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Name: Nicholas Vesper
Age: 75 (appears to be in mid to late twenties)
Affiliation/Species: Werewolf
Abilities: Has the abilities of a regular werewolf.
Appearance: Has dark brown hair, worn long and wild, and deep brown eyes.  Physically fit, as one who practices intense regular exercise.  Likes to wear dark clothing, preferrably green, grey, or black.  Stands a bit over six feet tall.  He also has a scar stretching down the left side of his face, a reminder of a duel with a vampire long ago.  (You should've seen the other guy...)
Personality: Has a university education, and enjoys reading books, particularly thrillers.  He is a friendly guy, and does what he can to help his friends.  He works best witha team, and doesn't like to do solo jobs.

Nick sat crouched in the boughs of a pine tree in the forest, peering down at the strange scene below him.  He had just witnessed a confrontation between one of the members of his pack and a stranger who smelled familiar.  He didn't understand what the exchange was all about, and eventually tired of it.  He dropped to the ground below, muffling the impact as best he could, and stalked around the two, silently, making his way to the rest of his pack.  He didn't want to get tangled up in what appeared to be a personal matter.  And besides, he had a good novel that he had left at the meeting place.  He really wanted to finish it before the day was done.

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Daphne walked away and shook her head when she was out of sight, that bullet had deafened her temporarily in one ear. The moment soon faded along with any sign of the half-wolf. He was ballsy she’d give him that. “Typical male,” she muttered to herself.

She had in actual fact lied to the slayer as the wolf conclave was not that near, at least not by foot. The pack had the whole of Murk Valley as their territory and it was likely that the others would attack the slayer on sight, especially if there was a group of them. Embarrassingly he’d taken her by surprise.

Daphne looked at the sky, she decided to blame her lack of attention to the oncoming Luna Eclipse or the Breeders Moon as the Elders called it. For some reason the Luna Eclipse called to the most basic instinct in werewolves, to find a mate.

Daphne shook her head. She hadn’t yet found male that particularly interested her. There was however one in her pack that was very interested in her, it was one of the reasons she’d been out tonight, she really wanted to put some space between herself and Loxley.

Loxley was handsome and powerful but there was something unbalanced about him that Daphne couldn’t quite put her finger on. As if summoned by her thoughts, Loxley appeared. “There you are, I’ve been looking for you.”

“I wanted to be alone,” Daphne said coldly.

Loxley pushed his long dark hair away from his face, “I know but I wanted to check you were okay.”

Daphne knew this meant he didn’t want her meeting any other males. “I’m fine.”

Loxley raised his nose, “You’ve certainly been near someone.” He said his voice tainted by a touch of jealousy.

“Don’t worry I parted him with his sword,” Daphne said as she strode along with Loxley loping at her side.

He pulled her to a halt by grabbing a fist full of her jacket sleeve. “Did he hurt you?”

“Not enough to really tick me off.” Daphne told.

“Bastard, who is he? I’ll rip out his spine.” Loxley growled.

Daphne raised a hand, “Down boy. I can handle myself.”

“You don’t have to, you know. I’ll fight for you.” Loxley proclaimed.

Daphne patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t worry, I know.” She knew all too well. Loxley was somewhat over eager to kill on her behalf. She decided to change the subject, “So is Crispin looking for Anita again?”

“Don’t know. I left as soon as I realised you were gone.” Loxley told.

So much for a change of topic, she thought to herself.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Name: Paul Dumas
Age:  110  (30 in human years)
Affiliation/ Species: Werewolf
Class: Regular Werewolf
Appearance: 6'2".  Scruffy blonde.  Piercing blue eyes.  Wears a trench coat (:P)  Peak physical condition.
Paraphernalia: Carries two sai.
Personality:  Loner.  Would be viewed as the omega wolf in Crispin's pack.  All this abuse he has received has made him a hateful person.  Is very aggressive and has been known to lash out.
History:  Was bitten at age 14.  Has always been shunned in the pack because immediately after he was bitten and transformed, he killed the one who infected him.

Paul observed Loxley as he tried some of his mooth moves on Daphne. Paul sneered.  Does this man not take a hint?  Loxley seeing Paul immediately turned aggressive.

"Well well if it isn't the Omega.  Come for your daily beating?"

Paul walked towards him.  "Maybe I have.  But hey I can see you really are hitting it off with the ladies."

"Why you little piece of..."  He struck Paul causing him to fall to the ground.  Paul was seeing red.  As Loxley turned back to Daphne smiling, Paul was on Loxley shoving him to the ground.  He no longer knew what he was doing, the wolf in him was savagely beating Loxley fist after fist.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Nick stopped.  He had heard the sound of a scuffle behind him, and caught the scents of two of his pack.  The scents were laced with agression.  Oh brother, what was it this time?  He turned back, and walked in on the scene, deciding that his book would have to wait for now.  He was greeted with the sight of Loxley and Paul brawling on the forest floor.  Seeing Daphne nearby, he slipped over to her, adn asked, "What is going on here?"

"Loxley's just being himself, adn Pau, well, he's just being himself too."

Nick sighed, and then settled into a crouch in the shade of a tree to watch the proceedings.  If he interfered, the two would stil haev agresson towards each other later on; best to get it all out of their system now, rather than have it interfere with the workings of the pack.

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Fort was making his way to the nightclub the freelancer told him about. "The doors in the ally behind the pawn shop on the corner of Oak street and 10th ave. Big guy, dreadlocks." He remembered.

He decided to walk, it was close enough. He loved the stares he got because of his giant sword on his back as his trench coat flapped around him. The stares were few however, not many people wandered the streets at this time in this city. That was wise of them.

Fort turned a corner and a taxi went cruising by him. As he watched it drive away and turn another corner he noticed a man with a black sweater and its hood over his head walk out of an alley next to him.

Fort sniffed the air, it was a vamp...a young one. He was smoking a cigarette, but it didnt cloud his scent too well in this proximity.

"Got a grit?" said the man. This was obviously an amush, he had just asked for a cigarette while he was smoking one. He wasnt doing to well for one of his first assaults.

"You already got one in your mouth... but let me take care of that." Fort said.

Fort quick drawed his large .44 magnum and blasted the vamp in the mouth before he could react. Its body was sent flying into the dark alley as second vampire, slowed because of the surprise attack, leapt from an open window in the building next to Fort.

Fort watched as it grabbed a lamp post and swung downward, aiming its leg at Fort's chest. He quickly holstered his magnum then side stepped and grabbed the vamps leg with his left hand and slammed his right elbow into its knee, hyper-extending it. It growled in pain and tried to struggle out of Fort's grasp, but his grip was firm.

A third vampire ran from out of the shadows of the alley and snarled at Fort as it leapt at his face. Fort swung the vamp in his arm in a wide arc and sent the other vampire flying across the street. He then slammed the vamp in his hand into the ground and brought out Nasher, his sword. He impaled the vamp through the heart so hard that his sword bit into the sidewalk beneath him.

The third vampire recovered and ran up to Fort again, yet kept its distance, it learned its lesson...though it would never use that knowledge again. Fort lifted Nasher high above his head and launched it at the vampire. It flew across the street with a great whooshing sound and impaled the vampire in the chest. The vampire flew into the building across the street and slammed against it, dead.

Fort unhitched his shotgun from his leg and shot underneath his right arm. Blood and bits of bone rained against his back as the shot echoed through the streets. He placed the shotgun back on his thigh and walked across the street. He reached down and picked up Nasher, gently sheathing it on his back.

He wiped some blood off his arm and walked into the night.

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Daphne looked at Nick, "So what's new?"

He shrugged, "Nothing much, found a few more dead vampires."

"Were they normal dead?" Daphne asked, meaning that they were slain as vampires rather than drained corpse that were more human than vampire.

"One was, there others were too decomposed." Nick told.

Daphne shuddered and looked at the pair fighting. "Want to go for a walk?" she saw her opportunity to ditch Loxley.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Nick shrugged, nodded, and then offered his arm to Daphne; it was only polite.  They walked through the forest, talking about the weird deaths as of late.  About six of their pack had wound up dead, and there hadn't been any surge in vamp movement, as far as Nick could tell.  Eventually, Nick's curiosity got the better of him.

"So, why is Loxley back there always like that?  He seems protective of you, but in a very obsessive manner.  As in, he would rip my head off for talking to you, if he wasn't already trying to do the same to Paul. What'shis beef?"

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Paul just kept beating Loxley.  Eventually Loxley managed to squirm his way into a half-decent position.  He threw a few blows but Paul havingthe better position roled him on his back again.  Paul, no longer thinking straight, did not realize his hands were changing into wolf paws.  He swiped at Loxley's exposed back which resulted in a blood curdling scream from Loxley.  This snapped Paul out of his blood rage.  He stared at the blood pooling on Loxley's back and stared at his own bloodied paw.  He got up, his bloody hand forming into a human's once again, and blindly stumbled off into the forest.  He ran into Nick and Daphne as they were walking.  Daphne looked at his hand her eyes growing wide.

"What did you do Paul?"

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Damned if I know. Since he's reached maturity he's followed me round like a bad smell. It's not like I'm anything special, you'd think he'd be chasing Clara but no for some reason he's fixated on me." Daphne said wishing that Loxley would have fancied a different she-wolf preferably one of the ones attracted to him.

At that moment there was a scream from Loxley. "Oh crap," Nick said.

Daphne raised a hand to her face, "Great Paul must have got the better of Loxley, this won't be good. He'll be seeking revenge."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Nolan, where did it go?"

"You mean she...I don't know...I was running after her and looked down to grab a cartridge, and when I looked back up she was gone."

"You can't be serious."


"Simmons is dead. She ripped open his jugular and he bled to death, his neck was broke too."


"Just take the others and get back to base. Now. I'm going alone."

"Sir, we're a team. I can't let you do that."

"I gave you a direct order. I'll be back at 1900 tomorrow, now MOVE!" Griggs watched Nolan run back down to the rest of the team. "Who Dares Wins."

After the team packed up and left, McMillan strolled back down to the camp and picked up his ammo. He gazed at the beautiful red morning sky and smiled.

"I'll get 'em Simmons, I'll get 'em..." Griggs mumbled as he headed up into the forest.

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Daphne returned to see that Loxley was missing a fair chunk of flesh from his back. “I’m guessing the omega’s not so easy to beat anymore,” she commented.

“I’ll skin that bastard,” Loxley growled.

“Calm down,” Nick said and Loxley stared daggers at him.

Daphne knew it was up to her to calm Loxley even though she’d probably give him the impression that she actually cared. It was a double edged sword but she’d rather Nick left alive.

Daphne squatted down beside Loxley to look at his injuries. “Are you okay?” she asked quietly.

“I’m fine,” he grumbled but far less aggressively.

“Do you want me to help you stand?” Daphne asked.

He had his hands placed on the ground and was breathing heavily as if concentrating. “Just give me a minute.”

Daphne backed off. She looked around and it was clear that Paul was long gone. She turned back to Loxley, “Do you want some time alone.”

“No, wait for me.” He insisted.

Daphne knew that would be the answer she looked at Nick, hoping he’d stay with them too.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Audrey could feel the essence of dawn. She had to go to a dark place and fast.

She looked at John briefly, "We've got to go the sun is coming."

John gave a nod and got into the car, Audrey jumped in beside him. "I'm staying in a motel in town, I've got the windows covered," Audrey said as John drove the vehicle with excessive speed. Audrey gave he directions and they made it just in time.

Audrey had the door locked behind them and was pushing a towel against the gap under the door to stop any further light. She let out a sigh and dropped onto her backside.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Fort had almost made it to the nightclub when the sun rose. It was probably closed now. He would have to go tonight. He headed back to the Murk Motel instead to sleep.

When he entered his room he opened his supplies crate first. He wanted to go over his things before he slept. He took off all his weapons and placed them on the bed. Then he peered into the large crate and examined everything inside.

There were some rations...he would use those only if necessary. Extra funds of course...always needed money. Lots of silver ammo, naturally. a wetstone to sharpen his sword. Some other tactical equipment. Various uzi...several stakes....lots of silver knives and blades. Then he lifted a large bottle of holy water from the crate. A great addition to his weapons.

Many of the slayers now adays didnt use it because it was too old fashioned for them. Just like they didnt use garlic. Fort had some garlic laced mace he used occasionally to subdue vamps alive. What ever worked.

He looked some more and found several other smaller bottles of holy water to be clipped onto his belt. He left them there for now. He opened the large bottle and placed it on the table next to him. He unsheathed Nasher and put the sword on his bed and took the sheath to the table. He took the bottle and gently poured some holy water into the sheath. The inside was metal so it wouldn't leak out. He used this tecnique every once in a while.

He resheathed Nasher over the sink in the bathroom and a little exess holy water poured from the sheath. He placed the sword against the small table next to his bed and placed everything away again. He took off his tactical vest and pants and crawled under the covers in his underwear. He suddenly realized where he was again....that was stupid of him. Oh well, too late now. His eye lids slowly closed over his one blue and one green eye.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Paul watched as Daphne and Nick left him.  He needed some time to regain focus.  And to wash the blood off of his hands.  He searched for a stream and was rewarded with a small brook.  He settled down on his haunches and began washing his hands.

"Hehe, out spot! Out I say!  Who knew I'd be sitting here quoting Shakespeare?"  He began rubbing his hands vigourously.  But wasn't coming off, "Stupid werewolf blood."

Paul's nose perked up.  He sniffed.  It smelled like a werewolf but it had a distinct human air to it.  He tried to pinpoint it's location.  His hearing did that for him as a twig snapped to his left.  He spun around and made out a human soldier coming his way.  The man came up to him noticing his bloodied hands and asked, "Were you in on it too?  Did you help murder him?"

Wierd.  He knew about Loxley.  Must be a new member of the pack.  "Listen buddy.  I didn't kill him. I only took a chunk out of him.  He'll recover.  Now I suggest you leave.  I'm not a very pleasant person."

"You were in on it!"  He pulled out his rifle and let loose a round.  It slammed into Paul's chest.  Paul fell to the ground coughing up blood.  He wiped it away with his sleeve. 

"Playing like that way eh?  This should be fun!"  Paul howled as he fell to the ground.  His hands began grew hair.  Sinew stretched taut as his back arched and his facial features became that of a wolf.  He rose on his 2 feet as his transformation into half wolf was complete.

"Let the fun begin,"  He snarled and leapt at the soldier.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Daphne stood stock still as she heard another bout of gunfire. "Not again," she cursed.

"Do you think it's at Paul?" Nick asked.

"Who cares." Loxley growled.

Daphne would have slapped him up the back of the head if he wasn't already bleeding, "He's a pack member we need to protect him."

"He's an omega." Loxley growled deep in his throat.

Nick shook his head, "I'll check it out. Daphne get him out of here."

Daphne let out a sigh, great she was stuck alone with Loxley again. She grabbed his arm and pulled it over her shoulder to assist him in walking upright.

"Thanks, Daphne." He said softly.

"Yeah whatever," Daphne grumbled.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"You don't scare me, I've dealt with your kind before. I hate them for making me what I am. You killing Simmons just made it a helluva lot worse."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

"Wait Simmons?"  Paul stopped and settled down and licked his paws.  He could tell this man did not want to fight.  What a pity.  Oh well. He calmed the wolf within him and slowly changed back.  "I was talking about Loxley.  What happened to this Simmons?  How was he killed?"

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Griggs lowered his rifle. "You mean you don't know anything about it?"
"Not a clue...Enlighten me."
"Simmons was a good friend of mine from the states, he and his team came here on holiday and we were doing training exercises to stay sharp, you know. Then about 2 hours ago I find him layin' on the ground with a broken neck and bleedin' out fast. He lived long enough to apologize...he apologized for dying, and that's what get's me. Afterward we chased a woman to the city limits, but she just vanished...As Nolan put it anyway...I came up this way because I spotted a werewolf in the vicinity at the time of the attack, and I smelled her too. So that is the problem I'm faced with, maybe she knows something...I'm not sure...hell I'm not even sure if I'm thinkin' straight."

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Daphne decided to lug Loxley to her now breeched haven. He was dripping blood badly so she refused to take him back to the conclave. Daphne sat Loxley down in under the small overhang and removed the shredded parts of his shirt back. He winced at her touch. “I’m just having a look,” Daphne told. She could see that the wounds were already healing, though he was still a mess.

“How bad is it?” Loxley asked with a grimace.

Daphne raised a brow, so now he was the poor hurt lamb, interesting. “It’s nasty but I’ll heal.”

“That omega needs to learn his place,” Loxley growled.

“And you need to learn to control your temper,” Daphne countered as she placed the shredded bits of fabric back over his wounds to protect them. She sat down next to him but not too close.

“I’m sorry I don’t mean to get so nuts at times.” Loxley confessed as he looked at her for forgiveness.

Daphne let out a sigh, “I’m sure you don’t but you’ve got to learn. Paul was just revving you up, he wanted a fight.”

Loxley’s face turned dark, “And he got one, the little mother f-“

“Hush, I don’t want to hear that sort of language.” Daphne said as she looked away from him and at the newly rising sun.

“Sorry,” Loxley repeated but Daphne could tell that he didn’t really mean it. She didn’t bother turning around. After a couple of minutes she felt his hand touch her shoulder. “Daphne, look at me.”

She shifted slightly and turned her head. “Yeah?” she asked impatiently.

Loxley cleared his throat, “Have you decided who you’re going to be with during the Luna Eclipse?”

Oh great, just the question she’d been trying to avoid. “No I haven’t,” she stated coolly and looked away.

His grip on her shoulder tightened to get her attention, “I-I was wondering if you’d-“

“Look Loxley, I’m not interested okay. I thought you would have gotten the hint by now.” Daphne said finally turning to look at him full on.

“I was hoping you’d change your mind,” Loxley said looking very hurt.

Daphne growled in her throat with frustration, she didn’t want to hurt him but the man was as persistent as ants at a picnic. “Look Loxley, you’re sweet but not-“

“Sweet? You think I’m sweet? Do I look sweet to you?” Loxley said with rising ire.

Crap, she’d said the wrong thing and he was already getting on his knees so he sat higher than her. “I take it back, you’re not sweet. You’re a pigheaded jerk who attacks anything male that talks to me. Hell even my male friends are afraid to talk to me because they think you’ll rip out their throats.”

Loxley opened his mouth and pointed his finger at her, “You didn’t see the way they looked at you.”

“Loxley, they’re allowed to look. It’s when touching happens and it’s unwanted that it’s a problem.” Daphne said as she rose to her feet, now at the higher position.

Loxley wobbled a bit but managed to stand, he was taller than her and he was using that to appear more dominant. “I was only trying to protect you.”

“No Loxley, you alienated me from everyone else. Hell Nick was worried that you’d attack him just for walking with me.” Daphne snarled.

“Did he touch you?” Loxley rumbled low in his throat.

“That’s none of your business,” Daphne said as she leant forward with aggression.

“He did, didn’t he? Slimy bastard,” Loxley growled.

“He offered me his arm while I walked with him. He was being polite.” Daphne told as her voice grew louder with anger.

“He was putting the moves on you but you are mine.” Loxley said with his head down and his eyes focussed on her possessively.

“I am not yours. Get that thought out of your head right now. I’d prefer to date the guy with the sword.” Daphne yelled feeling the beast in her coming to the surface. She wanted to lash out at Loxley. She wanted to take him down. She wanted to pin him to the ground with her muzzle around his throat and sink her teeth down slowly. The thought shocked her, he was infuriating but he was still part of her pack. She backed down and took a step back thinking about her sudden inclination.

Loxley watched her and took her motion as submission. “You will come to me during the Luna Eclipse.”

Daphne’s nose switched a moment before she snarled and launched herself at him. Her momentum sent them both to the ground. She grabbed his shirt front while her knees pinned his arms down. “I am not interested in you. Get that through your thick skull,” she said as she thumped his head into the ground for emphasis.

Loxley let out a slow breath and looked at her tight lipped then he flipped her over so he was now on top. “No you listen to me. I’m not one to give up easily. I will change your mind.”

Daphne raised her knee up hard and caught him in the groin. He grabbed his crotch and rolled away from her. “No Loxley, you’ll be the one to change your mind.” Daphne snarled as she got to her feet and walked away from him. “Sleazebag,” she muttered to herself as she merged back into the forest.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Crispin continued searching for his daughter. The trail of the scent was faint, but he could follow it. Eventually, the trail led to a 1-star hotel so creatively titled The Murk Motel.

"Where are you, Anita..." Crispin mumbled under his breath.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Nick found Paul talking to a strange human, but their scents were...wrong.  At least one of theirs was, at least.  He morphed into his lupine form and stalked around them, his senses heightened and aware.  And then he settled into the shadows and listened.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Before the soldier could answer Paul sniffed the air.  He smelled the scent of another were.  It was Nick. 

"Ah Nicky.  So nice to see you.  Come to impress me with your knowledge of literacy?  Or maybe you have come to beat me with your words?  Or did you come to witness myself being humiliated by the likes of this halfa."

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Nick emerged, in full lupine form.  While Paul was indeed an omega, Nick did his best to treat him with respect whenever possible.  He sat down in front of Paul, between him and the other one, tongue lolling out, doing his best to look like a normal wolf, hoping dearly that this other man did not have the aility to detect his true nature.  And then he waited for the mn to actually do something.  Shifting into human was not an option right now; his clothes had been shredded during his transformation, and he didn't really want to embarrass himself by going back to his uncovered human form.  So the wolf one would have to do for now.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

Zan steped out of his cave located on the rocky hill, and stretched his muscles in the new dawn light. He sighed with the pleasure of it. He loved this time of day: The brisk mist, the orange light from the sun, the...BANG. A gunshot rang through the forest. Zan instinctively crouched down, at the sound of the shot. He growled, smoke coming from his nose. "Perfect," he thought. "Someone to ruin my new morning." Taking in a deep breath, Zan begain the painful transformaton into a Dark blue dragon. Scales growing on his skin, a snout appearing on his face, and wings coming from his back. Once the process was complete, Zan let a mighty roar, startiling the birds from there perches in the trees. Zan then jumped off the cliff and begain to fly to what had caused the disturbance.

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Re: RPG - Supernatural: Vampire vs Werewolf

As Loxley rolled to his side, still cupping himself, he realised that Daphne frequented this place often. Her scent was strong and as angry as he was it did sooth him. He took a deep breath in and realised her scent was not the only one here.

Loxley rolled onto his stomach and sniffed the ground and growled. Another werewolf had been here, not only that it had been male and a Halfling. Loxley snarled, so she’d been secretly meeting someone, he deduced although the male’s scent was far less powerful.

Loxley crawled on all fours scenting where the male had gone. He lifted his head it seemed that the mystery male had gone into the forest.

Loxley stood and removed his ruined back shirt. His muscular form gleamed in the faint rays of sunlight. His back was almost healed. He stormed off, on the trail of the mystery Halfling.


Daphne was making her way home when she remembered Nick and Paul. She’d been so angry at Loxley that she had put all other thoughts aside. She made her way cautiously back towards them.


Loxley got to the road and that was where the scent trail ended. His prey had obviously driven into town. Loxley ran down the road, intent on finding the scent again.

Loxley reached the outskirts of Murk Valley’s city and slowed his pace. He walked in random patterns scenting the air. The morning was still early so there were not a lot of people around to view his odd behaviour.

The scent of old blood touched Loxley’s nose, he instinctively followed it and found some dead vampires. He grinned happily as a few less vampires were a good thing. His smile faded as he caught the scent again. The mystery Halfling had done this.

Loxley followed the trail although it was much harder in the city, too many other scents mixed with the fading one of the Halfling’s. Eventually Loxley found himself at the Murk Motel. Loxley growled slightly, Crispin was here too. It was best if the Alpha was oblivious to Loxley’s presence, at least for Loxley’s sake.

Creeping around in the fading shadows, Loxley eventually found the room he was looking for. He went to the rear window and pried it open silently and went inside. The Halfling was sleeping. Loxley began to shift into his humanoid wolf form as there was still some power left from the full moon. The Halfling rolled and threw a silver dagger at Loxley which he dodged.

“Stay away from my female!” Loxley growled before launching himself at the Halfling.


As Daphne made her way through the forest she caught the scent of one of her fellow pack members, but they smelt wrong. She lifted her head and realised the taint of death was marking the other werewolf. Daphne shifted cautiously along until she came upon the body.

Daphne snorted at the smell, the sight wasn’t good either. It seemed that the new method of killing had been used again. The corpse was in human form, but the skin was pulled tight and dry like it was mummified. The eyes were glassy and a deep red which Daphne found odd.

The werewolf also smelt more human than anything, almost as if it’s very essence had been drained. It took Daphne a while to identify the body as Fang’s. His shark tooth tattoo was the only thing that allowed her to do so. He smelt so strange, nothing like Fang in life.

Daphne pulled her phone from her pocket and turned it on. She dialled Crispin and waited for his answer, “We’ve got another one.” She told.

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