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Iron Man retracted his mask, showing his face. "I'm Tony Stark. Nice to meet you all. This is my associate, Boba Fett." Tony glanced at Fett expectantly, but he just stood there with hands ready at the holsters. "He doesn't say much." Tony was unnerved by the display of violence shown between the lizardman and the other man, but did not mention it as he seemed ok.

Suddenly, a speeder pulled up with Ragnar and Master Chief. "We need to move. The others are waiting" said Chief.
"I'll be there in a minute" replied Tony. Fett climbed in, and they sped off.

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Okay heres my group.
Alliance:good guys(don't remember what there called sorry. (:
team name:Fire Team Bravo

1)Jason Bourne
appearance: dark hair.
occupation: assassin.
weapons:anything literally, sig sauer p226.

2)Captain Price
occupation:SAS soldier
weapons: Silenced M4 assault rifle,  USP .45

3)Sgt. Robert Johnson
occupation:UNSC ODST Helljumper  Soldier
Weapons:Battle Rifle,sheath knife, and M6G Magnum

4)Nick Fury
occupation:soldier/former s.h.i.e.l.d. member.
weapons:silver dessert eagle, also uses anything else he finds.

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((Haha.  Technically those two Captain Americas are the same.  But since all times works I guess it's okay.))

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Winter Soldier is Bucky Cpt. America's old partner in world war II. He is technically a villan, but I'm making him good.

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((I'm guessing you don't mean Hawkeye from M*A*S*H* tongue ))

Alyn was glad that she didn't have to fight for the moment although she was rather confused by Flame and his friend. It seemed the friend had a healing factor - lucky for him.

"So what's doing, man? This sure ain't Kansas." Alyn said as she tapped her heels together, "I don't believe in fairies. Oh wait that's not it. There's no place like home, there's no place like home. Nup ain't working."

"English, speak English, not gibberish." Flame teased.

"Gibberish is my native tongue," Alyn replied as she stuck her tongue out at him. She was probably one of the few people who could actually get away with it, when it came to Flame. "So is anyone going to answer my question? I was on my speeder going through a grassy valley and if my eyes don't deceive me, there's no grass here."

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(Shadow ranger... no more than two characters from each universe are allowed in each team. You have like 4 characters from the Marvel universe. And War Machine's weapons are very different from the Ironman's weapons. hence the different name/suit)

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((Thank you, Valthonin. Glad to see people pay attention to rules. ShadowRanger, feel free to join in again, but with a team that follows the rules. I would keep Winter Soldier and War Machine if I were you. And yes, War Machine does have different weapons, that pic is from the movie. And Jason Bourne rules. p.s. I'm listening to Iron Man right now. smile))

"Well, I've got a battle to win. Anyone with me?" Tony Stark waited for a second, and blasted off. When he spotted the army of evil, he noticed it was a full battalion, thousands of troops with support vehicles. Instead of landing, he flew low to the ground, and put his shoulder into the hordes at 200 miles an hour, plowing through at least 100 troops before losing momentum. He hit the ground, and began firing both hand repulsors at full speed. 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, men down. He began to lose count. In this brawl, he wasn't taking much damage, but he could barely see. Iron Man curled into a ball, and let them beat on him until he was covered. He then blasted off into the air, sending dozens flying. This was too much for even Bad Company. They needed help. "Calling all metahumans! Need assistance at..." He paused to dodge a missle. "Need assistance at coordinates 42 north, 73 west! Immediately!" He flew down to help out his comrades. They were charging into battle, although they were starting to get surrounded. He landed at their rear and fired his monobeam. Master Chief had run out of ammo in two smgs, and began bludgeoning the enemies with his fists. He then picked up a .50 caliber machine gun from one of the heavy troops like it was nothing, and fired away. Ragnar fought valiantly, hacking and smashing with his chainsword. Blood sprayed around them, and his sword threatened to clog with the gore and metal, at which point he pulled out his bolter pistol. Deadpool teleported from soldier to soldier, appearing right in their face, following up with a katana through the cranium. He then pulled out two machine guns, leaped into the air guns blazing, then when he landed, spun around until his clips were empty. (think merc's revenge for those of you who played MUA.) Solid Snake rolled between enemies, breaking their necks, occasionally stuffing a grenade in their mouth. He then floated into the sky with his robot quickly, while firing rockets while he was aloft. Boba Fett had dual laser pistols, and was constantly spinning, his barrels as hot as his flamethrower he torched the enemies with. They burned alive, and Fett ignored their screams. As he began to get overwhelmed, he rocketed into the air, and backflipped to fire his rocket and clear the area. He landed and kept firing with weapons he scavenged off the fallen, and fired the occasional poison dart. Stark thought "I hope that help comes soon. I'm gonna have to resort to biting people soon."

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yeah I realized  that. I'm going to change it though.

About War Machine. I was told that He was basically Ironman but with mark 2 armor. I'm taking him, winter soldier, Cap America out and adding two new guys. Oh and Hawkeye to.

IC: Jason felt the air rush by as he fell through the air after jumping off of a building to avoid Noah Vosen and the Blackbrire agents. SMASH!!! His body plunged  into the cold water. He sank seven to ten feet before he began to swim towards the surface. About three feet before he arrived at the top of the river, his body disappeared.

"What," Jason said in surprise. A vast land lay before him. Ruined buildings and parts of the landscape made it clear to Jason that this was a war zone. He reached into his pocket. In it was his Sig Sauer P226 pistol.

A voice behind him said,"What a bloody mess. Did those Spetnaz soldiers do this?"

Jason turned to see a man with a beard wearing camouflage clothing and a camo hat. In his hands he held an assault rifle.

'I'm Captain Price," the man said. "I'm in the  SAS. Or I used to be before I died. Wait, I should be dead. I was being pursued by a group of Russian terrorists. A tanker exploded behind me and my men. Injuring me. The I saw "Soap" MacTavish shoot the terrorist leader. Then I was hear."

Jason looked at the man with a confused look on his face. He started to respond when a man with a helmet and armor on appeared. In his hands he held a rifle that neither Jason nor Price had seen before.

"Are you men with the UNSC?"he asked.

"What's that?" Jason questioned," and what kind of weapon is that?"

"What?! You don't know what the UNSC is!"

"Never heard of it," Jason replied.

"Good lord, it's humanities only hope against the Covenant!!!!" the man responded and then continued,"I'm an ODST Hell Jumper in the UNSC.

"Is the Covenant some kind of  religous cult?" Price asked.

"They're aliens!"

"Huh? I've never seen an alien in my life." Jason said.
Suddenly  a fourth man appeared just as confused as the previous three that stood before him.

"Who are you?" Jason wondered out loud.

"I'm Nick Fury and who are you men?" He responded.

"I'm Sgt. Robert Johnson." the soldier responded.

"I'm Jason Bourne."

"I'm Cpt. Price."

"Does anyone know where we are?" Fury asked.

No one did. After ten more minutes of speculations of the land's name they, decided to call it future earth.
They traveled towards the destroyed buildings in order to find shelter. They passed a sign that read,"_______City:two miles. Half a mile later they spotted two men with helmets, armor, and guns walking down the road.

"These guys don't look friendly," Jason said."Believe me, in my line of work you always can tell. Lets take 'em out."

He pulled out his pistol and crept towards the two men. Jason quickly shot one in the head and then he ran towards the other . The man turned the gun towards Jason. Just before he fired Jason dropped and slid on the ground taking the man's legs from under him.  He slammed the man's head onto the concrete, which cracked the man's visor. He then broke the man's neck with one swift motion."Alright, lets go." Jason said.

"Hey how about Fire Team Bravo as a team name," Price suggusted.

"Alright, Fire Team. Let's go to _________ City!"


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((By the way if you stay up to date with Marvel,  the picture you used for Cap was the new Cap, who is Winter Soldier/ Bucky.))

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Ok, I'm actually going to post (sorry, I've been PRETTY busy around here.....anyways). I'm not going to try to explain how my group met and formed, cus I've got no time. I'll pick up after that, and when you called for assistance. I MIGHT add another character later, but not sure.


A Warthog tore its way through blasted plains, music blaring loudly. It was driven by a armored figure, whose concave helmet and antenna over his right shoulder set him apart. The passenger seat was occupied by another armored figure, this one in white armor with blue trim. He was tuning a massive chain-gun like weapon. The Gauss cannon was occupied by a black armored figure with a T-slit visor that glowed blue. He had multiple weapons and explosives strapped to his armor. A human wearing desert-camo fatigues and a brimmed hat was braced in the bed of the Warthog, and was cradling his M40 sniper rifle. A faint shimmer next to him betrayed the presence of a fifth figure, clad in chameleon-like Semi-Powered Infiltration armor. The music was the only sound until the black-armored figure spoke.

"C'mon, Pete, turn it down. That craps giving me a headache. Its worse than the stuff Fi plays in his helmet." Darman laughed. "He claims its Mon-Cal opera, but nobody's fooled."

Mark Sweiters broke in. "Crap? Thats some good music! Where where you born? A glass bubble?"

"Actually, yeah."


Suddenly, a voice broke in over Pete's music. ""Calling all metahumans! Need assistance at coordinates 42 north, 73 west! Immediately!"

Mereel thought for a second. "Thats near here."

"Yeah, but what are meta-humans?" asked Mark.

"Probably Spartans, like me." said Tom, as he disengaged his camo.

"Dude, Spartans were ancient Greeks."

"Yes. But there are also other Spartans. Super-humans."

"Fine. But I still don't believe you're human. Any of you. 'Cept Pete, cus he knows good music."

Everyone sighed. Then Darman spoke. "If they need assistance, they must be fighting someone. Seppies, you think?"

"Seppies? Those like terrorists?"

"Terrorists? If they're humans in trouble, its probably Covenant."

Mereel broke in. "Whoever it is, they probably need help. And I'm spoiling for a fight."


Back at the battle:

The fight was going against Bad Company. While they'd inflicted serious casualties, large numbers of reinforcements had arrived, along with ground and air-support. With Ironman having been blown out of the air by a missile, and Boba Fett having narrowly escaped death when a nearby explosion caused his jetpack to malfunction (I couldn't resist), they had no air cover and were being overrun. Ground troops were closing in, with two tanks and two gunships supporting. Suddenly, two cracks sounded out, and one of the gunships went down, closely followed by the second. A Jeep-like vehicle, crewed by a trio of armored figures, roared between Bad Company and the oncoming hoard. The Gauss cannon spat fire, and one of the tanks exploded. The hatch of the other was ripped open by an invisible figure, a burst of gunfire sounded, and tank swiveled to open fire on the enemy. Music pounded from the Warthog, and Darman and Mereel jumped out, opening fire with their Deeces and Cip-quads, respectively. The enemy fell back, disorganized and confused. Bad Company charged back into the battle, taking advantage of this confusion to renew the devastation.

Hope this works. Had to join in sometime.

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((it works great. by the way shadowranger, if you want to join the battle we're in, we are on a mysterious planet in another part of the galaxy. The good guys are trying to hide earth from the bad guys. thanks. but you can fight there if you want.))

"Looks like your luck is holding out, John" said Cortana in Chief's helmet. He had almost forgotten about her in the fray. He looked around to see what she was talking about, and saw what looked like a Spartan in a warthog and some other fighters, but somewhat different. (Chief didn't know of the Spartan 3s did he?) Anyway, he was glad to see another Spartan, or at least a UNSC soldier. He felt more confident now. With this in mind, he rejoined the brawl with new courage.

Boba Fett cursed his jetpack and his rotten luck of landing on this obviously outer rim world in a battle with no recognizable Rebel or Imperial forces, but quickly suppressed his anger and reloaded. He did, however recognize these newcomers. They were clones of his father, Jango. A commando and an ARC. He watched his father train them. But... they should have died well over 20 standard years ago. Either way, he was glad to see some armor resembling that of the great Mandalorians, those whose armor he wore and culture he had admired. He knew they had a chance now.

Ragnar noticed a few new warriors. They looked smaller, but he saw that size did not matter, as was evidenced by Bad Company. They looked well armored and armed, battle worn, and appeared strong and invigorated as they blew into the lines of enemies. There was a camaraderie between the two with T shaped visors, not unlike that in the Space Wolves. It was good to have men who lived for battle.

Iron Man probably had more of a grip on what was going on than anyone, but was still pressed to his limits by this battle. He had just recovered from a solid hit from a missle. I dodged the other 200, he thought. "What took ya so long?" he said to the newcomers. "Are there others coming?" He could not make out an answer through the chaos. He continued pummeling enemies, tossing them into eachother. His suit granted him incredible strength, but his own endurance could only hold for so long. "I've faced worse" he mumbled, thinking of all the battles he had gotten the Avengers through." I sure could use their help right now.

Deadpool was enjoying killing, but their endless numbers were annoying. His incredible healing powers kept him ready to strike, never tiring. He had taken a few bullets, but he had healed already. He tossed a grenade in to the crowd, followed by screams, fire, blood. He had exhausted all his ammo, and that was his last grenade. His last 200 kills or so had been with his dual swords. He flashed from enemy to enemy, dissecting their flesh in a fatal strike. Snake, on the other hand, had sustained serious injuries. He kept firing, but he wasn't sure how much longer he could last.

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I am on that planet I guess, then. I made a mistake. I'll join the battle next post.

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Jack sprinted off into the direction of the others.  He approached the scene with Flame and his friend hot on his heels.   Jack surveyed the scene.  There were all the others they had met before, plus some newcomers.  But one of these guys stood out.  He was wielding his swords and guns like an expert.  And his costume was one of the best things he had ever seen.

"I FREAKIN LOVE THAT GUYS COSTUME!  I must find out who made those threads."  Jack dashed off into the middle of the battle, Uzis spitting lead death.  He took some shots but continued on.  When his clip ran out he quickly pulled out his wakizashi and katana.  He hacked his way to the newcomer. 

"I'm Jack.  Pleased to meet you.  I absolutely love your costume."  Jack rolled took out the ankles of a soldier. 

"I know!  Some people say it's too Spider-man-esque.  But it's me.  At least its better than Marvel Girl's costume  That chaffed.  But either way it helps with the chicks.  Jack eh?  There are some unwanted memories.  The name's Deadpool.  I'm the merc with the mouth."  Deadpool threw his sword past Jack's ear and impaled another. 

"Man I like your style.  Bea Arthur is definitely a hottie.  So where can I get a costume like that?" 

"I do fittings on Wednesdays from 4-5."

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Alyn decided to follow Flame and Jack, she still hadn't gotten her answer about the where and the why, but hey there were people to kill. Deciding to go for maximum kills, Alyn lined up the Rail Gun on about twenty dudes in a row. She fired and watched as a line of baddies fell to the ground. "Hehehe, rack up a score of 22 for me!"

Lowering the Rail Gun, Alyn changed to the Uzi since the Rail Gun needed to recharge. She fired left, she fired right, but unfortunately she wasn't looking where she was going and took a blade to the head and dropped to her knees. She coughed once saying "Ouch" before falling to the ground dead.

(And there is my shortest role in an RPG tongue )

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Will you make another character? Or are you just going to leave the RPG?

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((We'll see, I told Adeptus that I wanted to finally have one of my main characters kick the bucket...))

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Even with the newcomer's help, the odds were against bad company. Thousands against 9. But that was when the Alliance army came to help. 5,000 soldiers poured out of the dropships that came behind the heroes and warriors. Not all of the dropships made it back to the sky, some were knocked down by portable SAMs. With these reinforcements, it only took 30 minutes to win the battle. Afterwards, bad company and the others flew back to the base, and decided where to go from there. They needed to discover the mystery of the portals, and find the enemy's main headquarters.

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