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Still not really me ,,,but the Operation went well,,BOY!! you should see the cut on my throat
don't worry I had the Dr a bit worried I drawed the most awful ,blood dripping Dragon with the
words ''Watch IT'' the nurse said the Dr took a photo of it,,and put ''From a Grateful Patient''
Had a HUBA! HUBA! Sister CHEE he was just so good looking,,and Poor bats was so out of it I didn't ask
for a wash but he did hold my hand though the night and I didn't care if David Bowie walked in !!
Should know in April,130% how everything is,,but I'm not worried as they seemed pleased with

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Hey Bats, glad to hear you pulled through okay! It's good to see you back here big_smile

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it really hasn't been the same wihtout bats
Glad to hear your back as well

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all the best

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glad you're back....all the best from me 2.

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Hooray, you're back!  You should consider posting a picture of your scar, that'd be cool.

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