Topic: talk of indy's 1,2,3

sorry if this has been done before(if it has close the topic and post a link to the other topic of this in a post before closing)

but what do you thibk of indy's 12,3,

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Re: talk of indy's 1,2,3

Greatest movies of all time.

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Re: talk of indy's 1,2,3

Absolutely love them, i loved Raiders and Crusade..but Temple of Doom was you know "ehhh" but i still love them. No one can be Indy like Harrison big_smile

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Re: talk of indy's 1,2,3

good enough to be made into a lego game... big_smile an awsome lego game!

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Re: talk of indy's 1,2,3

yep, what everyone said. i just love em all.

Re: talk of indy's 1,2,3

I love them too. SW will always be my favorite, but after that comes Indy.

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