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Topic: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

Yo, guys, I'm kinda new but brainy on Civil War stuff, so let's go! wink

Rules: No bad languge. No more than three characters per person. No killing other characters(you can only wound them). No more weapons than two rifles, three pistols, five hidden weapons(like knee-pad rockets), three blades, and one jetpack(or other backpack). Don't make battles last too long. Reload when needed. No more than three speacial abilities. Stay on the planet or in space around it(You can introduce your character on a different planet if you want to). Make it where everybody can understand you. Add a little humer if you feel like it. If you have a question during the game, put "Pause:" at the beggining of your post, and "Unpause" when your question is answered. And have lots of fun!!!

Your starting post should look like this:

Alliance:(Rebel, Imperial, locals, bounty hunters(specify who for))
Home:(Planet or spacecraft)
Other Vehicles:(Speeder bikes, Ect.)
Close Friends:(such as another character you have)
Appearance:(Eg. Blond hair, blue eyes, clean shaven)
Armour:(Eg. Grey jumpsuit with green and red Mando armour, 50%)
Gear:(Eg. Jetpack, gauntlets)
Special Abilities:(Eg. Terras Kasi, force, wisdom, stategy)
Description:(Past and reasons for involvment)

You can combine information, but try to include most of the stuff I asked for.

Setting: The Galactic Civil War is raging, and Rebel and Imperial forces are battleing for control of of a small, mild-weathered desert planet in the Mid Rim.(Let's call it Tyros) The small Imperial garrison is paying a nice amount of credits for any bounty hunters who are willing to help fight the Rebels. The locals are divided about these events, and many are organizing armed militias. The Rebels have a small base near lake Tiskosor, and have a small force of soldiers and marksmen. Combat landspeeders are they're main vehicle, while Imperial's maintain several AT-STs and a couple AT-ATs. The Rebels are willing to pay bounty hunters 3/4 of what the Imperials are paying. At the Rebel base, the leaders plan to infiltrate the Imperial base, kidnap General Faator, cuase some damage and ask for a randsome. The Rebels are asking for volunteers for this risky mission...

My Dude:

Name: Vyyk Drago
Age: 45
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Alliance: Bounty Hunter(Empire)
Home: Cloud City,Bespin
Ship: YT-2400 named the Rekkor
Other Vehicles: Imperial Speeder Bike
Close Friends: Imperial Leuitenant (Stationed on Tyros)
Appearance: Black hair, deep, black eyes
Armour: Purple jumpsuit, silver and purple light Mando armour and battle helmet 30%
Gear: Small repulsorlift backpack
Weapons: E-11 Blaster Rifle, DL-18 blaster pistol(Skiff gaurd pistol) Vibro-knife, Saberdart, and Backpack rocket
Abilities: Strategy, gunfighting, tracking
Description: Fiercly loyal to the Empire, he is a bounty hunter who admires Boba Fett, and was elated to buy some Mando Armour on the black market. Of Mandolorian decsent himself, he is wise and cunning, a foe to be feared.

One day, Vyyk Drago was lounging on his ship when he reieved an Imperial call to all Bounty hunters. And you know all the rest. Now he's in the Imp Garrison and planning his moves.

Some may run a short while, but none of them would bide.

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Re: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

Mine -

Name: Faec laop
Age: 26
Race: Mandalorian
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Empire, Jabba the Hutt, and himself
Home: Bespin ( not copying yours, Seco. Just thought it would be cool, for me to be from your home-planet smile )
Weapons: E-51 blaster rifle, flamethrower, wrist whipcord, rocket ( from jetpack ), blades,knee-pad darts and neuro poison cabinets.
Armour: Blue, with 200% protection, ( defense )
Close friends: Vhyyk, other mandalorians, Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt.
Appearance: 1.83 meters and very cool looking. Speaks like Jango fett in helmet.
Ship: Slave VI, speeder bike, personal craft made by his own workers.
Description: Loyal and trustworthy. Is very serious at times , though.

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Re: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

Alliance:Bounty Hunter Empire
Ship:no ship
Friend:father Bossk
Apperance:No hair,Red eyes
Armor:ship ship like piolits
Gear: flameflower and gernade laucher
Description:Raised by his father and prosuded that Wookies are evil.
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Re: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

Faec looked down. The Bounty was there, walking at a quickened pace. Faec loaded his wrist concussion rocket to kill. He smiled beneath his helmet. This was going to be easy...............

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Re: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

But another Hunter hids in the distance. Waiting for his target to run!

Re: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

Masterchief wrote:

Armour: Blue, with 200% protection, ( defense )

how can you have 200% protection? That's kinda impossible. Not even beskar'gam offers 100%, and that's what you claim to be using.

If this really gets going, I'd join, but I'm in several at the moment. Several pretty big ones.

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Re: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

Well if he had perfect defense, which is impossible, he could be wearing two suits of it. Why is everyone trying to resurect RPGs?

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Re: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

Look! It doesn't matter! I made it up! Can't you deal with it for the RPG at the moment? Please.....

* sorry, but I was trying to make a good character concept sheet and people talk about it now..??! Thank you. Let's continue *

Faec shot the concussive rocket into the bounty's head. He groaned for a little while, cringed and fell over a minute later. Faec was pleased. His Bounty's didn't usually end up like this. He was told anyway to bring the bounty alive to Darth Nedanaan............

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Re: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Why is everyone trying to resurect RPGs?

Because we're all to lazy to make new ones    tongue

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Re: Galactic Civil War Infiltration (RPG)

True.............so, very, very True. lol! tongue wink

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