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Why do you say that?
(Not that I'm disagreeing mind...;) )

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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

Dengar could have too, but then he decided to settle down.  And I think he got killed by Mara Jade...

To my understanding that was a poser.  I had asked that here as well.

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As far as hunters , they all had their potential, but fell pray to poor conceptual execution by writers. Of course the hunters who got the most face time would be considered the best.

Bossk blinded by rage, IG-88 undone by his megolamania when his last copy was destroyed after transferring himself to the doomed Death Star (the other two destroyed by Fett in personal combat), Dengar (unsure...killed by Mara Jade?, never heard that), Zuckuss and 4LOM (driven by more personal, less grandiose pursuits...didn't they join the Rebellion?), and the list gets longer.

The Fett has been around longer than any of them, and is highly motivated and clever. Case in point The Bounty Hunter trilogy. 

All in all, no comparison...

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Ok... maybe i'm biased, but Fett could beat all of those guys. Your examples are a little messed up. IG-88 was second best I think, Bossk was strong and skilled, but his anger and hunger got in the way. Dengar is really good, but still couldn't touch Fett. 4-LOM and Zuckuss were not cowardly, but for some reason in "The Mandalorian Armor" Zuckuss was very cowardly. But, I say "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" has the true story because it was published in 1996, and "Armor" was in 1998. And where did all this anti Jango sentiment come from?

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Mace Windu...............:P

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