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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Apparently this situation was rapidly getting out of hand. I had just finished forcing the remaining KDF security to fall back, giving us a small window of time to act. I had expected the mandalorians to deal with the intruder quickly, however, there was an apparent standoff. Kuat had hidden himself, intent on using the chaos to shield his escape. Scratch, of course, got to him first. I locked a pair of stuncuffs on Kuat of Kuat and forced him to sit by the fountain. After disabling the security in this section to give us more time to get away before reinforcements arrived, I walked over to Drakus and his official partner, who was engaged in a stalemate between themselves and the other  mandalorian. The female somehow managed to defuse things. Scratch by this point couldn't help himself, and was itching to move on the Trandoshan. I had similar ideas. My mandate, is of course to take any all force users to Skywalker, by force if necessary. I figured now would be the best time to move into position. In the event of a doublecross, I'd be ready.

*New Image

Lt. Colonel Farr hadn't heard from Overlord Skywalker in some time, not since leaving the Shadow in secret to head out on a secret mission of utmost importance. This however, did not change the fact that he still had a job to do. The image of Commander Daine Jir of the 501st Peackeeper's Legion stood before him awaiting orders from planetside via holonet relay.

"Inform Inquisitor Thou'n to prepare for the arrival of Corporal Griffin and his Storm Commando squadron. They will be at his disposal, to be used as he sees fit. Whether the situation with the Jedi can be resolved soon or not, these are more pressing matters.We must begin rooting out and destroying this Sith Cult. Overlord Skywalker will be most unhappy to hear of this when I inform him of your most recent discovery on Belderone."

"Of course, Sir. As ordered." With a salute, the transmission ended.

(*BTW IF YOURE ANAL ENOUGH TO HAVE BEEN KEEPING TRACK, Lt. Colonel is Farr's rank not Lt. ...Thanx*)

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Ma'ryk had been doing little during the confrontation.  Eliminating the remaining guards, but, as ordered, leaving Kuat for Starjammer.  And then the other Mando popped in, and faced off with Drakus.  Frankly, Ma'ryk was growing annoyed with these antics.   And then Cabur's statement of the other Mando, Solus, being her mentor, well, it all seemed very strange.  Ma'ryk lowered his blaster rifle, and faced the group, although not letting his guard down completely.  Ralin was still at Dussk's mercy, but the Trando seemed like he was relenting somewhat.  Panak just had to wait and see what would become of this.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

As Dussk pulled him to his feet, Ralin’s T-Visor came up very close to the Trando’s face; his grip on Dussk’s three finger’d hand very tight.  He considered thrusting the still extended blades into the lizard’s cheast for his betrayal, but Ralin caught hold of his temper.  He’s bound by his life debt and he Honored it; he thought Cabur wanted me taken down.  As for Cabur……

Releasing Dussk’s hand, Ralin turned towards Cabur, who had just finished checking the intruder’s wounds and was starting toward him. 

“Stand aside, Cabur.  He’s a threat to the mission.  Don’t make me fight both…..”

"Look," she said quietly as she came near, cutting him off. "I'm sorry for Dussk's actions, but I can't let you kill Solus. He's my old mentor, he took care of me when no one else would. I don't want to betray either of you, but I would die to defend him should the situation see fit. Can we not find a way to work things out so that all of us may benefit?"

Drakus paused.  He knew there must be some history between the two, but he hadn’t expected this.  Looking over her shoulder at the battered Mando standing behind her, Ralin considered his options.

Looking back to Cabur, Ralin nodded slightly out of respect.  “You live with Honor, young one, and I respect that.  But I must complete my mission.  If he does not interfere, I have no quarel with him.  If he still wishes to stop us……..I will have no choice.”

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Tanis looked at the 2 squads of 501st Peacekeepers guarding the entrance into the space port. The three of them were behind a building, peering around the corner of an alley at the entrance, sifting through the crowds of people to count the troops.

Tanis was thinking up of the best entrance he could when he noticed that one of the squads was going to make a run though the space port. They formed up and walked inside. This was their chance for better odds. Tanis looked at Shiv from under his brown hood and Shiv took out his lightsaber and ignited it. Tanis nodded and took out his and ignited the green blade also. They broke into a force run and charged the first squad.

Although they were expecting Jedi, no one could expect this kind of attack. The troops were oblitherated. The swinging and spinning of the lightsaber blades looked like an elegant dance of death as black armored limbs and heads flew every which way. In a manner of moments the stunned troops now lay in a pile of cut up bodies.

The crowds immediatly dispersed, yet not too far. They watched in wonder and exclamed in awe. No one had seen a Jedi in action for years. This was hope for them. They to cheer them as Tanis waved the blonde woman over and she ran up to them. The trio sped into the space port and the woman led the way to the hangar housing her ship.

After a few moments of speeding through the corridors and mass of startled people and aliens they encountered the squad that had entered the space port.

A battle broke out in a particularly tight hallway and blaster fire erupted through the corridor. The trio took shelter behind a turn and Tanis peered around the edge as bolts flew by his head. They had to continue.

Tanis and Shiv flung themselves into the blaster fire and began deflecting and dodging all the bolts they could while slowly advancing on the squad. Many were taken down from deflected shots and the two Jedi were about to reach them and begin the slaughter when one unwise soldier tossed a thermal detonator at them.

Shiv defended Tanis as Tanis force pushed the thermal detonator back into the group and it exploded. The squad was reduced to only 3 injured Peacekeepers in an instant because of the tightness of the hallway. Tanis and Shiv sped up and mercilessly cut them down.

Tanis looked back and waved the woman back again and she ran over the bodies and led them through the space port once more.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Ben Griffin was on his transport down to coruscant. he had been briefed by one of the 501st commanders' there was a jedi down there and they where creating a masacre. they had already lost a lot of troops to these jedi. the squad of 501st couldnt possibly hold there own against jedi. yet they went, it was there job to try.

"check your weapons men" Corporal Griffin ordered as he thought little use they'll do anyway.

The spaceport had been compromised the enemy was it in and had eliminated at least 4 squads of 501st.

Griffins Transport dropped them half a click from the spaceport.
the soldiers of the 501st squad approached the spaceport in staggered file formation. this was a fight not many people would survive.

"This is Corporal Ben Griffin, 501st squad. this is looking bad command, there's bodies everywhere, about to enter the spaceport, out" Griffin said to command

The men approached the entrance. the first batch to lose there lifes to the jedi's onslaught.
Limbs scattered the entrance; not a nice way to die.

some of the men had started to lose there morale, but these men where one of the last of fit 'clones'
they knew what to expect.
they entered the spaceport. the tight corridors where not in there favor.

"okay Command, going into radio silence, over and out" Griffin ordered as he turned his radio off

"Corporal, i'll need to slice the computer to see what hangar there in"

"No need private. just follow the bodies.......just follow the bodies" Griffin replied

the men reached a hangar door, it had been locked down.

"right men, where gonna have to do this fast, blow the door and get in, stagger out so they cant kill us in one move"

The members of the 501st began placing explosives on the durasteel door.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

((No time to post, g2g realy fast but some minor corrections.

1. Dussk's lightsaber is yellow
2. Lightsabers cauterize the wounds they make, therefore, no blood.))

Dussk had moved into one of the corners of the room. He found himself slightly aggravated. Part of him, most of him for that matter, didn't trust Drakus. He felt the anger within the mandalorian. He could feel the desire to kill. He pulled a cigarette from one of his vest pockets, lighting it and deciding he would go for a walk. As he made his way down the hall he paused, there was someone behind him. They were masking their presence, but they had slipped. Before he could react an arm had pulled him back, there was the familiar hiss-and-hum of a lightsaber igniting. It moved closer to his throat and he lifted his head, unless the wielder slipped. The cigarette fell from his mouth. He knew exactly who it was. "Starjammer." He hissed. The inquisitor's grip tightened. "You are coming with me, Trandoshan."

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

"...come quietly and we won't have to make a scene." I said to the Trandoshan. I knew I had to move fast before the others noticed I'd slipped away, when Dussk decided to take his little walk. "My troops have this facility and the entire planet surrounded. There's no escape. With you out of the picture, your little girlfriend may be more inclined to play nice. Why don't you just drop those weapons of yours?" With the active lightsaber to his scaly throat, I press the hilt of my inactive lightsaber against his lower back.

He hisses in obvious irritation."Where's your little pet, Twi'lek? Don't think you can get away with this. I don't care how many Peacekeepers you've got running around."

"You should come peacefully then, the New Imperial Order could use a creature of your obvious force given talents. Let's play nice, hmmm?"

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Dussk grinned to himself. "Nice is for Jedi." He growled. A blast of force energy knocked Starjammer's lightsabers away and Dussk activated his own blade as Starjammer pulled his to him, the yellow beam of energy jumping out, and clashing noisily with Starjammer's silver ones. In sustained combat Dussk would surely be cut down, but he had an advantage. He pushed Starjammer back, pulling his WES-TAR from his belt, (he had retrieved it along with his other weapons earlier) leveled it at Starjammer's helmeted face, and pulled the trigger. Starjammer's head snapped back as he was hit, and he crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Dussk ran, heading back to the others.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

(Hey V_M could you post for Lumiya or w/e her name is now? I didn't post us getting on her ship because idk what ship you wanted to give her and idk how you were going to accomplish actually getting to the Overlord's Shadow)

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Corporal griffin stood before the door.

suddenly griffin got word from command

"Corporal Griffin stand down, orders from the commander, you are to report to Inquisitor Thou'n immediatley, i say again abort mission"

<WHAT!? they where one door away from fighting the jedi, and abort mission!?>

"roger that command, squad standing down.......you all get that men? where heading back, leave the explosive and get back to the ship. where going back"

The soldiers where struck at this.

"yes corporal!" the 501st squad shouldered there weapons and began walking back to there drop ship, a crowd had gathered around the proximity of the space port,
Peacekeepers from the 4th and 10th legion had arrived to relieve them.

"corporal griffin, im sergeant jush'akr, 4th legion, here to relieve you of your mission" The sergeant grinned

the 501st replaced by regulars!? dam them!

"yes sergeant, here's the detonator we placed explosives on the hangar door where the absent minded jedi are trying to escape" Griffin said as he tossed the detonator over and walked by to his transport.
They where to rendevouz with Inquisitor Thou'n. the squad was under his command now

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Cabur understood Ralin's dilemma, they were on a mission and Solus was a threat to him.  She looked back at Solus, who straightened up.  "I'm taking Kuat with me, and I'd like to see you try and stop me." Solus countered at Drakus.  Cabur sighed inside, he was just the same Solus she had known before, proud and always one to be in a fight. 

Drakus seemed perfectly ready to accept the challenge, raising his blaster to firing position.  Cabur was caught between sides now when she looked over to see where Dussk was, hopefully ready to help her, but there was no Dussk to be found.  She looked over at Kuat, who had moments before been guarded by Starjammer, but he too was missing.  The two Mandos were getting ready to finish their battle when Cabur turned quickly to them.  "Where is Dussk and the jedi?!" she asked in near panic.  Both gave her a curious look, turning to see where their missing comrades had gone, when Dussk came running through a side passage, panting heavily...

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Name: Darth Cartea
Species: Humanoid
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears the armor similar to Darth Nihlius, holster on side of leg
WOC(s): Red short lightaber, green double blade (blades are only 1 meter long to increase speed and maneuverability), small DCm blaster pistol
VOC(s): Naboo N1 starfighter, naboo star skiff,  Lambda Class T4-a landing shuttle personally modified with holonet system hyperdrive rating of 6.0, personal quarters (sleeping quarters, eating/cooking area small stash of exotic galactic beverages, training room) , anti air/ground turrets(4), auto turrets (6)
, mannable back turret,
Breif Bio: Was alive since the clone wars and joined the empire after the fall of the new republic  and quickly ascended to fleet commander of 5 imperial satr destroyers. 2 years after the battle of endor the empire fell and was under the command of Luke Skywalker who now calls the Empire the Peacekeepers. He is an ex sith lord as well as ex jedi knight.
Force abilities: leap, jump, run, push, pull, heal, shield, stun, kill (only works on the weaker minded than Cartea and animals), choke, force drain, repair, crush, etc.

Cartea had been floating wildly around space for awhile and coudn't seem to see the fleet from his N1's cockpit. suddenly it appeared right in front of him uncloaking and appearing 20 yards from his ships he quickly turned around to avoid colliding with 1 of the star destroyers coming back around slowly to dock. "head for mustafar we're gonna rest and fill up there i have an outpost  there its abandoned but it'll do" "Yes sir" the deck officer turned and headed to the bridge to report the new orders.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

(ey, Sev...you really need to edit...read the 3 PMs I sent you...No prob, Val, here's Lumiya...)


As the blond woman smiled to herself, the wookie brayed and the hooded man translated, "My compatriate says you'd better have a good plan in mind, lady. If you get us all killed, he's gonna be mighty upset."

She knew the Jedi were intent on acquiring this Kharn gentleman, as was she. However, she couldn't make such a thing look too easy, or could she...

"Tell your hairy friend, I do have a plan in mind and its simple. " The blond woman pointed out a stock Anxarta-class Light Freighter, sitting in a hangar bay guarded by Peacekeepers. "That's my ship, Your wookie friend and I will divert them away from you... you board and be ready to pick us up at these coordinates." The blond woman passed them a comlink. "It's on a secure frequency, so no one will be able to eavesdrop."

The hooded man nodded as the Wookie and her ran off. She fired a couple of shots into the air and a few of the Peacekeepers took the bait, running after them. A few seconds later, a suspiciously timed explosion in a nearby hangar drew the rest away from the scene.

Tanis smiled and ran up to the blond woman's ship, activating the boarding ramp...

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Tho'un made his way down the steps, followed by a squad of the 501st. These men had a colorful history, they were Vader's Fist, they executed Operation Knightfall, at this very temple so many years ago. And they were now his to command, along with the Eclipse that hung in orbit. A dropship touched down nearby, The hatch opened and a squad came out. "Sir, Corporal Griffin reporting as ordered!" Tho'un looked at him. Commando. He began to respond but was cut off by a transmission. "-----Einforcements------Repea---Jedi has es-aped!" the transmission ended. Tho'un looked at this commando squad. He briefed them on their new mission, and they headed out.

((K, Nigzy, your going to the ship the Jedi are going to, you will arrive after them. big_smile))


Kharn had found them. The droids guard was almost impenetrable. Kirah had ran off, possibly to a hangar. The droid was slowing him. They were in a narrow hallway. Kharn was pushing the droid back.

"You seek power, but you can not find what you seek while still training under the Jedi. Leave them, their morals make them weak, they seek to protect those who do not deserve protection. You have great potential the only way to unlock it is through the dark side." Kharn regarded the hologram cautiously. "But the darkside corrupts things, it kills, it only brings pain and anger." XoXaan's holographic image smiled darkly. "That is where you are wrong. The darkside feeds off of your strength, your emotions, The jedi keep those from you. The Darkside is the embodiment of life."


Dussk sprinted through the door, breathing heavily. "Starjammer attacked me." Cabur looked surprised. "You killed him?!"


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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

( I'll take that offer as a member of the you know what VM. Didnt let anyone knowing just yet in case you didnt want them too and my storyline is about to twist to make sense PM when I can crack off who I'm with now)

It had been a peaceful trip so far he was beginning to think the others werent going to come. There were no signs of any attack made on any of the fleet at all. "Where are they". Just then  a small group of unidentified ships jumped  out of hyperspace and immediatly began attacking the ships  with a terrible ferocity such as he had never seen before. They made quiick work of the other star destroyers and at last turnd towards his.It was them he knew it. TGhey slowly picked his ship apart to ensure his safety offboard. So immediatly he cloaked himself using the force and once again sped off in the direction of the hangar. CLambering aboard a small scout ship abnd taking off in the direction of the old hangar on mustafar where he would meet up with the others once there hewatched as the last star destroyer was destroyed, he then reached into a small sack and took out al c4 stuck it to the ship, jumped back about 30 yards or so then pushed the c4 detonator and blew the last of the fleet apart.He was then greeted by his new comrades. Noone could trace his existence now and Overlord Skywalker would believe CArtea was dead when attacked and otnumbered by rebels. He stepped aboard a small escort frigate and headed off with his new life.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

"I'm taking Kuat with me, and I'd like to see you try and stop me" said the battered Mandalorian apparently named ‘Solus’ as he straitened himself.

Ralin raised his left blaster and aimed for the other man’s neck just above his collar plate.  “If that’s the way you want it….”

Cabur quickly moved herself between the two, her hands up, obviously still trying to defuse the situation, though her attention seemed to be distracted. 

"Where is Dussk and the jedi?!" she asked.

Both Ralin and Solus looked around to where they’d thought the others where. 

Ma’ryk, also having been closely observing what was happening between his partners, was just as lost as they were.  “I thought they were, uhhh……..” he shrugged. 

At that moment, Dussk came running back in through a side passage. "Starjammer attacked me."

Ralin’s wrist instantly flicked his blaster away from Solus and up into a read possition as he and the others turned to Dussk.  “He did WHAT?!?” Drakus nearly demanded.

Dussk ignored Ralin as Cabur asked "You killed him?!"

Ralin stepped toward Dussk.  “Why did he attack you??  What did you do??”

“Where the hell have you been?!?” Dussk snapped back.  “Maybe they don’t advertise in to the mainstream holos for you, but Skywalker has standing orders for his minions that all Force users be taken.  And they must join him…….or die.”

Ma’ryk nodded at the truth of the statement.

“You are part of my crew; if he wants to take you, it’s over me.”

“Ha” Dussk laughed in disbelief.  “Yeah, sure; this from the bountyhunter who WORKS for Skywalker.  I only came back for Cabur.  I have a life debt to you, and I want to pay it.  But I have to keep running.  Please come with……”

Drakus stood between Cabur and Dussk.  "Don’t doubt my word, Trando.  You ARE part of my crew.  And until you are not, NO ONE will take you while I live.  Where is Starjammer?”

Dussk didn’t seem to be sure what to think of the situation.  Ralin could feel the force user trying to read his mind.  His eyes narrowed, Dussk seemed to believe Ralin….for now.  “I left him in the passage way back there.  I shot him, but I don’t think he’s really hurt; his armor saved him.”

Ralin picked up his right blaster that had been knocked from him earlier and limped for the exit Dussk had run it from. 

“Drakus wait!” said Cabur.  “We need to get out of here, not start a war with the Peacekeepers!” 

“I have to end this…..”

“Make sense!” growled Dussk.  “I’m out of here; whoever’s coming with me, lets go!”

Ma’ryk nodded again. 

Moving up from behind, Solus spoke up.  “If you don’t mind, I’d also like to save my neck if I can.  Since you all seem to be out of a job, maybe we could hang together for a while.”

Ralin thought for a moment.  He wanted to find Starjammer and end things Honorably; even if that meant killing him…  But Dussk was right; they had to move, and now.  With a quick twirl, his blasters were back in their holsters.  “Fine; lets go.”

Everyone moved at once.  Dussk was nearly out the door before Ralin had finished speaking; Cabur close behind him.

Solus, rather then following, instead ran to the now unguarded Kuat of Kuat, the creature who had been guarding him gone.  Lifting the young man to his feet, they started after the others.  As they passed through the exit, they ran into Ma’ryk and Drakus; Ma’ryk’s blaster rifle in a ready position. 

“You may be with us for the moment," Drakus said, his right hand resting on the grip of his blaster, "but we don’t trust you.  So if you don’t mind, I’ll tag along in YOUR ship for now.” 

*This ok with everybody?*

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

"yes sir, me and my squad will report as directed!"

Corporal Griffin and his squads welcoming was cut short. within moments of getting there they had been briefed on another attack by some escaped jedi. they had overwhelmed guarding forces, even though they where in the 501st they where a variement of different races, only corporal Griffin and his squad still had 'clone blood' .

With that the squad quickly returned to there drop ship making necessary, they made there way to one of the lesser ships in the fleet, Corporal Griffins prized Alisano, a republic cruiser.

"corporal we'll be approaching on through vector delta 2-5, its stealthy and they wont pick us up untill where right ontop of them"

The squad would be travelling in there Republic cruiser, another modified and restored ship the squad recovered.

"lets go men; you know what to do" Griffin announced as he took a seat on the bridge.

with that the cruiser steered away from the fleet and was away.
to find these blasted traitourous jedi

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

The blond woman hopped in the pilot's chair and deftly piloted the Light Freighter.  She appeared to be a good pilot he'd give her that.

As Tanis hopped up the ramp.

<Now what?>

"What did he say?"

"He wants to know what we do now.  He has a point.  How are we supposed to board The Overlord's Shadow and fight our way through the multitude of Peacekeepers?"

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

"He wants to know what we do now.  He has a point.  How are we supposed to board The Overlord's Shadow and fight our way through the multitude of Peacekeepers?"

"Simple... we get ourselves captured." The blond smiled as she piloted the freighter to exit Coruscant's upper atmosphere.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

As the group piled into the turbo-lift, Ralin wondered just what he’d gotten himself into, and if he’d done the right things.  Should I have turned on Starjammer?  I didn’t turn on him; he turned on me by trying to take one of my crew.  But to run from him now….and run where?  We’re libel to have every bounty hunter in the galaxy after us, especially since we’re taking Kuat with us.

The thought of Kuat turned his mind to the Mando standing in front of him, Solus, his hand firmly gripping Kuat’s robe at the shoulder.  What plans do you have turning behind that visor I wonder; and what importance does Kuat of Kuat hold for you?…….or better said for who you work for.

As the turbo-lift sped them to the surface, Ralin’s thoughts shifted again.  I hope Starjammer’s troops don’t know what happened down there yet…..

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

The cruiser approached the fleet in which skywalkers own flagship, the overlords shadow. a massive ship. easily double the size of any other in the fleet.

As the republic cruiser got closer they where told to identify themselves.

"This is Peacekeeper force, 501st legion Corporal Griffin, Number 30025593 over"

"Ahhh about time you showed up...again here to deal with the jedi down below eh?"

"Roger that, permission to enter orbit, over"

"Affirmitive, permission granted, good luck coporal out"   <You'll be needing it>

The Cruiser approached the orbit of the planet ahead

"listen up men, its jedi again. we know we can kill them. we've done it before with lord skywalker all those years ago. might of been some time now but we've had our skirmishes and we come out top. just remember your drills and we'll be ok. everyones been equipped with these electro sith swords, they can stand there own against lightsabres untill you get help. just dont die on me. if we fail the cruiser will bombard where we fell. i aint letting them escape no matter what. 501st lead the way!!!" Griffin roared

"ALL THE WAY!" the squad roared back head butting each other; unprofessional but it kept moral high.

"501st squad ready, designated Delta team" Lance corporal Karlay informed

Griffin nodded and gave Karlay the thumbs up.
they would be dropped in Tx 991 Drop pods....in 10 minutes

"suit up boys...and girl <he gave Karlay the sly wink before placing on his helmet" lets do this thing! just again, dont die on me. i hate to bring you home in pieces"

<Battle system online, welcome 30025593, corporal Griffin. mission update....scanning......scanning....complete......Primary objective........Find and capture or eliminate enemy 'jedi'
"sure as well missed your voice lorraine" (his armors AI system)

his HUD came up, his teams vitals in the corner and target and enviroment information constantly scanning in the top left.

He was also trying out an experimental blaster, the  XE 11E Assault blaster, it was big, had a clip and fired electro magnetic rounds, anti jedi rounds he nick named them, they where suppose to disable or penetrate concentrated energy yields. all though the fire rate was slow. it was a hell of a rifle. Overlord skywalker saw to it they where developed so less of these jedi could slaughter our peacekeepers. only just being completed.

(The rifle looks simmilar to the marine assault rifle of aliens, just think of it as an e11 type varient, because personally i hate the looks of some star wars blasters)


Griffin started thinking


The pod started to shake.....this was it. Mission start

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Name:Aliyah Onasi

Age: 24

Affiliation: Jedi- hopelessly devoted to the light.

Appearance: Shortish Blonde hair, blue green eyes. Doesn’t exactly wear Jedi outfits, but something familiar to it. (This is partially because of her isolated training, and early part of her life. I will post a picture hopefully with what I’m thinking) Has tall boots to match.

Vehicle: Likes to think she can fly anything capable of flight, but is still learning. Currently she is attached to an old J42 Nubian that she inherited from her mother, who got it used at an out of the way dealer on Nar Shaddaa.

Powers: Those that are very light sided. Force push and pull. Some Force persuasion, but not mind control. Lightsaber weapons focus, although she has some practice with a blaster.  Force heal, jump etc. Similar powers and abilities to Obi- Wan

Lightsaber: Single blue blade. Her main form is Soresu, but occasionally uses Ataru.

Background: Was born soon after the establishment of the Galactic Empire. Mother and father both saw the hidden force potential of their daughter, but choose to keep this from the Empire. Both parents were from Alderaan, and were close friends of the Organa family. Once her father let it slip that he thought Aliyah was force sensitive, Bail sent secret communications to Ferus Olin, who was secretly searching for Jedi and force sensitives to train on his hidden base. The base was on an asteroid, that was at the center of a stormy nebula, which hid the presence of the asteroid an the training base on it. So that is where she spent most of her time training under Garen Mulin, Jedi Master from before the purge. Her parents decided to move to Nar Shaddaa in order to stay hidden from the Empire less something go wrong. Her father is still alive, although her mother died from a fluke speeder incident. Her father then gave the Nubian to Aliyah and moved to the asteroid to help care for the ailing, aging Garen.

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker


*****************(I'll edit once everyone else has caught up, if need be...)

I feel the familiar warm breath of Scratch breathing into my helmet's filters, and awaken, angry at my arrogance. I had a feeling the Trandoshan would pull something. I chastise myself for assuming the filthy lizard would play fair. He was right though...nice is for Jedi. Like him, I am no Jedi. I check the room where I last had seen everyone, and just as I'd thought...gone.


Via my comlink, I contact the main Peacekeeper force. I inform their commander that they are ordered to allow the female, the Trandoshan, and the other mandalorians, including my two former employees, to leave the Kuat sector with their new prize.

"Under what authority?!" a confused snd surprised Fleet Commander asks.

"My own" I say sternly, "and don't forget to place multiple tracking devices aboard all of their vessels. Make them difficult to locate. Perhaps we'll get lucky and be able to determine their next intended location."

"I wasn't aware you were the type to believe in luck, High Inquisitor."

"I'm not, Commander. Therefore I expect results. I'll be expecting a transmission via holonet the moment I arrive at Coruscant, before I depart on my mission. Failure will not be tolerated."

"Of course, High Inquisitor Starjammer, I'll..."

I break off the communication in mid sentence and make haste for the Wayward Soul.

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

Griffins team dropped on the planets surface,

"Team secure the perimeter! Karlay on me!" he barked out orders to his team.

"Yes corporal!" Karlay slung her rifle and got up off one knee and scurried over to Griffin.

"Right the jedi, according to intelligence are trying to escape via an unknown and unregistered craft. we need to storm the place and get them quickly your 2IC as usual so stay close, we'll be using a simple straightforward three point strike, three entrys at the same time take them by suprise"

"by your command corporal... Team get in formation where moving in!"

The team approached the hangar in which the jedi had holed themselves in!

"prepare to breach!" Griffin whispered

He unclipped the sling on his rifle and raised it to his shoulder and crouched ready to spring in,
he switched his rifle to automatic fire and loaded a thermo (thermal detonator) into his UGL.

"ok men, when your ready blow it!" Griffin gave the preliminary command

(( When you jedi are ready you can set off the doors, try not to kill too many of my men now wink or if you want we can capture you and take you to the fleet? as you said you wanted to be captured ))

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Re: RPG: Age of Skywalker

(This is not my plan but I'm going to put it into effect for VM )
( Im gonna try the 1st person thing)
Somewhere in the deep core sector
"What took you so long?"I said to one of the men in dark black robes "We were somewhat delayed byTalon" Oh I see what was she doing?" I asked."Off running a supposed quick errand for Krayt.""So how much longer tilwe reach Tython" I asked. He turned to look at me and said " we arent headed for Tython, that was a trick to see whether or not you would go and squeal our location to those damned peacekeepers. We're actually headed for Ojom. There we'll meet up with Krayt and the others of the neww brotherhood of sith to put you through acouple tests to fit you into where you need to go"

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