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Behold! My Force FX Lightsabers (you might be able to tell that the blade of Mace Windu's saber is kinda messed up. Thanks to my little brother)
Ingore that little kitty in the corner...his name is Goldeneye (for two reasons: first is obvious, his eyes are gold. second is even more obvious, Goldeneye is the best James Bond movie)

Obi-Wan Kenobi's

Darth Vader's

Mace Windu's

And my personal favorite, Luke Skywalker's from Return of the Jedi

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Re: Force FX Lightsabers

They are oh so beautiful! I love lightsabers.

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Re: Force FX Lightsabers

Sweet, I love the fact that Goldeneye looks like he wants one wink

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Re: Force FX Lightsabers

i'm sure the kitty just was intrigued by the light. nice collection.