Topic: Favorite baseball team?

Hey, Its me, GLOPINO wanting to know, Who is your favorite baseball team?

             Mine is the St. Louis Cardnals.

               THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Favorite baseball team?

Not a huge baseball fan myself, though I was in it some a couple years back

Dimondbacks would probably top my list  *one of my rare bursts of home-team-sports pride; I`m usually a Texas sports kinda guy*

Next would be either Braves or Texas Rangers *for my only reasons, I like the name/team colors/and as stated above, I`m just into Texas  tongue *

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Re: Favorite baseball team?

Toronto Blue Jays

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Re: Favorite baseball team?

Not a big fan of the Blue Jays despite them being the only Canadian team.  I'd have to say my favourite is the  Atlanta Braves because when I played in little league we only lost one game with the Braves.

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Re: Favorite baseball team?

I don't like baseball.


Re: Favorite baseball team?

y? I like it sometimes.But couse I'm not into baseball,I don't have favourite. sad

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