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(( Screw you guys let him go the best way you can.For when we cross paths we can as friends ))

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((I'm not sure you want to say 'screw you' to someone if you expect them to treat you as a friend. ;-P ))

Anasazi and his crew of villains sped through Mission City, on their way to the rebuilt Happy Harry's to settle Anasazi's anger.

"Um...Anasazi..." Terry piped up.


"Back in Andromeda HQ, you mentioned there was some guy named Alexander Uy buried in a graveyard around here. From what I figured out from you guys' dialogue, That Uy guy was Oni, and if you're Oni, then...who' know..."

"You really don't remember anything at all, do you, ol' pal?" Anasazi asked. "Fake bodies are some of the easiest tricks in the super-villain book. Seriously, it's nothing to be impressed by."

"Oh, okay."

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Harthorne had been knocked out for a second time.This time M'Lure had personily escorted Harthorne to the holding cell,Harthorne could tell she was frustated.M'Lure had chained Harthorne up against the wall.
Harthorne, looking up with great desperation:"Why must we fight... Iam done fighting you, I have greater enemies to fight and I need your aid."
M'Lure, with a sinister grin:"Why should we help you ?"
Harthorne:"The people I work for, they're stuburn and will kill you one way or another, but i don't want that, because if your dead whos going to stop them from killing me."
M'lure, puting her right hand on her chin thinking to herself:"First tell me what happened between you and Lightshow."
Harthorne.looking down trying to recall the events that had happened:"Well I had failed my previous mission and saw Lightshow croosing around, I thought it would be smart to take him to the company for I wouldn't be demoted."
M'lure, Grasping harthorne by his chin bringing his face to hers, in anger:"When you talk to me be sure to make eye contact!"
Harthorne,looking up moving his chin away from her hand:"Sorry lady M'lur-
M'lure,looking away standing up strait:"Get to the point."
Harthorne, with a grimace:"okay first I need my weapons back, second when Ravage comes with his team I need aid, and last when this is done I will be in dept to you to do anything you command me to do."
M'Lure, turning away from harthone with a clever grin:"Did you say anything?"
Harthorne:"Yes anything."
M'Lure, turnig back to Harthone still with the clever grin:"That sounds interesting."

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"That sounds interesting." But M'Lure was not about to let more information and resources waste away. "If this Ravage comes we shall deal with him. But seriously I have bigger fish to fry now." she started to walk away.

"Wait! You're just going to leave me here?!"

"I was planning on it. You can think of new ways to use your powers and free yourself. I will tell the others to leave you be if you manage to take back your freedom. " And with that M'Lure walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Lightshow and Flame were waiting outside the room. The doctor had apparently retreated to the lab again.

"So?" they both asked in unison..

"Yes?" she replied.

"Aren't you going to tell us what went down in there?" Lightshow asked.

"If he breaks free again, please return what he came here with. If he gets out. After that we'll see."

"Are you certain of that M'Lure?" Flame asked.

"As much as I need to be. Now how about we have a bit of fun for a change? Anyone up for going to Happy Harry's?"

Meat is murder...... tasty tasty murder.
"Suggestion: Electrocution works well. Evisceration and Decapitation are also effective, or um, so I've heard."

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Anasazi and his gaggle of villains pulled into the parking lot at Harry's.

"Alright you guys hang tight I'll be out in a jiffy." Anasazi said.

"Uh, boss..." Jericho piped up.

"Huh?" Anasazi whirled around. Jericho pointed to the rips in Anasazi's suit and the exposed metal endoskeleton. "Oh...right...well, crap, can't go in now, can I? Well, Jericho, you and Alastor go in."

"Wha--?!? Why him?!?" They both asked simultaneously.

"Alastor you do the dirty work and Jericho you keep him in line and ask the right questions. You know what went down here. Find out why it's been rebuilt. Then have Alastor kill who's responsible."

"Shouldn't he..." Jericho looked at Alastor's dark purple and fairly intimidating outfit. "...I dunno...change clothes or something?"

"Ugh, man, you're on a roll today, Jer. Alastor, go mug a salvation army thrift store and come back with some normal clothes."

10 minutes later, Alastor wore a navy blur turtleneck and some tattered jeans. He also wore a baseball cap with the bill tucked down to hide his face, so all that ws visible was his nose and chin, like when he wore his helmet.

"Alright, can we go in now?"

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