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Paul had sat there.  He waited.  But it was killing him wating for her.  He wanted to see what she was going to give him.  It was like Christmas.  It had been a long time since he had celebrated Christmas.  His thoughts were shattered as a scream tore through the night.  He dashed through the night towards the voice.  His heart grew cold as he realized it could be Clara.

"Please don't be Clara!  CLARA HOLD ON!"  Paul transformed into a full wolf and sprinted off as fast as he could towards her.  He saw a figure in the distance.  He immediately stopped dead in his tracks as a cold fear began to grip his heart.  He couldn't move.  And then the figure bolted.  Paul sat there as the fear left him and sprang to her.  She was pale.  THere was no colour in her cheeks.  She didn't seem to be breathing.  He put his ear to her mouth and felt the small whisps of air.  He felt under her neck.  Good a pulse but it was faint.  Extremely faint.  He again slung her over his shoulders and sprinted off to good old Dr. Lupine.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Fort had zero luck.

He had already tried 2 other wizards and 2 warlocks. Some were on good terms with Fort, yet quit after the first mention of the Balor Lord.

There was only one man left for the job... He would rather go in alone. This man was pretty much a bum. He worked for anything, mostly room and board though. He was a witch-doctor.

Fort stared at the name highlighted in his phonebook. He really didnt want to press the "call" button. But this man was the only one left who he knew could somewhat handle a Balor Lord. He pressed the button.

The phone rang.

(Be back later to finish post)

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Crispin and Anita made their way back to the conclave, Tiffany's body bag slung over Crispin's shoulder. The father & daughter made their way to the woods  near Crispin's conclave. He unzipped the bag and removed Tiffany's body from the inside. He laid her body on the earthen floor and pulled out one of his revolvers. The bullets were customized, hollowed out and filled with holy water as to be lethal to vampires.

Crispin took aim at the dried corpse and fired. While dried out, Tiffany's body retained its vampiric trait of crumbling into ash upon contact with Holy Water.

"It is done." Crispin said.

Crispin and Anita then entered the conclave's main chamber. He had an announcement to make.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Zan straightened at the very faint sound of screaming and yelling. "I hear something..." wispered Zan to himself. Zan shook his head, thinking he was imagining things. But then there it was again. Zan shook his head again, in puzzlement. He decided it couldent hurt to check it out. So while no one was looking, he took off to the sky, hopeing Crispin wouldnt mind.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

((Ph34r, Tiffany was a vampire and an enemy to the werewolves.))

Clara’s mouth opened and closed as she tried to scream her pain but nothing came out. Her mouth was parched and it seemed like the majority of moisture had been taken out of her body. She also felt a strange emptiness besides the pain.

Clara found herself once more at Dr Lupine’s. Both he and Paul looked her over. She kept trying to speak but her mouth was too dry to form any words. Dr Lupine put her on a drip immediately but Clara wanted to drink. “W-wa…” she tried to say. “W-wat…”

“Water?” Paul asked.

She nodded and he brought her a glass of water and pressed it to her lips. Clara drank greedily but it wasn’t enough. “M-more…”

Paul ran to refill the glass. He did this several times until Clara passed out. Dr Lupine did some tests and left to get the results.

Four hours later Clara awoke. The pain was gone but it was replaced by numbness. Clara looked at her hands, the skin was still very dry but not like before. She looked up at Paul who had fallen asleep in his chair.

Dr Lupine walked into the room, “Ah good to see you’re awake. How do you feel?” He asked as he placed a thermometer under her arm.

“Dry and so drained.” Clara said as she pressed a hand to her eyes.

“I spoke to Crispin apparently you have a demon problem in your area. From what he said this particular one wants the power from werewolves and vampires. It looks like he almost had you.” Dr Lupine told as he took her blood pressure.

Clara didn’t miss the way Dr Lupine kept looking at her eyes. Something was wrong and she knew it, “What’s wrong with me?”

Dr Lupine let out a sigh. “The demon has done a lot of damage to you. Your body has taken the brunt of it and I suspect that you will have lost the ability to transform into any wolf form. You have also suffered from a lot of tissue damage and your eye colour has changed to red.”

Clara gasped at the thought of never being able to change into her wolf form, as it was terrifying. It was part of her and now it was likely gone.

“The other thing is that the demon is probably going to come back for you. They don’t tend to leave any victims alive for long.” Dr Lupine said as he watched her analytically.

Clara swung her legs over the side of the bed. “I should get away from here. I don’t want to bring this demon down on everyone else.”

“He wants all of us anyway, Clara.” Dr Lupine replied.

But Clara was determined. She dropped to her feet and realised she was only wearing a hospital gown. “Do you have any clothes I could have?”

Dr Lupine nodded then retrieved a grey tracksuit top and pants. She dressed then turned to Dr Lupine, “Tell Paul thank you for me.” She said as she removed the ring from her finger and placed it in Paul’s shirt pocket.

“Very well,” Dr Lupine said as he watched her go.


Daphne and Nick heard the scream both of them looked at each other then charged in the direction they heard it. They arrived on the scene to find that whatever had transpired had moved on. “No body this time,” Daphne said as she saw the obvious signs of a struggle.

“I think we should go,” Nick said as he looked around warily.

Daphne nodded, “I agree.”

The pair moved away quickly and returned to the conclave via a very indirect route.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

(Mandal, I dont know what your planning, but dont run into the Balor Lord yet. The Gunslinger, whos posting for it, hasnt posted anything yet and he should do stuff before any serious conflict)

The phone rang.

"...'elloooo?" said a deep, male voice with a Jamaican accent so thick it nearly poured out of the phone and into Fort's ear.

"Doc? Its Fortesque."

"Ah, yeus ma man. Tis Nathan o Danny boy?"


"Aight, aight. How are ja wookie mon?"

"Im good Doc, and yourself?"

"Im a doin fine here wookie mon. Im a doin fine."

Fort heard Doc breath deeply, and as if he was smoking something.

"Good, good. Well, I got a proposition for you Doc."

"Ja always do wookie mon, ja always do."

"Yea well um....Balor Lord."

The Doc didnt say anything or make any exclamation. He simply thought for several minutes. Fort could here him still smoking. Strangely enough, Fort didnt think it was marijuana. It was probably some type of mystical herb of who knows what...

"Wookie mon?"

"Yea Im here Doc."

The Doc waited a few more seconds.

"Aiight wookie mon, aight. Boot, ju know wha dis means...triple pay, all food and drin', and-"

"Yes I know your terms Doc. You got it. On one condition. You tell no one where or why you are going."


"Alright, your ticket will be waiting for you at the willcall at the airport in Kingston tomorrow. Be prepared Doc."

"I always prepared Wookie mon...always."

The Doc hung up. Fort nodded his head. The Doc was pretty much insane. But he would get the job done....or Fort hoped so.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

(Hey Mel, whats the interior of Crispin's Pack's Den thingy like? is it like undergorund, cause that would be sweet.:D)

Nikoli decided to stay in his own "den" for now, it was easier, the small cot served him better for now. He stepped outside and changed to a wolf. The effect was almost comical, a large wolf wearing jeans and a leather jacket with a large sword strapped to his back. A passing wolf, barely of age began to laugh. Until at least, Nikoli snarled at him. The wolf shut up and passed, and Nikoli ran off twoards the city where he changed back to a man. He stepped into a barber shop, where the man behind the counter eyed the claymore warily. Ten minuets later Nikoli walked out of the door, his hair much much shorter.

(so, short brown hair now.)

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

((Sorry Mel, must've had a brain-glitch,post edited))

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Paul had dozed off.  He dreamed of many things as he slept.  It felt like an eternity.  He dreamed of great hulking forms looming over the corpse of his beloved Clara.  And then it shifted and it was him about to have his very essence drained of him.  Before the giant shadow got him his dream shifted again.  He was being beaten by people.  His father.  And then various pack members were there beating him.  One of the weres claws came out and as it broke his skin he woke with a yelp.  His clothes were drenched in sweat.  Paul groggily looked about as a voice from the door broke him out of his stupor.

"She really loved you you know."

"Huh?  What are you taking about Lupine?"

"Doctor Lupine.  Clara.  She loved you.  And that's why she left."  The chair was flung to the floor as Paul quickly got up. 

"What?"  Paul hissed.  "She left?  When?  Why?"

"About 15 minutes ago.  She left because she loved you.  After running some tests it turned out she lost a chunk of her lycan abilities.  She can't transform into a were anymore.  And the demon that attacked her will come back for her.  They don't leave victims alive.  Not that we all will die.  And she said thank-you."

"For what?"  Dr. Lupine motioned into his shirt pocket.  Paul reached into his shirt pocket grabbed the small object that was in it.  As he pulled it out a sense of dread gripped him.  He was looking at the ring he had given her not 2 hours ago. 

"I have to find her.  I can't let her die."

Paul grabbed his trench coat and made his way outside.  Realizing he only had one option he began to change into a wolf form.  Before he had completely changed he turned and murmured to Dr. Lupine.  "Thank-you."

Dr. Lupine smiled.  "You're welcome.  Now go rescue your damsel."

Paul dropped to all fours and howled a long mournful howl.  He picked out Clara's relatively fresh trail and went off after Clara.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Joo-Eun drove the car like there was no tomorrow. It wasn’t far from the truth as the sun would be rising soon. Valiant was still healing slowly in the backseat as Joo-Eun drove. She decided to go to D’s coven. Valiant wasn’t a member but Joo-Eun was and it would be the safest place for them to go for now.

Joo-Eun turned down the driveway with excessive speed she pulled on the handbrake as she got near the front door. Valiant groaned as he was slammed back into the seat with the impact of the stop.

Throwing the driver’s door open, Joo-Eun jumped out and opened the back door. She lugged Valiant out and threw him over her shoulder, looking rather comical since she was rather petite.

Joo-Eun pressed her thumb against a scanner and the front door to the building opened. Once she was inside she felt immediate relief. It wouldn’t last as D wouldn’t be happy with her bringing Valiant in. But she’d deal with that later.


Audrey was stunned. One moment she was in the car with John the next she was being torn out of the car and dragged along by another vampire. Audrey could tell that this was on older vampire, he seemed much more self assured than John. He also smelt different. There was no trace of human on him.

"What do you want from me?" she gasped.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

(Hey Mel, whats the interior of Crispin's Pack's Den thingy like? is it like undergorund, cause that would be sweet.:D)

((Okay let's make it underground...))

Daphne was glad to be home. It seemed that Crispin and Anita had also returned. Crispin was addressing the masses and was telling them about the demon. Nick wandered in that direction while Daphne went to her room. She was tired and headed straight for her bed. She lay down and looked up at the ceiling wondering why life was so complicated.

The Luna Eclipse was only a week away which had to be the worst time for this demon to arrive. Every wolf was going to be in a hormone saturated frenzy. Daphne raised a brow, it could work in their favour as some of the spurned wolves would quite happily bash the crap out of anything that ticked them off.

Daphne wondered if she'd fall into that category. She certainly wasn't about to be with Loxley. Nick was nice but not her type. Her mind wandered to Nathaniel and she shook her head. He was definitely her type but the guy was a slayer and he despised the half of him that was wolf. To be with him would be madness. She picked up the engagement ring and toyed with it. If Thomas was still alive she wouldn't have had a problem. But Thomas was dead. Her train of thought was broken as her phone rang.

Answering it she immediately smiled, "Hi Dad." She listened as he told her about his current leads and how he was certain that he'd only be gone for a few months. She told him about the demon and he didn't sound happy. "We'll be okay, Dad. If it gets too bad I'll book a plane ticket and meet you in France." She listened to him a while longer before they said their goodbyes. She really did miss her father.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

BFFC-Mel wrote:


Sory, couldent resist big_smile)

Nikoli had found his way back to Crispin's den, he began to wander the halls randomly, not realy knowing where he was going. Eventulay he ran into Crispin

"We need to discuss my place in the pack." He said.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Sir, Joo-Eun and Valiant are in the lobby. Shall I permit them?"

"For now. You know I'm not fond of Valiant, but Joo-Eun can return to her room. Send him to a room in the dungeons."

"Sir, she requests that he be given a ward room."

"Do I look like I give a damn? He's one of us, he'll be walking fine by tomorrow. You know the ward is only open to coven members."

"Yes, sir."

Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Clara awoke from her thin veil of sleep with a start; it took her several seconds to remember who she was, another few to recognize where she was, and yet another several agonizingly confused moments to piece together why she was there. She sat up abruptly, disregarding her aching head and the screaming burns that covered her body, and looked blearily around the deserted park.

Most werewolves feel perfectly at home in the dark; when the moon brings with it inhuman power, one begins to feel more vulnerable when light covers the earth. Clara had felt this way for years- the night made her invincible- but now it bore down on her, terrified her like it had when she was a young child with a nightlight. The closest thing she had at the moment was a lone street lamp that flickered irregularly, but somehow that made everything worse.

A breeze barreled through the park, causing her battered body to shiver painfully. She looked up at the night sky, to check the moon's progress. It was well past 2 a.m.; she thought he would have come for her by now. A moment's meditation made her previous assumption seem absurd: it was a creature of darkness, this Balor Lord, and it would only come when it knew she could feel terror at its approach. As long as she slept, it would not come for her.

"You seem to be laboring under an unfortunately incorrect assumption, my dear." A reedy voice came from nowhere, somehow impossibly close to her ear. It was all she could do to keep from screaming.

"Who...who's there?" she managed, unable to keep the tremors from her voice. Her entire body had started trembling painfully, and she knew it had nothing to do with the cold.

This time a small yelp did escape her lips: a man appeared directly in front of her, with an impossibly round head, an impossibly large, toothy grin and wearing an impossibly out-of-place tuxedo, complete with bowtie. He was crouched so that his pale face was mere inches from her own, his eyes- blood red and shimmering with sadistic glee- staring directly into hers.

"Who indeed?" the man whispered. He rose from his crouch; Clara could see now that he was impossibly lanky, as thin and angular as a bare skeleton, but that his tuxedo fit his awkward limbs with ease. He produced a top hat from thin air, placed it atop his head, and began whistling as he strolled in a circle around the park bench Clara was seated upon.

"You..." the young werewolf began, then ended abruptly. "You...cannot be the Balor Lord. You look nothing like-"

"That's RIGHT!" the strange man screeched in a falsetto, his skeletal hands gripping the back of the bench. They were gone a moment later, but Clara could see the deep indentations they left in the wood. He can't possibly be that powerful. There is something terrible about this man...and I have a feeling...

"But surely!" The little man continued, having made his way back to the front of the bench, "surely you knew what you saw! The marks were clear, weren't they? How could it have been anything but a Balor Lord?"

"Unless..." Clara mused. She felt a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Yes?" the bizarre man pressed, his smile growing even wider.

"It...was a Balor Lord. It...wasn't you."

The smile grew still wider.

"Puzzling...who, then, am I, my dearest Clara?"

Tears came to her eyes as the revelation stood clear before her. Her friends...Paul...they had no chance.

"You..." her head drooped, hiding her face in shadow. "You are its master. An even....even greater demon, the likes of which..."

The streetlight flickered on and off, and the lanky man flickered in and out of existence with it. He gave her a wink, and vanished.

The bushes to her left rustled and Paul burst into the clearing where Clara now sat alone. "Clara! There you are!"

"PAUL!" she shrieked. "RUN AWAY!"

"What?" he managed, both confused and relieved.

The tears that had been welling in here eyes finally released, and with an audible snap her neck twisted 180 degrees.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

(Well....I uhhhhh....dont want to play anymore....*shiver*.....what kind of demon is it Gunslinger? Is it a psecific kind? like a lich or something? Or is it just one of those non-descript ones?)

Fort hung up after ordering a ticket to Murk Valley for the Doc. He sighed and looked out the window at the moon. It stirred something deep inside of him...

Fort stood and shrugged the feeling off. He walked out into the living room where the Griggs sat on the couch watching TV.

"Bout time, its just starting. I wasnt gonna wait any longer. Sit down." Griggs said with a mouth full of Cheese Poofs

Fort really needed to relax anyways. He took a seat on the couch and looked at the screen.


The Paramount mountain rose into view as stars surrounded it. The stars slowly faded away as the mountain became real and a jungle appeared around it. The sounds of various animals and jungle life could be heard. "South America 1936" appeared on the screen in white letters as three men could be seen navigating through the dense foliage.

The text faded away and the three men reached a beautiful waterfall. The last man coming up in the rear eased himself against a tree and loosed his giant travel pack upon his back. The man at the vanguard stood at the egde of the pool that the waterfall emptied into. His silhouette was the only thing visible and with it could be seen his fedora and sturdy brown leather jacket. He retrieved pieces of a decrepid, ancient map from his shoulder slung bag and arranged them in the proper order with his hands.

The second man behind the fedora wearing one withdrew his revolver from his holster slowly and as quietly as he possibly could. This is where it payed off. He would be financially secure for the rest of his days after he took the map from the American and found the golden idol himself. He leveled his revolver, pulled the hammer back as a metallic click resonated through the jungle. The retaliation from the fedora wearing man was instant.

With the quickness of someone who had done this a thousand time before, the fedora wearing man unhooked his bullwhip from his side and swirled it around his body. He turned 90 degrees and snapped the whip at the man who was about to kill him. The tip of the bullwhip created a tiny sonic boom as it sped at the man's hand and ripped open its flesh. The revolver was thrown from his hand. It clattered among the rocks at the fedora wearing man's feet and sent a shot that exploded among the quiet sounds of the forest as it slid into the water below.

Impossible...the American was quicker than he thought. The second man couldnt stay any longer after this and he stumbled away clutching his wounded hand. The fedora wearing man strode slowly through the darkness of the tree canopy and into the light. Indiana Jones watched as the traitor fled with his tail between his legs. Indiana looked at Satipo, still leaning against the tree with his heavy travel pack. Hopefully he would remain loyal... or he would suffer a worse fate.


Fort eased in the comfortable couch as he stuffed a fistful of Cheese Poofs into his mouth and munched on them happily. He's always liked this movie....alot.

(Sorry guys....I couldn't help it smile )

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

(A nondescript one. As cool as the big, fiery, whip-wielding demons are, I think the creepy Randall Flagg-type ones are by far the coolest. Basically he changes shape, has invisibility, and minor impossibilities. It's his intelligence and elusiveness that make him dangerous, not necessarily brute force. Course, he's got a pet for that smile )

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

((I cannot discribe how hard I was laughing, Val...and I thought it was "South America 1936" big_smile ))

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

TheGunslinger wrote:

(A nondescript one. As cool as the big, fiery, whip-wielding demons are, I think the creepy Randall Flagg-type ones are by far the coolest. Basically he changes shape, has invisibility, and minor impossibilities. It's his intelligence and elusiveness that make him dangerous, not necessarily brute force. Course, he's got a pet for that smile )

Ah, but the intellegent demons are the ones you REALLY gotta watch out for

Lord Revan wrote:

((I cannot discribe how hard I was laughing, Val...and I thought it was "South America 1936" big_smile ))

Well the script says Peru, but ill check up on that and edit if necessary.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Paul was confused.  Clara wanted him to run?  Why?  He had come to stop her from doing stupid.  But the answer was made all too clear in a matter of seconds.  Clara's neck was wrenched back and Paul flinched as the snap rang out through the night.  It was as if some unseen force had grabbed her head and snapped it.  But that doesn't make sense.  And then it registered.  Clara!  She's dead!  Paul ran up to her but was topped by some invisible shield.  The tears were brimming on the sides of his eyes.

"CLARA!"  It was no use.  And then a voice entered his head.

You heard her Paulie.  SHe told you to run.  If you are wise you would heed her.  Unless you wish the same fate.  But I will come for you.  And you WILL end up like her.

Paul in his human form was overcome by his instincts.  The wolf in him made him turn around and run.  He wasn't thinking straight.  The wolf was in a frenzy to get away from that place.  It knew.  He ran faster than any human could.  Away from the place of evil.  Tears were running freely down his face.  She was gone.  The on person that returned his love was gone now.  Brutally killed by whatever.  After he running for about 10 minutes he stopped to think.  He was overcome with grief.  Hesat on the ground and weeped.  Sobs racked his entire body.  Why did she have to go off?  He fiddled with the ring he had gave her.  He needed to get his thoughts straight.  What to do?  But all he could think about was the image of Clara's neck lolling awkwardly as her lifeless body fell to the ground.  He buried his head in his hands and cried some more.  After another 10 minutes he managed to calm down enough to get some logical thought going.  He needed to see Daphne.  She needed to know.  He shifted into a half were form and began to sniff the air.  He picked up a scent and began to follow.  Following the scent he came upon her apartment. 

He opened the door and saw two men sitting watching a movie.  One wwas Griggs.  The other man immediately stood up and pulled a concealed knife out of his clothing and was up to Paul fast.  Too fast for a human.

Paul growled out.  "Who are you?"

"Just a lonely slayer trying to make my way in the world.  Who are you?  Besides a werewolf."

Paul ignored his question and continued on.  "Why are you at Daphne's?"

"She invited me over."

"I need to see her."

"Answer my question first.  Who are you.  This weapon is silver.  It'll finish you off pretty fast."

Paul broke down.  He fell to the floor sobbing.  "She's dead!"

"Who? Daphne?"

"No Clara.  Something snapped her neck.  But nothing was there."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Fort considered what the wolf said for a moment. The machine gun fire and Nazi yells in the backround distracted him

"Griggs, pause it one sec." Fort said to Griggs as he helped the wolf to his feet. He walked him to the couch and sat him down in the now vacant spot next to Griggs. Griggs looked at the sobbing man up and down and put on a comical face of disgust and looked at Fort. Fort raised his hand in a "Bear with me here." type of signal.

"Alright you say that her next was snapped, yet nothing could be seen?" Fort asked

"Yes" The wolf said between sobs as he wiped his tears on his trench coat. The Luna Eclipse was really taking a toll on him it seemed.

"Could it have been something under an invisibity spell?"

"Invisibility spell? I-...I guess so."

Fort thought again. It was most likely the Balor Lord under his invisibity spell. But that was a very odd way for a Balor Lord to kill someone.... By snapping their neck. They were more...cleave your head entirely off instead. This troubled Fort deeply. This could mean that...."Oh God." he thought.

"Griggs, suit up." Fort said as he walked to the crate and grabbed his things. Griggs leapt from the couch and walked into the guest room to get his own things "What did you say your name was?" Fort asked

"I didnt, its Paul." replied the werewolf as his sobs died down

"Alright Paul. Look, were friends of Daphne and Crispin. We're helping them take down the demon thats been killing off you guys and the vamps. Lead us to the spot where you saw this happen."

"How can I trust you?"

"Trust us? We're sitting in Daphne's apartment eating Cheese Poofs and watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. Gimme a break."

Paul rolled his eyes...."Slayers..." he thought.

As Fort strapped Nasher to his back Griggs came out with all his weapons ond ammo.

"Lets rock this joint!" He exclamed raising his rifle into the air.

"The Mask?" Fort answered in reply. Fort and Griggs have always had an ongoing game going on where they say quotes from movies that apply to what theyre doing in real life and the other must identify the film its from.

"You got it." Griggs answered back

Paul stared in disbelief at what he deemed disrespect. Fort and Griggs strode out the door and Paul followed, closing the door behind him. Fort locked it.

"Alright, lead the way Paul." Griggs said as he looked through the scope on his gun, testing it out.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Paul slowly made his way back to where Clara had been killed.  A sense of dread was welling up in his belly.  The body.  Was it there?  Or had the demon disfigured it and taken it away?  Or maybe he had shriveled it up like the others.  He stopped sniffed the air and turned slightly.  He was desperately trying to streal himself to whatever he was going to see.  The air was filled a tense nervousness.  Paul decided to break the ice.

"SO I know Griggs is a half were.  And Daphne generally doesn't associate with non-weres.  So who are you and why does Daphne even talk with you."

"I'm Nathaniel Fortesque.  But people call me Fort.  And I'm Crispin's grandson."

"Oh."  Paul didn't really know what to say.  It must have been Anita.  She always was out.

"And why weren't you here with the others in this conclave?"

"I only found out about 5 hours ago."

Again Paul couldn't form words.  "Ah."

Paul shut up.  They were getting clse.  The sense of dread became a gigantic ball in the pit of his stomach.  He tried everything to prepare for what he was going to see.  But he didn't feel to convinced.  When he came to the clearing in the park he saw it.  Clara's body.  Tentatively he approached the body making sure there were no invisible force fields.  WHen he was sure there was none he fell on her body crying.

"Why did you have to go Clara?  The only one I ever loved.  Gone."

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"Oh my God in heaven, help us." Griggs looked it the body of the woman formerly known as Clara. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"How unusual. Something doesn't feel right. You feel it?"

"Yeah...this is more than a Balor Lord we're dealing with. It just being here is giving me that pitless stomach feeling."

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Daphne lay on her back and closed her eyes. She tried to block out the world around her. She tried to relax but her mind was going through everything that had happened. Something didn’t quite fit the puzzle but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Eventually she realised that sleep was not going to come for her. She went to her fridge and poured out a glass of cool water and sipped it slowly. Perhaps her father was right, she should buy a plane ticket and see him. She had a very bad feeling that something far more sinister was going to happen.

She decided to talk to Nathaniel, as he seemed to know more about this demon than anything else. She tried to ignore the fact that she just wanted to see him. Damn Luna Eclipse, she thought to herself.

As she got to her apartment she was surprised that no one answered the door as she knocked. She had her spare key with her and opened the door. The place was empty although they’d left the TV on. Daphne decided to wait it out. She flicked through the channels until she found something to watch, she grinned ‘Aliens’ was on.

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The darkness in this place is absolute.


"WHAT?" the demon screamed inside his own head. He did not sleep; he had no need for it. He did, however, meditate for hours at a time, and he certainly disliked being interrupted. He had just been getting into the swing of it, too. Almost hit that elusive alternate plane of existence.


"Inferior beast, I told you we need them. If it was simply a matter of slaying the weaker ones I could handle that myself. You WILL resist the urge to kill."


"There is nothing to be gained by killing them, and everything to be gained from letting them live. Your place is not to question, is it simply to do my bidding. Submit to me, Balor Lord. Do only as I tell you, and no more. Know your place."


" is best to instill a little fear. Mother did always say that you can never get enough fear!"
In the absolute darkness a faintly glowing mist appeared, and took the shape of a gaping, toothy grin.
"Attack if you must...but try to keep a few alive, hmm?"

A dead body in the park is peculiar. A trio of werewolves and slayers gathered around it is stranger still. What tops them all, however, is the sudden appearance of a 12-foot demon armed with a whip and seemingly composed entirely of flames, hulking through the sparse foliage and setting everything to flame. If you were standing in that park on that night, you could have seen it all.

An elder demon such as Gezele is known to be subtle. A Balor Lord is not.

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(Sorry about that. Somehow I missed it. I've fixed it up on my last post, take a look.)

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