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((VOid is weak in extreme light.))

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(Oh my god, Sev, your link there was the funniest think ive ever seen in my life. I love street fighter...slightly obsessed with it actually. Now i love deadpool, hes SHORYOUKEN...i do that all the time to my friends....i dont actually hit them tho. Im gonna book mark that page.....)

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Haze lay on the grass looking at the sky. She was tired and really wanted to sleep. Her eyelids dropped a couple of times, but she fought to keep them open. She turned her head to look at Flame, How are you doing?

I'm alive.He replied.

Haze looked up and saw Vandal hovering with Acero in her grasp.

"Oh crap," Haze said as she sat up.

Vandal lowered Acero to the ground. "Nice spot, didn't think I'd come here did you?" Vandal said with a grin.

"No I didn't think you would." Haze replied warily.

"Look I have no problem with you but the cops wanna talk." Vandal said.

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Desdemona stopped suddenly, dropping to a rooftop and taking Jack with her.

"Why are we stopping?" Jack asked as he rubbed his wrists.

"Something has gone astray." Desdemona said as she looked at the sky. The silver man shot across the building tops.

"That was Chromium." Jack said looking confused.

"Void isn't dead." Desdemona said simply.

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Oni and Jericho sped away from the scene of the crime, picking off whatever law-enforcing stragglers chose to follow them.

"So...where to, boss man?" Jericho asked, putting a fresh clip in a Desert Eagle.

"The museum. I've got a contingency base there. It's time to up the arsenal for whatever we're gonna do now. We'll figure it out while we're there."


Back at the scene of what used to be Happ Harry's, the police were still cleaning up the mess and couting up the bodies.

"And...who is that one? Is that the Colonel?" Asked the police chief, examining a dead body. "The Colonel makes 40, 40 super-villains dead so far. You find anything over there, Simms?"

Officer Simms walked over to the chief to answer his question. "N-no sir. All I f-found was a d-d-dead rat."


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Working quickly, Acero unclipped the reinforced chains from his wrists and used them to bind Flame's arms and legs. In one fluid motion he scooped up the fallen super and hoisted him over his shoulder. The wounded villain tried to heat up, just a little bit, but he couldn't muster up enough strength.

Haze looked on helplessly powerless to stop him.

Vandal kicked at a nearby tree in frustration too preoccupied with the thought of leaving her true prize behind in pursuit of Flame.

"If that laid back gun jockey slips through my fingers one more time..."

The other occupants of the park suddenly got a vivid flash of images letting them know exactly what she was going to do.

Acero gestured with two fingers to Haze and then pointed to the entrance to the park. He then opened his palm flat leaving it up to her as he turned to leave with Flame on his back.

"He means you're not wanted by the authorities," explained Vandal happy to translate. "But you're welcome to tag along if you've got nothing better to do."

"How come you understand him so well," asked Haze. "You just met him and you can't be peeking into his head all the time."

"Let's just say we speak the same language," shrugged Vandal lifting herself off the ground before following Acero. "In a sense."

Haze was left standing alone. After a moment of silent contemplation she tread after the others.

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(not requesting you to edit, but Flame isnt that much of a smart a(selfcensored) And he probably wouldent know details about Oni's base and stuff.)

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Void could sense that second presence in his mind growing steadily closer.  Here, in his hospital bed, he realized that he would have very little room to fight.  For one thing, it was fairly well lit, until he turned off the lights, and cut the power to the room via sharp tendrils. And all this without leaving his bed.  He smiled darkly, and awaited the arrival of his unseen pursuers.  When they arrived, they wouldfind him not at all unprepared, and a more dangerous foe than they had anticipated.  Maybe, in the confusion, he could find a shadow outside, and escape.  It DID seem to be his lucky day.


Darklight donned his black and gold costume, and smiled underneat the fabric of his mask.  He was back now.  With a sigh of relief, he took off into the sky again, ignoring the discomfort of the sun.  He had been absent for too long, and would need to catch up on his duties.  So he soared over the city, patrolling and alert for any disturbances.  This was how things should be, he thought to himself.

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Chomium soared through the clouds, the sun shined off of his metal skin and cast a silver streak behind him as he flew.

Each time he burst through another cloud it exploded and swirled in his midst.

Chromium never really got used to flying, he just got better. It was always an exhilarating extraordinary experience. When he was flying he lost all tension and could finally relax. It was one of his favorite hobbies.

This time however, he couldn't clear his mind.

He hadn't seen Haze anywhere. He had been searching for quite some time, back tracking and going to the place where they split up. He was getting a little worried. Many villains had died in the destruction of Harry's and their friends would be out for blood. Chromium could not let anything happen to Haze. He would not lose another....

As he flew over the tops of the buildings of Mission City he decided to go to the park Haze said her and Flame would be at again. He got there and decided to follow a different exit out of the park, he had already tried 2 of them.

He followed the path leading out of the park and flew for several minutes before spotting the running form of Haze in the distance. Vandal, a new stranger, and Flame were ahead of her, Flame draped over the new comer's shoulder.

He descended to about 5 feet off the ground and flew straight horizontally towards Haze. He slowed as he reached her and slowly flew up next to her as she ran and turned upside down to face her.

"May I assist you?" He asked her. She was somewhat startled at his stealthy appearance, but she regained composure.

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Haze grinned, " Well you could, but I wouldn't want to put you out."

Chromium grinned back then polished his fingernails on his chest. "Oh I think I could do it just for you."

"Oh I'm going to be sick." Vandal said rolling her eyes.

Haze laughed at Vandal which earned her a dirty look. "Don't mind her. I was just following these guys. Unfortunately Flame has an appointment with the cops."

You could help me escape. Flame voiced to her.

I don't want to tick Vandal off again. Haze voiced back.

Good point. Flame replied.

The group stopped as they came back to the shamble that had been Happy Harry's. "Looks like things got worse since we left." Haze said as she stepped around the debris.

"Not entirely," Vandal said as a slow smile spread across her face. She was watching Jericho's car driving off.

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Darklight was flying low, he had nearly collided with a couple of helicopters twice already.  As he flew over the ruins of Happy Harry's Bar, he noticed two things.  First, the army of cops gunning for a single car.  Second, He recognized Chromium, Flame, Haze, Vandal, and a new steel person walking towards the same scene.  Curious as to what was going on (he didn't remember much from the night before) he descended, and shut off his energy field.  He then approached the gathered heroes...

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"Okay so Void's not dead. We can change that, can't we?" Jack said growing impatient.

Desdemona shook her head. "I cannot directly kill. I come to collect the dead."

"Oh that's just peachy." Jack grumbled.

"I wouldn't be here if he wasn't going to die." Desdemona pointed out and grabbed a fistful of Jack's shirt and lifted into the air.

"Hey can't you hold onto me in a more comfortable fashion?" Jack said with exasperation.

"We're not going far." Desdemona said as she sped through the sky. They landed only a few mintues later.

"So where are we?" Jack said as he dusted himself off.

"Feel my friend and you'll know the answer." Desdemona replied.

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Jack closed his eyes and focused on the feeling that had been pulling on him for the last little bit.  It was close.  He turned to where it felt strongest.  Which happened to be very near their position.  In fact he's right across the street at the hospital.

"What could he be doing at a hosptal?  Besides slaughtering innocents."  Jack thought outloud.

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Desdemona shook her head. "No he's not killing. Not yet at least. He's waiting."

"Waiting for what?" Jack asked clearly perplexed.

"He's waiting for Darklight." Desdemona told.

"But why would Darklight... oh wait you said Void hadn't killed yet." Jack said suddenly realising.

"Indeed." Desdemona said already knowing what future events were about to unfold.

"We've got to stop him." Jack said with urgency.

Desdemona stopped him, her hand pressed to the centre of his chest. "It is their time."

"I don't care. They don't need to die." Jack shouted in frustration.

"Everyone dies, Jack." Desdemona said coldly.

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Darklight landed before Vandal, much to her dismay. "Geez will no one let me after Jericho."

"It's good to see you too, Vandal." Darklight smirked.

"Yeah yeah, I know I should be happy you're in one piece. But I want my revenge on that rat." Vandal said then realised she'd made a joke, apparently no one else did. But then they didn't know where Harry went.

Haze stepped forward, "Do you know about Starbright?"

Darklight looked confused, "What about her?"

"She's dead." Haze said holding back a sob. She felt Chromium's hand close over her shoulder.

"That can't be true!" Darklight said suddenly appalled.

Haze nodded, "It is. I'm assuming that the police collected her body before the explosion."

Acero looked at her but Haze had no idea what he was trying to convey.

"No, no it can't be true. It just can't. That animal..." Darklight started then shot into the sky.

"I don't like the looks of that." Vandal stated as she watched him depart.

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Jack drew himself up to full height.  To any normal person he would have looked quite menacing.  BUt Desdemona regarded him with the same intense curiousity she always had.

"I've lost Darklight once," he hissed through his teeth, "I'm not prepared let him die again.  I could have saved him then but I let myself get sidetracked.  This time I will make it.  Void is capable of much.  I don't know what the outcome will be like you may but I sure will not let it result in the death of my best friend.  So step aside or I will have to take force on you.  I have enjoyed the time we have had together and I don't want to end it like this, so please get out of my way!"

She continued staring at him.  "So be it," she said to him.  The words sent shivers down Jack's spine.  He was unsure wheather she was going to attack or let him go.  SO he placed a hand on the hilt of his katana.  Her eyes tracked their way down to where his hand was. 

"You know I cannot let you go.  And your weapons have no effect on me Jack."

"Yes I realize that," Jack smiled sadly but with a glint in his eye, "But Jack never goes down without a fight."

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Desdemona sighed for effect, "Why do they all try to fight. You saw how futile it was for Magnus."

Jack seemed to contemplate this for a moment, "I'm not dead though."

A small smile tugged at Desdemona's lips, "No you certainly aren't. The dead are much more fiesty."

"Is that sarcasm?" Jack said, wondering if Desdemona was actually showing some emotion.

Desdemona shrugged, "My time to become fully human must be growing closer." She lifted her hand before her eyes and rubbed her fingers together. Once again her transluscent flesh seemed more solid.

Jack found himself reaching out to touch her hand, his fingers briefly streamed through her hand but when he went to pull back he actually felt something. "You know my sword just might be effective."

"You want me dead, Jack?" Desdemona said curiously.

"You make it sound like it's nothing." Jack said feeling awkward.

Desdemona shrugged, "Death is only a different state of being. I am not a truth reflection of that."

"What do you mean?" Jack asked, suddenly curious.

"I sold my soul to Death. I have a set purpose which I must continue to fulfill." Desdemona said as she gazed out to the horizon.

Jack took a step closer. "Why'd you sell your soul?"

Desdemona's lip turned up in a sour smile, "For love of course. What else? I was young and stupid. My heart was captured by a cad."

"What do you mean?" Jack said and moved so she would turn to look at him.

Desdemona let out a snort. A twinge of emotion touched her, the old memory was still a bitter one. "I grew up in a time far different from this one. I was poor, very poor and my father hoped to marry me to a wealthier man. His hopes arose when a new man came to town. He wore fine clothing and had a beautiful horse. He courted me and I took it seriously. I thought we were bound to wed. One day he took me for a ride on his horse. It got spooked and threw us. He hit his head on a rock and I knew he was going to die."

Desdemona paused and Jack urged her on, "What happened next?"

"I panicked and prayed to any God who was listening to save his life. But it wasn't a God who answered, it was Death. He promised to let the man I loved live to old age if I pledged my soul to him. As you can see, I did just that. As luck would have it, my suitor quickly turned his head to a different woman and I found out he was not rich. He was merely a con man looking for a good time and things to steal. He never even knew that indirectly he stole my very soul." Desdemona said as she fiddled with the material of her dress.

"Wow," Jack said as he wasn't sure what to say at all.

Desdemona looked him in the eye. "Now then, do you want to save your friend or do you think you're about to make a mistake as life changing as mine?"

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Oni and Jericho sped away from the crime scene, picking off the last straggler in their wake.

"Okay, Jer, let's cloak the car now. If these past few fiascos have taught me anything, it's to cover my tracks."


Back at the MCPD, the police chief was sitting alone in his office, gleaning over the tremendous amount of paperwork to fill out concerning all the dead super-villains, when he heard footsteps.

The superhero called Frost entered the room.

"Oh, what do you want? I've had enough of your kind today, thank you very much."

"D-dude..." Frost lifted his right hand, and pointed it towards the chief. "Not c-c-cool."

After the police chief was frozen solid, "Frost" sent his fist through the man's frozen head, shattering it into a million pieces. The entire affair was caught on security camera.

"Frost" ambled out of the chief's office and down the street before transofrming back to "Officer Simms".

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Let me go. Flame was still bound by the chains, unable to escape.

"No, your going to the police, their going to talk to you."


"I'm assuming its because your a villian."

Because I'm a "bad" person? I am being arreseted, because people fear me. Some of these people set out to kill me. I kill them. Does this make me "evil", defending my self?

Vandal stopped, Acreo stopped as well. Vandal lifted Flames head, so he was looking at her. "I'm taking you in be-"

"I could turn you into a torch right now, just from you being this close." Flame said interupting her speech. Vandal let him go, and stepped back.

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Re: RPG-Superhumans

Vandal didn't like being threatened but she also understood the lizard man's point.

You didn't have to kill you know. You can incapacitate. Vandal voiced back.

I have the ability to burn things, incapacitation is somewhat difficult. Flame reminded her.

Point taken. Vandal replied.

As the group neared the Police Station they could see something was very wrong. The media was everywhere.

"I don't like this," Haze said as she caught up to the others.

"It might be wise to come back later," Chromium suggested.

Vandal took a step back. "The Chief of Police is dead. They think it was a super's doing. Actually they think it was Frost."

"What?" Haze said in amazement. "Frost is one of the good guys, what would make them think he did it?"

Vandal raised a brow, "The Chief was frozen and had his head smashed off. They also have video footage."

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Jack's mind was racing.  He wanted badly to torm out of there and stop Void before Darklight gets there.  But after Desdemona's story he didn't know what to do.  It was almost as if she cared for him.  And she probably did, Jack thought, I bet she doesn't want me or anyone else to go through what she did.

"Aww, you really do love me!" 

Desdemona just watched him.  She raised an eyebrow.

"It was a joke.  Remember those?  They are meant to be funny.  Come on, laugh with me.  Hahaha..."  Her lips formed a smile.

"Is that all?  Pssh.  Laughing must come later then.  You mentioned saving Darklight's life, what do you have in mind?"

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(( Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been really busy lately, anyways, here we go...))

Vandal and Flame turned down an alley, walking inconspicuously away from the frantic crowd of media and police. Just then, the air got colder, and Frost came skating in a trail of ice.

"Hey dudes! Wow, I've been looking all over for some other heroes. I guess we're all on the same side now, huh? That big bubble thing was... Hey, stop!"

Vandal was throwing "sounds" into Frost's mind. Buckling over, he knelt on the ground, holding his head and shaking. Vandal pinned him, saying, "Kay, buddy, we're turning you over. You can't just go around killing people for no apparent reason! Why did you kill the Chief of Police?! Wait a second..." Vandal stopped, face consternated in thought. "He didn't kill him."

"What?" Flame asked. "Of course he did... they have footage."

"And I just read his mind..." Vandal said, demeaningly. "He wasn't even there. He was inside the bubble, like he said." Frost was beginning to struggle up. "What was that for? Geez, that flippin' hurt, man!"

"Sorry" said Vandal, letting Frost get up "Someone, posing as you, killed the Chief of Police, freezing him then shattering his head. I was gonna turn you in, but I read your mind and saw you didn't do it."

Frost looked puzzled, "Okaaaay, then if I didn't do it, who did?"

They all looked at each other, than, in a sudden realization, said in unison. "Harry."

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Desdemona understood that Jack was making a joke but humour was still out of her reach as he'd assumed. Desdemona looked back the hospital. "You don't have to fight Void."

"What do you mean? Of course we do. You said he was going to slaughter people in there." Jack said his hand itching for a blade.

Desdemona raised a hand and pointed, "Darklight is coming."

Jack turned and squinted but saw nothing. "No he's not."

"Just wait." She said quietly.

Jack looked frustrated. "If I wait what will happen?"

"What's supposed to happen." Desdesmona said cryptically.

Jack stood with his hands on his hips, "And what exactly is supposed to happen?"

Desdemona reached out and caressed Jack's cheek with her fingers, "Something you won't like." She watched as Jack's eyelids fluttered and he fell asleep. She caught his limp form before he could fall to the ground. She didn't like having to do that, but if she didn't she knew that Jack's fate would be just as bad as the doomed Void's.

She lowered Jack gently to the ground and waited. Then she saw Darklight approach. He spotted them and landed on the roof. "What's wrong with Jack?" He demanded.

"He was over eager to help you defeat Void." Desdemona told.

"What did you do to him?" Darklight said and attempted to be intimidating, it did nothing to Desdemona.

"He's sleeping. I didn't want him to get hurt." Desdemona told.

Darklight's face softened. "So you did it to protect him?"

"Yes," Desdemona confirmed.

Darklight leant down to check Jack's life signs and was satisfied. "Okay I believe you. You need to get him out of here while he's asleep. I don't want him used as leverage."

Desdemona gave a nod, "Very well but I will return."

"I don't need your help." Darklight said not wanting another person involved who could potentially be hurt.

"I'm not here to help." Desdemona stated.

"So what are you intentions?" Darklight said as he stood to his full height.

"To wait for the outcome." Desdemona said, not wanting to explain herself yet again.

"And then what?" Darklight asked.

"I mean you no harm if that's what you ask." Desdemona told.

"You're a strange one." Darklight said.

"You've got no idea." Desdemona replied as she picked up Jack as if he weighed nothing. She lifted into the air to take him some place safe. Then she would wake him and return.

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The group turned around, attempting to get Frost out of there. Unfortuanately, a photographer turned, and snapped a picture. The sound of the shutter caused a cameraman to turn around, the reporter he worked for looked, and and within moments, the entire mob was rushing at them.

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