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Griffin awoke for the second time from his sleepy state. this time in a Bacta container. Wither several leads protruding from his skin. He looked at the gunshot wound on his shoulder. it was just a scar now. a horrible looking scar as they had grafted skin from somewhere else to replace the skin that had been destroyed. Griffin noticed something from the corner of his eye. it was the surgeon.

"Corporal, glad your awake....again" The surgeon beamed at Griffin

"Yea, time to get out of here doc!" Griffin sighed
The surgeon played with the keypad and soon the bacta was filtered out of the container. leaving griffin in his birthday suit.

"Well yes, i'll leave you to get yourself dressed. your armors over there. New armor mind you. cant have you running around with damaged armor now can we?" The surgeon smiled

"Cheers doc!" Griffin said as hurried out of the container and over to his newly aquired armor.

"I'll expect you in treatment room 6 for a debrief in 2 hours Griffin!" The surgeon ordered

"No time, i got a date!" Griffin answered, picking up his A 280, slinging it over his shoulders he hurried for the exit.

His plan was to go to where he had last seen dodger but first things first

"Sarge? Its griff, if you can hear me. im out and im operational ready. any news on dodge or quarry...Over!" Griffin said into his comms.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Old Vik was happy with the turn of events. He was taking part. That female Rebel was fun to work with. They covered the pair of female Twi'leks with their fire so they could get out the door. One of them came back close to him and wanted to thank him with a kiss on the cheek. She was young enough to be his daughter, or maybe his grand-daughter, but Old Vik politely accepted. He was thinking how nice it would have been to get married in the years...

"Move it!" Gemma shouted, "We ain't got time for gratitude, this isn't over!"

...or maybe not. These women are never satisfied.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Nodding his head to some extremly loud glimmrik music and playing it over the loudspeakers, (basicly heavy metal i think) while also yelling the lyrics:


Novus walked down the streets firing at everything from a soldier to a womp rat, with a rocket. Pretty much reducing a fair percentage of the city in a short amount of time.

He was starting to wonder when he was going to get a reaction out of the local garrison...

(Any body want to try and stop a rampaging Dark Trooper? tongue )

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"Griffin, this is bravo company, we got some news. We got a one man army heading down a street, 2 clicks west of your current position. any chance you can lend us a hand? over"

"This is Griffin, on way to you location. stand by, ETA 10 Out" Griffin responded the Comm call
With that Griffin sprinted the 2 clicks, and linked up with bravo company.

"Sir Corporal Griffin reporting for duty, what men you got?"

"Well corporal we got 9 men all together, 4 over there in that building < The lieutanent Marked with a red pin point laser > And we got 5 here, including myself and you" The Lieutantent said

"Right then, stay hidden, fire on my mark ok?" Griffin called back as he settled himself placing a bipod on the barrel of his rifle and placing in an extended energy cell.

"Eyes on! 400metres! Centre of road! Enemy! Watch and fire! i repeat WATCH AND FIRE!" Griffin barked out the fire control order. Immediately the men of bravo company opened fire on the approaching figure.

"Bravo fireteam, prepare the heavy munitions, when he's within 300 metres open fire!" Griffin then shouted over to the team in the opposite building

"Roger" Was the response he got

Griffin kept his finger on the trigger, letting off controlled bursts of around 10 shots every 6 seconds, the shots hitting the figure straight hardly any effect except the burning of his armor, it just seemed to be like a paint job. turning his armor black but nothing much more.

"Sarge, this is griffin, Im holed up with Bravo company, We got a rogue one man army here. dosnt look like an imp to me but he's blasting civvies apart we've intervined and begun opening fire, but he's not stopping sarge. looks like where gonna fall back...." Griffin screamed into his comms

"Dam it this just isnt my day!" Griffin sighed to himself

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Ol’ Vik *used with permission*

“Come on lil’ missy!  We gotta get outa’ here!” Vik yelled to the Twi’lek.  Scooping her thin frame into one of his thick arms, he rushed out of the smoking ruin that was once a bar with his blaster still firing from his free hand.

Charging out, he saw one of the Imps pulling his apparently heart broken buddy back away from a burning speeder.

“Can we get back to my place now?” Vik asked, his strong arm still clutching the Twi’lek almost unknowingly.  “I’m tellin’ ya I got some great stuff back…”

Realizing Gemma wasn’t paying attention to him, he looked in the direction that had her interest.  A whole bunch troopers were turning a street corner in front of them.  Right on their heels was a Really bid droid!

“This is why we should have gone to my house earlier…” Vik thought out loud as the Twi’lek clawed her way free and ran for her life..

SS 2557 – ‘Ghost’

Having barely escaped the building he’d heard the distress call come from, Ghost made his way out the back.  Emerging from an allyway, a whole group of Rebels ran past him without giving him a second glance. 

What the hell? he thought as he whipped out his disrupter.  The oncoming sound of… caught his attention, however, and then a massive black droid clambered its way after them.  Finally!  Some real help…

Before he could complete the thought, the droid spotted him and fired another missile, right for 57!

Only lightning reflexes saved him, rushing forward into the slightly high aim of the missile.  Rolling forward, he allowed the shockwave from the rocket’s detonation speed his advance on the droid.  Getting to his feet right in front of the mechanical monster, Ghost fired his disrupter into one of the driod’s ‘eyes.’ 

It’s head snapped back by the blast, the photo receptor seemed out of action.  Swinging it’s arms wildly, Ghost kept stepping into the droid’s ‘blind side.’ 

Barely avoiding a crushing blow that smashed some of the duracrete blocks of the old street, ’57 dove between the droid’s legs and dropped a thermal detonator inside of it’s left leg shield.

The droid apparently realized this, and franticly tried to pry off the guard while ’57 scrambled for cover.  Ghost barely made it behind a fallen Rebel before the droid’s leg was blown off with.

As it frantically tried to crawl away, it passed a poor Imperial trooper who, ironically enough, had also lost a leg…  As the droid scraped along, it accidentally crushed the trooper’s other leg.

Getting to his feet, Ghost looked down the street at the gathering of both Imperial and Rebel onlookers. 

“What?” he asked with a shrug

*Sorry Mandal, you asked   tongue   And yes, I know I’m calling a exosuit a droid; but since you’re inside I don’t see how we’d know you’re NOT a droid*

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Despite the female Rebel's taunt being towards the devastated Vince, it was Davik that became furious.

"You son of a-" Davik was cut off by Vince. Vince put his arm out and stopped Davik before he chased after the woman and her band.

"Hold Davik."


"As my partner you should know that the only way to deal with a female adversary is to seduce her..."

[Davik groans]

"This time we are sure she's a woman, right?" Vince asks

"Yes" Davik replies and rolls his eyes from inside his helmet.

Vince watched as the female rebel and her band sped away...they would meet again. For now it was time to procure a new ride...

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Griffin had just watched some Imp looking soldier cripple the Droid, he looked on straight at him. there eyes meeting then boom! it hit him.....That was the one i sniped! He thought to himself. Raising his rifle to his shoulders, he noticed that an imperial APC had arrived on the scene,

"Stop Right there Rebel scum!!" Was sounded out

Griffin turned around to notice that the whole of bravo company had been arrested.

"Oh bloody great!" Griffin sighed. he tapped the emergency button on his comms to notify that he had been captured ( Think of it as the police walky talky emergency button thing big_smile )

Griffin dropped his A280 to the ground and knelt down....readying his Q2 holdout blaster. he wernt going with out a fight.. then all of a sudden, the APC exploded taking out several stormtroopers

"Is it me? or do i always save your *** Griff?" Dodger shouted out as he threw a couple more thermo's into the Crippled APC taking out his blasters he began shooting the imps, one by one, square in the chest

"What can i say dodge! your my guardian angel!" Griffin chuckled back

"Well at least this time your in one piece!" He shouted back

Griffin had retrieved his rifle, dived into one of the ruins of the buildings that The droid had destroyed and began shooting back at the imps, looking for the one he had saw before, the one who had took out the droid

"Blast, dodge can you see some dude?"

"..... Very specific there Griff" Dodge answered

"Well you know what i mean, like a unique one, special armor and all that jazz" Griffin shouted back

"Dam it Griff and no, i cant see anyone who's 'special'"

"Ahhh Right, Any news from sarge? she hasnt been in touch, im starting to worry!"

"None from my end either Griff, You know, if i was any other person, i'd say you have a crush on her!" dodge laughed back, shooting a few more stormtroopers, who had become confused by the conversation dodger and Griffin where shouting to each other.

"Good job your not any other person then eh?" Griffin said with smirk

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(quote)*Sorry Mandal, you asked      And yes, I know I’m calling a exosuit a droid; but since you’re inside I don’t see how we’d know you’re NOT a droid*(/qoute)

OOC: Its a suit that can be worn by troopers, but oh well. Hes still plenty dangerous...

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma was running allow with Ol' Vik and the Twi'lek twins when she realised that she hadn't answered Griffin's hail. She grabbed the com, "Griffin, this is Tuks, got your message. Been a bit busy. We got one mean Imperial on our tails, not sure if it's a droid or a dude in armour. I'm going to stock up on weapons with a new ally."

"Gotcha Sarge," Griffin replied, "I've met up with Dodge."

"Good, get that R2 unit to the Imps headquarters. If Harvim has been compromised we need another set of the plans." Gemma told and then watched in amazement as the Imperial droid started shooting at one of it's own. "Well I'll be damned," she muttered to herself.


It had taken some time but Quarry had finally crawled his way out of the chute system and was hacking the Imperial network. Two stormtroopers lay dead behind him, both having blaster bolt wounds to the chest.

Quarry had a portable electronic slicing device that was making fast work of the download. The plans were almost his and he was getting impatient because of it. He knew the female Imp was gunning for him. She’d chased him in the chute system for a while, he’d even copped a shot to his backside. Thankfully the Imp had forgotten to switch her blaster from stun to kill.

His backside was still partially numb but he figured it was a small price to pay in the scheme of things. He managed to lose her when the vents parted ways. But he was certain that she was still keen to find him.

The slicing devise chimed that it was done and Quarry quickly pocketed it. He considered going through the doors but he wasn’t exactly dressed like a stormtrooper. He considered donning the armour of one of the dead Imps but the thought of undressing them turned his stomach. So Quarry went back to the vent from which he had come.

As he opened the vent he came face to blaster with the female Imp. She had a grin from ear to ear but Quarry only reacted physically, he grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her arm hard so she fell out of the chute and landed sharply on the floor. He placed the muzzle of his blaster at the base of her skull. “Time to stun yourself, ma’am.”

She snarled something at him but Quarry didn’t have time for games now. He had the winning card and he had to get out while the getting was good.

When the female Imp didn’t attempt to shoot herself on stun Quarry decided to do it for her. For some reason he just couldn’t bring himself to kill a woman at least that was the case when it was this close and personal. He thumbed the dial on his blaster and stunned the female Imp into unconsciousness, then he retreated to the vent and made his way out.


Quarry hit the ground running as he jumped from the outer vent. He almost collided with Dodger and Griffin as they moved in, “Run! The blaster cannons are coming online!”

Immediately Dodger and Griffin turned and ran with Quarry. “You stealing my thunder again, Quarry?” Dodger asked.

“Damn right, I stole the plans.” Quarry laughed.

“What about Harvim, did you find where they were keeping him?” Griffin asked.

Quarry shook his head, “Nah but I sliced the system I should have some records on the device we can look over.”

“Let’s find the Sarge,” Dodger suggested as they left R2-D8 trundling behind.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Jaith looked up quickly, the alarm had sounded, due to blasterfire. He sprinted off in the direction, his leg paining him slightly. He arrived at a door, with a few stormtroopers trying to enter. One of them, high ranking as far as stormtroopers went, tried to get the lockdown uplifted in this section, but the door was apparently jammed. Jaith pulled the pistol from its holster and fired at the control panel, almost surprised as it opened. He ran through the door way, quickly finding Rainia unconscious on the floor. He checked to see if she was still alive then entrusted her to the stormtroopers, who took her to the medbay to recover. Jaith proceeded to try to track the rebel, setting his blaster to its maximum power. He was going to enjoy this...

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma was finally visiting Ol’ Vik’s attic and her mouth hung open in awe at the variety of weapons lining his wall. “Where’d you get all this stuff?”

Ol’ Vik shrugged, “I was a soldier for the Empire for quite a while, they shafted me so in return I forgot to return a few things. Over time those few things added up to an arsenal.”

“I’ll say,” Elna commented as she admired a blaster rifle on the wall.

Elka grinned as she found a grenade launcher, “Can I add this one to my list of birthday ideas?”

Ol’ Vik smiled, “Take it, we’re going to need a small army to beat that Dark Trooper.”

“Is that what that thing is? A Dark Trooper?” Gemma queried, now more intent on an answer then the weapons.

“Yeah I heard the local Imps talking about them at the bar. When they get drunk they talk lots. They forget the meaning of confidential.” Ol’ Vik said with a wise nod.

“All the better for us,” Elka smirked. “So did they talk about any weaknesses we could exploit?”

Ol’ Vik shook his head, “Not that I remember. But I figure if we throw enough fire power at it, it’s gotta go down sooner or later.”

Elna approached Gemma quietly, “Have your heard anything from Quarry?”

Gemma blinked and remembered that Elna and Quarry were often rumoured to be an item. “Not recently, but I’m sure he’ll call in.”

As if to prove her right, Gemma’s com buzzed to life. “Sarge this is Dodger, do you read?”

“Loud and clear,” Gemma confirmed.

“Quarry played fetch and got us the big stick, where can we rendezvous?” Dodger asked.

Gemma quickly recited the name of the street a block over and set a time of 10 minutes.

The three Rebels and their new alley quickly loaded up with the weapons of their choice and headed for the rendezvous point. Blaster fire was flying thick and fast. “Split up!” Gemma ordered.

Ol’ Vik and Elka paired off while Elna stayed with Gemma. The stayed low but Gemma was so fixated on the Dark Trooper that she stumbled into the black Imp that had been pursuing her earlier. Both aimed their weapons at each other.

Elna moved in to the side with her blaster trained on the black Imperial’s head, “Two against one, pal. I don’t like you’re odds.”

“Make that three against one,” came Quarry’s voice.

Elna looked up and grinned, “You made it.”

Quarry nodded but didn’t take his eyes off the Imp, “Yeah the others met up with Elka and her buddy. What are we going to do with this guy?”

Suddenly there was a boom and all four heads turned towards the source. “I think we’ve got bigger problems,” Gemma told as the Dark Trooper charged towards them.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Havrim barely had time to react before the door was blown open and he was sent flying into the wall.  The sickening crack told him he broke a rib.  Or two.  He saww through hazy eyes the troopers seeing the datapad on the desk and smashing it to pieces.  He breath caught in his throat, and then the blood came out.  Oh fierfek.  He had punctured a lung.  The last thing he saw was the bright blue bolt of a stun shot slamming into his body.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma was reluctant to take her blast muzzle away from the Imp who had been following her before, she decided to talk to him. “You tell that thing to stand down,” she said with authority.

The Imp shook his head, “That droid is killing everything. Even its allies.”

Gemma raised a brow, “Really? So you’d help us take it down?”

“Only if it means saving my skin, but don’t think that I’ll be your friend afterward.” He informed her.

Gemma shrugged, “Fine let’s kill it.”

She turned her blaster away from the Imp beside her and fired at the Dark Trooper. She was relieved when she heard the Imp open fire at the Dark Trooper rather than turn on her.

Quarry shifted to Gemma and slipped something into her pocket and threw her a wink. Gemma frowned, she’d see what it was later. For now she was intent on stopping the Dark Trooper from spilling her blood.

Quarry ran to Elna’s side and the pair sent their own barrage against the Dark Trooper. The sounds of blaster fire was getting louder, it seemed that more were joining the fight. “That guy has certainly ticked off the locals,” Gemma muttered.

She was surprised when the Imp beside her replied.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

Nodding his head to some extremly loud glimmrik music and playing it over the loudspeakers, (basicly heavy metal i think) while also yelling the lyrics:


Novus walked down the streets firing at everything from a soldier to a womp rat, with a rocket. Pretty much reducing a fair percentage of the city in a short amount of time.

He was starting to wonder when he was going to get a reaction out of the local garrison...

(Any body want to try and stop a rampaging Dark Trooper? tongue )

Sounds like someone I know: … 343#p40343 lol

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Griffin and Dodger had left Quarry to go give his little toy to the sarge, so they decided it would be best to meet up with Elka.

"You know what? i could really do with something to eat...." Griffin moaned

"What is it with you!? All you think about is Chicks and food!" Dodger chuckled back

"Well those are the best two things in life in all honesty" Griffin shrugged

"I beg to differ! The best thing in life is Explosives, nice big loud ones. That kill imps too!" Dodger Replied patting his Thermo's "I might name them......"

"Yea i can see it now, Your crazy Dodge!" Griffin smirked

"Better crazy than serious, Serious people have no imagination!" Dodge said as he slapped Griffin on the back

"Bloody hell, watch the wound!" Griffin snarled back

Then all they could hear was a boom.......And then the return of blaster fire

"I bet you my years salary thats the big droidy!" Griffin instantly said

"Well tough, because we gotta link up with Elka and wait for new orders" Dodger replied

"Ahh i guess your right, So anyway, fancy setting up camp somewhere so i can have my lunch!" Griffin beamed back him

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Name: Carbine Lennox
Affiliation: Neutral
Occupation: Speeder Salesperson
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Weapons: Hydro-spanner

Carbine Lennox had been rubbing her hands together since the Empire had come to Naltoon. She’d sold more speeders each month than she had previously in a year. The credits were rolling in but for some reason Carbine just wanted more.

Although the city was alive with battle, Carbine had smelt the chance for more credits. Her riding around seemed to be paying off, she grinned as she saw a pair of Imperials looking at the blasted remains of an older speeder. There was money to be made.

“Gentlemen, it appears that you have a dilemma. I may be able to assist.” Carbine told as she stepped off her shiny new Areeba Twelve speeder. “I have this lovely new speeder that really is under utilised in my care. It has compartments for extra weapons, but of course it already has two semi-automatic blasters mounted conveniently...”

“Just a sec, we’re in the middle of a war zone and you’re trying to sell us a speed?” One of the Imperials asked.

Carbine shrugged, “Can’t knock a girl for trying.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Elka and Ol’ Vik heard the gunfire and decided to find a better vantage point. “How about we go into one of the buildings and fire from a higher storey?” Ol’ Vik suggested.

“Excellent idea, now let’s get those slack boys to help us.” Elka said with a smile. “Dodger, Griffin come and joins us on a picnic.”

“Picnic? Count me in,” Griffin said as he rushed over.

Elka led the party of four to the roof of a two storey building. “Now Griffin set up the run while we get lunch,” Elka grinned as she aimed her grenade launcher at the Dark Trooper below.

“Aw man where’s the food,” Griffin grumbled.

Dodger swung his backpack around his shoulder and dug his hand inside. He threw a wrapped sandwich at Griffin, “Now put that in your mouth while the grown-ups get down to business.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

“Just a sec, we’re in the middle of a war zone and you’re trying to sell us a speeder?” Davik asked.

The female speeder salesperson shrugged, “Can’t knock a girl for trying.”

"Or can we? Mmmmm...." Vince said seductively

"Ugh... anyways, the Areeba Twelve is suited for all your destructive needs." She said and swept her hand across the expensive looking speeder. Davik wasn't interested, he would rather get aother standard speeder back from HQ. Vince however...

"She's a beautiful speeder. Shapely, seductive. I'm gonna fly her brains out.' Vince says

[Davik groans}

"I'll take it. So..(Vince leans in close to the saleswoman) are you included in the list of accessories the speeder coems with?"

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Griffin sat on the roof of the building with his newly acquired chicken sandwich.

"Thanks Dodge!" Griffin beamed as he tucked in, the fresh battered chicken, the crisp lettuce and the mayonaise was just perfect! Nothing could make Griffin happier right now

"Could do with a cup of caf...." He moaned, Watching the others blast the hell out of some sort of droid.
Elka was playing with her new Grenade launcher, Dodger was blasting while shouting each time he pulled the triger Pow..Pow....Pow......Pow. It never bored him. he Chuckled to himself, finishing the rest of his sandwich

"Guess i may as well help you!" Griffin sighed pulling out his A 280 and deploying his Bi pod then his Red dot reflex sight....then he lightly put his finger on the trigger....then boom! He let of a suppressive fire onto the droid, taking the recoil firmly into his shoulder the automatic fire was quite accurate.
Non the less the droid kept on coming

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Carbine was not that surprised by the flirting manner of one of the Imperials, there were a lot of single men on Naltoon after all. It just surprised Carbine that he was being so flirty before she’d even told him the price of the Areeba Twelve. She figured he’d want a stiff drink after signing the contract. It was pretty well known that troopers didn’t get paid that exuberantly on Naltoon, on the flip side there wasn’t a lot for them to spend their money on anyway.

Carbine smiled and brushed a few of her black wayward curls away from her emerald eyes, then placed an arm around the trooper who was interested in the speeder, “Well my friend let me get the contract and then I’ll take you out for a drink. How does that sound?”

Although both troopers had helmets on Carbine could see that the other trooper was clearly surprised that she’d taken up the potential buyer’s offer. She guessed that he was probably butt ugly under the helmet. “So then stranger, what’s your name?”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

"I am the man with no man. Vince Glortho at your service." Vince said and made the move to flip his helmet open. Just then Davik yanked him away and pulled him face to face.

"Davik if you blow this for me-" Vince said throught their private comm, despite them being inches away

"Do you know how expensive that speeder is???" Davik asked, annoyed


"Do you know how much money we make?"

"You get paid???"

"Yes. And its not much. Why dont we just blast her and take the speeder?"

"Hold Davik, as my partner you should know that the only way to deal with a female adversary is to-"

"Yes yes yes....Vince you cant pay for this speeder."

"Thats ok, I'll put it on the Imperial's tab."

"Vince. You know thats only for necessities and-"

"Well is this not a necessity? I, a scout trooper in the Imperial Legion have lost my speeder! So i'm getting a new one..."

"Thats why they have the standard speeders for us at HQ!"

"Oh come now Davik...Since when have I ever been standard?" With that Vince walked away and snuck his arm around the female sales woman and she leads them towards the nearest bar/cantina. (not the one they just left)

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

“Well Vince, now that we’re not strangers anymore let’s go over the finer details of your purchase. The Areeba Twelve is going to cost you 8,000 credits.” Carbine waited for a reaction, she wasn’t disappointed as he paused in his tracks.

“You said 8,000 credits,” Vince said back peddling.

Carbine smiled as she patted him on the chest-plate and walked him back towards the speeder. “I haven’t show you a feature that I’m sure you’ll like,” Carbine told as she walked over to the speeder bike. “Now you may have noticed that the Areeba Twelve is a little wider than most other speeder bikes. Let me show you why.”

Carbine pressed a button on the dash and the side of the speed swung open and extended. As it did so a mattress appeared and then an awning stretched over the top, “This is the deluxe model, made for overnighters. I’m sure you’ll find this accessory to your liking.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Elna couldn’t believe the amount of firepower it was taking to even knock the Dark Trooper around. He was also fast and seemed too quick for Elka’s grenades.

“We’ve got to find something more powerful,” Elna said with gritted teeth.

Quarry shook his head, “With our combined efforts we should be able to take him down. I wish Dodger had placed some explosives around here.”

“Are you sure he didn’t?” Elna asked with a knowing grin.

“Good point,” Quarry said as he reached for his com, “Dodger did you load this area?”

There was a crackle then Dodger replied, “Not fully, I haven’t primed it yet.”

“Getting slack in your old age?” Quarry stirred.

“I’m not old, just experienced.” Dodger replied, “Besides my beauty is eternal.”

Quarry laughed at Dodger’s sarcasm, “Let me guess, just ask your wife.”

“Damn straight,” Dodger chuckled.

“How long would it take you to finish off your work?” Quarry asked.

There was a pause before Dodger answered, “Depends on if I’m being shot at by ol’ blacky down there.”

“We’ll cover you,” Quarry replied.

Dodger laughed, “That’s what worries me. Okay I’ll go check, besides I always wanted to know just how many hits I could take before my armour crapped out on me.”

“Pessimist,” Quarry commented.

“Yeah well if the glass is half empty I can still blow the crap out of it,” Dodger barked, “Wish me luck.”

“Good luck and may the Force be with you,” Quarry said with meaning.

“Force, smorce, you know I don’t believe in that rubbish. Dodger out.” Came the final reply.

It was only a minute later that Dodger rushed by waving at Quarry and Elna as he went passed. He took a double take as he saw the Sarge sitting beside an Imp. “Do my eyes deceive me?” he asked as he sat on the other side of her.

Gemma shook her head, “The Dark Trooper is shooting at everything.”

“Ah, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?” Dodger asked as he eyed the Imp warily.

“At this point in time yeah,” Gemma replied and looked at Dodger meaningfully as she slyly passed him the object Quarry had given to her without the Imp seeing. “Look after yourself,” she said as she lifted her head to point over Dodger’s shoulder with her chin.

“Always do,” Dodger said as he gave a nod of understanding and moved off. It seemed the Gemma had as much faith in the Imp as he did. Dodger just hoped that she got away fast enough once the Dark Trooper was down.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

**I had to post again, just found this too amusing**

Vince had immediately perked up at the deluxe features and had signed the contract. Carbine was surprised when he’d handed over the details of the Imperial’s standard account. She’d merely shrugged as he transferred the credits.

Carbine was almost positive that she had seen steam venting from the other troopers helmet. Obviously Vince was a little unconventional. She wondered how long he’d last in his chosen career. The Empire didn’t tend to like individualism. But it was not her place to pry.

She took the contract from Vince and placed it in her vest pocket. “Now then Vince, I don’t believe I’ve introduced myself. My name is Carbine Lennox, and I do believe I owe you a drink.”

Vince nodded eagerly, “Yeah how about we go to the Flamingo Bar over on Western Street?”

Carbine smiled, “Anywhere you like. I’ll just need a ride home afterward.”

“I could ride you… I mean I could give you a ride home anytime you like.” Vince said as he flipped open his helmet.

Carbine was pleasantly surprised, he wasn’t butt ugly as she suspected. He was certainly nothing special but there was an element of attractiveness around his eyes. Although she planned on a couple of drinks and exiting pretty quickly as there were more credits to be made and time was money.

It seemed that Vince wasn’t as dumb as he seemed, Carbine noted as she realised that the Flamingo Bar was actually a Falleen run bar. The pheromones were certainly thick in the air as Carbine suddenly felt turned on. She smiled at Vince who rapidly seemed a lot more attractive. “Come here often?” she asked.

Vince shook his head, “Only when I meet a really hot chick… ah I mean a beautiful lady.”

The other trooper grabbed Vince by the shoulder. “I’m going back on duty. You better not be long.”

Vince smiled, “Don’t worry I’ve got your back… well I will when I come back.”

The other trooper shook his head and walked out the door. Carbine led Vince to a table for two. “So what will you have?” she said breathlessly.

Vince stared at her for a moment then grabbed the cocktail menu, “How about a Passionate Kiss?”

Carbine blinked and felt overwhelmed by the pheromones, she grabbed Vince by the top of his chest-plates and pulled him towards her so his face was close to hers. “Sure why not?” she said as she lunged forward to kiss him.

Vince was stiff for a moment before he started to kiss her back. Carbine grinned and then wondered what she was doing. She took a deep breath and was suddenly mad with passion. She pulled Vince closer only to knock the table over. She pulled back and shook her head. She’d brought him here for a drink… only a drink.

Vince’s hand moved to cup the nape of her neck, “Don’t worry about the table, I’m told that happens all the time.” He moved forward to kiss her again.

“Wait, we’re here for a drink right?” Carbine said as she took another deep breath in attempt to gain composure, instead it sent a fresh wave of pheromones into her system. She jumped on Vince’s lap as she kissed him. For some reason she wanted to get as close to him as possible.

Vince pinned her against the back of the booth as he deepened the kiss. “Do you want to get a room?” he asked between kisses.

That brought Carbine back to the real world, “Ah no… I better go.” She said as she straightened her jacket and then realised she was still sitting on his lap.

Vince’s hands were on her waist and his thumbs were brushing against her hipbones enticingly. “You haven’t bought me a drink yet.”

Carbine raised her hand to wave over a waitress, “Can I get two glasses of red wine?”

“Certainly,” the waitress said as she went to get their order.

“We better fix the table,” Carbine suggested but she had a feeling that Vince had her right where he wanted her.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

((Ok just to make things clear: Novus hasn’t lost a leg, and he’s not a droid, he just wares it. Like a suit.))

Novus liked explosions as much as the next guy, (maybe even more) but this was starting to get insane. Bombs where going off all around him, and on him, and it was starting to get disorienting. 

I Think a little reprieve is in order He thought.

He fired up his jetpack and shot up into the sky, landing not to far away. Crashing down leaving a small crater, he surveyed his weapons, and other operating systems to check for damage.

Whoever made this armor…should get a metal He thought after he found no substantial damage.

He took a look around: He was behind a large building, surround in the front by a few smaller ones. After a few scans with his HUD, he decided the Imperials were using it as a make-shift medical center, and by the sound of those E-web cannons: It didn’t seem like they were going to give it to the rebels with out a fight.

After some thought he concluded that if he destroyed the facility, the rebels would be able to advance farther and kill more Imperials. Therefore making his job easier, He fired a burst of rockets into the back of the building, reducing it to rubble. Then walked through, making for a dramatic entrance.

“Knock! Knock!” He said, before he blasted everything inside, slaughtering everything easily. Then he shot through the roof with his jetpack, surprising the gunners ontop, and landing outside the firing arc.

He disposed of them quickly, he was careful not to harm the cannons however.

I can make good use of you He said as he rigged the power box to the cannon itself, and hefted it with ease.

He smiled adoringly at the cannon, as the rebels advanced towards the building, he jet-jumped clear of them. He landed, again making a small crater.

“LETS MAKE SOME NOISE!” He yelled as he warmed op the cannon.

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