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Wow Pheonix, amazing job, very inspiring for a more feminine armor design.  *thinks of one day when I can make armor like that* Great job, definitely post pictures of the completed product big_smile

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Wow....those spinal plates are looking MIGHTY fine, very very cool Phoenix. I'll be at your house to steal it soon, have dinner ready when i get there.

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Re: Pheonix Armor

I really love your armor. I can't wait to see the completed costume! I hope that when I get around to making my own armor it turns out half as good.

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Re: Pheonix Armor

Wow that looks amazing big_smile it is going to look so funky when finished big_smile

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awesome job,
cant wait to see the finished armor.
do you have a helmet yet?

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Re: Pheonix Armor

The spine is such a fantastic touch. I am in awe of such work. It must take time to have it look so perfect. I eagarly await the finished project. Good job! *sigh* Maybe someday.....

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Re: Pheonix Armor

Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback!

Unfortunately, no, no helmet yet....

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Re: Pheonix Armor

Finish it!!!!!!!

Lol...well done, ner vod.

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Orthar wrote:

Excellent work and an inspired solution to boob armour.

She's a girl its ok for her to say that but not us guys.
I hope you won't use ductape on the finished version lol.

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Re: Pheonix Armor

Can't wait to see the finished product!  Got any updates?

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