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Topic: Question about XBOX

Well my friends brother just drowned this fri while I was learning how to burn games for the old xbox with the evo x mod chip.He knew how to do it but thew weekend I went to my friends place to ask his parents said he was missing.

   so in conclusion how do you burn games to work on the evolution x mod chip for the x box?   What downloads do I need???    what will I need I am geting my friends brothers modded x box so everything should be there thats needed...Hopfully somone can help me with this!!!!

                      May his soul rest in peace

                          Ryan Vanvulkangeod

Ryan vanvulkangoedwell miss you bud your gone to heavan and you will be missed...Jared and Jacob your brothers...think of this not a good bye but a see you later.....and ill bring the beers! :?

Re: Question about XBOX

isnt burning games for xbox illegal?

Your god won't be there to save you, or maybe I will

Re: Question about XBOX

Yah I think it is.  And Devin my condolensces to your friend.  But the PSOne I bought a long time ago was modded so I couldn't pay some games.  I don't know how it works now with the new consoles.

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