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Topic: Rev's Pen Art

Here's some of the pen drawings I've done and are working on.

Boba Fett (Done)

Revan (Incomplete)

Demagol (Incomplete)

Spartan (Incomplete)

Venom  (Incomplete)

The proportions may be a bit off, as most of it was done from memory.

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Re: Rev's Pen Art

Awesome job Rev, love all of them, especially the Boba and Revan ones.  Keep up the great work big_smile

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Re: Rev's Pen Art

great line art rev. anatomy and shading style are both impressive.
keep it up.

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Re: Rev's Pen Art

Wow! I am offically  shamed by how good those are. Keep it up. I'd love to see the Revan one finished.

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Re: Rev's Pen Art

That is sick you should join AMM.

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Re: Rev's Pen Art

Some great stuff there, vod!  Can't wait to see more!   smile

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Re: Rev's Pen Art

Awesome stuff....I like the Spartan thats been cut in half tongue

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Re: Rev's Pen Art

Great work. I love your uncomplete ones.

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