Topic: Gentle Giant announce Boba Fett KustomZ

early days but jus spotted this

.7 Can you tell us what’s next for ...
     d. KustomZ?

The first few KustomZ pieces were delayed a bit, so the additional pieces will be pushed out as well. There are a couple really nice designs in the works currently. Including a Boba Fett.

heres the current range ->

cant wait should be a real interestin piece !!

1st look could be at sdcc but no earlier

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Re: Gentle Giant announce Boba Fett KustomZ

Kandosii vod'e! looks interesting...

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Re: Gentle Giant announce Boba Fett KustomZ

Stupid Question Time:

What's a KustomZ?  is that one you have a pic of there?  Or is it like an unpainted scupture of some characters  that you can paint your own colors?


Wow, question was even stupider then I thought.......

Took the time to check your second link; that is a KustomZ you posted a link of.  Not bad, but I wouldn't pay for one.......unless it was Boba or Jango.........maybe........if it wasn't too silly looking

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Re: Gentle Giant announce Boba Fett KustomZ

Drakus... link should explain it all.. its GGs foray into the urban vinyl stying in the Ratfink way kinda.. I like em and the Boba should ROCK... and im sur it will get a repaint like jango or animated colours or ESB/ROTJ to make the sculpt pay for itself.  the speeder  bike has already had a repaint proto shown @ NYTF earlier this year.

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