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Yep, all true vod; all excpet maybe the part about all the Die Hard's being phony.  The new one was a little too much, the 'killing a helecopter with a car' and the jet scene were all pretty unrealistic, but those were the leangths they had to go to try try to top the other films.  Die Hard 1 and 3 were AWSOME, and 3 was so realistic that I heard the FBI *or some agency* contacted the film company about the bank robbery scene; was TOO real for them

And I TOTALLY agree Bourne is better at hand to hand,  I don't even think McClain IS that good with his hands in comparison; he's just amazingly tough.  He couldnt take down the 'ninja hooker' who probalby wasn't half his weight in DH4 despite some 'solid blows' *movie writing, we above all fans know it's stupid,* and had his shebs handed to him by 'Carl' in DH 1 at the end, only winning that cause of his incredible toughness

So like I said, all the indications are and should be Bourne......................but I STILL will just never bet against John McClain.

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Re: John McClane vs Jason Bourne

Haven't seen them, but the previews of 4 included those two VERY unrealistic scenes. And Bourne's so adaptable and clever that he'd always get away. He managed to elude the entire agency after him for 3 movies, defeat multiple agents with his own training (again, in hand-to-hand), so my bets on him.

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Re: John McClane vs Jason Bourne

I agree with Werda Verd. Bourne comes out on top. John McClane is pretty cool and tough though. But Bourne would outwit and outmaneuver him.

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Re: John McClane vs Jason Bourne

I support Bourne... smile

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