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Topic: Help Stop Darth Weinstein. We want OUR Fanboys!

I'm sure most of you have heard of the new movie Fanboys due out soon about a group of Star Wars fans that set out to break into Skywalker Ranch to view a copy of EpI prior to it's release as one of then has terminal cancer and wont see it at the movies.
  Kyle Newman (dedicated Star Wars fan) was the original director has been taken of the project and Steve Brill, (director of such classics as Without a Paddle, Little Nicky), has taken over.
  The re-cut version now has no mention of cancer (giving it no plot apart from a bunch of Star Wars nerds break into Skywalker Ranch), nudity, swearing (so no taking your kids), and generally mocks us as Star Wars fans.
Jek Porkins, is leading the push to get the original cancer plot version released (the one that got standing ovations at CIV and CE), check out the websits and lend your support.
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Re: Help Stop Darth Weinstein. We want OUR Fanboys!

I hope the original version gets shown. I saw a thing on tv about it a long time ago it seems and it just sort of faded away and I never heard anything of it again. Lets do the right thing.

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