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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Nikoli watched as the others had been thrown, he stood in the shadows, watching the demon laugh. He would kill the creauture eventually, learning how would be difficult, yet it would be done. By his hand, not by the halfling. He stepped forward. "Demon, come and fight, the old way."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne shook her head, there had to be a way to kill the demon.

Nikoli stepped forward, “Demon, come and fight, the old way.”

“Fire in the hole,” Anita shouted as she aimed the rocket launcher at the demon. She fired and Daphne half expected the demon to merely dance out of the way. Instead he stood his ground and the rocket went through him. He turned to ash and then reformed once more. “Won’t you just die!” Anita growled.

At that moment Loxley awoke, “Salt,” he hissed between parched breaths.

Daphne moved towards, “Are you okay, Loxley?” she asked with concern.

“The demon can’t stand salt,” Loxley croaked.

“Salt?” Daphne said in confusion. She turned to Nathaniel and Griggs, “Come here!” she called.

“What?” Griggs asked looking annoyed that he had been called away from Karen.

“Loxley says the demon doesn’t like salt.” Daphne told.

“Nor do I, I prefer pepper.” Griggs said trying to joke.

“Now really isn’t the time,” Nathaniel replied.

“Do you guys have any weapons that are infused with salt?” she asked.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Actually..." Fort grinned. "I have some fresh .44 Magnum sodium chloride frangible cartriges."

"Seriously? In .44 Magnum?" Griggs reached into his bag for a new barrel and clip.

"Yeah, the Doc gave them to me, but I'll have to dig in my pockets for them." Fort replied. "Here they are, but don't waste them. That's the only box."

Griggs locked the .44 Barrel on his Desert Eagle in place, and loaded both clips with the salt bullets. He released the slide and handed Fort the ammo back. "Let's send him back to Hell."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Fort took out his .44 Magnum and switched the silver bullets inside with some salt ones. He put the extra salt ones away for future use. He nodded at Griggs and they walked up to the demon who was still laughing and was about to grab another vampire.

Fort and Griggs raised their weapons and aimed at the Demon's head.

"Do you dogs not understand that-...AHHHCK!!!" The demon screamed looking at the weapons. He threw his palms foward and sent everyone around him flying through the forest. Fort and Griggs didnt think the demon would actually sense the salt....that was stupid, Fort thought as he flew through the trees and awaited the painful impact of a tree.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne helped Loxley sit up, "Is there anything else you can tell us to help defeat the demon?"

Loxley coughed and looked terrible. He had dark circles under his eyes and look far more tired than she'd ever seen him before. "He has a tattoo somewhere on his body. If you can find it, stab him through the tattoo."

"Will that kill him?" Daphne asked as she brushed Loxley's hair back from his face.

"If it doesn't he'll be in a world of pain," Loxley told looking pleased at the idea of the demon being in pain.

"Can I do anything for you?" Daphne asked wondering if she could make him more comfortable.

"All I ask is that you forgive me for my past behaviour. I haven't been myself." Loxley said sadly.

"I forgive you, Loxley." Daphne said and then watched in horror as Loxley's eyes turned red once more.

His lip drew back and his teeth grew. He turn to her and snarled before shoving her hard enough to slam into a tree several meters away. "Loxley wants to fight," he said as Daphne felt herself losing consciousness.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Paul smiled.  Loxley had come out to play.  Checking his words he made sure he was healed enough.

"So Loxley?  Shall we finish what we started all that time ago?"

"Please Paul your not even worth my time."

"Well I may make myself worthwhile."  Paul howled and charged spinning both swords.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf


While the others were soaring through the air headed for various trees, Nikoli was soaring through the air heading twoards a large rock. He slamed into it hard, and exerything went dark. (Oh noes, unconciousness.)

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Fort stood up and brushed the shards of splintered bark off himself. He looked around....where was Daphne.

He sped in and out of trees darting through the foliage. He came upon Daphne collapsed on the floor, Loxely stood several feet away and it was evident that he attacked her. Fort reached down and lifted her head. She was fine, just knocked out. Paul was charging Loxley. It was time for Loxley to die.

Fort holstered his magnum and took out Nasher he ran towards Loxley.

"MY FIGHT FORT, BACK OFF!" Paul said as he sprung upon Loxley, swords spinning. Loxley dodged and ducked out of their way. Fort understood Paul and sheathed Nasher.

"Holler of you need me." Fort said as he walked back towards Daphne.

"Not likely this time..." Paul said as he kept swinging.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Crispin got up shakily after being sent reeling by the demon.

"Salt, eh..." He mused to himself. Evidently salt was the demon's weakness.

Then Crispin remembered. There was an old mine, not far from there, which was probably teeming with salt. It woud be like walking through a bonfire to the demon. If only Crispin could lure it to the mine...

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

D overheard the others talking about salt. He knew that there was an old mine somewhere, but he himself had never visited. Had he known the location, he could've teleported, cut out a whole ton of salt, and brought it back.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Anita didn't waste any time. She immediately changed into her full wolf form and ran in the direction of the salt mine. She had a feeling that they needed to do this as soon as possible. She knew that the Doc had set out an anti-invisible spell and she had no idea how long it would last.


The Master Demon was angry. Loxley had been his instrument to control. Now he needed to die. Loxley was fighting one of the other werewolves but the demon didn’t care.

The demon attempted to turn invisible but the voodoo man’s spell was still strong enough to stop him. The demon tried another tactic. He shifted his form into that of Loxley’s dead friend Thomas. “Loxley,” he called.

Loxley stopped to look, his eyes widened as he saw what he thought was Thomas. The madness that had been consuming him subsided. “Thomas?” Loxley said and missed the blow that Paul was already in motion to give. The blade came down on Loxley’s head before Paul could stop himself. Loxley crumpled to the ground.

Daphne shook her head and blinked, “Thomas?”

“Yes my dear, it is me.” The demon told as he walked towards her.

Daphne heard the sickening sound of metal meeting flesh and tried to stand. Thomas moved towards her and knelt down, his hand touched her shoulder. “Rest my dear,” he said and Daphne realised that something was very wrong. Thomas was supposed to be dead. She looked over his shoulder and saw Nathaniel. At that moment she knew that her heart belonged to Nathaniel, whatever stood before her was not Thomas.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Paul wiped his blade on the grass.  He was unsure of the feelings within him.  Loxley was dead.  No were could heal after that.  It was a hollow victory.  He felt as if Loxley hadn't tried.  As if he gave up.  That wasn't the Loxley he was used to.

I think I may have just killed a friend.  The thought churned Paul's insides.  Pushing it from his mind he turned and saw Thomas and Daphne.  Thomas was a friend to him.  He never used Paul as a punching bag.  But Thomas was dead.  Something was wrong.  It can't be Thomas.  Daphne would never have loved a man if there was any shred of hope that Thomas was alive.  Paul wavered, unsure to charge or wait.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

As Fort was walking back to Daphne he saw the demon change into another were. It seemed he had changed into Thomas, Daphne's previous love. He would not let the demon trick Daphne with his demonic powers.

Fort quick drawed his magnum and aimed. He fired once and a sodium infused bullet exploded from the barrel and ripped through the demon's face. It was launched backward away from Daphne.

The demon screeched and as it was forced to turn back to its usual form. Daphne stood and backed away from the demon. She ran up to Fort and grabbed his arm. She had nothing to use against it, there was nothing she could do now but head for the salt mine.

"Thank you. Come with me, follow me to a salt mine close to here. Switch to your hybrid form and cover me."

Fort nodded and looked to the moon. He felt his lycanthropy begging to be released and he did so. He could mildly keep up with Daphne in her wolf form and also weild his gun.

The demon stood, the hole in its face beginning to heal. It growled and looked at Fort as its eyes reformed.

"You FOOL! You will BEG for death when I am finished with you!" It screeched and began to sprint at Fort with surprising, unnatural speed.

Daphne was already off and Fort followed, darting in and out of trees to lose the demon, but it didnt work. The demon was fast, and it just ripped through trees in its way like they were twigs. Fort aimed back and fired twice, one hitting his arm and the other his leg. He stuttered a moment and slowed down as his leg reformed.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Damn." Griggs wasn't going to let the Demon have Fort and Daphne. "Where is the mine from here?"
"About a half mile along that road there." Karen said grabbing his arm. "You aren't going alone."
"Yes I am." Griggs said firmly. "And theres nothing you can do to stop...me."
Karen's eyes were softer than ever before, he could tell she truly loved him, and the Luna Eclipse had little to do with it.
"Don't die, okay?" She smiled, and a small tear crept down her cheek.
"I won't." Griggs kissed her, then ran off into the dark.

He sprinted down the long dirt road, it was pitch black, and the air was cool, crisp, and quiet...until he heard a soft, chattering rumble. Griggs put on his night vision goggles to see what it was, and spotted a truck pulled over on the side on the road idling a ways down.
As soon as he walked up to it, Griggs chuckled after he recognized the truck. It was the one from before; the police must have returned it to it's owner. He opened the cab door and knocked on the wall behind the driver seat.
"What the? Who the Hell are you?" Said a drowsy truck driver sitting up in his bed.
"I'm the fella who borrowed your truck last week, and I need it again."
"So yer the ******* who jacked my truck! You ain't gettin it! Not again!" The trucker yelled.
"I'm sorry but-" Griggs almost finished, but was cut off by a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun in his face.
"Like I said, you ain't gettin' my truck." The man said, but Griggs unholstered his Desert Eagle with lightning speed and shoved it against his head, whilst knocking the shotgun to the floor. "Whoa! Whoa! Hey now! All I got in that thing is rock salt!"

"...Did you say rock salt?"

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

The demon was angry and he was making mistakes. Such was not his style. It was time to regroup or more precisely, dematerialise.  The demon turned to ash once more but he could no longer inhabit the body of Loxley, as his puppet was dead.

It was time to find a new victim. The demon smiled inwardly. The white wolf was about to pay for his insolence. The demon floated through the air and surrounded the white wolf’s mate.

Daphne lashed out at the ash that surrounded her, she continued to rush but with each breath she was taking in the ash.

“Hold your breath, Daphne!” Nathaniel shouted.

Daphne tried but the demon was not thwarted so easily. The ash compressed and squeezed Daphne’s ribcage so she had to expire, as soon as her mouth opened the demon was inside. Daphne clawed at her own mouth but it was too late, she looked at Nathaniel with sad eyes, “I love you,” she said just before her irises turned red.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Paul was at a lost for what happened.  Daphne was possessed.  Fort looked just as surprised.  He didn't know what to do.  Paul had an idea.  Maybe if they pumped her with enough salt the demon would leave.  It was a long shot.  He changed into a wolf form and took off as fast as he could.

After about 5 minutes he saw Anita in full wolf form.  He howled out a greeting.  She turned and shifted into human form.  Paul did the same.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"DAPHNE! NOOOO!!!!!!" Fort had shot widly at the ash cloud as it covered Daphne, yet to avail. Fort stared into the eyes that he once loved, yet were no more.

He holstered his magnum and went to draw Nasher, he had to hold Daphne at bay while a solution-


Fort was knocked off his feet in an instant. Daphne was attacking wildly and Fort was forced to run. He could not hurt her.

"Daphne please! Fight it!" Fort yelled back as he ran in the direction of the salt mine, yet since the demon now controled Daphne, she was faster and stronger. She caught up to him in moments.

She tackled him and Fort tumbled through the foliage. She stood and grabbed Fort by the neck with both her hands and lifted him. Fort grabbed her wrists and wrenched them apart with all his might.

He fell and kicked her in the stomach, tossing her several feet backward...He didnt immediatly run, he checked to see if she was ok, then he ran for the salt mine again, yet she was right on his tail

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Anita raised a hand, “There’s plenty of salt but how do we get it into the demon?”

Paul shrugged, “I’m not sure. The demon just possessed Daphne.”

“What?” Anita said in horror, “This just gets worse and worse.”

“I know, I think the demon did it to spite Fort.” Paul told as he looked at the salt mine below.

“We will probably need to sacrifice Daphne to beat this thing, my son will not be happy.” Anita said quietly as she considered their options.

“Loxley said something about a tattoo on the demon. He said if we stabbed it the demon would either die or be in a world of pain.” Paul informed Anita.

“Do you think such a tattoo would show through on Daphne?” Anita asked as she continued to sort through possible solutions.

“I’ve no idea, but there’s a chance. Knowing our luck it’d be right over her heart.” Paul snarled with anger at the demon.


Daphne could see everything she was doing but had no control over what was happening. She was trying to fight the demon but it seemed impossible. She felt like her mind was caged, her body unreachable to control. She felt an immense sense of grief for Loxley now that she understood what he had gone through. However she was desperate to stop the demon from hurting Nathaniel.

The demon forced her to lash out at Nathaniel, she grabbed him by the throat but she would not let her own hands kill the one she loved. She fought the demon and felt the grip lessen, it was enough for Nathaniel to free himself. She copped a kick to her midsection that sent her flying but the demon had her back on her feet in no time.

They were heading towards the salt mine. The demon must have registered her thoughts as he made her stop. “I am not stupid,” he said with her voice.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"I am not stupid." Daphne said.

It was obviously the demon talking, Fort knew. He kept running for the salt mine, however. The demon wanted him dead and Fort wanted to get it as close as possible to the mine.

After a few moments of sprinting and darting through the forest, Fort caught a glimpse of a rising rock formation in the distance. It's mouth was outlined by the silver moonlight.

Fort looked back to see how much the demon had gained on him.

But there was nothing chasing-


Fort was blindsided and smashed into the tree next to him. The bark shattered like glass under the force of the impact and shards of wood splintered and rained around Fort. The demon, using Daphne's body of course, and tackled Fort using its shoulder and rammed it into Fort's side.

Fort had lost his breath because of the hit and collapsed amongst the splintered wood, coughing and trying to catch his breath. The demon laughed, yet it wasn't exactly Daphne's voice this time. It was tinged by the demon's high pitched shrieky voice.

Fort had nearly regained his breath. He looked up at the demon/Daphne. Only her silhouette could be seen because of the moonlight washing down upon her gracious form. She was looking down on him and the demon kept laughing, and laughing. The only thing visible were the red eyes that glowed more fierce with every shriek like laugh.

Fort couldn't let this happen. he couldn't allow this hell spawn to take the woman he loved. Fort pushed with all his might and rose to one knee. He would-


The demon stopped Daphne's foot into Fort's back and white hot pain seared like a knife through Fort's spine. He momentarily lost his vision, and as it regained he noticed he was on the floor once more. Beneath the cackling form of Daphne.

Fort coughed once more, blood splattered onto the floor and trickled down the corners of his mouth. He looked up at Daphne, his love, once more.

"...Da-...Daphne... Plea-please...fi-...fi-.......fight it..." Fort mumbled through his bloodied mouth. The demon cackled louder.

"FOOL! Hee hee haaaa... Now, pitiful mutt, the fun...BEGINS." The demon said as the eyes nearly turned into fireballs. It reached down and grabbed Fort by the neck with one arm this time. The possessed form of Daphne lifted Fort and slammed him through another tree, and then up against a bloulder which cracked slightly upon the impact.

The demon continued its nightmarish laughter, a laughter that nearly made Fort's ears bleed...if they weren't already. The demon still held Fort with one hand and began bashing his face into the rock. Each impact fracturing the blouder more and more until it finally exploded into dust.

"Daphnyeaggghhh.....fighk...fighk ig Dacphne..." Fort forced through his nearly shattered jaw. 

The demon now ceased laughing, which frightened Fort even more. The eyes were so bright red that Fort had to look away.

"DONT LOOK AWAY COWARD! Face what you have brought upon YOURSELF." The demon spat at him. Yet Fort could not look into the red eyes, it burned his retna's.

"So be it, slayer. You do not wish to look me in the face, the face of the one you love so? Very well, I shall grant your request." The demon growled. It raised Fort higher, then brought up its free hand with Daphne's index finger the only finger extended from the fist. He slowly lined up the finger horizontally with Fort's blue eye... and slowly jammed first Daphne's long nail, then half the finger through Fort's eye socket.


Pain...was an understatement. Fort exploded with anguish, yet his body was horribly broken and unable to heal under this constant torment. He could not move as the demon twirled the finger and prodded like a child investigating something new. The squishing soung made Fort's stomach turn.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne wanted to die. How could she not control her own body? She desperately wanted to. She’d tried everything she could yet her willpower seemed to be locked away from her nervous system. She wanted to stop what she was doing, Nathaniel was a mess and she’d done it, even if it was against her own will.

Suddenly Daphne felt hands at her shoulders. The demon made her turn and lunge at her new opponents. Paul and Anita stood ready. Anita looked furious and Daphne didn’t blame her. She could accept death if that’s what Anita wanted to dish out.

“You wish for pain too?” The demon grinned lecherously, turning Daphne’s pretty face into something sinister.

“No we wish to destroy you,” Anita snarled as she launched herself at Daphne.

The demon tried to fight her off but it was an ambush. Paul, Griggs and Joo-Eun grabbed a limb each as Anita slammed the demon to the ground. “Find the mark!” Anita growled as she shredded Daphne’s sleeve.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Paul was surprised at the strength Daphne possessed.  The demon was slowly taking over.  Paul saw Joo-Eun tearing off her pant leg.  And she wasn't being at all careful.  Scratches were running the length of her calf.  Paul growled.

"Watch her or I'll gut you like the scum you are."

"That isn't the priority right now Paulie.  Just find the tattoo."

Paul grumbled and continued searching.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Anita tore Daphne’s shirt open and found a black circular tattoo sat below Daphne’s navel. It was ornate but clearly a demonic symbol of some sort. “That’s got to be it,” Anita said as Daphne began to squirm violently.

Nathaniel was standing, his hand over his damaged eye. Already his body was healing now that he was no longer under attack. Nasher was in his hand as he watched Daphne thrash. He had to remind himself that this was not truly Daphne, although he was certain she was in there somewhere. “What do we need to do?” Nathaniel asked, dreading the answer.

“We need to stab her through the tattoo.” Paul told as he lay his full weight on Daphne’s left leg. Joo-Eun was holding down her left arm, while Anita held down the right and Griggs lay on her right leg.

“Of course,” Nathaniel said quietly feeling like something inside him had just died. He moved over to Daphne placing a foot either side of her hips. “I’m sorry, Daphne,” he said as he raised Nasher. With all his might he plunged the sword down and through the tattoo. He felt the sword slash through Daphne’s flesh, she let out a scream of pain that he would never forget. Nathaniel removed the sword and watched as ash flew from the wound into the sky.

Above them all floated an ethereal figure, a beautiful vision of youth and innocence. Her long blonde hair was parted down the middle and she reached out to obtain the evil ash.

“Who is that?” Paul asked in astonishment.

Crispin and D appeared, “That is a soul eater.” D informed them all.

They all watched as the beautiful blonde took in the demon’s ash, consuming it as D had told. She was translucent as she rose higher into the sky. Then suddenly her mouth opened and a brighter light shone out and upward. The demon’s soul was cast out and then it immediately was sucked down into the underworld.

The translucent blonde lowered herself to the ground and walked forward. Her hand touched Daphne’s bloody wound as she wept in agony. “The pain will be gone soon,” the woman told as her hand glowed and the wound on Daphne’s belly healed, the evil tattoo now gone. “I could not save the child,” the woman told.

A sob was ripped from Daphne’s lips. She’d had no idea if she’d been pregnant or not, apparently she had been but not anymore. The three werewolves and one vampire that had been holding her down now moved themselves away. Nathaniel immediately moved in to hold Daphne.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped as she held tight to Nathaniel. “I tried to control myself but the demon was too powerful. Can you ever forgive me?”

“Forgive you? Daphne you didn’t do this to me, the demon did. There’s nothing to forgive.” Nathaniel said as he stroked her face with his hand. He was still blind in one eye and there was a lot of pain but his body was healing itself. He felt a gentle hand touch his shoulder.

“Heal Nathaniel Fortesque,” an airy voice told.

Daphne saw that the translucent blonde was now bestowing her healing power on Nathaniel. Daphne felt a swell of relief as Nathaniel’s eye returned to normal, his jaw set back into place. He was so beautiful and she leant forward to kiss him instinctively.

“Who are you?” Crispin asked the blonde woman.

“I am Desdemona. I came for the demon’s soul. He has taken many in his time here and there are those who wish to have their last words spoken.” She told.

Eerily the ghosts of Loxley, Thomas, Clara, Tiffany and many more appeared. Each moving forward to the respective person they wished to speak to. Daphne and Nathaniel found themselves in the presence of Loxley and Thomas.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Paul approached Clara tears beginning to form in his eyes.  Michelle came up beside him, her face bloodied.  Clara looked at her and smiled. 


"Hush Paul.  I have been watching.  You have done well," she nodded to Michelle, who smiled bashfully.  "Paul I want you to know I have supported everything you have done.  You were so special to me.  I hope you understand why I had to go face the demon.  For you."

"But why couldn't you have let me be with you?"

"Because I care for you Paul!  Why would I let you die?  They say the greatest love for another is to lay down one's life for them.  I love you more than life itself.  I would give anything to be with you.  But my time has passed.  Live and enjoy your time with Michelle.  I give you my benison.  Farewell Paul.  I will love you.  Always."

"I love you too Clara."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne looked up as the ghosts of Loxley and Thomas approached her while Nathaniel still held her close. “Loxley, Thomas…” Daphne started.

“Daphne we have both come to say our final farewells,” Thomas began as he looked over to Loxley.

“Daphne, I’m sorry about the way I behaved. But you did get a first hand experience about possession by that bloody demon.” Loxley told, his face turning dark at the thought of the demon.

“I understand now Loxley. I should have known something was wrong.” Daphne replied.

Thomas placed his ghostly hand on Loxley’s shoulder in a gesture of comfort. “The power of a demon is almost impossible to fight off and believe me I know Loxley tried.”

Daphne felt Nathaniel give her a gentle squeeze. “I’m sure he did,” she said quietly.

Thomas moved forward, “Our time is short. Daphne I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry that I didn’t say what I was going to doing the night I disappeared. It was wrong of me to leave you in the dark like that. But I loved you so much that I didn’t want any harm to come to you.” Thomas noted the way Nathaniel’s hold tightened possessively on Daphne at his words. Thomas stepped back, “I’m glad that you have found a new love. I’m sure he’ll protect you far better than I ever could have.”

Daphne shook her head, “Thomas, you would have done a great job. However fate has shown us that we were not meant to be together.” She turned to look at Nathaniel, as her hand touched his jaw tenderly. “I believe I’ve found my life mate.”

Thomas smiled, though a touch of sadness touched his eyes for a moment, “Live long and well my friends.”

“Goodbye to you all,” Loxley said with a wave.

Desdemona hovered near and watched the exchange. She had sent the demon to the underworld and now it was time to retire to the earth once more. The exchange between Thomas and Daphne pulled at the tiny fibres of emotion that resided in her. Her mind was touched briefly by the thought of one she might possibly love. But now was not the time to dwell on such thoughts. She needed to fill her quota first.

The ghosts disappeared as they said the final goodbyes, leaving the werewolves and vampires to contemplate their future.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Nikoli stood, his head hurt. He rubbed the back of his head, and when he pulled his hand away, he saw a bit of blood on it. "Great..." he muttered. He managed to take a few unsteady steps. then stopped and leaned against a tree for a moment, untill he felt steady. He didn't have his sword with him. He began to search the ground, and he came across a small bag, he opend it. It was, apparently, a bag of holding. That would be useful. He evenutaly found his sword. Lying right next to a cane.

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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