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During the BFFC's down time I started this fan fic, it's a work in progress so please be paitent. Sorry about the lame title, haven't come up with anything better as yet...

An ethereal figure floated in the bacta tank with her dark hair flowing about her. Conscious thought was starting to return to her: the feel of cool fresh air on her skin after a long flight, the deafening boom and the sudden blackness. Versé blinked to awareness at the faint but vivid memories that returned to her.

The handmaiden of Senator Padmé Armidala had been believed dead. The attack at the landing platform had killed Cordé who had been disguised as the Senator, for her protection, along with the rest of the crew who had exited the ship with her. 

Versé attempted to peer through the bacta as she tried to work out where exactly she was but her vision was distorted by the vicious fluid.

Outside the tank sat a man who watched her curiously, he had a face that would soon be familiar to billions throughout the galaxy but for now he was as inconspicuous as a streetlamp in a city. His designation was Alpha-08 although he tended to go by the nickname of “Tweak”. Tweak was an Advanced Recon Clone Trooper, or ARC Trooper for short. He had been trained directly by Jango Fett, from whom he was cloned, and then placed in stasis until he was required for duty.

Tweak had been awakened before the rest of his brothers, as his mission was one of secrecy and utter most discretion. Tweak had proved himself as one of the best, his competence at everything he’d been trained in had exceeded all expectation. He felt his talents were being wasted in babysitting a woman in a bacta tank. He did not complain though, it sure beat being in stasis.

After Tweak’s awakening on Kamino he had been introduced to his General and told of his mission. He was flown to Coruscant without delay. His mission was to assassinate Senator Armidala, however someone had beat him to the punch or so he had thought. The body of Senator Armidala and some members of her staff had laid dead on the landing platform high in Coruscant’s skyscape. A simple DNA test had told Tweak that the woman dressed as Senator Armidala was in fact a decoy, it was her handmaiden Cordé.

Tweak had searched the bodies only to find that handmaiden Versé was still alive, well just. She was seriously injured to the point that it was easy to assume she was dead.  He had carried her away from the platform before the cleanup crew arrived. There were enough strewn bodies to assume that Versé was still there. Tweak had used his advanced slicing skills to quickly add a Death Certificate for Versé to the list of the deceased from the explosion.

It had been over a four days since the assassination attempt and Tweak hadn’t been able to get near the Senator. Tweak hoped that Versé would be able to provide him with information that could aid him in his quest. Of course he would have to be careful to avoid talk of Armidala’s ultimate demise as Versé would certainly feel loyalty to her mistress.

Tweak couldn’t help but look at Versé. Women were something of an enigma to Tweak, not to mention all Clone Troopers. Contact with the opposite sex had been practically nonexistent during training and Tweak found himself staring at Versé with unsuppressed fascination. In some ways she was so similar to him and in others so different. It took him a few moments to realise that she was trying to look back at him.

Tweak shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t like the idea of being caught staring at her, especially when it was by Versé herself. He almost jumped when her hand pressed to the transparent tank wall with a thump.

It was time to let her out. Tweak activated the tank and watched as Versé was released from her liquid containment. She stood on wobbling legs as he approached her with a white robe. “How do you feel?” He asked.

“O-Okay,” she said as her teeth chattered, “c-cold.” Tweak had forgotten to turn on the climate control, he was used to harsh conditions, it appeared that Versé was not.

He wrapped the robe around her and was surprised when she slumped against him. Her wet hair pressed against his cheek and he smelt the antiseptic scent of bacta. He grabbed her upper arms and straightened her up so she could stand on her own. “I’ll adjust the climate control,” he said with a cool tone that belied his true emotional state. Tweak started to release his grip only to feel Versé start to wobble again. He was unsure what to do, he looked around for a moment and decided to shuffle her back to a stool which she could lean on.

Tweak started to move her towards the stool but she was as so unsteady that it almost seemed like she had no bones. He decided the best course of action was to pick her up and move her where he wanted to put her. He sat her on the stool and made his way towards the climate control panel. He quickly set the temperature and heard the air conditioner kick to life with a quiet hum.

Versé had managed to shift herself into a more comfortable position with her elbows. “Where am I?” she asked as she looked around slightly dazed.

“Coruscant,” Tweak said simply.

She frowned, “I figured as much, but where on Coruscant?”

“The Twelfth Eastern Medical Centre,” Tweak said as he shifted to stand before her in typical military posture.

Versé blinked as she tried to remember what had happened to her, “I remember some sort of explosion, I’m guessing that’s why I’m here.”

Tweak tilted his head down and then studied her from beneath his dark brows, “You were the only survivor.”

Versé gasped, “No it can’t be! What about Pa- the Senator?”

Tweak shook his head, “The Senator died in the explosion.”

Versé shook her head and then blinked as she looked back at the bacta tank. “What was she wearing?”

“Dark clothing, looked like it had been a flowing dress but it was hard to tell in the aftermath.” Tweak said with little subtly, he’d never really been trained in the intricacies of conversation.

“Aftermath?” Versé said with disbelief as her eyes darted about as if the things around her would give her answers to the questions rambling through her mind. Then her eyes seemed to focus and she looked directly at Tweak. “What about the sentry pilots? Did they survive?”

Tweak lifted his head slightly picking up her desperate tone, “Yes they did.”

Versé let out a squeal of delight them covered her mouth as she tried to conceal her excitement. “Sorry I’m just glad there were survivors.”

Tweak nodded but made sure he looked impassive, “I can understand that.” It gave further clarification to him that Armidala had been on one of the sentry ships. Armidala was known to substitute herself with her handmaidens. It was poor form on the assassin’s part, as they obviously didn’t study their target.

“What do you remember?” Tweak asked as he crossed his arms.

Versé managed to sit up straight as her muscles started to function under her own will, “I remember landing. I was part of the Senator’s entourage.” Versé looked at Tweak without really focusing on him, she was searching her memory for the fragments of the landing.

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

So far so good. But why would 'they' send an ARC after padme' if Jango (the best bount hunter at the time) was already on her trail?

Other than that its good, You have somthing goin here.

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

All will be revealed in time... wink

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

*claps and cheers* your writing another story!  They are always my favs...*sits back to wait and enjoy whatever you write next*  More More!

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

Pheonix023 wrote:

*claps and cheers* your writing another story!  They are always my favs...*sits back to wait and enjoy whatever you write next*  More More!

What about mine? tongue kidding, Mine suck compared to Mel's, cant wait for more...get on with it tongue

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

Thanks Phenoix and Adeptus (I think tongue ). Here's a bit more:

“Everything seemed to be going okay. We landed on our designated platform and then we started to disembark. I remember a loud noise that was almost deafening. There was heat and pain... after that I don’t remember anything. It happened so fast.” Versé told as sweat started to bead on her forehead as the memories also dug up the feelings of panic.

“So you didn’t see who attacked you?” Tweak asked.

Versé shook her head, “No. There was no time.”

Tweak nodded but felt disappointed, he’d hoped for some sort of lead on who else was intent on killing the Senator. “I understand,” he merely stated.

“Who are you?” Versé asked.

Tweak had been expecting this question, he couldn’t exactly tell the truth. “I’m Special Agent Tweak, I was assigned to protect you.” He said simply.

“Protect me? But I’m not that important.” Versé said seeming completely surprised.

“Everyone thinks you’re dead. You were such a mess at ground zero that everyone who saw you believed you were deceased, it was I who checked your life signs and discovered the truth.” Tweak told.

“You saved my life?” Versé asked as she stood up in amazement.

“Yes I guess I did,” Tweak replied. In truth he had only seen her as a source of information.

The gratitude in Versé’s eyes made Tweak feel a tinge of guilt. “Thank you, so much.” She gushed as she started towards him with open arms.

Tweak lifted his head and stood to his full height, he wasn’t sure if she was going to attack him so he prepared to go on the defensive. When she stopped and dropped her arms he felt himself relax.

“Not the hugging type I’m guessing,” Versé said as she realised that she was overstepping the boundaries with him.

“No,” Tweak replied, unsure as to what he should say to her.

Versé nodded and then seemed to settle into her meek handmaiden mode, “My apologies, that was presumptuous of me. I won’t do it again.”

Tweak looked slightly puzzled as her behaviour of being open and approachable had disappeared to be replaced by a facade that was all manners and politeness. “Apology accepted,” he said simply.

“I should report to the Naboo Officials,” Versé told as she held the robe close to her small frame in a regal manner.

Tweak shook his head, “They all think you’re dead. It’s best that they keep thinking that.”

“But why?” Versé gasped as she stepped forward losing her countenance.

“To keep you safe,” Tweak replied as he searched for a more meaningful excuse.

“I’m not the one that needs to be kept safe! It’s Senator Armidala that needs protecting!” Versé declared as she stood pointing accusingly at Tweak for neglecting his job, then she realised what she had just said and took a step back as she covered her open mouth with both hands.

“It’s okay, I know she’s alive.” Tweak said with a satisfied upturn of his lips.

“Then why didn’t you say so!” Versé said as her ire rose.

“You may have been involved with the potential assassin,” Tweak answered.

“What!” Versé shouted with disbelief. “I have been serving Padmé for years. Why would I suddenly turn on her? It’s not logical.”

Tweak shrugged, “Emotion is not logical and many beings base their actions on emotion.”

“But not you?” Versé said with a raised brow as she tried to assess the man before her.

“I never claimed to say what my motivation is.” Tweak said evasively.

“Then please enlighten me, what is your motivation?” Versé said heatedly.

Tweak let out a sigh. Things were getting out of hand. He had not thought she’d be angry with him. “This is my job, ma’am.”

This time it was Versé who sighed, her anger seeming to dissipate. “Very well then, I’ll take you at face value for now but know this Special Agent Tweak, I don’t trust you one iota.”

Tweak shrugged, “That suits me just fine.”

Versé was surprised, “It doesn’t bother you?”

Tweak shook his head, “Not one iota,” he said throwing her words back at her. Although he wasn’t quite sure what an iota was.

The comment seemed to take the fight out of her. She looked at her bare feet then lifted her head to look at him directly, “Could I please get some clothes?”

Tweak shrugged nonchalantly, “Well since you said please I suppose I could.”

A small amused smile etched itself on Versé’s lips. “I wouldn’t want to put you out,” she said with jest.

Tweak moved to a metal locker and handed her a bundle of clothing. He’d checked her sizes before he’d disposed of the clothes she had been wearing when he found her. He wasn’t sure what women wore, he knew that there were certain fashions but he’d never bothered to do any research. It wasn’t really an area he thought he needed to know about.

Versé lifted the garments and pouted slightly, “Who picked these?” she asked as she raised a red dress up to get a better look at it. It was practically backless and had a flowing skirt that looked like something that Padmé would wear rather than one of her handmaidens.

“I did, are they unsuitable?” Tweak said feeling that his choice may have been inadequate.

“No. Just not really my style,” Versé replied politely, not wanting to offend him for some reason.

Tweak stood watching her expectantly.

Versé placed her hands on her hips, “I’m not getting dressed while you’re standing there watching me.”

Tweak looked shocked and raised his hands in mock surrender, “Okay I’m leaving.”

Versé waited until the door was firmly shut behind Tweak before dropping the robe and removing the underwear she’d had on during her time in the bacta tank. She quickly dressed into the clothes Tweak had given her and wished she had a mirror.

The red dress was shorter at the front dropping just below her knees while the back sat at her ankles. She found a pair of dark brown tights and ankle high boots which she put on. Then she chuckled as she saw that Tweak had also thrown in a dark brown scarf, “Like that’s going to keep my back warm.”


Count Dooku’s footsteps echoed as the heels of his boots hit the polished stone floor. His cape flared out behind him as he walked with purpose, he had a transmission he had to take. He walked into his private quarters to find a life size hologram of Jango Fett awaiting him.

“Dooku,” Fett said in greeting.

“Fett,” Dooku replied in kind. “What news do you have?”

“My associate has a redemption plan for earlier misgivings.” Fett said cryptically.

Dooku nodded in understanding, “Good. But in future, Fett, do not subcontract on me again.”

Jango Fett shifted slighting as if uncomfortable, “I won’t make that mistake a second time.”

“I’m sure you won’t,” Dooku said with a smirk.

Jango Fett merely nodded once in response before his image faded out.

Dooku left his quarters and meandered through the maze of corridors until he reached the Communications Bay. “Status report on Alpha-08,” he demanded.

“Active, has attained one of the Senator’s handmaidens that was thought dead. He will question her when she regains consciousness.” The Communications Officer reported.

Dooku gave a nod of understanding, “Send word to him that he needs to pick up his game. The competition is getting fierce.”

The Communications Office saluted Dooku and then returned to his station to send the message.

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

Awesome....I like how you threw Dooku and Fett in

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

Ori'kandosii, I like it much!  your right about tweak having no fashion sense though....

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

Here's a bit more:

Tweak stood just inside the doorway to his apartment’s balcony watching the world outside. He hadn’t been lying to Versé when he’d said that they were in the Twelfth Eastern Medical Centre, problem was that it was no longer a Medical Centre. The building had been the dream of a rich entrepreneur who’d had good intentions but had died young at the hands of a jealous rival.

It had been a medical centre for a year or so before the banks had come in to claim their share. The building had been divided into apartments for those who wished to set up their own practices. Tweak’s connections had bought such an apartment with a bacta tank for obvious reasons. Various types of medical equipment was scattered through the apartments but it hadn’t been the permanent equipment that Tweak had been interested in. It was the direct view to Senator Amidala’s apartment.

Tweak had his surveillance devices set up, they included long range sensors to pick up any conversations had in Amidala’s apartment, along with visual recorders. Tweak already knew that the Senator had been visited by the Jedi. Surprisingly the Padawan seemed to be quite attached, as far as Tweak was aware, this was unusual behaviour for a Jedi.

He was reviewing the latest set of data when his com chimed. He answered to see a small image of his General appear. “Status report,” the General demanded.

“The Senator is in her apartment. She was visited by a pair of Jedi. The Jedi are there to protect her from further attack.” Tweak told.

“What of the handmaiden?” The General asked.

“She’s conscious, I have begun the questioning, however she doesn’t seem to remember anything adequate about the attack.” Tweak informed.

“Continue with the questioning. Also note that your competition is growing fiercer. The bounty has been raised on Amidala’s head.” The General confided.

Tweak gave a nod of understanding, “At the first opportunity I’ll eliminate the target.”

“General Grievous out,” replied the cyborg as his image faded out.

Tweak lifted his head as he heard the door open and Versé walked out now fully dressed. “You didn’t buy a jacket by any chance?” she asked.

He shook his head, “No I didn’t think you need one.”

Versé turned around to show her bare back, “This dress is a little breezy.”

Tweak looked and her back and found his fingers itching to find out if her skin was a soft as it looked. He immediately placed his hands behind his back. “I have a cloak you could borrow,” he said as he moved to the hook beside the doorway. The cloak was a dark brown and typical of what was worn by many residents including the Jedi.

“That would be great,” Versé replied as she followed him over.

Tweak almost bowled her over as he turned around with the cloak in his hands, she was much closer than he had anticipated, he found it worrying as his training had taught him better. But for some reason he found his mind wandering around Versé, it was most disconcerting for the ARC trooper.

“Thanks,” Versé said as she plucked the cloak from his hands and quickly moved away.

Tweak watched silently as she shrugged on the cloak. He mentally shook himself. He wondered why they weren’t given more training around females, he was continually watching her with curiosity, but he wasn’t really sure what he was looking for. “Better?” he asked as he turned back to his surveillance equipment.

“Much,” Versé replied as she moved to the balcony. Her brow crinkled as she noticed they were adjacent to Padmé’s apartment. “So you are keeping watch for the Senator.”

Tweak simply nodded as he continued to view his recordings, he was careful that Versé remained far enough away so not to see the images. He froze as a familiar figure passed through one if his outdoor visual shots. He slowed down the image to see the visage of Jango Fett sitting in a speeder. Tweak hit play to watch Jango swiftly disappear.

The General had been right, the competition had grown more fierce. Versé’s voice broke his thoughts, “What are you smirking about?” she asked as she walked towards him.

“Oh I think I just found a clue as to who is stalking the Senator,” Tweak told.

Versé quickly moved to his side, “Who is it? Can we stop them?”

“It’s a well known bounty hunter. As for stopping him, that could be interesting. I don’t know what his angle is.” Tweak replied as he sorted through the recordings.

“What about your co-workers? Could they help you?” Versé asked as she followed him as he moved from one piece of surveillance equipment to another.

Tweak shook his head, “We work alone. It allows us to be inconspicuous.”

“But that’s silly when you know you could stop a further assassination attempt if you banded together.” Versé said sternly as she continued to badger him.

As Tweak stopped to look at her, he stood tall to instil his authority. “We don’t work that way. I must do this alone or else I will have failed.”

Versé looked perplexed, “Failed? But won’t you have failed if the Senator dies?”

Tweak shrugged, “It’s complicated.”

“Apparently,” Versé said as she placed her hands on her hips.

Tweak mimicked her and placed his hands on his hips, “It’s my job to finish an assignment on my own without help from any outside source. I was trained to be self sufficient in all fields, to ask for assistance shows that my abilities are not up to scratch.”

“But we’re talking about someone’s life here,” Tweak said as she edged forward.

“I can and will handle this on my own,” Tweak replied as he had to consciously stop his voice from growing louder as his frustration built. He couldn’t understand why she was pushing him, couldn’t she comprehend that this was just how things were supposed to be?

He stepped away from her and moved to put on his armour. Unlike Versé he had no qualms about getting naked in front of another being. It was simply the way of life in the clone training facilities.

Versé placed a hand over her eyes and quickly turned away when she realised what Tweak was doing. “You’re not shy, are you?” she jibed.

Tweak decided not to bother with a response as he unconsciously went through the motions of putting his armour on. Unlike his brothers, Tweak had a dull grey suit of armour. The General had insisted that his armour be different to the other ARC troopers. Tweak was unsure as to why the General had been so insistent however he did feel less conspicuous in the steel silver suit.

His next action was to check his weaponry. Versé turned as she heard the metallic thuds and clunks. “Are you going into battle?” she asked as she watched him with interest.

“Perhaps, better ready than dead.” He told as he admired his blaster rifle.

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

Ah!  The plot thickens?  Great story.  Can't wait to see the end.  I like all of the cameos in it.  Makes the story a bit more interesting.

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

More!  I live for good clone fiction...

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

I love it ! It has a good blending in of everybody.

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

Thanks Sharra, I really need to write some more but haven't been in the right mood...

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Re: Fan Fic: The Handmaiden & the ARC Trooper

BFFC-Mel wrote:

Thanks Sharra, I really need to write some more but haven't been in the right mood...

Sorry to hear about your mood. I hope things get better/easier for you soon.

Cast iron and treadmills? Oh yes. Still sculpting me to what I really want to be, and I love it. :)