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Ka patrolled and patrolled.

Then, he did something wrong....

He got bored for once.

He climbed onto his speeder and shooted off into the forest.

10 minutes later, he got hit by a stray blaster bolt. He carwheeled into a tree, and got knocked unconcious..........

" there he is! " a female voice stated.

" Huh? " said another female voice. " It can't be though! "

" I'm sure it is, ya know...." said a male voice.

The last thing Ka remembered was being picked up and propped on a holo-stretcher.....................

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

((Ummm......whats a holostretcher???? dont you mean repulsor????))

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault


Name: Novus
Designation: Dark Alpha: 412
Gender: Male
Rank: Private
Age: 20 (10)
Species: Human Clone
Class: Dark Trooper Phase II (
Novus is incased in an exoskeleton of durable alloy called phrik. The suit provides extra strength/speed, protection, an advanced HUD, a Jet pack and most importantly an AI unit.
Weapons/Stuff: Jet Pack, Assault cannon (

The suit features an advanced (female voiced) AI unit that asists Novus on his missions. The AI's designation is: AI UNIT: 4421-4432/662...Novus calls just calls her Solus meaning: One, or alone, as she is the only AI unit that is this advanced as far as Novus knows.

History: Born specifically for the Dark Trooper program, Novus is being used by the empire to explore the abilitys of the Dark Trooper project. This division of the dark trooper program (termed Dark Alpha) is focusing on the strategic defensive capabilitys of the Dark Trooper. After Novus' masters gathered intel of upcoming attack on this system they decided to make the best of it, and sent him here. He is now arriving via hyperspace capsule into the system, and the moon itsself....

(I'll make an actual post later)

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

While managing to take out a few more Rebels, Davik noticed that they were, in fact, looking for him. Making sure he was out of view, Davik opened one of the pouches on his belt, and pulled out a little cup of caf. Taking a quick sip, then throwing it back in the pouch, Davik placed his sniper rifle back into its sling on his back, pulled out his grappling hook, then shot it across to a nearby building.

Climbing across to the other building, Davik now pulled out his DC-15, which he nicknamed Ol' Reliable, and had several thermal detonators on standby, and waited.

"Blast it, Vince, where are you? Better not have died, or else you won't get this second cup of caf I saved."

It then hit Davik that he could talk to Vince through his communicator.

Speaking into it low, almost whispering,

"Hey, Vince, how are ya doing down there? I'm in a bit of a tight spot, but I should be okay with Ol' Reliable and my good aim. You on your speeder or something? Reply ASAP."

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Name: Jelera Raylor

Faction: Imperial, Lead commander of a Stormtooper battalion out of the Imperial Star Destroyer Bloodlust

Appearance: Long blonde hair, that is kept pinned up, only with some loose in the front. Blue green eyes. Tall for a woman, around 5’7”.  Manages to even make her Imperial Uniform look good, which had sometimes been a problem considering she is usually the only female officer in many missions and situations

Skills: Well educated in military procedures. Fully trained in ranged weapons, when in combat situations she uses a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, but mostly carries a DC-17 hand blaster. … ster_rifle

Personality: What one would think of as a typical smart military woman. Firm in conviction and resolve. She loves her job, although someday she does think that she will return home to start a family. She has the air about her knowing that she is better than the common folk.

History: Born on the Core world of Corellia, Jelera spent her young years studying. Even as a young child she dreamed of military service. She wasn’t yet 13 years old when the transition from the Republic to the Empire had occurred, and she had always thought it for the best.  Her parents had always thought that a stronger military would be needed if peace was ever going to happen, and Jelera firmly believed the same. She applied for the military academy when she was 17, and has been slowly making her way up ever since. Most of the time she filed her reports and the alike strictly under her last name, Raylor, so that many imperial personnel believed she was male, allowing her to advance in rank more frequently than most females in the New Order.


Jelera was in her officer’s quarters aboard the Bloodlust, when her data station rung. It meant only one thing. Report to her commanding officer, ASAP.

“New Assignment for your boys, Raylor” Brusin, her boss, said once she was there. He threw a data chip at her. His distain was thinly veiled.  He never got used to having a woman command one of his squads. So, Jelera took much of his ill nature in good stride, not allowing him to see any weakness. She caught the chip well before it reached the ground.

“You deploy in the morning.” He went back to his work he was addressing on his desk.

There would be no further explanation about it from Brusin. He was a man of few words when it came to Jelera, although she noticed more and more glancing looks from him as her time in her post continued.  She always hoped they were simply respectful looks, but knowing that Commander Brusin was a male, one that she guessed couldn’t be older than her father; she did not honestly think that to be so. She had heard stories about the few other females in the Imperial Navy, and those tales made her shiver. Jelera wanted no part of that. Just be allowed to do her job, one she took much pride in at that.

Back in her own quarters she put the chip from Brusin into her datapad. Information about the mission scrolled on the viewscreen.  Naltoon. Possible rebel involvement. Facts and statistics.

“Ah, just routine presence.” She thought. They always gave her the backwater jobs. Never the glamorous missions like the one she had heard about on Naboo. Or working with Vader’s fleet.  But Jelera would do her job, and do it well. She prepared her self to address her troops.

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"Their falling back. We've won." Ghost seemed happy with victory, but Jaith was not so content. If they escaped more would come. More attacks, more deaths of good imperial soldiers. He started forward, hitting the accelerator on his speeder bike, rushing towards the rebels as a large dropship made its way towards them. About halfway there he hit the brakes and activated his jetpack, launching him towards the dropship, which was finishing loading up. He landed on the cockpi just as the ship began to lift off. He looked at the bewildered pilots, staring up at him still propelling the ship upwards. He aimed his blaster and fired two shots into both.the pilot leaned onto the stick, and the ship tilted down, strafing to the left, towards a rock formation. Jaith jumped back, launching himself backwards,  and landing next to his speeder bike, he turned around and made his way back to base, as the dropship slammed into the rock formation. "I'd say that worked pretty well, didn't it?"

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We will replace the common stormtrooper with something even greater, and more powerful...And you shall be the first of them, the Dark Alpha's...."-Areon Sayeth, founder of the Dark Alpha's. A subprogram of the Dark Trooper project.

"Reentering real space" Stated Solus, his on-board helmet AI unit.

"Affirmitive, Solus. Stand by for reentry" Replyed Novus.

The outside hull temperature soon skyrocketed, to thousands of degrees hotter. Presently after a deafening crash rang threw the hull of the pod. Novus popped the hatch door open. Steping from the cramped hyperspace pod, to the open outdoor woods. He took a look around, nothing much to see. He decided to check the different comm channels, after going threw a few, he was suddenly deafened by the sound of combat, orders being barked out and screams. He promptly shut is com off.

"Solus trace the comms channels back to there source, so we can get a fix on their location"

"Affimitive Novus, bringing up locations"

A holo-map of the area, was brought out of his HUD by Solus, and a few dozen marks were created 23.6 klicks west of him.

"Thats as best, as can be done Novus...lets go check em out"

Novus nodded and set off at a jog.

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They're late, she thought.

Alaya Ger'mana was getting impatient. She had been sitting in this foresaken garden for going on 18 hours. Her relief was supposed to have come an hour ago, and tardiness was never accepted. She heard voices as well as steps coming her way. Her military training kicked in, she knew this was trouble. The next shift wouldn't attempt to be quiet...and they would be coming in a speeder bikes, not on foot. She strapped her sniper rifle to her back and took out her blaster pistol and her vibro blade.

Better to be safe than sorry.

She hid behind a tree with plenty of foliage around it to provide cover. She waited until she was sure the voices were right next to her.

There are two. Maybe three, she thought.

When she heard a twig snap to the right of her position she sprang into action. She jumped out of the bushes and slashed at the first living being she saw with her vibro blade. The unsuspecting soldier had his neck diagnally slit from the right side of his jaw to the top of his left colar bone. The second soldier recovered quickly from the surprise attack and fired his blaster rifle. Alaya rolled out of the way and took cover behind the nearest tree. When the soldier had empited his clip and went to reload, she stepped out from behind the tree and fired her blaster pistol at him. He stumbled backward at the force of being shot and backed into a tree. When her pistol over heated she took her vibro blade, ran at the soldier, and stabbed him through the chest.

So we are being attacked. Maybe this shift will be fun after all

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‘Ghost’ watched as Captain Jaith coolly watched his handy-work crash into a large rock formation at the edge of town. 

“Nice work” said SS 57’ at the Jumper’s side.  Jaith shot his gaze to his left shoulder, ‘Ghost’s’ sensor and sound dampenors having masked his presence.

Looking back at the growing flames proudly, the captain crossed his arms.  “I think so” he said with an obvious grin. 

“Lucky you’re still alive” ‘Ghost’ jabbed as he turned and started back down the street.

“That sort of thing is how I make my living, scout,” the captain shot back.

“Blowing stuff up is how he makes his living” said ‘Ghost’ as he pointed to a rooftop without turning.

Looking up, Jaith saw a stormtrooper with a PLX-X3B anti-aircraft missile launcher; the trooper saluted down at the Jump Trooper.

SS ’57 stopped mid stride as his com came alive.

”I need you back at Head-Quarters, NOW.  And make sure to bring the good captain with you.”

“On our way colonel!”  Killing the com, ’57 looked back at Jaith.  “We’re needed back at HQ, STAT!”

The pair darted back toward their speeders as the surviving stormtroopers picked up their wounded and cuffed the surviving enemies…

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Jaith arrived slightly after Ghost, he dismounted quickly and followed him in, removing his helmet and placing it at his side.  Ghost stepped in before him. "Reporting as ordered." The Lieutenant Colonel looked up.

"Ah, captain. I suppose you know why your here. You know of my intents. I want this base for my own. The easiest way for this to happen is through violence. I believe that you were stationed here to serve as an enforcer to our dear Commander Darsmon, much like Ghost serves me. Of course this would put you close to him at most times, the old man would most likely use you as a body guard instead of putting your skills to use. That would be a shame, dont you think? Well I can assure you, once I am in command I will put you to much better use. As his bodyguard you would be close to him for most of the day. When you recive the signal from me, you will kill him. Its that simple. What do you think?"

Jaith was quiet, thinking over the plan. The commander seemed incompetent, to obsessed with honor to get the job done. He nodded, grinning "As you wish."

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Realizing that the Rebels were no longer looking for him, or he might just be paranoid of Rebels, Davik looked around, and realized he was on the roof of an old hotel.

"Wait a second. What the hell does being on a hotel have to do with this story?"

Back into the story. Davik then turned east, where he saw the dropship for the Rebel troops attempt to move out. Something caught Davik's eye. A jumptrooper, like the one he and Vince had seen before, was flying towards it. Now the trooper was apparently firing into the window, then he jumped off and the ship went down into rock. Davik took another sip of caf as he watched through his macro-binoculars. It was the jumptrooper from before!

"Wow, that guy must be a badass."

Looking elsewhere, he saw the trooper land, and talk to Ghost. Watching Ghost point up, Davik moved his macro-binoculars up as well, and saw a trooper with a PLX-X3B anti-aircraft missile launcher. The trooper then saluted down to Ghost and the jumptrooper, and proceeded to aim at the downed dropship. One missile flew right into the cockpit of the ship, and flames went about. It was interesting to see. Turning around and listening to the explosions, Davik waited for Vince's reply.

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"As you wish," replied the Captain. Raina smiled, everything was going according to plan, all except the attack, but even that did not bother her at the moment.  The captain put a hand to his ear, listening to something. Putting on his helmet, the captain turned to them, "Seems like the commander would like me in his office," he said.  With a quick nod, he walked out.

There were a few moments of silents between the sergeant and herself before a calm cool voice came through the com link in her office, "The commander would like to see you in his office."  Raina stood up, collecting herself, and then, with a nod at 'Ghost' they walked down the hallway to the commanders office. 

As they walked into the office, she saw the Captain standing beside the commander, serving as a body guard, or at least, for the moment.  "Well," started the commander, "I'm sure you know why you are here, this whole disaster could get you into very big trouble colonel.  I mean, you should have done more to protect this station."  As the commander continued into what could happen to her if he told someone with a high position that this was her fault, Raina looked directly at the Captain.  She gave the slightest nod, and watched as her plan unfolded.

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"Hey, Vince, how are ya doing down there? I'm in a bit of a tight spot, but I should be okay with Ol' Reliable and my good aim. You on your speeder or something? Reply ASAP." Davik's voice said over Vince's comm.

Vince didn't respond at first. He held the barrel of his small blaster to the face of the last living Rebel in the street he and several Stormtroopers had just overtaken. His pinky stuck out as he gripped the gun, an identifiable feature of Vince's.

"Diiisgusting." He said and squeezed the trigger slightly. A Stromtrooper put his hand on Vince's arm.

"Hold it Glortho, we need prisoners." He said and walked away to tend to the wounded

Vince raised the blaster and pushed the Rebel off into the forming band of Rebel prisoners.

"Lucky....(clicks on his comm) Glortho here, I've just about finished saving the whole Empire right now. Ahhhhh, all in a days work." At that a Stromtrooper who had witnessed the battle and had actually seen what little Vince had done cursed at him.

"Oh of course Vince, we all bow down to your greatness Emperor Glortho. This caf's getting cold, meet me at HQ or its going to the kid who got his chocolate milk mugged from him this morning." Davik said and closed the link.

Vince lifited his leg with ease and rested his foot on his speederbike. He holstered his little blaster and hoped onto the seat. The old speeder shuddered and an odd metallic 'clank' sound went off that sounded like some internal machinery broke. He waved at the Stormtroopers who had to clean up the mess, and they all cursed at him. One threw a bloody dismembered Rebel arm as Vince blasted off through the streets to HQ, his decrepid speeder shaking violently and sending plumes of acrid smoke into the air.

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Jaith drew his blaster pistol, placing it against the commander's temple. He set the power on medium, roughly the equivalent of a normal blaster pistol. "I'm sorry sir." he said as pulled the trigger. The commander  fell out of his chair landing in a heap on the floor, the hole in his head still smoking. Jaith swept his hand across the desk, pushing all of the commander's personal belonging onto his corpse. He turned to Raina "Your orders, Commander?"

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

weapons-teeth and claws
species-rancor.....dident see that coming did you.

There was a noise at the entrance. tal opened one eye to see who had violated his sanctum. a group of creatures were approaching to his left...they were speaking....
"are you sure this will get us in undetected? im positive, these blueprints say there should be an air shaft near the base of the compound, this must be it." Tal tried to understand what these things were saying but he did not know any of the sounds they were making. he tried his bonds, the heavy chains and shackles clanked softly. opening the other eye, tal surveyed his small dark lair...there was a large gate to his left thought witch he was allowed to get his food, to his right was another large door, tal knew that if he did not protect the door, he would not be fed. he looked around for his handler, the only one who had been kind to him. he soon spotted his trainer, he was laying down by the entrance. tal had not been fed today and he wondered if he had done something wrong...while his attention was on his un-moving trainer the intruders had made there way to the door...his door! the only sound they heard was the clanking of chains. tal crossed the small space in a fraction of a second. his left claw scooped up the nearest intruder and smashed him against the wall while his right claw covered the door. the little creatures started yelling...tal did not like it when things yelled at him. he bent down and clamped onto the top half of the next closest creature and shook his massive head, sawing the intruder in half by doing so. the 2 remaining creatures had ran to his right and were shooting at him with their weapons. their shots angered tal, he reared up, roaring with a cry that could be heard for miles as one of the shots liquefied one of his beady eyes. with one swipe of his claw he separated one of the creatures heads and sent it clattering against the metal wall. tal rushed forward, the last remaining annoyance dived out of the way, sending tal, smacking into the wall. the creature fired, scorching flesh and breaking tals chains. tal, swiped at the creature, knocking the gun out of its hands, the creature turned and fled out the way it had come. breaking the remaining chains, tal, headed out after him...

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Raina sat down as the two stormtroopers came in a took out the body, muttering something about this being the third death this week that they've had to clean up.  She looked up at the Captain whom she was very pleased with and the Sergeant, whom had helped her to achieve this statis.  "Well," said the newly appointed commander, "I want you two to go back to the battle field, make sure that it is cleaned up, and I want no prisoners. We must get the message to these rebel scums that we mean business and I will do whatever it takes to keep this battle station operational. After you are done there, wait for my orders, I shall contact authorities and tell them what has transpired here.  Our former commander will be charged with treason to the empire, thus eliminating any concerns for us. Carry on."

As the two men turned to leave, she thought of something. "Wait, Captain, a word if you please?" The captain nodded as 'Ghost' left the office.  "I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you doing that, you have proved yourself loyal," she said, nodding at him.  "Keep it up and there could be benefits down the road."

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Commander Raylor’s troops landed at the base on Naltoon. There were blaster shots heard off in the distance as they lined up, awaiting the exit of their commander, carrying all the gear they would need for whatever this mission would hold in store. Jelera exited the landing craft and as she stroad to meet her troopers, the landing ramp closed behind her, and the ship began to lift off to its return to the Bloodlust.  Her heart swelled with Imperial Pride as she noted the stance of her men. They respected her and her abilities. It never showed if they cared if she was a woman or not, and if and when it came down to combat, she had proven herself to be as good as a shot as any trooper worth his armor.

Jalera was surprised to find that no one from the base had come to at the least greet her. “Wouldn’t they want to confer with an officer who had orders from above?” She thought to herself. “Foolish backwater base.” She stepped near the open entrance, where a lone stormtrooper guarded. “I wonder if they would react the same way if Palpatine himself were visiting.”

“At ease men.” she commanded the Fighting 423 of the Imperial Navy. They knew that she would return or that word of what to do would come soon enough.           

Jalera entered the base using her military instincts, quickly finding her way to what she had been breifed as ,Commander Darsmon , head of operations at the Naltoon Imperial Base’s office. In transit she noticed two grumbling stormtroopers moving a copious bag with the tainted smell of ozone.  Around the corner, and Jalera entered into the office and there happened to be a Jumptrooper holding a still smoking blaster in his hand.  There was a woman sitting down behind a clean desk. Jalera clearly knew her mission docket said that the Commander of the base was a male. Somthing was obviously askew, something more than just a missed greeting. Jalera wasn’t born yesterday, and she didn’t get to her position by handing out favors. She figured that this woman had “assumed”control of the base.

Jelera decided to not draw attention to what she obviously saw as a sticky situation and introduce herself. “Hello,” and she reached out her hand to shake that of the woman’s, “I am Commander Jelera Raylor. My squadron the 423 out of Imperial Star Destroyer Bloodlust, are here as directed.”

The woman looked at her hand, and looked back to the trooper by the desk. Reluctantly she shook it. “Yes, I am Raina Alea, Commander and Head Administrator for Naltoon Secret Imperial Base. As I understand it you and your men have been sent here for additional protection and support.”

“Yes Commander.”

“Ah, I doubt we shall need them. My men have much experience. No rebel scum is better than they.”

“Well My men shall do as ordered. As I do what is expected of me. We were assigned here. And we will do our job to the full.”

“Indeed..Well let me show you your quarters.” Commander Alea then turned and made a gesture to the trooper and lead Jalera out of the office and down the hall.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Novus came to a halt as he reached the markings on his HUD. Part of the wall forming the base was shattered. Novus surveyed the area, with his sensors before continuing at a walk. He was soon greeted by the cry of the stormtrooper sentrys. He didn't really blame them for being starteled by a bipedal tank walking towards them...Heck he'd be scared too it he saw one heading for him. Well...actually he wouldent but you get the point. He waved to one of the sentrys, and set down his gun. He was reallying hoping thet they dident open fire...

Sarg. Fryback stared at the walking tank quite frankly terrified, it dident seem hostile but you never know...He turned to his commuications officer.

"Inform the commander that there is another situation, at the breach point that needs tending too"

The officer nodded, and began to relay his orders. The Sergeant then looked back the the tank who had his hands up, and was being encircled by his stormtroopers. He REALLY dident want to deal with this thing on his own....

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Shalashska couldn't help looking over the battle scene from the roof with his optical binoculars. The electronic ones were such a pain, and often broke. He spotted several poor tactics the Alliance captains used from what he could tell, but that didn't matter now. Two squads had been wiped out already, either laying in the street bleeding to death, or burned alive in the Kleeque class dropship that was shot down.
"There's no way the Alliance will win the war..." He shook his head.
Shalashaska walked back down to the lower level and then into the underground entrance to the secret makeshift base, twirling one of his signature AAS pistols. Sergeant Tuks was waiting.

The Rebels would soon find out that Colonel Blaine Shalashaska was more than just an Alliance Colonel...

"This IS my signature."

Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Jaith walked through the halls until he reached the exterior, a group of troopers were rounding up prisoners. He walked over to them. "The commander does not want any prisoners." The troopers looked at each other for a moment. "Very well sir." the turned and lined the prisoners up against a wall. most were to shocked to resist, but Jaith saw a few storm troopers bash prisoners that tried to escape. A squad leader lined up his squad, and they raised their weapons.

One of the rebels ran forward screaming, he threw himself to the ground by the squad leaders feet, screaming something about his family. The squad leader pulled his sidearm, and shot the man in the face. at this the squad opened fire, mowing down the prisoners. A shot came from the crowd of civilians that had gathered around them, grazing Jaith's helmet, but causing his head to snap back with the force. The stormtroopers turned on the crowd, opening fire, mowing them down. Jaith pulled himself from the ground and watched as the civilians were slaughtered.  A man ran at a stormtrooper and tackled him, wrestling the thermal detonator from his back. he held it high, searching for the activator. Jaith shot him dead. It only took a few minuets, most of the crowd was dead, others had escaped. Jaith looked to see if he might spot the gunman responsible for this, but he couldn't tell the bodies apart.He dusted off his armor and set off to report.

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma was amazed that she and Griffin had made it through the underground without being pursued. It seemed that the Imperials had been focussed on beta squad and the unfortunate few of her own that had been taken down.

“I just got a report, Sergeant Taim’s squad are in. They’ve divided into pairs to search for the plans.” Gemma informed Colonel Shalashaska.

He nodded in response, “Can’t they just tap an outlet and download the info?”

Gemma shook her head, “Their R2 unit got fried in one of Dodger’s explosions.”

“Damn, we need to get another R2 unit in STAT!” the Colonel told as he watched the slaughter below.

Gemma looked to Griffin, “I guess we could go in. Dodger is already planting more detonators as we speak.”

“You mean that psycho isn’t dead yet?” the Colonel said with amazement.

“Hell no,” Gemma grinned. “Let’s get ourselves a droid Griffin, we got to move out.”

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Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

‘Ghost’ watched the massacre with disdain.  Such crude methods.  The prisoners could have been interrogated before execution, and killing them on the city street will only insight further unrest.  More mess for me to clean up.

Reviewing the battle in the corner of his HUD’s display as captured in his helmet’s holorecorder, he studied the feed and tried to determine who the Rebel leader had been, and if he had escaped.  So far, from the time he’d joined the battle, he’d not seen a clear ‘leader’ figure.  Making a point to look at everything he’d not been focused on at the time, he stopped to watch again the beautiful shot he’d made on the Rebel……..only a corporal? pity, who had been trying to hide behind the wrecked speeder. 


Replaying the vid, 57’ could see the man talking, and looking and someone else who was behind the speeder. 

Reporting in are you?  But to who…

Shortly after ‘Ghost’s’ shot, and then Davik’s amputation of the dead trooper’s foot after it sprang lifelessly into view, 57’ saw the…….sergeant?  And a female at that, spring to her feet while waving to the others to fall back. 

Case closed then…sadly he thought as he watched her run toward the dropship.  You were cooked with…  Suddenly she vanished from view, grabbed by someone out of Ghost’s field of view.  Replaying the scene several times as he repositioned himself to see the street below, he could see exactly where she vanished.  Fastforwarding the feed several times, she never returned into view.

Maybe you are still out there…

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: RPG: The Naltoon Assault

Gemma and Griffin obtained R2-D8, his outer plating had seen better days but the silver and red droid was functional enough. Gemma was embarrassed by her earlier stuff up. She had been intent on using the interbuilding passageways to go underground and infiltrate the Imperial building. Somehow though she'd managed to get to the roof and found Colonel Shalashaska. But things had worked out.

Gemma lead the small party through the levels of the building, certain that at anytime they’d come across a squad of stormtroopers wanting to slice and dice them. But so far so good, with the explosions outside most of the building’s inhabitants had either stayed inside or had already evacuated.

As they made it to the fourth floor Gemma froze, she heard the distinctive sound of blaster fire. “Stay here,” she instructed the droid and the Corporal as she edged forward to scope out what was going on below.

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'Ghost' jogged past the smashed up speederbike.  He looked down at the mass of blood that was still drying where the Rebel corporal has lost his life.  Pulling his disrupter pistol from it’s holster as he entered the narrow allyway, he carefully yet quickly made his way to the end.  Peeking around the corner, it simply led to another street on the next block.  Starting down the narrow path, disrupter darting from one suspect window to the next, he noticed one of the back doors that opened to the ally was an apartment building he was familiar with.  Couple fine dates ended there… he thought with a grin. 

Easing up to the back door, he tried the latch, and found it locked.  He was about to move on when he noticed the access panel, and the blood colored smudges on the numbers…they were still drying.

The memory of the Rebel corporal’s headshot came back to mind.  At that range our brave Rebel sergeant would have got her friend all over her…maybe. 

’57 kicked the door open, disrupter pistol firmly in his both hands.  The once fine but aging apartment building seemed totally deserted.  Checking all possible cover spots, he lowered his weapon and began to scan the room.

He scanned ever access panel, every doorway, and every likely spot for a bloody foot print or hand mark.


She’s long gone by now..

Before he could holster his blaster, however, he made out the faint sound of blaster fire from over head.  Switching his com to the Imperial military broadband, chatter from a squad of stormtroopers filled his ear.

”We're on the fourth floor, REPEAT, the FOUTH FLOOR!!!  The turbolift is NOT operating!!!  Send backup NOW!!!!” rang in his head as he rushed up the stairway…

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Gemma made her way towards the commotion and saw that a drunk Rodian had decided to open fire on the Stormtroopers. He was shouting something about them stealing his death sticks when his back was turned.

Gemma shifted back and felt the cold metal dome of R2-D8’s head bump into her butt. “I told you to say back,” she hissed in a whisper.

The droid let out a trill of beeps in response.

“I don’t care if Griffin went back to warn the Colonel, you should have stayed with him.” Gemma growled quietly.

Again the droid beeped a series of notes then trundled off from where it had come.

“Stupid droid,” Gemma said as she turned her attention back to the chaos and noticed that a new comer had moved onto the fourth floor.

Gemma shrank back into the alcove from where she’d been snooping from. She held her breath as she heard the new trooper stalking after the others. As Gemma finally moved she saw a smudge of blood on the wall from where she’d been leaning. She inwardly cursed but didn’t dare remove her armour.

At that moment Gemma’s com chimed, she reluctantly answered and heard Dodge’s voice, “Brace yourself,” he said simply.

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It was like thousands of voices cried out for a sequel and were suddenly silenced...