helmet.

"Davik, my good friend. Where have you been? You missed a lovely time, boy was that Carbine something.." said Vince as he gritted his teeth.

"I should ask you the same thing, Dr. Love. Now quit monkeying around, let's go get some scum."

Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma couldn’t believe that the Imperial had let her go, he truly was ruled by his hormones. Gemma decided to run while she had the opportunity. She didn’t get far before a dark haired woman stood in her path. “What was that about?”

Gemma blinked, “Do I know you?”

The woman shook her head, “No but I know Vince.”

Gemma grinned, “Did you actually fall for that?”

“Vince’s isn’t a that well not exactly,” the woman replied.

“He’s gone looking for Twi’lek sisters. I wouldn’t waste your time,” Gemma told, “Now I’ve got a bomb technician to find.”

“What!” the woman said grabbing hold of Gemma’s arm.

Gemma looked at the woman’s hand scathingly and watched as she removed it. “There’s a Dark Trooper that needs to die.”

The woman went pail, “My stepbrother is there.”

Gemma moved forward, “Well you better warn him to get out before he becomes splatter.”

The woman ran into her shop and hopped upon a speeder and hurried off. Gemma shook her head and continued her search for Dodger.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Carbine had to find Jaith, she didn’t care if she ran into the Dark Trooper, she couldn’t let her stepbrother die when she could save him. She sped through the streets on her red Areeba Fifteen and hoped that she wouldn’t be too late.

She jammed on the brakes as she saw smouldering piles of rubble that had been brickwork from the hospital. “Jaith!” she shouted praying that she wasn’t too late.

She froze as she saw what she suspected was the Dark Trooper. She raised her hands in surrender.

“Get out of there!” she heard a voice call.

Carbine hit the throttle and somehow managed to pass the Dark Trooper before he attacked. As she passed she heard the sound of blasters firing and the stench of ozone. She darted around a corner and nearly collided with two Areeba Twelves. She pulled up and saw that one had Vince sitting atop and the other his partner. “You stole that bike!” she shouted at his companion.

Davik looked at Vince, “Obviously you’re losing your touch.”

Vince shrugged, “A man’s work is never done.”

“Where’s my stepbrother?” Carbine growled.

Vince immediately shied away and protectively placed a hand over his groin. Davik didn’t miss the motion. “Ah so that’s why you came back early,” Davik laughed.

“Where is Jaith?” Carbine said darkly.

“Oh Jaith is your stepbrother?” Davik asked, “This is just getting better and better.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma decided it was time to use the com, if Dodger was in peril at least she could back him up. She hailed him, “Dodger where the heck are you?”

“Behind you,” he answered.

Gemma turned around and saw that Dodger was running up to her.

“I’ve just finished off but annoyingly one of the boosters isn’t responding to my transmission,” Dodger told as he angrily tapped the controller in his hand.

“So you’ve tried to fire?” Gemma queried.

Dodger shook his head, “No, I wanted to check all boosters were working but there’s one that just won’t.”

“What can you do?” Gemma asked as she peered at the controller.

“I can go play with it and try to make it work or simply push the button and hope that the others set it off,” Dodger informed her.

Gemma frowned, “I say we go for option two.”

Dodger nodded, “Sounds fine by me, I like my armour grey but not charcoal.”

Gemma chuckled, “Agreed, now let’s see where that Dark Trooper went before you fire that stuff.”

“Party pooper,” Dodger joked.

“That’s me,” Gemma grinned, “No let’s check on our Imperial friends.

Gemma and Dodger made there way towards the battle. It wasn’t hard to find with all the shouting, screaming and shooting. Gemma was angry when she saw that Quarry and Elna were still in the thick of it, “They had orders to go to base,” Gemma snarled.

Dodger patted her on the back, “You should know Quarry never listens to orders, at least not where there’s something challenging to kill.”

Gemma glared at him over her shoulder, “I thought he would have used his brains when Elna was involved.”

“You don’t know men well if you think he uses his brain when around her,” Dodger joked.

Gemma shook her head, “Cut the crap, I’m being serious here.”

Dodger straightened up, “Yes Sarge.”

“That’s more like it,” she picked up the com, “Quarry you’re to leave now! Immediate evac!”

It was Elna who answered, “We’re pinned down.”

Gemma looked at Dodger, “Tell me you’ve got something near them.” It wasn’t a question.

“Building adjacent to them has a charge on the second floor, ready to go.” Dodger told.

Gemma returned to the com, “Get ready to duck.” She turned to Dodger, “Fire.”

Dodger grinned beneath his helmet and hit the appropriate button. A satisfying boom sounded and dust and debris rained down.


Elna and Quarry ran for cover. Quarry grabbed Elna and held her close as they stood in the cover of a small alcove. “I love you,” he whispered to Elna.

She looked up at him in surprised, “Of all the times to tell me, you do it now?”

Quarry grinned, “I’m an unconventional guy.”

“I can see that,” came a reply but it was not Elna.

Both Rebels turned to look at the Imperial holding a blaster at them. “Oh crap,” Quarry muttered as he recognised lover boy trooper.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Jelera was confused. She was lost as to which way the battle was headed. The noise from outside the compound was growing louder. SHe was sure it was anarchy.

"How did it come to this?" She wondered to herself.  She would let the troopers handle these rebel scum. Command was deteriating, if there ever was any to start with.  So filled with anger she stormed to the turbo lifts, set on finding Raina. She better have a damn good explaination for her when she got there.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Raina had waken up from the stun blast, walking through the corridors as her head pounded slightly.  She kept hoping that Jaith would be alright, as she had no idea where he was, or any of the others were for that matter. 

She kept walking, hurrying to try and get to her office and figure out what was going on when she suddenly ran into Commander Jelera.  She looked extremely upset and angry, even more so when Raina looked back, rather confused and out of it...

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Carbine instinctively ducked as she heard the explosion. “Jaith, no!” she shouted as she jumped off her speeder. She ran towards the sound of the explosion in a desperate attempt to find her brother.

She saw him pointing a blaster at a pair of Rebels. “Jaith you’re okay! What are you doing?”

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